19 Ekim 2021

Mindy’s Christmas Camera from her D***y


Mindy’s Christmas Camera from her D***yIt is a few weeks after Christmas and you get to be the fly on the wall as Mindy plays with her new Christmas present from her male parent!!! She decides to take some pictures to show her appreciation, but what subject would be suitable….? Become the fly on the wall in her bedroom before her male parental figure comes home from work and see what she has planned to share with him to express how pleased she is with his gift!!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Mindy sat on the edge of her bed and flipped through the pictures on her new camera. They were amazing. Her father had bought it for her for Christmas and she had been stunned. It was more expensive than even the one that she had asked for. She had told him that he shouldn’t have done it, but secretly she thrilled that her Daddy loved her like that!!She had always been his “Little girl” and now at 23 years of age, she still smiled when she thought of how his face lit up when she walked in the room. Since she turned 15 she had begun realizing that he did not always look at her and smile just because he was proud of her. Sometimes there were other reasons. Once she had realized that, she had begun cultivating a power that until recently she had simply thought was innocent and natural. Even when she sat on his knee or pranced in her bathing suits or skimpy underwear in the house, she had told herself that his attention was nothing special. Nothing special at all, she told herself.Now she knew better. She had known better for months now. Ever since she had caught him setting up a camera to catch her showering in the bathroom. It was funny to her; she was not creeped out by it. She found it amusing at first and then… well it had become more for her as well. She started touching herself when she knew he was watching, or that a camera he had placed would see her. She smiled. She knew she was being a bad girl. She was being a bad girl for him and it made her smile more!!She had spent the afternoon taking pictures with her new camera, using the filter settings and playing with exposures and double exposures. She hung clothing up on her bedroom door and took pictures modeling other outfits. She was getting better yavuzeli escort using it and she wanted to show her Daddy that it was not a waste of money, that she would be using it well. But none of the pictures so far really screamed her appreciation the way she wanted to tell her Daddy.Then a thought struck her. It made her smile spread wider. She went to her closet and retrieved the filmy flowered dress that she only wore on the hottest summer days. There was nothing to it. Not really much at all. But he liked looking at her in it. She planned to make him like it even more now.Setting the camera on her tripod, she leaned forward and shook her long blond hair out as she called commands for the camera to click of frame after frame. She looked at the photos and was unimpressed. She looked like a hair monster. But her legs looked nice…. A wicked smile thinned her lips and she reset the camera for faster shutter speed, moved to position and lifted the hem of her skirt and started shooting frames again. This time she was much more happy with the results!!Setting the camera on her dresser, Mindy sat on her wooden stool and contemplated what she should do next. She combed her hair and looked around, thinking of possibly getting some toys from her bottom dresser drawer. But that would be crude. It would be too much…at least for now. Then she stood up, pulled the bottom hem of the dress all of the way up to her hips and smiled. Calling the commands, the camera again captured more of her!Then an idea struck her. She should use the new camera as a prop!!! It was perfect!! She set her old camera up on the dresser and carried it back to the stool. Maybe she should kiss it? Maybe use it to catch her taking a cleavage selfie…. She moved the dress down off of her shoulders and posed sexy for the camera on the dresser. But it was not quite right.Then she had an idea. Mindy put the camera on the ground. She looked down and smiled. Her cleavage was on nice display above her new toy. She called for the camera to capture the moment again and again.Standing up in the heels was not her cup of tea. Mindy had always been more of a student than a glamour girl. People told her she was sexy, had a great body and such. giresun escort But she had never felt that way. At least she had never felt that way until the last couple years as she received more and more paternal attention!! She straddled the camera and smiled as the camera on the dresser captured pictures of her being more lewd than she had ever dared be intentionally before!!Turning around, she bent over at the waist and moved the camera. As she looked upside down behind her she realized she had unwittingly come up with yet another great pose and commanded the camera to flash upon her nearly exposed bottom as she caressed the gift she had been given as it rested on the floor between her legs!Standing back upright, she Mindy pulled the hem back down for a moment and without warning her breasts sprang free from the constraints of the dress top. She swore and then laughed as she realized the camera had caught the moment!! She posed and called for it to shoot some more shots to make certain it was right!Standing upright she walked over to the old camera and popped out the SAN disk and laid it next to the computer. She would have lots of choices to make.Then she walked back to the camera on the floor, flipped on the power and waited for it to warm up. Looking out the window, Mindy considered how naughty she was being. She could feel how wet her pussy was getting. Het nipples were tight beneath the shear fabric. She pushed the dress down over her breasts and lightly traced her fingernail across the ridges of her puckered nipple. She shivered. Then she called for the camera to capture the moment.Hooking her thumb in the waistband of her briefs, Mindy pulled them down slightly, making it look as if she was going to show more than she really was willing to today. Besides, she knew he would be hard seeing her like this, imagining her. Somewhere someone had told her that illusion is more powerful than in your face and fantasy more alluring than reality. It was just as true for her. She was soaking wet!Another few frames flipped through as she called out for the camera to take more pictures. She could almost see his thick cock in his beefy hand. She could imagine how his breathing would get more labored and how red and gümüşhane escort then purple the bulbous head of his member would get as it appeared and then disappeared again and again in his fist.She set her camera up on her dressing table and called out for the camera to capture her looking down at the gift he had given her. Mindy thought of how it would feel to have him give her so much more between her feet than just a camera. She gathered her dress around her lower chest, just below her breasts. She could smell the scent of her own arousal now as she thought about sinking down onto him as he lay below her. How it would feel to have him aim that thick cock up at her as she sank lower and lower…..Squatting down she took the gift and aimed it as she thought about what it would feel to move his hands to her knees. How wonderful it would be to feel a mature man and his member being aimed at her now needful pussy. She could almost hear the sounds her private passage would make as he opened her moist passage, sliding in slowly as she lowered herself. Feeling each inch pierce her, filling her and pushing out more and more of the juice that even now was flooding down her thighs.She heard the front door open and she jumped. Quickly she rearranged her clothes and settled the dress in a more proper attitude. Quietly she cursed. His early arrival home meant she would not be able to finish the scene.Moving to her computer, she began picking and choosing the best of each pose. Then she saved them onto her camera, removing all of the other pictures she had taken. She flipped through the pictures with the glimmer of an idea bubbling in the back of her mind.“Mindy, you hear?” he called.“Yes, Daddy! I am up here playing with my camera!” she called back as she powered it down. It took everything she had to change the sly smile to innocence. She heard him entering the room as she turned off her monitor. “Daddy, I took some pictures, but I can’t figure out how to see them now. Can you see if you can find them for me?”She smiled sweetly as she passed the camera over to him and waited for him to open the gallery and her see her appreciation for all he had done for her. She tingled in anticipation of the possibility that she might get to show him just how much she really appreciated his gift in person!!!==============================================================================A friend found these photos for me and I took it as a challenge to come up with a story for it. I hope that they enjoy it and would love to know if it strikes you right also!!!

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