14 Şubat 2021

Marriage Trouble Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Anniversary Present

“Happy Anniversary Savannah,” I said in the sultriest voice that I could muster. I had just pushed open the door to the master bathroom and stepped gingerly out into the bedroom itself. My heart was hammering in my chest and my head felt a little light. But not for the reasons that I’d wanted. I didn’t feel the excitement I’d hoped I could will myself to have. I felt like I was ridiculous.

Most of that, of course, was because of the way I looked. I’d taken my long, extremely straight auburn hair and put it into big, loose curls. I always hated the work that took to get that look and never thought it framed my face right. I thought long, straight hair for me worked. But Savannah always liked it. I guess that was the least of my problems though. I’d made up my eyes also. I had large, almond-shaped green eyes with naturally long lashes and I had put on thick, sapphire-colored eyeshadow to accentuate them. Savannah had a “thing” for really dramatic eye shadow, so I ignored the fact that I thought it looked sort of cheap. In fact, Savannah had a “thing” for dramatic make-up in general that I was trying to lean into. I had covered the thin smattering of freckles across my small nose and full cheeks in a shade that perfectly blended with my skin. My naturally pouty lips were painted a sapphire color matching my eyes.

All in all, the make-up, as usual, made me feel a bit like a clown. But that didn’t bother me so much. It was the clothes that had me stepping tentatively out of the bathroom. Or, I guess, lack of clothes. Instead of a top, I was wearing a white and black, steel-boned corset that Savannah had bought me for my last birthday. I’d only ever worn it once before (the night I got it) and still didn’t think it worked for me. I am small in stature, but I have a voluptuous build. I mean I have large, rounded breasts for my size. Squeezed into the corset, I felt like my tits were going to hit my chin. My hips were naturally wide and I had a decent hourglass shape. But the corset squeezed me down some sort of pinup proportion that made it hard to breathe. But I drove Savannah wild the first time I wore it. Below the corset, I wore a pair of sexy red panties and black knee-stockings.

That is to say, I was a little bit on display in my get up. That isn’t usually something that I am particularly comfortable with. But it would be worth it to get the reaction I was looking for. My wife, Savannah, was lying on our bed as I walked up. She was rolled over onto her side, playing with her phone. As usual, Savannah was stunning. She was a good deal taller than me (5’10 to my 5’2) and had a model’s build. Draped across our bed, she looked like a perfume ad. She had long, full dirty-blonde hair that was naturally highlighted. She had big blue eyes, flawless features, and a seductive mouth. Her body was lithe and lean with small, perky breasts (the kind I’d always wanted) well-made hips. Her ass was toned and muscular (she was a part-time yoga instructor at the time) and she had long, delicate legs. She didn’t need to do anything to get my attention, but I was willing to work for hers. As I stepped out of the bathroom, her big eyes flashed up from her phone.

“Oh, hey Kat,” she sort of mumbled and then looked back down at her phone, “Yeah, two years today huh?” she said. I stopped a few feet from the bed, feeling my stomach seize. Definitely not the reaction I was looking for. Or expecting. Maybe she hadn’t noticed…somehow?

“What do you think of your present?” I asked, putting my hand on my hip and sort of raising it, playing into the pin-up look. Savannah’s brow furrowed while she continued to thumb through Facebook.

“Yeah…I…umm…The fruit basket?” she asked and I laughed. I’d gone grocery shopping earlier that day and left a couple of bananas in the basket in the kitchen. Hardly a gift. But as I looked at Savannah, I realized that she wasn’t joking. I let out a low breath and it sounded ragged. My nerves got worse.

“No, that was…never mind. No, not that. Look,” I said, sort of waving my hands across my body. Savannah looked up at me again from her phone, a little annoyed. Her eyes moved over me now and she smiled slightly.

“Oh yeah, you look nice,” she replied. I dropped my hip and ran my hand through my hair. How could I have misread this so badly.

“It’s only, last week, you know, you asked why I never wore the corset and I thought…I put on the makeup and the stockings and everything,” I said, my words coming out in a mumble.

“Yeah, I mean, I said you’d look nice. And you really do. So what is the gift if it isn’t the fruit basket?” she replied. I guess I didn’t know why I expected anything more than this. I loved Savannah so much…but she was never one to get this kind of stuff. Savannah would’ve worn what I was wearing, make up and all, to church. She didn’t get why this sort of thing made me uncomfortable. Maybe it was my fault for expecting her to get it. I quickly pushed myself casino şirketleri beyond my disappointment. This wasn’t the entire gift anyway.

“Let me show you,” I said, feeling excited once again. I walked across the room as seductively as I could. I hoped that Savannah was looking at me, and maybe getting a little enticed. I opened up my dresser and started digging around. Finally, I found what I had hidden in the bottom of my underwear drawer. I smiled as I turned it around and presented it to my wife.

“I bought us a strap-on,” I said. Now Savannah’s eyes brightened a little and she sat up slightly on the bed.

“Well, that could be a little fun,” she said. I was a little disappointed still by her reaction. She said “fun” with the same kind of enthusiasm I might bring if someone suggested playing cards. But still, I had her interest. And that was something. I decided to try to get a little more out of her.

“I know that sometimes I can be a bit of a…prude,” I said carefully, which got Savannah nodding. My wife had always been an…adventurous lover. From the time we first started dating (her as a college senior, me as sophomore) seven years earlier, she’d always pushed the envelope. In short, she was up for (and demanded) pretty much everything. That had never been my strong suit. Not that I wasn’t really open for anything. I could be, and had, been convinced to do a lot. And most of it I ended up liking. But Savannah would latch onto something on a whim and then get frustrated when I pumped the brakes. She’d suggested buying a strap-on a month earlier. I’d told her that I was gay and didn’t need a penis, plastic or otherwise. She’d gotten upset. After a month of thinking, I’d realized that I’d used dildos before (though not for a while) and didn’t really have a good basis for my objection. Maybe if Savannah hadn’t stormed off over it and tried to convince me…but no, that wasn’t the point of this. The point was Savannah’s gift, and it was more than just the strap-on.

“Today, for your gift,” I explained, “I am not going to be a prude. That means that I am not saying ‘no’ to anything (that doesn’t cause intense physical pain). That’s why I dressed like this. Tonight is about doing what you want. Whatever you want,” I tried to make those last words drip with meaning. Savannah didn’t let the hint drop. In fact, I think she decided to test me.

“Anything?” she asked, sitting up erect on the bed. I nodded slowly, seductively. She smiled slyly now and I felt a flurry of excitement in my stomach. I was nervous about…whatever Savannah had in mind. But I was so happy that I’d enticed her that I hardly cared. The fact that she wanted me now was my gift. I started moving closer towards Savannah and the bed once again. Savannah rose up on her knees on the edge of the bed looking towards me.

“Anything,” I responded. I was now directly in front of Savannah. Up on the bed, even on her knees, Savannah towered over me. I looked up at her, and it felt like she was glowing. It always felt that way when Savannah was excited. She had this power…this charisma about her that everyone felt. She could pull anyone into her orbit. I felt like I was looking up at a goddess.

“You might regret this gift,” Savannah said after a long pause. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and gliding smoothly along her upper lip. When she was finished, she smiled wickedly. I felt my stomach flutter again and I am sure my own smile faltered a little bit. I knew she was just playing with me. But still, I was nervous.

Savannah didn’t give me a lot of time to dwell on it. I was close enough now for her reach me and she grabbed my shoulders with both hands and pilled me towards the bed. I felt my knees bump against the mattress my face pressed into Savannah’s stomach. I felt her hands move up, going through my hair. Her body felt warm and the smell of her perfume was divine. Savannah was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of incredibly small blue cloth shorts. I began to kiss Savannah’s stomach through the shirt, feeling the warmth of her against me lips. Her hands sank deep into my long hair.

“Your hair really does look better like this,” she said clinically.

“Thank you,” I said as I continued to kiss her stomach, not sure what else to say. I looked up at Savannah’s face, titling my eyes up to see what she looked like. I was hoping that she was enjoying the kisses I gave her, but her face looked somewhat stern. Without saying anything else, Savannah pulled her hands free from my hair and grabbed the shoulders of her t-shirt. She tugged up on it quickly and I felt the cotton fabric slip hotly across my lips. Soon, she’d pulled the fabric completely over her head and I saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra (the shirt had been too loose to tell). Now the top half of her body was exposed in all its delicate glory. Her smooth stomach, her lithe arms, her long throat, her tear-drop shaped breasts. She was so beautiful. I kept kissing her stomach as I gazed at her, feeling casino firmaları her heat directly now and saving her salty flavor.

“Hey come on,” she said, looking down at me, “I didn’t pull you over here so you could make out with my belly button. Get my shorts off.” She said. I blushed slightly, embarrassed for having misread the situation. Of course, she was excited about getting her “gift” and soft kisses weren’t really the sort of things she generally wanted. I pulled my lips away and reached up, slipping my fingers into the waistband of Savannah’s shorts. Her skin felt hot against my fingers and I could feel that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled them down gently, sliding them over my wife’s rounded ass. I watched as I unveiled the rest of Savannah’s body, as usual mesmerized by its elusive loveliness. I saw that she’d waxed bare recently, but her skin was smooth and even, no redness. Her vulva was the same light red color as her lips and her nipples, adding to her general symmetry. I could smell her body now, underneath the scent of her perfume. I actually groaned as she filled my nose, so musky and sweet at the same time.

But I didn’t get a chance to savor the sights or smells of my wife’s body. As soon as the shorts were down around Savannah’s knees, she dropped onto her back onto the bed. Her hands moved down to the shorts and quickly slipped them off of her legs. She rolled over as she did so, coming up in the middle of the bed on her hands and knees facing away from me. As she rolled, she spoke.

“Okay, put that thing on,” she said, hastily. Like she was afraid I’d change my mind if we didn’t go quickly. Hell, she might’ve been right. I lifted up the strap-on in my hands. It had a dizzying array of straps and the only hint about where to put it was the large, purple phallus (I had purposefully avoided the “anatomically correct” options) sprouting out of one end. I tilted it around in my hands, trying to figure it out. I hadn’t bothered to learn how it worked. I’d always assumed that Savannah wanted to use it on me, not the other way around. In fact, it was kind of a relief, if a little bit overwhelming. Savannah seemed to notice I was struggling, she turned and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Are you having trouble?” she asked impatiently. I looked up at her. For a second, I was just struck by how incredible she looked with her toned ass in the air above her long, svelte legs. I could see her breasts hanging tight and perky against her body and her face was framed by her long hair. I was struck, as I’d been the first time I’d met her, by her overpowering looks. But, I was able to get a hold of myself after a moment. “A little,” I said. Savannah smiled and shook her head indulgently at me. She lifted one hand off the ground and beckoned me over.

“Come on, I’ll put it on,” she said. I walked quickly around our bed until I was standing in front of Savannah. She reached out and grabbed the strapon out of my hands. Working quickly, she rearranged several of the straps, unhooked things…I don’t know, I couldn’t follow anything that happened. But eventually, she had the thing all set up and she held it towards me, “Put your legs through these two holes, strap this in here and pull here,” she said and gestured as she spoke. I followed her directions, pulling the odd contraption up my legs quickly and strapped it into place. I looked down at myself. The black straps and red dildo matched the clothes I was already wearing, and I felt it made me look like some sort of bizarre demon character. But it was on. I looked up at Savannah and she was smiling.

“It suits you,” she said slyly and then winked. I shrugged and looked down at the dildo again.

“What next?” I asked finally. After all, she was supposed to be telling me what she wanted to do.

“You don’t know what this thing is for?” Savannah asked and she reached forward and grabbed the dildo around the base. She yanked on it, hard, making me jump forward a step towards her. I let out a little yelp. I laughed a little.

“I understand the general idea,” I said, “I just want to do this the way you want,” I explained. Savannah beamed when I said that. She still had her hand wrapped around the dildo. She shook it a little.

“Seems a little dry. We need to get it ready,” she said.

“I got some lube too, it is over in my nightstand,” I said, blushing. Savannah shook her head.

“You know me Kat, I am an organic, do-it-yourselfer type. We have everything we need right here,” she said and stuck out her tongue.

“You’re going to put that…” I started, raising my eyebrows. Savannah quickly shook her head.

“No. No, no, no, no, no. I did that once in high school when I was still figuring shit out. Except the one I deepthroated wasn’t made of plastic. It was…not a pleasant experience. No,” she said. And as she finished, she bent her head over the dildo and spat. It was a large amount of white spit sort of oozed out between her lips and landed heavy on the dildo. “You güvenilir casino too,” she said. I wasn’t exactly a dainty lady, but I felt strange bending over my fake penis and spitting on it. Still, Savannah was looking at me and I worked up a juicy amount and spit down on it, closer to the base of the shaft than Savannah. Her hand instantly moved back onto the shaft, I saw her palm smash down on her spit. Quickly, she started to stroke the cock, smearing the spit all over it. She sort of twisted her wrist as she moved, coating every inch in spit. Sometimes, she would add more spit, making sure she got all of it. Soon, the whole thing was glistening. I didn’t know what to think.

“Okay,” she said when she done (and wiped her spitty hand on the comforter). I assumed that meant she was done with ‘preparation,’ so I bent over, leaning towards my wife. I was still nervous, I wanted to kiss her and get that magical feeling where my heartrate slowed and my body felt loose. But Savannah quickly shook her head, “That this is going to dry off. Hurry up and get behind me. You know what to do now.” She said. I stood up quickly, embarrassed, and started to walk away. I definitely had no idea ‘what to do’ but I was going to do what I was told.

I moved quickly around the bed, my cheeks growing redder and redder as the dildo flopped around lewdly in front of me. I climbed up onto the bed behind Savannah. She still had her ass up high in the air and her legs were now spread more than before. I could see her pussy lips split open slightly and noticed that her lips were glistening. As I positioned myself behind her, up on my knees between her feet. I could smell the familiar scent of her arousal. It filled my nose, blocked out every other smell, and made my head grow foggy. I smiled drunkenly, happy that I had gotten such a quick reaction from my wife (whether it was just me or the strap-on, I didn’t really care).

“I can feel you back there on the bed, don’t hesitate. I am ready,” Savannah said, turning her head and looking over her shoulder. She was smiling wickedly and shaking her ass side to side seductively. My hands rose up and I felt my palms glide along the smooth, hot skin of my wife’s thighs. Her rocking hips came to a stop. Slowly, I moved my right hand off of Savannah’s ass and carefully grabbed the base of the strap-on. It felt dense and firm in my hand, very slick from the material and from spit.

Part of my brain, I know, was asking what I was doing. Two years ago, I never would have agreed to anything like this. I felt absurd and far too nervous to be aroused. But as I looked across the beautiful, curved expanse of my wife’s back and breathed in the delicious scent of her body, those thoughts were pushed from my mind. As was usually the case, all of my principles and determinations turned to nothing when I was around Savannah, especially when the full power of her sexuality was deployed. I didn’t feel any less absurd…but if Savannah wanted me to feel absurd then I was willing to accept humiliation.

I slowly began to move my hips forward, adjusting the height of the tip of the dildo as I did so. I felt Savannah’s body tense, saw her long hair thrash across her back, and heard a slight groan spill from her throat. I realized that the tip of the dildo had touched my wife’s body. I looked down as best I could and I could see the purple dildo slipping between Savannah’s pouty pussy lips. The dildo slide up through her slit and then pressed roughly against her clitoris.

“Oh shit!” Savannah moaned loudly and I could see her elbows buckle. I almost pulled back, absurdly frightened that I’d hurt her. But before I had a chance to move, I saw one of Savannah’s hands come up off of the bed. She reached down quickly, between her legs, finding the tip of the dildo, “holy fuck, that felt good!” she said, and then she pushed up on the dildo, pressing it against her sensitive clitoris. I could feel Savannah’s hips start to move as she began to grind herself against the tip of the dildo. I noticed immediately that her scent became more powerful and I could see her juices adding to the slickness on the purple toy.

“Jesus fuck, put it in me before I make myself cum!” Savannah moaned as she circled her hips around, toying with her clit faster and faster. I knew that she would actually be mad if she came before she was ready. I quickly slipped the purple dildo back through Savannah’s slit and then pushed it up slightly. Savannah groaned again and I could feel the dildo slip up, inside of my wife. Only the first inch or so of it went inside, I could see her lips spreading to make room. She was so wet, and the strap-on was so lubricated that there was no resistance. If anything, it felt like Savannah’s body was pulling more and more of the dildo inside. I scooted forward on my knees, getting closer to Savannah’s ass.

“Oh, yes baby! So nice,” Savannah said. She kept her hand between her legs and I could see her arm moving. I knew she was touching her clitoris now, I wasn’t sure if I was even really what she was talking about when she said ‘so nice.’ But I adored being called ‘baby.’ Any hesitancy I might’ve had was gone. I slipped my hand off the dildo and saw that it stayed inside of Savannah without my help.

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