12 Şubat 2021

Miranda Ch. 01


Miranda had just finished the worst week of her advertising career. Having always been the company’s “go to girl,” this week’s failure was particularly difficult. She had been working on a major account proposal and had put together three possible campaigns…sure to please even this client – the most difficult one.

The presentation day had finally arrived and donning her best “game face,” she headed into the conference room to begin the meeting. She presented all three campaigns and tried to gauge the client’s reaction. He sat there in silence for a few seconds before asking, “Ok…where is the real proposal?” Completely taken aback at his total disregard for her work, all she could do was stand there, speechless, with her mouth gaping open.

Not knowing exactly what to do since nothing like that had ever happened to her before, she flopped into her chair and just sat there, wondering what had just happened. Her boss came in…obviously aggravated at her performance….and began to lay into her about her having lost a potentially lucrative account. Still at a loss for words, she just sat there and stared at him. He asked if she had anything to say on her behalf before he and the other partners met to discuss how to handle the situation. All she could do was shake her head no….still in total disbelief.

Her bahis firmaları boss suggested that she take a leave of absence while they decided whether she would still have a job with the firm. She gathered herself, trying to fight back the tears that were wanting to emerge against her will and decided to head home.

She got home, changed into her favorite comfort clothes…an oversized t-shirt and baggy sweatpants, poured herself a glass of wine and lounged on the sofa. The sound of the phone ringing interrupted her attempt at relaxation and she reluctantly answered it. It was her friend Katie calling to ask about the presentation. Miranda completely lost all control and began crying as she recounted the events of the day. Katie told her that she didn’t need to be alone and was coming over right then.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, letting Miranda know that Katie had arrived. She answered the door and was greeted with a warm embrace from Katie. The two moved into the living room and Miranda sat while Katie poured herself a glass of wine.

Trying to take Miranda’s mind off her troubles, Katie put in a movie. A very surprised Miranda saw that Katie had chosen a lesbian porn flick. Katie picked up on Miranda’s reaction and moved closer to her…slightly caressing kaçak iddaa her face. Miranda couldn’t help but keep her eyes fixed on the screen…making Katie grin with pride at being able to peek the interest of her friend.

As she watched, Miranda noticed that she was starting to get wet and very aroused. Katie also noticed and took the opportunity to ask Miranda if she liked what she was seeing. A very fixated Miranda could do nothing but nod. Katie grinned to herself and moved her caress to Miranda’s breasts…waiting to see how she would react. Miranda immediately began to moan which only encouraged her friend. Katie slowly removed Miranda’s shirt, revealing two very round and pert breasts. She lowered her head and began circling her right nipple with her tongue while using her fingers to tweak the other nipple.

Miranda let out a long moan, letting Katie know that her ministrations were working. Katie continued making love to her friend’s breasts before moving her mouth further south…adding to the moans of approval coming from Miranda. She gently pushed her back on the sofa and removed her sweat pants…making an effort to run her tongue along her abdomen at the same time. Once the sweats and panties were gone, Katie spread Miranda’s legs and took in the sweet aroma of her sex.

Unsure of kaçak bahis what was happening, Miranda started to protest but Katie shushed her…telling her to just lie back and enjoy. With her hands on each of Miranda’s thighs, Katie gave her slit a good, long lick…being sure to flick her clit. A shiver went through Miranda’s body and she began to moan more. Using the wetness flowing from Miranda’s hole, she slowly inserted two fingers and began a nice, slow fuck, eliciting a few grunts from her friend. While continuing to pump her fingers deeply into Miranda, Katie took her clit into her mouth, sucking it while flicking it with her tongue.

Miranda began bucking as the intensity began to increase. She started to become rigid and Katie took this as a sign that Miranda was very close to a very hard cum. She redoubled her efforts…pumping harder and faster, never breaking her seal on Miranda’s clit, until she cried out…letting all the stress of the day go and succumbing to her climax.

Katie removed her fingers and began taking in all the honey she could, cleaning Miranda up and letting her ride out her orgasm. When she had come down, Katie crawled up Miranda’s body to meet her lips…allowing her to taste her juices. She then held her friend, knowing that she had helped her put away her concerns of the day. The two spent the night in each other’s arms and Miranda woke the next morning much less concerned about her problems at work and determined to ravish Katie’s body…just as she had done for her.

To be continued….

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