1 Haziran 2021



Author’s note:

I wrote this to help a friend. A bit later, I took it, along with a couple of other short stories, and turned them into something longer. I hope that you enjoy this bit of a ditty.



He willing let her lead him back to his own bedroom. She allowed him to walk through, and then closed the door. He was leaning on the edge of the bed, so she walked over to him and dropped a few of the pillows on the floor.

He wasn’t sure what she had in mind. If she wanted to take the lead, he was game. She undid the string that was holding his pajama bottoms up and slid them down over his hips. She pushed him back a bit so that he was now sitting on the edge in front of her. She licked her lips. He grew hard at the thought of what she was going to do.

“Honey.” He looked down on her.

“Shush. Let me show you how I feel right now.” She replied.

Kneeling down, she placed her hands upon his thighs. He watched her with complete fascination. Like a tiger on the prowl she was looking him directly in the eye, and there was no mistaking what she had in mind. She was a woman with a plan, and there was going to be no stopping her. He leaned back a little bit and allowed her, her fun.

Slowly she kissed his thigh. Savoring the scent of his skin, and the warmth of it, she let her mouth just linger on little spots. She could smell the sex that they had just shared, bahis firmaları and relit the hunger she felt. His breathing was getting louder, and she knew that if she wanted this, she was going to have to move a bit quicker. So quicker she went.

Trailing kisses and nips and bites along his thigh, she felt him grab the back of her head. “Witch!” he growled. He pulled it away to look down on her.

Smiling up at him, “So.” She loved his response. She drew up the length of his penis and began to kiss on the head. It tasted so fine. Like the savory goodness one finds in a nice piece of meat, it was melting in her mouth. Warm and hard, it pulsed against the inside of her cheek.

She could feel the soft little muscle grow larger and firmer in her mouth. Bouncing off the insides of her cheeks. She loved the way that it grew longer and harder as she literally sucked it out of him.

She pulled his hands away from her hair and tried to pin them to his sides. That did not last long, as he was much stronger than her. “If you don’t stop I am not going to last.”

However, when he tried to pull her away, she sucked harder, and longer, refusing to let go of her prize. He wasn’t sure that that could let her do this. It was so intimate. Yet, he wasn’t sure that he had the strength to stop her.

Over and over she allowed her tongue to play along the sides of his cock in her mouth. Alternating one kaçak iddaa speed for another and one sensation for a different stroke, she fueled his need to grow harder, almost rock-solid. “Oh!” he muttered under his breath. She was driving him wild with a need. He couldn’t believe that she was doing this. He couldn’t think straight, his mind was muddled with the sensations she was creating.

She allowed it to go free from her mouth for a few moments, to let him collect his breathing. She trailed kisses down underneath his cock, to the base and those little nuggets found hanging beneath it. Gently allowing her teeth to graze them, she pulled one of them into her mouth and savored it. Then of course she had to make sure that both the left one and the right one were not jealous of each other. That wouldn’t be fair.

She went further down, to that little spot under that. That little place where she could feel the base of all that he was as a person lay. All covered in hair and smelling of complete maleness. Not so gently, she put a small sucking-hickey on it. He nearly bounded off the bed at the sensation.

She felt him staring down at her. She looked up at him, and the large fully grown cock waiting for her. She began by kissing it’s tip. Tasting that little bit of sweet appetizer of what was to come. She licked it off of him in long leisurely movements, as if she had nothing to do all night long but kaçak bahis lick and taste him.

Pulling more and more of his cock into her mouth she sucked him into her. Feeling him push against the back of her throat, she took a deep breath, relaxed, and pulled the last of him down. She let her tongue glide up and down, over and under him. Swallowing each bit of saliva that came with it.

Feeling him getting tighter and rigid with his need to release, she moaned through it all. That was it. She felt him take off and fly. Sucking quicker so as not to loose a drop of that precious protein. She drank from the throbbing in her mouth. She literally sucked him dry.

She smiled in complete satisfaction. Oral sex. She enjoyed giving and receiving it. Being able to fully create that joy for her partner turned her on. She gathered up the pillows and began to toss them back up onto the bed.

He was laying down on the bed, his legs dangling over the sides. He had a smile plastered upon his face. She loved seeing it there. She was sure that he would doze off to sleep now as most men did, in her limited experience at this.

Leaning over the edge of the bed to place a pillow up to the top, she felt a slap on her derriere.

“What was that for?”

“Oh you know, all being fair in love and war.

“Come over here.” He pulled her onto his lap. “You are amazing.” Brushing aside her loose strands of hair, he simply looked at her. “You didn’t have to.”

“I know. I enjoy it that’s all.” She kissed the top of his nose.

He then kissed her on the mouth, and allowed his tongue to thank her properly.


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