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Kelly and Brooke Ch. 04


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Chapter 4

Kelly came home late, and totally exhausted, after an art show at work where she had been incredibly busy and on her feet all day and night. But the moment she stepped inside her condo door a huge smile spread across her face and her exhaustion seemed to melt away with one single thought; Brooke.

She knew that Brooke was finally home from her business trip and couldn’t wait to see her; to touch her and kiss her. While three days hardly seemed like a long time to be away, she felt as if she hadn’t seen Brooke in months and missed her deeply.

She quietly opened Brooke’s door and saw the brunette cuddled up sleeping in her bed. Kelly’s pulse raced at the sight of her as she silently entered the room. Brooke’s dark hair was fanned out over her pillow and her pink lips were slightly parted as she took deep breaths. She looked so beautiful as she slept that Kelly couldn’t help but stare.

Quickly shedding her dress and bra, Kelly got into the bed and cuddled up behind Brooke. She gently kissed Brooke’s shoulder and brought her arm around her waist. She knew Brooke was probably exhausted but Kelly secretly hoped the girl would wake up so she could show Brooke just how much she had missed her.

Kelly brought her hand up and started rubbing Brooke’s breast while she continued using her lips on the brunette’s neck. She smiled as she felt her stir.

Brooke woke up and felt Kelly snuggled up behind her. She also felt Kelly’s hand wrapped around her and softly rubbing her breast through the thin material of her night gown.

“Mmmmm,” Kelly moaned into Brooke’s ear, as she kissed her neck and shoulder. “I missed you sweetie,” she said as she started to lower the strap of Brooke’s night gown.

It didn’t take much with Kelly to turn Brooke on, and this was no exception. Her nipples had grown hard as soon as Kelly had touched her breast and she could already feel the wetness between her legs. When she felt Kelly’s nipples poking into her back, she was reminded of what she might be about to loose. Reluctantly, she got out of bed and left the room in a rush.

Kelly had no idea what had just happened. She hadn’t seen Brooke in 3 days and had wanted nothing more than to make love to her all night. ‘Did I do something wrong’, she asked herself.

Quickly throwing on a robe, she left to go find Brooke and sort this out. Walking into the living room she could see her outside on the balcony gazing out into the night. She went outside to her and when she looked over at Brooke she could see tears streaming down her pretty face.

“Brooke, sweetie, what’s wrong,” Kelly asked as she reached for her.

Brooke just stepped back and said, “Please, don’t.”

Kelly felt as if Brooke had slapped her and reeled back slightly. What was going on?

“Brooke, did I do something wrong? I’m really confused right now,” Kelly spoke, her voice thick with emotion as she tried to hold back tears.

“Nick left a message for you,” Brooke said, her voice cracking. “Apparently he had ‘fun’ last night, and you left some of your things at his place.” Brooke wiped away her tears and kept talking, “You know Kelly, I would never…EVER..cheat on you. I trusted you! I go away for 3 days…3 days! And you’re already out with other people. I thought we had something really special and I thought you felt the same way. If this was just sex to you, you should have made that clear from the beginning so that I didn’t…..,,” Brooke’s voice trailed off as she noticed Kelly smiling. “Why are you smiling? This isn’t funny Kelly,” Brooke told her.

Kelly couldn’t help but smile at Brooke in relief. This was all just a big misunderstanding.

“Brooke, sweetie, Nick is my brother. He asked me to come over for dinner last night and I had a bit too much wine so he let me crash there,” Kelly told her.

Brother? Brooke could feel her muscles relax and hadn’t realized just how tense her body had been. She looked at Kelly and in a very soft voice asked, “Brother?”

Kelly’s felt her chest tighten when she looked at Brooke. The girl was so adorable all Kelly could do was reach out and pull her into a tight hug.

Brooke melted into Kelly’s arms. She was so relieved. All her panic had been for nothing. She knew Kelly had a brother but didn’t know his name. She hugged Kelly back tightly and buried her face into Kelly’s neck, breathing her in.

“Oh Kelly, thank god,” she said with relief. “I thought you had cheated on me and that I would have to move out and the thought of never seeing you again just about killed me,” she let out in a rush.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry you felt that way,” Kelly responded soothingly. Inside she was jumping up and down with joy. Brooke’s jealousy was a good sign; it meant that she really cared about this relationship, whatever it may be. It made her incredibly casino şirketleri happy to know that Brooke clearly wanted her all to herself.

She stroked Brooke’s hair and pulled back. “I would never cheat on you Brooke, I promise. You’re the only one I want to be with,” Kelly said, her voice full of emotion.

They both let out a half sob and half laugh. Then Brooke brought her lips to Kelly’s and they melted into a kiss. Brooke’s heart picked up at the familiar taste and feel of Kelly’s lips on hers. The lips that fit perfectly with hers, the ones she could never get enough of. Just as Brooke felt her body responding and her nipples grow hard, Kelly broke the kiss.

Pulling back, Kelly suddenly realized what Brooke was wearing and felt her body react immediately. Her night gown was cut very low on her chest and Kelly could see Brooke’s hard nipples poking through the thin fabric. It was also extremely short and barely covered her crotch. She reached out and slowly traced her finger down Brooke’s collarbone to the top of her breast.

“I really missed you,” she said, her voice thick.

“I missed you too,” Brooke pouted.

Kelly’s eyes were instantly drawn to Brooke’s sexy mouth. Her lips were wet and swollen from their kiss and Kelly found herself subconsciously licking her own lips.

“Brooke, you are so sexy,” Kelly moaned, as she slowly traced Brooke’s moist bottom lip with her finger.

When Brooke’s tongue came out and licked her, Kelly closed her eyes and whimpered, “You have no idea what you do to me.”

Removing her finger, Kelly brought her mouth to Brooke’s again; their moist lips moving slowly over each other in a warm sensual dance. She slipped her tongue into Brooke’s mouth, her body suddenly hot with arousal. She felt her entire body tingle with excitement when their tongues met, drawing a loud moan from both women.

When Kelly reached her hands under Brooke’s night gown and gently started kneading her cheeks, the kiss grew even more intense. It was almost frantic, neither one wanting to hold anything back. Their hands matched their intensity, roaming and groping everywhere they could reach.

Kelly pulled down the strap of Brooke’s night gown to expose her breast and immediately began rubbing the soft flesh. She tweaked the nipple rather hard and when Brooke cried out she bent her head and wrapped her lips around it, soothing the pain away.

Using her lips and tongue on the sensitive tip, Kelly felt it grow even harder in her mouth. She moaned into the breast and brought her head back up. Brooke instantly attacked her with her lips; her tongue was hot and wet and soft as it invaded Kelly’s mouth and tried to reach everywhere.

“Come on, lets go inside,” Brooke panted as she pulled back. She took Kelly’s hand and they both went inside to the bedroom where they made love for hours.

“I’m all yours Brooke,” Kelly whispered reassuringly into Brooke’s ear as they fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.


Another week had past where Kelly saw very little of Brooke. They would cross paths briefly between errands or work but never had time to do anything but offer a quick hello or a brief kiss. But even during those short moments, Kelly could tell Brooke was really stressed. She had decided to surprise Brooke with a relaxing night in to help her relax.

She also wanted to do something special for Brooke after what happened the week before. She wanted to make sure that Brooke knew how much she cared for her. She could barely contain her excitement as she cooked dinner. Hearing Brooke in the shower, Kelly thought about the look on her face when she saw what Kelly had planned. When Brooke came out they sat and ate a relaxing dinner.

“So, where are we going tonight?” Brooke asked after they finished.

“Hmm, let’s decide after we get ready,” Kelly answered with a smile. “Once you do your hair and makeup, come see me and we’ll pick out our outfits.”

Kelly went to her room to get ready. She kept her hair down in perfect waves, just like she knew Brooke loved, and did her makeup. She put on her favourite white lace bra, which made her breasts look really good, a tiny matching lace thong and thigh high stockings. She really wanted to make Brooke crazy with lust. She lit the candles she had set up around her room and dimmed the lights.

“Perfect” she said quietly to herself as she waited for Brooke.

Brooke really didn’t feel like going out. She wanted to just stay in and spend time with Kelly, but she knew Kelly always looked forward to going out after a long work week. So she finished her makeup, after straightening her hair, put on her silk robe and went to Kelly’s door.

“Kel, can I come in” she asked as she knocked gently on the door.

Kelly answered to come in so Brooke opened the door and walked into her room. The first thing she saw was candles lit around the room and she was confused for a minute. Then she saw Kelly standing in the middle of the room.

The blonde casino firmaları was wearing a very sexy white bra that strained to contain her large breasts. She also had on a tiny matching thong that barely covered her and stockings that really made her long legs look good. Her hair and makeup were done perfectly. Brooke had never seen anything so sexy in her life.

Looking at Kelly in complete awe, she asked, “Do you have any idea how hot you are?”

Kelly smiled, her green eyes sparkling as she walked towards Brooke.

“What’s all this?” Brooke asked, keeping her eyes locked on the sexy blonde walking towards her.

“It’s for you sweetie,” Kelly answered as she approached Brooke. “I know you’ve been stressed all week and I wanted to spend the night helping you relax. Plus, after what happened last week I want to make sure you know exactly how much you mean to me,” she said as she stroked Brooke’s check with her thumb.

Brooke’s heart swelled at the thought that Kelly had gone to all this trouble just for her.

“Oh Kelly, your so amazing, come here,” she said, her voice full of emotion.

She reached her hands out to Kelly’s slim hips and took a small step forward, leaning her face in for a kiss. Brooke touched her lips to Kelly’s and felt her body melt. She loved kissing Kelly and could spend hours exploring her soft, sexy mouth.

As soon as their tongues touched they both moaned and tilted their heads to reach deeper. The room quickly filled with the wet sounds of the two gorgeous women kissing and moaning.

Their kiss was slow and unhurried, both women enjoying the leisurely pace. Kelly felt as Brooke reached her hands down her back to her tight ass and rubbed the smooth skin, squeezing and kneading it gently. While maintaining the kiss, Kelly reached down to the knot on Brooke’s robe and untied it, letting the material fall open. She placed her hands inside and rested them softly on Brooke’s ribs, eliciting a gasp from Brooke.

Brooke sucked in a breath as she felt Kelly’s hands, ever so slowly, slide up her ribs. Higher and higher they went until Kelly finally reached her aching breasts and began to gently knead the soft flesh. Brooke pulled back from the kiss and stared into Kelly’s green eyes.

Kelly could see the raw desire in Brooke’s eyes and it made her feel like she was the sexiest woman alive. She used her fingers to tweak and pinch Brooke’s hard nipples and as she watched Brooke’s eyes close and mouth part in a silent gasp, she felt liquid seeping into her thong.

“Brooke,” she whispered seductively, “You are so sexy.” Then she leaned back in to kiss Brooke’s heavenly lips.

As Kelly began to rub her thumbs back and forth over Brooke’s nipples, Brooke groaned loudly into her mouth and gently bit Kelly’s lower lip. Smiling, Kelly pushed Brooke’s robe off her shoulders and onto the floor, leaving Brooke completely naked. She walked her over to the end of the bed until her knees hit and sat her down.

She leaned over to Brooke’s ear and whispered, “Tonight, you’re all mine baby.”

Brooke shivered and felt goose bumps form on her skin.

Kelly stood back up and reached behind to unclasp her bra. When it fell to the ground Brooke was eye level with Kelly’s large breasts and firm nipples. She saw Brooke lick her lips and reached down to run her thumb over the brunette’s moist bottom lip. Brooke closed her eyes and sucked on the tip of Kelly’s thumb. Kelly’s pussy instantly started throbbing at the erotic sight.

She removed her thumb and took a step forward until Brooke’s lips wrapped around her aching nipple. She moaned at the feeling of Brooke’s soft, wet mouth as she began to gently suck on her tit and flick the nipple with her tongue. She reached behind Brooke’s head and ran her fingers through her long hair, marvelling at how soft it was.

“Oh yes Brooke…I love when you suck my tits like that baby,” she purred.

Brooke couldn’t believe it. She felt like she was in a dream. Her hands were running up and down Kelly’s soft back and she had her lips wrapped around the blonde’s hard nipple. Kelly’s body was intoxicating. Her skin was warm and as soft as silk. Brooke pulled back and looked up at Kelly through thick eyelashes. She was breathtaking.

“Kelly, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen,” she said. “I want to lick every inch of your sexy body.” She brought her hand down and stroked a finger over Kelly’s thong covered sex as she spoke, “I want to taste you.”

“Ohhhhh Brooke. That feels so good sweetie. Mmmmm,” Kelly moaned as she closed her eyes.

Brooke brought her mouth back to suck on Kelly’s other nipple. She sucked it hard and nibbled on the tip as she used her other hand to rub the neglected breast.

“God, you have the most gorgeous tits,” she moaned to Kelly. Brooke brought both hands up and squeezed the breasts together, running her tongue over both of the hard nipples.

“God Brooke,” Kelly panted as she worked her fingers into Brooke’s soft güvenilir casino hair.

Brooke was working magic on her nipples and Kelly could feel that her thong was soaked. She had momentarily forgotten about her plan to make this a night for Brooke and reluctantly pulled back.

Brooke moaned in protest as Kelly’s nipple left her mouth. She would have played with Kelly’s breasts all night if she could.

Kelly turned around and looked over her shoulder at Brooke. The brunette was staring at her ass with her eyes glazed over with lust. Kelly smiled and swayed it seductively. “You like?”

Brooke, seemingly in a daze, merely nodded. Kelly hooked her thumbs into her thong and slowly pulled it down, bending at the waist. She heard Brooke suck in a breath and smiled as she slowly turned around.

Her pussy was especially sensitive given that she had just waxed and even the air felt good on her skin. She ran her finger along the slit of her pussy and brought it up to Brooke’s lips.

Brooke moaned as she wrapped her soft lips around Kelly’s finger and closed her eyes as she sucked the juice off. Her mind seemed to instantly recognize the taste and she felt her body respond in excitement. Her pussy was throbbing and her nipples grew even harder. She was completely intoxicated by the blonde’s sweet taste.

Moaning her pleasure into Kelly’s finger as she sucked it clean, Brooke wanted more. She took Kelly’s wrist and pulled the finger slowly out of her mouth. She brought it back down to Kelly’s dripping pussy and ran it slowly along her slit. Brooke brought the finger to Kelly’s tight hole and watched it disappear up into Kelly’s pussy.

Hearing Kelly’s moaning was incredibly sexy and Brooke wasn’t sure how much more she could take before she had to have the sexy blonde.

“Oh my God. Brooke, ohhhhh,” Kelly groaned.

“Mmmm does that feel good sweetie?” Brooke asked her as she took her hand away and watched Kelly finger herself.

“Oh yes…ohh…ohh so good,” Kelly panted in reply.

Brooke replaced Kelly’s finger with two of her own and brought Kelly’s juice covered finger to her mouth. As she pumped into the blonde’s tight pussy, Brooke sucked Kelly’s finger into her mouth and moaned into it.

Kelly couldn’t take it anymore. After feeling Brooke’s mouth on her nipples and feeling her fingers stroking her sensitive pussy she was right on the edge. When she felt Brooke’s warm, wet mouth sucking on her finger she was a goner.

“Oh shit Brooke, I’m going to cum!” she yelled as she opened her eyes and saw Brooke’s mouth seductively wrapped around her finger.

“Ohhhh OHHH! I’m cumming, I’m cuminnnggggg!!!” she cried, hanging onto Brooke’s shoulder for balance as an unexpected but extremely strong orgasm washed over her. She closed her eyes tightly and saw stars as her pussy started clenching around Brooke’s fingers.

Brooke felt Kelly’s walls clenching around her fingers and smiled. She always got such a thrill from pleasing Kelly. Looking down, she could see Kelly’s juice dripping down her hand. When Kelly’s orgasm stopped, Brooke slowly brought her fingers out and eagerly sucked them clean.

When she recovered, Kelly took and deep breath and said, “Mmmm, God, Brooke, that was amazing. But tonight is supposed to be about you.” She pinched Brooke’s nipple as she leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Turn around and get on your hands and knees,” she order the sexy brunette.

Brooke did as she was told and Kelly stood back to stare at her gorgeous ass. Reaching out, she ran her hands over Brooke’s soft skin and murmured, “God, so sexy.”

She bent her head and kissed up the back of Brooke’s left leg and kissed the cheek of her ass. She repeated the process on the other side and Brooke was squirming at the contact. She breathed in Brooke’s scent and her mouth watered. She needed a taste so badly.

Placing her hands gently on Brooke’s thighs she stuck her tongue out and started lapping at Brooke’s pussy and rubbing her tongue everywhere. Closing her eyes, Kelly swallowed Brooke’s juice and groaned in delight as she felt it slide down her throat.

“I love how you taste baby. Mmmm, how does that feel?” Kelly asked as she took another lick along Brooke’s slit.

“So good Kel, ohhhh, you’re so good at licking me sweetie. Please don’t stop..” Brooke somehow managed to pant.

When Brooke had felt Kelly’s wet tongue licking her pussy she felt juices quickly running out of her hole. The fact that she couldn’t see Kelly only heightened her sensitivity and she was soon lost in total bliss.

She had her eyes closed and when Kelly slipped her tongue into Brooke’s hole the brunette cried out in pure pleasure. She loved this position and always liked when her boyfriends had fucked her hard from behind.

She didn’t think it could get any better until she felt Kelly licking a path up towards her asshole. None of her boyfriends had spent much time there, but she had loved it when they did. When she felt Kelly kiss her tight hole and lick around the ring she almost came.

“Holy shit Kel!!! Oh Jesus…that’s it..right there baby. Lick my ass…oh, just like that. Goddddd….. you make me feel so good,” she practically cried in pleasure.

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