20 Şubat 2021

My Snow White


I’m not an adventurous person. Not by nature, anyway. It takes quite a bit of motivation to get me to explore outside my comfort zone. I suppose that’s what made Halloween so special. I could dress up and disguise my identity. Even act completely unlike myself and not worry.

At the office where I work, there was a lot of discussion revolving around various parties. The buzz was all about who was going where and for some, with whom they were going. I hadn’t made any plans myself. Until Liz, my boss’s assistant, mentioned she was going to a masquerade ball.

You see, I guess I’m one of those girls they say is in the closet. I don’t consider myself lesbian. I don’t find most women attractive. Not sexually, anyway. But Liz, she was one of those rare few that sparked something inside me.

I decided I’d go to that ball and if my courage held and the timing right, maybe I’d make a play. I’d never been with a woman and had always been too chicken shit to even try. Liz was worth it and besides, I’d be in disguise. To say I carried a torch for her was too much, but maybe a candle.

Halloween came quickly and I could hardly wait. I’d told everyone I had no plans and used my abstention to win Liz’s confidence. She confided she was going as Snow White, so I would go as the old hag from the same fairytale. It was perfect, because I’d be completely unrecognizable.

As I arrived, I noticed her shiny black VW Jetta parked out front of the hotel that was hosting the event. Fear crept up my spine, but the sensation made the moment all the more delicious. Well, that and the flask of scotch I had with me.

I downed another swig, checked my makeup in the rearview mirror and headed in. The ball was held in one of the huge conference rooms and it was filled with monsters and characters of all sorts.

I didn’t care for any of them. Through the sea of Draculas , Frankensteins, sexy witches and nurses, I sought only Snow White.

My costume was a thick woolen cape and robe and it itched and had me sweating within minutes. I was beginning to regret my choice when I saw her.

Across the dance floor, at one of the mini-bars, Liz was talking animatedly with a cowboy. I traced the length of her long slender legs. The golden mini skirt she wore as part of her costume revealed more of her perfectly sculpted legs than I’d ever seen before. My inner lesbian reacted and the heat ripped through me. She was so hot. My mouth watered uncontrollably. The scotch was helping perhaps a tad more than I needed, but my courage was holding.

The blue satin top she wore was barely more than a tight camisole, but at least it resembled the Disney’s classic version of the character, complete with puffy, short sleeves. Although, she was definitely the rated R version.

The swell of her breasts billowed up and looked like they might spill over the drawstrings and I lost myself in that visual for a minute. Her full lips kept stretching into a smile and I could see she was flirting. The cowboy was eating it up. I couldn’t blame him. I’d have been a puddle at her feet by then.

It was now or never. Maybe I’d strike out, but she wouldn’t recognize me, so I had nothing to lose. I moved up, hunched my back in character and flashed her a smile.

“An apple for my pretty?” I said, trying to imitate the old hag’s voice from the movie. I lifted the shiny red apple I had picked up on the way, out to her.

She laughed, brushing aside her long brown hair and her luminous green eyes met mine. She was so fucking beautiful. I envied her as much as I desired her.

“Is it poisoned?” she asked, playing off my queue. Her grin widened as she stared at the fake wart I’d affixed to my nose.

“It’ll make you do naughty things my dear, but there’s a price,” I said, making things up as I went along. To get her alone was my only thought and was the part of my plan I hadn’t thought through.

“Oh really? Sounds like my kind of apple,” she said and I could tell she’d had a few drinks. Was it deplorable of me to feel excited by that fact? And worse, that I wondered if she were drunk enough to succumb to my fantasy.

Liz was the hottie at work. All the guys loved her, but she didn’t casino şirketleri date anyone. As far as I knew, she wasn’t into women. But I was hoping she might be willing to experiment. If not, I’d pretend I was just playing around. No harm, no foul.

I winked at her as she reached for the offered apple, but I yanked it back and she laughed. Her hands went to her slender hips and she gave me a playful ‘what the fuck’ look.

“There’s a price, my pretty,” I said and beckoned her with a finger. This was it. Either she’d follow me to the balcony, or she wouldn’t. I was safe either way, but I was hoping she would take the bait.

“Well then, you’d better make it worth my time,” she laughed and said some quick goodbye to the cowboy and followed me.

I was surprised. I didn’t think she’d follow. Maybe she was just playing along so as not to hurt my feelings. After all, I was hideous in my makeup. I wasn’t ugly underneath it, but I wasn’t a hottie like Liz. People say I’m cute, but I don’t get a lot of attention either, so?

Either way, I’d gotten further than I could’ve ever hoped for. My courage was being tested now. I’d imagined I would get a couple flirts in, she’d let me down politely, saying something like she wasn’t into girls. I’d still be in disguise and would escape. She’d never know it was me.

I wasn’t prepared for her to follow me out onto the balcony overlooking the river. But she was. I smiled and led the way.

I opened the sliding glass door and she went through. My eyes caught a glimpse of those luscious legs and that perfect ass. It was cold outside and I’d needed that relief. The thick wool blend of my costume was killing me.

She stopped about five paces out and propped a hand on her hip, repeating her ‘what the fuck’ look. I laughed in spite of myself and prayed she wouldn’t recognize it. I had a distinct voice, or, at least I liked to think I did. There was no glimmer of recognition in her eyes.

“So?” she asked.

So, there I was, face to face with Liz, who I’d conspired to indoctrinate me into the world of girl girl love and realized how stupid it was. First off, I really didn’t think she was gay. Secondly, I had no reason to even think she might be bisexual or even bi-curious. I sighed, unsure what to say or do now. I lifted up the apple.

She stepped closer, her green eyes looking to the fruit I held, then back to me and her smile widened into a grin.

“I thought there was a price to be paid?” she said as she stepped even closer. There was something about the way she moved. The sway of her hips, the criss cross steps of her long sleek legs. The noticeable bounce of her breasts trapped beneath the taut satin of her costume. It was mesmerizing and I realized I was ogling her.

“Umm, yes,” I said and realized it was in my real voice. I cleared my throat and continued in character. “Yes, my pretty. For my apple, I require a kiss.” There it was. Offer on the table.

Liz giggled and looked at me intently. I couldn’t tell what she might be thinking, but at least her full pouty lips were curved upwards. A long minute passed and I think I was holding my breath as I held forth the apple.

I panicked, thinking she was grossed out by the suggestion and started to think up some bullshit explanation that would allow us both to laugh it off. Instead, she moved to me and pushed back the hood of my cloak. I felt it tug at my wig and thought for a second, it had fallen off.

But then everything went black and then just as quickly, bright white. Her lips pressed to mine. They were so soft, supple, warm and a little moist. It was the strangest, most erotic sensation I had ever felt. I couldn’t have ever imagined they would be so soft. I was stunned, speechless and by the time I thought to kiss back, she had retreated.

I suddenly realized my eyes had fluttered shut and I opened them. She was grinning brightly, standing so very close to me. I lifted onto my tip toes, to close the gap her high heels created. I wanted to kiss her again.

Her finger intercepted my lips and she shook her head, the same wicked grin still playing on her lips.

“No. For that, there is a price,” she teased. Turn about was casino firmaları fair play, apparently. I was still holding the apple and looked to it, then offered it to her. But she pushed it aside. Slowly, gently.

“No. No more games,” she said.

I couldn’t think what to say, so I relied on my disguise and character.

“What is your wish, my pretty?” I asked, though my voice was hoarse. It felt dry and desire was like a wild fire rampaging through my body. All of it was made worse, because she was responding to my desires and I had no clue how to react myself.

She reached up and grasped my wig. I took her wrist into my hand, stopping her, but her smile whelmed me. We stood in a deadlock, looking at one another. I wasn’t sure I was ready for her to realize who I was.

“No more games, Carol,” she said. I guess it was foolish of me to be so confident in my disguise. She recognized me. Was it my voice? I felt my cheeks flush warm and knew they were glowing bright.

“I…” I was caught and didn’t know what to say. A sudden urge to run hit me, but I was spellbound.

“You know I don’t date people from work,” she said and I nodded. That was true. I had never known her to date anyone from work and I knew for a fact at least six of the guys had asked her.

“And I’m not into women,” she said and I felt my heart drop into the withering pit of my stomach. “And I’m not looking for a relationship.”

“I…I know… I just thought…” I stammered out an apology but her finger closed my lips once more, shushing me.

“But I’m not Liz tonight… am I?” she said, a seductive tone to her voice.

I felt myself blushing again as her hands took mine and she led me away from the sliding glass doors and into the darkest, most secluded area of the balcony. Her hands were so warm and I could tell she was cold. Her smooth skin was pebbled with goose bumps.

“This isn’t a coincidence. You, showing up here, dressed in character to match mine. Is it, Carol?” she asked, her eyes delving into mine, searching me. I felt ashamed for having tried to trick her. But she didn’t seem upset. I shook my head.

“You came to seduce me. Didn’t you?” I blushed but nodded. Her lips stretched into a smile and I melted. I still don’t know what is different about her. I had seen plenty of hot women, but they didn’t charge me up like Liz.

“I don’t know how this is done,” she confessed and neither did I. I wasn’t even sure what it was we were doing. Was I allowed to touch her? So many things ran through my head, so many of them alien and strange, but all of them excited me.

And suddenly she was kissing me again. Our lips fused together, her mouth working against mine. It was heated, furiously passionate as our tongues met and it was marvelous. Daring, I slipped my hands around her and over the satin covering that tight ass. I felt so aroused. It was all a dream come true for me.

She pulled back and took the fake wart from my nose and pushed my wig off. I blushed as my disguise was removed and she slipped into my arms. Her slender body molded to mine. I grinned and leaned forward to kiss her again.

She received me as a raindrop dribbled onto my shoulder. Just my luck, it started to rain. I didn’t care, but then I was draped in thick wool. Liz was wearing skintight satin. Looking to her, she didn’t seem to care and her tiny outfit was quickly soaked through. Its shiny fabric clung to her body so anatomically and the fire exploded inside.

I pulled her tight and kissed her. I didn’t know what else to do. That’s not to say I didn’t know how women made love. It was that I didn’t know how one got from the kissing stage to that.

“How long have you wanted to do this to me?” she asked with a husky whisper between kisses. I blushed, yet again and shrugged.

“I don’t know. Forever?”

“I didn’t know you were into women.”

“I’m not. Not really.”

“What makes me so special then?” she asked as her hands explored my robe, finding access through the oversized baggy sleeves. I moaned softly as I felt her fingers drift across my breasts, circling a nipple.

“I dunno. I…I just find you exciting.” I answered and closed my lips güvenilir casino over hers once more as her other hand made its way into my robes. For someone who wasn’t into girls, I thought she was doing an excellent job. I was so moist between my legs and my body was alive with anxiety, needing her touch. Everywhere.

Her hands found the zipper at my back and I felt my costume open and then fall to my feet. Alarmed, I looked around. We were still the only ones on the balcony and even though the rain was cold on my bare skin, I was thankful for it. It would deter most from venturing outside.

Her hands swept across my breasts and then her body pressed tight against me. She felt so warm against my naked skin. The wet satin of her tiny outfit stuck to me with a warm suction and our mouths met once more.

Another fiery kiss and her hand moved down between my legs. She massaged my thighs and they opened by themselves. She purred into my mouth and I felt her fingertip glide along my moistened folds. I shivered from the chill, from her sweet blissful touch and she laughed into my mouth.

“Am I doing this right?” she asked. Did it matter? Everything she was doing felt pretty damned good to me. I nodded and she kissed me again. Her tongue danced with mine and her finger dipped inside me. I shuddered under a wave of erotic pleasure that shot out through every vein in my body and it seemed to encourage her.

“I’ve imagined you once,” she said and I blinked, shaking off the haze of sexual lust that was submerging me in its warm bliss. There was no pause to her finger plunging in and out of me.

“Imagined me?” I asked through a moaning exhale and she nodded. Her finger twisted, curling up inside me and I hissed in pleasure.

“Yes. I fantasized you fucking me. I imagined your cute little mouth sucking on my pussy, eating me,” she murmured between mashing of lips and to hear it almost made me cum. Her finger thrust in hard, and then pumped in and out, faster and with greater intensity. Pleasure crackled like a string of firecrackers exploding along my legs and arms until it reached center and I came against her finger.

She giggled, kissing me as my orgasm took over. All I could do was squirm and mew into her mouth as she continued to fuck me. I clung to her shoulders, gasping my delight until the incredible sensation slowly waned. She withdrew it as my climax subsided and sucked her finger clean with a playful grin. I was so aroused now and I had to complete her fantasy.

I grabbed her face and kissed her hard, turning her around, so she was backed against the thick glass of the windows and then knelt. Her skirt was so short that I could see her matching satin thong from my vantage point and I pulled them down.

Possessed with desire, I lifted one of her legs up onto my shoulder. Her smooth shaved folds parted for me as I angled my neck to reach them. I sucked her pussy into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. Her faint musky taste was delicious and the way she writhed against my face was wonderful.

I plunged my tongue in and out rapidly, sucking, slurping, kissing and nibbling with wanton abandon. Her nectar filled my eager mouth. I needed her to come — to come all over my face. I loved how she trembled against me — because of my tongue and kisses.

She gasped suddenly and I felt her pussy constrict, tightening against my persistent tongue. Then her hips bucked, her hands grabbed my hair as she clung to me for support. Her orgasm came so quickly. I gave and gave as she whimpered encouragement. I loved the way she ground herself against my mouth and murmured my name.

The whole experience was electrifying, intoxicating and watching her thrash in ecstasy was beautiful. She growled suddenly, having come twice in a row before pushing me away.

I kissed my way back up to her, standing, holding her in my arms and she laughed. I smiled at her. Panting, she returned it and clung to me. Our bodies smashed tight together in the cold night air, and soaked warmth from the other. She caught her breath after a couple of minutes and kissed me.

“See you at the office, Carol,” she said and stepped back. With a wiggle, she pulled up her thong and made her way back into the party. Just like that.

I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face. I couldn’t wait. My disguise was ruined, so I dressed and went home, content as I’d ever been.

© 2009 Brindle Chase. All rights reserved.

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