26 Ocak 2023

Mind Fuckery


When was the last time you made me cum? It has been such a busy week and my mind has been so full of work I can’t quite remember. Was it Tuesday? Or, maybe…was it Wednesday? Yes, I think it was Wednesday. That’s right. Wednesday we had lunch in my car. Wow. Today is Friday…only two days without your voice in my ear growling, “Cum for me darling,” and I can’t think straight. “Darn!” I burned my forehead with my flat iron. I can’t even focus on what I’m doing and shouldn’t be allowed to play with hot objects. Hot objects….the thought of your hot, hard, swollen cock teasing my lips while I lick away your pre-cum…”Sugar!” The iron slipped out of my slack grip and clattered to the floor. I jumped back to avoid getting my toes burned and picked it up before it could burn anything else. I shook my head at myself in the mirror. “Focus, Kyla. Goodness!” What you do to me. I’m almost trembling inside and my clit is on fire. But, I can’t really tell my manager that I’m calling in late because I need you to make me orgasm. I force myself to go through the familiar morning routine and try unsuccessfully to block out the sound of your voice repeating in my head “Suck me darling. Look at me and suck me baby.” I blow my bangs out of my eyes as I bend over slipping the iron in its hot sleeve in the bottom drawer and quickly putting away everything on the bathroom counter. Rushing into the kitchen I grab my lunch, my purse, and my keys then stumble and miss the last step going down the stairs. “Aghhhhhh!” Inside my stubbornly distracted brain the sound of you crying out as you cum inside my stretched mouth is so loud I look behind me to see if you’re standing there, fighting the urge to drop to my knees before you. My legs are trembling now and a bit weak. Hoping that I can drive the forty-five minutes into work without endangering life and limb I slide behind the wheel and manage to safely back up and out of the driveway. Punching search on the radio, country, rock, rap, and morning radio show laughter flit through the air but I don’t hear any of those noises. What I hear is the memory of my voice as my fingers rub my clit, “Please baby, please give me more. Please. Ohhhhh!!! Shit, I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop.” Wiggling in my seat I realize I’m actually wondering if I can cum while driving. I laugh at that. What is happening to me? I’m just a soccer mom and you’re turning me into this cum-soaked creature who craves sex, lust, cock and umm…did I mention cum? Not just any cum, but your cum baby. My hips rock against the seat but then stop when I realize I’m wearing a thin black skirt. Hmm. If I cum in my panties by humping my seat could someone see cum stains through my skirt? A glimmer of sanity manages travesti istanbul to break through the pre-orgasmic fog. “Easy, Kyla,” I say out loud. I reach up and look in my rear view mirror. My cheeks are a bit pink and eyes are a bit over sparkly but other than that I show no sign of the messy, dirty thoughts playing like a YouPorn video in my head. My office building looms like a haven. I’ve staved off the craving but it’s still there. “Hurry,” my pussy says. “Hurry and touch me or else I will make your life a misery every minute of your day.” “Yes, ma’am,” I mean, what else can I say? A pussy wants what a pussy wants. And at this moment she is controlling my every thought and every action. Oh my God! Now I have a glimmer of what a man thinks when his cock thinks for him. I almost get it now. I flood as my brain fixates once again. The word ‘cock’ reverberates in my spinning mind as I grab yours and stroke you while you lift my skirt and finger me roughly in the parking lot in retaliation. I look around to see who’s watching us and realize that thankfully the few people pulling into park can’t see into my naughty little mind. My pussy clenches, the little dominatrix bending me to her will. “Faster, you little cum slut, faster.” Hmm. My pussy has a potty mouth. She’s such a naughty, naughty pussy. I giggle a bit. I can’t wait to tell you about this crazy conversation my sex-crazed mind is having. “Good morning” a co-worker of mine holds the door open for me and we make polite small talk all the while my pussy is pulsing and twitching, flooding the swollen space between my legs. “Hurry,” my snatch hisses, “or I’ll spit down your legs letting everybody see how much you’ve neglected me.” I walk faster to my desk, passing the people who think of me as the “good girl…so quiet, so sweet, so hard-working.” My jacket is whipped off and hung up in my cabinet, my purse thumps heavily down onto its shelf and I distractedly turn on my monitors. My coffee cup is probably disappointed that I don’t pick it up as usual but sorry coffee, even you have to wait. “Hurry”…my pussy is screaming now. I focus on the ladies room. Only twenty steps to go. “Kyla!” a deep voice calls my name and I keep my head down. I’m doomed, trying to pretend in the quiet hall that I didn’t hear my name. “Kyla, how are you doing?” Pressing my legs together trying to smother my screaming pussy, thumping her indignation, I turn slowly and plaster my usual smile on my face. “John! I didn’t know you were coming into town this week.” I lean forward and give him my customary hug and smile. “I thought you were doing the show in Orlando?” My mouth says the right words and I’m sure I look like my normal calm self but I’m wiggling slowly, istanbul travestileri shifting my weight from foot to foot. I feel my traitorous pussy make good on her threat and hold back a full body shiver as a stream of pussy juice slowly drizzles down my smooth inner thigh. I press my thighs together and smear the wetness between them as she cackles evilly and spits out another attack. Blah, blah, blah, he keeps talking. He asks me to go out for drinks tonight with a couple of other colleagues but I turn him down. I can sense the interest behind his professional smile and I don’t want to encourage him in any way. I know it won’t take much for him to think that I want him like all of the other women around here and I don’t. He’s too plastic, too pretty; the kind of man who’s good at being politically correct and vapid to your face and snarky and nasty when in the company of anyone who will listen. My pussy yells out loudly, “Move on pretty boy, move on…you’re not wanted here.” Wanting to reach down and shut her up I settle on reaching out and patting him on the shoulder, “Okay. Well, I have a day of disasters to make sure I avoid so I better let you go. Nice seeing you though. Stay out of trouble.” We both laugh politely, he slips in for one more hug while I muffle my pussy’s indignant potty mouth and he finally walks past, on to his next exchange of a meaningless hug and a vapid smile. A quick glance behind my shoulder to assure myself that nobody is going to interrupt pussy and I, and I walk into the 2-stall ladies room closing the door of the last stall, the large one where nobody can see my feet, and slide the bolt in place behind me. Walking over to the far corner of the wall I feel you come up behind me. Finally baby, we’re all alone. Your warm breath on my hair, you draw it into a ponytail and nibble at my neck. Sucking softly, licking and pulling at the sensitive skin you reach down and lift my skirt. “Hold this” you breathe into my hair and my hand closes over yours, grabbing the slippery material and keeping it above my waist. In my mind, you pull on my hair tilting my head back so you can kiss me while I have my back to you, your hard cock pressing into the cheek of my ass. “Are you ready Kyla? I know your pussy is ready. I could hear her screaming for me all the way through cyberspace.” A low chuckle and we both laugh quietly. Mine is quickly extinguished when your thumb brushes my clit, back and forth. “Your turn, kitten. Let me see how you play for me.” You kneel in front of me and I can virtually see your long legs, clearly visible from beneath the stall door to anyone who walks in. My heart rate rises seeing the hunger in your gaze. I know my clit peeks out slightly istanbul travesti from between my bare, swollen lips. My finger skates around it, usually needing to spread my wetness around but today just playing with the slippery floods of juices that are already dripping from between the pink folds. You unconsciously lick your lips and I lift my high-heeled covered foot to rest delicately on your raised knee, opening up my pussy to your gaze. She flutters prettily for you, happy as can be that she is now getting the attention she craves, the attention she deserves. “Don’t stop baby girl…show me how you touch yourself for me.” The words in my mind are so clear that I peek open the eyes I had closed and see nothing except the white tile floor in between my legs, one raised to the bar along on the wall, resting there while my fingers play. I close my eyes and you’re there again, your patient eyes waiting to see all that I’m willing to show you. My finger plunges into my pussy, finally feeding her and giving her what she wants, to be filled, used. Pushing and pulling my finger in and out she purrs around me and clutches at me, begging me not to stop. You’re staring at my fingers working her over. I know you want to touch but you’re giving me this moment to please you while pleasing myself. It’s your gift to me delivered by the stardust express. In my heart I know that you feel this intensity. I know that you know that I’m touching myself and feeling me touch you as if there are only inches instead of miles in between our souls mate. Faster and faster I work my finger and my greedy pussy keeps demanding more. I give in to her knowing she’s really only trying to help after all and she hugs me tighter. She loves me so much. I hear you encourage us both, “Cum for me baby…cum for me. That’s my darling. God, you’re so wet. Cum baby. Now!” Your voice fills my head until my head space is emptied of everything except you. Lighter and lighter now my brain shrinks with every stroke until I can’t think a thought or hear any sounds except your whispered words to let it all go. Fireworks start fizzling my nerve endings and I gasp loudly in the quiet room, “Ahhhh, oh Scott!” I whisper, my hips working against my plunging fingers. “Oh God baby” I pant quietly, body on tiptoe and so tense, poised on the edge. Only held together by the one logical centimeter of brain listening for the sound of the outside door opening. You lean forward and give my clit one lick and I fly apart at the seams. “Ohhhh fukkkk!” And then it happens, I cum for you now, my pussy drooling in delight as I continue to stroke her happy, purring self. “Ahh.” A shock wave makes me twitch forward. “Ohhh,” I exhale quietly, standing on tiptoe, leaning against the wall for support as I tremble. My pussy and you whisper, “Good girl” and I smile faintly. Forcing my heels to the floor I circle my clit a couple more times, making sure that pussy is totally spent before grabbing some tissues and cleaning up her mess.

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