5 Haziran 2021

Sexy Toilet


I was at home sitting on the toilet trying to shit when my girlfriend came into the room to sit on my lap. She had a casual smile on her pretty face. Her dark hair was short and choppy but definitely not butch. She had a long lean body of Russian extraction with a puggish little nose. My heart aches for her because she does things like lean over and singing, “I wanna fuck, fuck, fuck . . . I wanna fuck . . . all night with you,” in her sexy accent as she softly sucks my tender earlobe. To be honest, that phrase was actually from a song we like that we play-sing to each other for giggles. And in the song they were actually saying the word, “funk,” but that’s besides the point. My lover was wooing me, putting me in such a relaxed state that the hard turd that was troubling me simply slid out with a splash as I exhale a grunt of relief.

It was already late at night and we had already made love. But it was not enough for her. She was in a quietly frenzied state — a state I am responsible cebeci escort for. I’m such a good lover and I don’t mean that in any arrogant way. I mean that I really love my woman and I know how to show it, not just in bed but all day long (and night too). We are good to and for each other. Friends and lovers in the most intense, the most intimate, way. In essence, we love to touch and be touched in our most private of areas. The human body does not disgust us, especially not our bodies, as we are both in our thirties and in fine shape. That is why making out with me as I take a shit does not faze my girl at all. In fact, she finds such things a turn-on, as do I.

We kissed and our tongues began a familiar dance of greeting and succulence. Her name was Natalia. I met her over the internet on a Russian women dating site. Our attraction was immediate. A year later we are living together in my New York City apartment. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world to me. çukurambar escort I feel comfortable with her because she’s a rare one who remains open and honest about herself and her feelings because she is willing to be vulnerable with me. I gladly return the favor by never betraying her trust and showing her she is the queen of my life. So she opens up to me nakedly at all times, both emotionally and physically, as she did when she rose from my lap to turn and straddle my legs and rub her crotch on my lips. Her vagina was soft and succulent; wet and supple from our lovemaking and I relaxed my head in-between her thighs, smelling her sweaty scent along with the warm aromas of her vagina and anus. My hands gently cradled her sweet ass; my fingers slipping into the crack. We kissed as another, longer, turd squeezed out of my ass. Natalia flushed the toilet and then stepped back, turned around and gave me a sexy lap-dance. I was becoming undone at being with such ankara escort a desirable woman. The woman of my dreams. Not yet my wife but soon to be.

I wrapped my arms around her as she bounced on my lap, pulling her back to me so I could spread her legs and finger her pussy. Our caresses were insistent and consistent. We were in the reverie of passion again. By now we almost knew every pore of each other’s body yet every touch felt anew. We were awash in sensation. Her breasts, her nipples were mine and craved my attention, as did the rest of her. We licked each other up and down, stopping only to replenish fluid from each other’s mouths. I could hear her purrs and low moans. Her breath quickened and mine followed suit. We wanted each other without hesitancy or shame and because we lived together nothing ever stopped us. What we love is being casually nude. Natalia, having a sophisticated European background, is, of course, no stranger to being au natural. Me, I just like being naked. I’m no great beauty by any means, but I am health-conscious and physically active. I mean, I fuck Natalia several times a day! And I really “put my back into it” because anything I can do to please my woman I will do with complete joy.

How could I not? She’s the girl of my dreams.

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