1 Haziran 2021

Sixth Period Trig Pt. 09


It was early Saturday morning when Vickie woke. She lied naked in bed staring at the ceiling and thought about last night. She couldn’t believe that she had actually sucked a cock, greedily sucked a cock, a student’s cock. Her hand went between her legs and she fingered herself at the memory, knowing that she was wrong, knowing that she was jeopardizing her career, knowing that two students seemed to control her, knowing that she wanted to do it again as her body shook with an orgasm.

She got up and threw on the same robe she had worn for SIX, Aka Dave Barry, the evening before. She looked in the mirror and stared at herself, wondering who was the woman staring back when Mary Ellen came running into the bedroom. Vickie’s brain, still a little foggy from sleep, had forgotten that her student had stayed with her that evening.

“Turn towards me,” demanded Mary Ellen.

Vickie looked at her not understanding.

“Come on, turn, now!”

Vickie did and Mary Ellen reached for the belt that cinched the robe around the teacher’s naked body and untied it. She quickly opened it and saw that her teacher was still naked.

“Great,” she said with obvious delight.

“Now lie on the bed, on your back and pretend that you’re asleep.”

Again, Vickie hesitated, not at all understanding.

Mary Ellen grabbed her hand and tugged the bewildered teacher towards the bed and coaxed her to sit and then lie on her back.

“Close your eyes and pretend that you’re asleep, in a deep, deep sleep. Okay?”

“Wha….” was all Vickie could mutter before Mary Ellen said in a low, stern voice, “just do it, now!”

Vickie did as she was told and Mary Ellen fussed with her teacher’s hair, making it fan out on the pillow beneath her teacher’s beautiful face and she also redid the belt on her robe. She paid particular attention to how the robe covered her and placed Vickie’s hands so that they were together on her stomach. Mary Ellen stood and inspected her work and then said, “perfect. “Now close your eyes and don’t open them under any circumstance. You’re suppose to be in a deep sleep.”

Vickie stared at her and tried to figure out what she was up to when Mary Ellen snapped. “Now!”

Vickie closed her eyes and stayed motionless for approximately five minutes until she heard her door bell ring.

Before she had made a motion to answer it an ever vigilant Mary Ellen popped her head into the bedroom and said, “I told you to be asleep.”

Vickie, not wanting to disappoint her student, closed her eyes and waited.

Vickie strained to hear but all she could make out were greetings and soft voices.

It was another few minutes before she sensed rather than heard a presence at her bedroom door.

“Holy shit. That really is Miss Roache. Is she dead?” she heard a strange male voice.

“Duh,” replied Mary Ellen. “I told you that I gave her a sleeping pill. She’s out like a light.”

“Are you sure that she won’t wake up?”

“Positive. Wanna look?”

“You’re the best fiend a guy could have.”

“I know that,” Mary Ellen said and there were kissing sounds that followed.

Soft footsteps came closer to the bed and Vickie could feel them looking down at her. She knew that she should stop this but she found it incredibly exciting.

“Unwrap the sexy math teacher for me, baby. They say math teachers have good figures. Let’s see if it’s true.”

Vickie almost groaned out loud at the stupid pun but managed to control herself.

Mary Ellen took each of her teacher’s hands and placed them so that her arms were down by her sides. She then undid the belt of her robe and completely opened the robe.

She let the material drop to either side and Mary Ellen’s friend gasped at the teacher’s nakedness.

Every nerve in Vickie’s body tingled as she knew that Mary Ellen and her friend, whoever he was, were staring at her body, staring at her breasts, her bald pussy.

“Can I touch her?”

“Yeah, but make sure you don’t wake her.”

Vickie felt gentle touches on her breasts as the boy examined her. Next she felt hands on her stomach and assumed that it was Mary Ellen.

As the hands continued to glide over her body Vickie felt some one grab an ankle and spread her legs apart. Next a hand covered her pussy and she heard Mary Ellen asked, “Do you like her pussy?”

“Fucking awesome,” the boy replied.

He had one hand on her pussy and the other sweeping from breast to breast when he said to Mary Ellen, “I can’t believe I’m feeling the sexy Miss Roache.”

Vickie heard a zipper and movement and then the boy gasped. He wiggled a finger, separating the soft folds of Vickie’s pussy and pushed it slightly into her. Vickie couldn’t help but gasp.

The sudden noise from the supposedly sleeping teacher caused both teenagers to stop.

Mary Ellen stared intently at her teacher. “You better not do that any more. It might wake her.”

The boy grabbed Mary Ellen’s hand and brought it to the teacher’s pussy and they both touched her.

Mary bahis firmaları Ellen’s finger played with Vickie’s pussy and her friend whispered, “I want to put my cock in her mouth.”

“You can’t do that. It would wake her.”

The boy laughed and then added, “Can I at least rub it on her face. That way when I see her in school, I’ll know that my cock touched those sexy lips.”

Mary Ellen then shocked Vickie when she said, “Okay. But let me do it. I don’t what you to get carried away and ram it down her throat. Deal?”

“Deal,” the boy replied and Vickie felt them positioning themselves near her head.

Mary Ellen’s gentle hands turned Vickie’s head towards them.

After a few moments, Vickie felt it. The smooth skin of the boy’s cock on her cheek.

“Just don’t cum,” Mary Ellen said and moved her friends cock across Vickie’s lips. A slight, slippery trail of wetness was left on her lips as Mary Ellen continued to move his hard cock all over her face.

Mary Ellen wondered what her teacher must be thinking and was so carried away by the excitement of the moment that she didn’t realized the rapid increase in her friend’s breathing.

Before she could react, a shot of sperm erupted and splashed across Vickie’s lips. Mary Ellen pretended shock but continued to stroke the spewing cock, until it had released streams of cum all over Vickie’s face.

“Quick, get out. I’ve got to clean her up before she wakes. Get out. Now.”

Vickie heard the rustle of clothes, hastened footsteps and the door open and close.

A minute later, Vickie still pretended to be asleep when Mary Ellen scooted in bed beside and turned her head so that she faced her student.

Vickie felt Mary Ellen’s finger scoop the cum along her check and then she said, “Open up, teach. Reward time.”

Vickie opened her eyes and smiled at her still clothed student as she held a finger dripping with cum near her mouth.

Vickie opened her mouth and when Mary Ellen’s finger went inside, she closed it and used her tongue to clean her finger.

“Mmm…,” responded the teacher.

Mary Ellen repeated the process of scooping the cum from her face into her waiting mouth and when she was finished she kissed her teacher.

“Who was that?” asked Vickie.

Mary Ellen replied’ “Umm, just an admirer.”

“You’re not going to tell me?”


“I know he goes to our school, but you have to tell me. Please.”



“To drive you crazy. That’s why. Now, whenever you’re in school, you’ll never know which boy saw you naked, which boy rubbed his cock all over your face, which boy’s cum you tasted.”

Vickie shuttered and said, “That’s cruel.”

“But I know you like it.”

“And just how do you know this, young lady?”

During the conversation, Mary Ellen’s hand had moved down between the sexually aroused teacher’s legs and a probing finger was nestled in her pussy. Mary Ellen removed her wet finger and brought it to her lips, inhaled deeply and then licked it. She then looked at her teacher and said, “You’re pussy tells me, that’s how.”

Vickie took Mary Ellen’s hand and moved it back between her legs and groaned.

Mary Ellen fed her teacher the last remnants of cum on her face when Vickie felt another orgasm and said “Thank you.”


Vickie got ready for school and decided to wear a skirt, white blouse and jacket. She looked like a corporate lawyer, a sexy lawyer, ready to use every asset to persuade a judge, a jury, a client, an adversary. She looked sexy and decided to put her hair in a severe bun to make herself look more lawyerly.

When she arrived at school, she busied herself in the office, running off copies of papers, checking her mail box and was aware of the eyes upon her. Normally she would shy away from the attention but she wallowed in it, feeding her hunger.

On the way to her classroom, she climbed the stairs and would usually walk on the side closest to the wall to protect her modesty against eager schoolboy eyes trying to look up her rather short skirt. But today, she walked on the railing side and smiled as she realized that quite a group gathered behind her.

Her classes went well but Vickie seemed to notice an undercurrent of sexual tension. She wondered if it was always there and she was just oblivious but now she noticed it. The felt the eyes on her legs, her breasts, the way students would turn and stare at her. She noticed the quick and furtive touches that male students showered upon the female students. The way the girls were receptive to the touches. The whole school seemed charged sexually and she enjoyed it.

During homeroom, the attendance was collected by a student designated by the office. For the past month it was a student named Nicole. Vickie had never really paid much attention to Nicole, only to watch as she came into the room, walked up to the desk, leaned her elbows on the flat surface and greet Miss Roache and ask if the attendance was ready. The same routine, everyday, kaçak iddaa seemingly mundane and innocent, but today, for some reason Vickie felt the vibes coming from Nicole.

Nicole walked up to the desk and leaned over as usual. Vickie’s eyes went to the girl’s ample cleavage. Had she always worn a V-neck sweater? Nicole wore a necklace that swayed away from her chest and dangled from her neck. It appeared to be handmade and decorative, unusual. Vickie stared at the necklace and then her eyes focused beyond it and up as she scanned Nicole’s smiling face and her eyes drifted down again to the view provided by her sweater that pulled away from her chest. Vickie could see down the sweater, and inside the girl’s bra. Nicole had beautiful, large breasts and gave Vickie a view that let her see an exposed nipple.

Nicole didn’t move, even though she knew that the math teacher was looking at her exposed breasts. She also knew that the class had a nice view of the top of her thighs as she leaned over. Vickie continued to stare and Nicole finally smiled as said, “I could come back, if you need more time.”

Vickie came out of her daze and she knew that she blushed but handed Nicole the attendance report and watched her walk slowly out of her class.

Later that day, during Vickie’s free period, the teacher down the hall, a Mr. Jacobs opened his classroom door and beckoned to Miss Roache.

“I’m sorry, Vickie, but could you watch my class for a moment. I really need to be excused.”

One of the drawbacks to teaching was that if natured called, you had to get coverage to get relief.

Vickie was happy to oblige and she entered his classroom as he scampered down the hallway.

She sat at his desk and looked out at his class of freshmen. Mr. Jacobs was a nice man, nearing retirement age and taught English literature.

The students were respectful and were busy doing whatever work was assigned and Vickie started looking at the clutter on Dan Jacobs desk. Vickie then spotted his cell phone. It was a flip open type phone and it was open. Vickie didn’t know what prompted her but she picked it up and pressed a button. An image appeared. It took Vickie a moment to realize it but she was looking at naked breasts. Just breasts. A closeup shot, no face but two, well formed breasts and then she saw the text below it. “To Mr. Jacobs: Enjoy.”

Vickie stared at the breasts, the message and wondered who would have sent it. A wife? A girlfriend? But then she noticed the necklace. That unmistakable necklace that she had seen earlier in the day. The necklace that hung between the ample breasts of the attendance monitor, Nicole.

Vickie acted quickly and forwarded the picture to her cell phone, then deleting her tracks and replacing the phone in its original place just as Mr. Jacobs entered the classroom.

“I’m so sorry, Vickie, but I had to take care of something. Thank you.”

Vickie told him that it was okay and she left.

Her sixth period trig class was next and Vickie was anxious with anticipation. All day long as she walked in the corridor or stood in her classroom doorway, she wondered who her mystery student was. She stared at passing students and wondered if it was him who touched her naked body on Saturday night. Was this the one who came all over my face? All her wondering did was to get her excited. She stood in the doorway as the class entered. The students greeted her warmly and some made sure that they brushed up against her. Vickie didn’t mind but her eye caught Nicole walking down the corridor.

Vickie watched as Nicole chatted with a few friends, obviously not in a rush to get to class when their eyes met. Nicole stopped and turned towards the teacher and just smiled. Nicole walked backwards, slowly, her eyes on her teacher and Vickie wondered why Nicole had sent Mr. Jacobs that picture. Vickie kept staring as Nicole walked to class and then she turned into her own classroom and closed the door behind her.

Vickie sat at he desk, a little flustered, a lot excited and she started to take attendance. The class was in quiet conversation as Miss Roache would look up to see if a particular student was in attendance and then down again at her class register to mark it appropriately.

It was then that she noticed that she had an email. It was from Mary Ellen. Vickie promptly opened it.

Yo teach. You look very sexy. Have you figured out who came on your pretty face yet? I think he’s in love. Keeps spying ya, wants to see ya hot bod again. Says he’s mucho hard and wants a return visit. The naughty boy wants me to double the dosage so that you won’t wake up when he slips his “teacher tamer”, as he calls it, into your mouth. Why do boys have the need to name their cocks? Well teach, in the mood to suck some strange student cock?

Damn, you’re sexy,


PS: Get a load at what Elona is wearing.

Vickie stared at her computer screen and the thought of a nameless student sliding his cock, “teacher tamer”, into her mouth while she was supposedly kaçak bahis sleeping excited her.

Motion on her right distracted her from her thoughts and she looked up and saw three boys around Elona’s desk. Elona seemed to bask in their attention as she sat on top of her desk. She was normally a shy girl, keeping to herself but as the weeks went on, she slowly was emerging and it showed in the clothing that she wore. She went from jeans to skirts. Although she usually wore shorts under the skirts to protect her modesty, today she did not have on the shorts.

Vickie watched as the boys gathered around her, making no attempts to hide the fact that they were staring at her legs. Elona had long, thin, shapely legs. Those of a long distance runner. The boys enjoyed the view as her tiny skirt left most of her legs uncovered. Vickie smiled as Elona caught her staring and the girl returned the smile.

Miss Roache looked around her room for a minute and couldn’t believe the difference in her students. Once a studious, modest, conservative bunch, they were now still studious but caught in a wave of sexual excitement that even the teacher felt.

Elona’s new found friends and the way she seemed to enjoy the attention her legs were getting. Mary Ellen had opened one too many buttons on her blouse again and was driving Joey, Jose and the other boys around her crazy.

James already had a finger inside Veronica’s panties as she sat with legs wide apart, her skirt bunched around her waist and they both stared at their teacher, as if daring her to comment.

Vickie was about to start class when she got another email. This one from SIX.

Dear Miss Vickie,

You need more practice. Tonight?


Vickie took a deep breath and thought about Dave’s cock, the way she liked to stroke it, the feel in her mouth, making him cum and quickly sent off a reply.


Tonight at 9. Let yourself in. I’ll be waiting.

Miss Vickie

Somehow, Vickie collected herself enough to start class and was thankful that none of her email friends sent demands for her to expose herself because she didn’t know if she could resist.

That Night.

Vickie was anxious. At 8:30 she left her key on the window ledge for SIX, locked her door and stripped naked. She sat on a folding chair in the middle of the room, facing the door and waited.

Promptly at 9 she heard the key in the lock. She sat straight up, breasts thrusted out, legs spread as she waited. Vickie let her right hand drift between her legs and she played with wet pussy.

She heard the door open but knew that Dave could not see her in the darkness.

“Don’t turn on the light,” she whispered.

“OK,” he answered.

“Close the door.”

He obeyed.

“There’s a flashlight on the floor right next to your feet. Pick it up.”

He obeyed.

“Turn it on.”

He obeyed.

“Point it over here.”

He obeyed and the light made a few exploratory sweeps before the beam found his naked teacher. It lit her face first but then traveled slowly down and illuminated her perfect breasts. He sucked his breath in as he maneuvered the beam lower. Vickie continued to masturbate as her student stared.

He was frozen in that spot. Watching the teacher that he had desired since September sitting in front of him, naked, playing with her pussy, had made him completely stop.

Vickie let him enjoy as the beam never left that spot between her legs.

“Take off you clothes,” she said, breaking the spell.

He obeyed.

After a few moments, he stopped moving and Vickie asked, “Are you naked?”

“Yes,” he answered, his voice suddenly abandoning him.

“Use the flashlight and let me see,” demanded the teacher.

Dave turned the light on himself and displayed his rock hard cock to his teacher.

“Come here, SIX. Let me suck your cock.”

Just the way his teacher said that made him even harder and he did not hesitate to stand beside his teacher and he used the flashlight to shine on her pretty face as she leaned toward him with her mouth open and wanting. He watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth and felt her free hand as it cupped his balls.

She pulled back and said, “I want your cum, SIX. Fill my mouth. Please.”

He swayed his hips and fucked her mouth as she greedily held it with her lips. Dave was disappointed that he felt the early signs of orgasm. He wanted this to last much, much longer but it was all too exciting for him. His beautiful, sexy teacher sucking his cock, wanting him to cum in her mouth was too much excitement and he thought his knees would buckle as the first stream of cum exploded from his cock into his teacher’s mouth.

He felt her grip on his balls as she milked them. Her lips clamped over the head of his cock, expecting more and getting more. Much more. Dave spewed a total of five streams of cum into her mouth and she didn’t miss a drop. Vickie finally let his cock slip from her mouth but she held it with the hand that previously cupped his balls. She returned a hand between her legs and started to masturbate again as she held his cock and slowly licked it, cleaned it and occasionally clamping the head between her lips trying to coax more cum into her mouth.

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