6 Şubat 2021

Jessicas Catfights Pt. 01: Letting Off Some Steam


Jessica’s head was trapped between the other woman’s legs, her mouth pressed against her opponent’s pussy. Her nose was free, so she could at least breathe, but that also meant that all she could smell was this slightly salty, slightly musky smell of a turned-on woman. The smell would be probably enough to have her ready to go by itself, but now it was only an extra, as her opponent was also expertly fingering her. Her breath was becoming ragged, and her toes were curling, as if trying to grip the mat they were on. How did she even get into this situation?


The evening started uneventfully. She was at a bar, having a drink, hoping one of the guys there would have the balls to approach her. She was really fed up with being alone, but the combination of her beauty and her competitive nature seemed to scare away most men. The fact she was five foot ten and fit didn’t help either. Oh well, another night with her trusty magic wand it was.

She left five bucks on the bar to pay for the drink and wound her way through the bar towards the bathroom. She opened the door and went inside lost in thought, suddenly coming to a jarring halt, as she bumped into another woman.

“Hey, Ginger, watch where you’re going.”

Ginger? Her hair was auburn, and she put some effort into keeping it that way! Who did that bitch think she was? The other woman was a blonde, about the same height as Jessica, and also quite fit. Other than the hair, she could have been Jessica’s twin. The hair and the eyes that is, cold blue, as opposed to her own green.

Normally she would have apologized and went on her way, but something in the blonde’s posture felt like a challenge. Or maybe she was just irritated at her own lack of success tonight, and needed to take it out on someone. She put her hands on her hips and looked the other woman in the eye.

“Maybe you should watch where you’re going, Blondie,” she said with a smirk.

The blonde was apparently expecting an apology, as she narrowed her eye in irritation at the retort. She mirrored Jessica’s posture, hands on the hips.

“My, my, aren’t we combative. You got any bite to back up all that bark?” she asked, disdain dripping from her words.

Though she didn’t know why, the words irritated Jessica much more than they normally would have. She stepped closer to the blonde still keeping eye contact, and pointed a jabbing finger at her. “You can bet on that. You piss me off more, and I’ll kick your ass and the sit on your face.” Wait, where did that last part come from. She wasn’t bi. Well, most of the time she wasn’t.

The blonde’s eyes opened wider in surprise, and the narrowed with a calculating look. “So, Ginger, you could kick my ass you say? What do you say we find out?”

Now it was Jessica’s turn to be surprised. “You want to fight me? Here?”

“Don’t be silly. I live nearby, and I have a wrestling mat in my apartment. So, do you want to find out who will be sitting on whose face in the end? Or are you scared?”

Scared? That woman was just too full of herself. Jessica was not only fit, but she has also trained ju-jitsu for the last five years, and felt quite confident. She had never before met a woman who could defeat her. She also felt heat rising in her body, and recognized it immediately as arousal, and not anger. The blonde looked strong, and it would be great to force her on her back and ride her face till orgasm. Jessica leaned back and crossed her arms. “You’re on Blondie. Lead the way, and prepare to be humiliated.”

The blonde’s only response was a smirk as she went around Jessica and out of the bathroom, and Jessica followed her out. They left the bar and walked in silence for a few minutes until they got to the woman’s apartment.


When they got into the elevator, the blonde broke the silence.

“I’m Cindy, by the way.”


Neither of them were inclined to any more conversation until they went into the apartment. It was reasonably large, furnished in a modern, minimalist style. The blonde didn’t waste any time. She kicked off her heels and continued barefoot, and Jessica followed her example. They went to one of the rooms which had a mat laid out on almost the whole floor. There were also some judo gi’s hanging on the wall there. The other woman turned to Jessica and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“So, here we are. Do you want a drink or something else, or do we start right now?”

Jessica considered going to the bathroom for a moment, but she casino şirketleri wanted to test her strength against the woman as soon as possible.

“Let’s get it started, Blondie.”

Cindy took one of the gi jackets hanging on the wall.

“All my gi’s are in the laundry basket now, those belong to my sister. She’s thinner than either of us, so I don’t think we’ll fit in the trousers. The jackets should be all right though,” she said, half turning towards Jessica.

“Yeah, whatever, let’s get started already”.

Jessica went to pick up one of the uniforms hanging on the wall. Without trying them on, she saw that the trousers were going to be too tight, so she left them hanging. She cast a side glance at Cindy, only to see that the blonde’s dress was already lying on the floor, and she unhooking her bra. Cindy noticed Jessica looking at her bare breasts with a raised eyebrow.

“What? The bra is delicate. It would be torn to shreds in an instant. You better take yours off too, if you ever want to wear it again.”

When Jessica didn’t look convinced, Cindy added. “What’s the problem? It’s just us girls here.”

Jessica looked away and started unzipping her own dress. “No problem.”

Jessica’s dress and bra fell to the floor uncovering her toned body, and she glanced at the other woman’s body. They looked evenly matched from what she saw. Cindy was also showing some muscle tone, and her breasts were as large as Jessica’s. Why again was she comparing their breasts? She blushed and grabbed one of the jackets from the wall. She put it on and tied a belt around her waist. The belt should hold the jacket in place, at least for a while.

By the time she was finished, Cindy was already in the middle of the mat, stretching. She was wearing only the jacket and panties, just like Jessica, and in both cases their legs and half of their butts were on display. Jessica joined her in the warm-up, and noticed the blonde was also checking her out. Jessica did a few squats, and then stood straight on one leg, lifting her other one all the way up to her face. Not to be outdone, Cindy bent forward, legs straight and put the palms of her hands flat on the floor.

Th woman must have been doing some serious yoga to be this flexible, but so was Jessica. Jessica took up the challenge, and she lowered herself to the ground into a perfect split, left leg forward and right leg in the back. Then she rotated her legs to the sides with a slow, almost sensual motion. Cindy mirrored her move, but didn’t add anything else, so it seemed like this flexibility contest was a draw.

Cindy looked into Jessica’s eyes and asked, “Is that enough stretching for you? I want to kick your ass before this night is over.”

Jessica slapped herself lightly on the left buttock.

“You won’t be kicking this ass, you’ll be kissing it, when I sit on your face,” she answered.

Cindy didn’t let up. “So, you like to dominate, do you. We’ll the you’ll not like the rest of the evening, ‘cos you’ll be squirming under me till morning.”

They were both kneeling now, knees spread slightly, staring each other down. Jessica felt her body getting hotter. She liked dominating, that was true, but what she loved was to win against a strong opponent by making them submit. A knockout was too quick and brutal for her taste, but slowly squeezing the breath out of her opponent was perfect. It was too bad that most women were noticeably weaker than her, and most men stronger. Cindy however seemed to be evenly matched with her. It was going to be a pleasure to wrap her legs around the blonde, and make her writhe in frustration.

“Are you done daydreaming? Can we start?”

Cindy’s mocking tone brought Jessica back to reality, and she blushed at being caught.

“If your so eager for your defeat, let’s start.”


They knelt in front of each other with their weight shifted forward, towards each other. Their arms were in front of them, ready to grab the opponent or defend at any moment. Then, Cindy raised her hands, with the fingers spread out and pointing up. Was that a challenge for a test of strength? If so, she would oblige. Jessica mirrored Cindy’s posture, and they brought their hands together, fingers intertwined, and they put all their strength towards forcing the opponent to the ground. Despite their efforts, they both remained kneeling. Both groaned and grunted, but couldn’t overpower each other. Jessica has never before met anyone so evenly matched to her, and she was getting casino firmaları more and more excited. This was turning out to be her best night in years.

Both women remained on their knees, unable to overpower each other. They were moving closer to each other inch by inch, until their breasts touched, divided only by their jackets. Cindy let out a gasp and weakened her grasp for a second, and Jessica used this opportunity to strike. She let go with her right hand, and wrapped her right arm around Cindy’s neck. She pushed forward, using her whole strength to topple Cindy backwards, and when they fell to the ground she used her weight to keep Cindy pinned. She tried to wrap her legs around Cindy’s, but the blonde had already recovered from her surprise, and their legs became intertwined, sliding and rubbing against each other, but neither getting the upper hand.

The feeling of her bare legs against her Cindy’s made Jessica shiver, and she imagined for a moment all the things both of them would do after she defeated her opponent. That small lapse cost her however, as Cindy stopped trying to push her off with her free arm, and instead grabbed a handful of Jessica’s black hair.

“Hey, what are you do…” Jessica tried to protest, but Cindy’s goal was not just pulling her hair. Cindy pulled her head close and suddenly Jessica felt Cindy’s tongue enter her mouth. Invade might have been a better word, as Cindy’s tongue seemed to have a life of it’s own, twisting and turning, wrapping itself around Jessica’s. After only a moment Jessica knew that this tongue wrestling would be the first match she would loose this evening, as Cindy’s technique was something she has never faced before. Jessica grabbed her opponent’s hair and tried to pull them apart, but their tongues seemed to have become one being, and Jessica’s mind was slowly going blank, but whether from pleasure or lack of air, she didn’t know.

Just as Jessica thought they would both pass out, Cindy buckled and rolled her off to the side, and before she could get her bearings, Cindy was on top of her. Jessica expected Cindy to try to pin her arms to the floor with hers, but instead she felt the blonde’s smooth, muscled legs wrap around her neck, pushing Jessica’s face into her opponents crotch. Her nose was filled by the musky smell of wet pussy and a hint of, what was that? Apricots? No, she needed to focus. Jessica tried to free herself from Cindy’s legs, but her arms were too weak for that now that Cindy managed to hook one foot behind the other knee. She tried to grab her opponent’s head in a leg scissor of her own, but Cindy foresaw that and she controlled one of Jessica’s legs with her arm. Before she could wonder why Cindy was not using both her arms she felt fer panties being pulled aside, and a finger entered her pussy, which was already soaking wet by that time.


Cindy started slowly, sometimes rubbing Jessica’s clit, then entering her pussy with one or two fingers, massaging Jessica’s g-spot, and then going back to clit rubbing, driving Jessica insane. Jessica was not ready to give up however. After seeing that squirming and bucking were useless, she moved on to another strategy. She pushed aside the soaked through fabric of Cindy’s panties, and started licking the pussy which was right in front of her face.

“So, you think this will help you?” Cindy asked in a mocking tone. “You’ll be kissing my ass yeeaaargh…!”

She was interrupted by Jessica who shoved a finger into her butt hole, fingering it while continuing to eat Cindy out at the same time.

“N… no… stop”

Cindy’s voice was breaking, and her breathing was becoming ragged. She tried to swat Jessica’s hands away, but when doing that she made the mistake of letting go of Jessica’s leg, and Jessica immediately used the chance. She bucked, and when Cindy lost her balance, and Jessica’s legs wrapped around the blonde’s head like twin pythons.

Cindy’s moans were shorter and shorter, but she didn’t give up yet. Instead, she returned to assaulting Jessica’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. Jessica felt the heat in her body rising higher and higher, and with her thoughts fleeing she knew she wouldn’t last long, but Cindy must have been close to orgasm too, as she could feel the blonde’s pussy contracting quicker and quicker. She concentrated on the fingering and licking, while being worked over herself, until a white light filled her mind, her body shuddered, and she reached a shattering climax.

When Jessica came to, the fist güvenilir casino thing she saw was Cindy’s ass and pussy right in front of her face. Cindy must have climaxed at the same moment as Jessica, and she was now just lying on top, shuddering occasionally. Jessica’s lower body was still weak from what was one of the best orgasms of her life, but she was determined that the next challenge would come out in her favor. She willed herself to banish the afterglow, and as soon as she could move her legs, she attacked again.

Jessica pushed Cindy forward, so that her hips would be under Cindy’s midsection, and then she immediately wrapped her legs around her opponent. Before Cindy could understand what was happening, Jessica put her feet on Cindy’s head, pushing down, and at the same time she grabbed her legs and sat up, lifting Cindy’s butt into the air. Cindy tried to free herself, but she could neither lift herself, nor unhook Jessica’s legs which were keeping her down.

“Let me go, you bitch!” she spat, but Jessica was holding her firmly.

“No way, Blondie, this round will be going to me.”

“In your dreaaahhhhh…”

Jessica interrupted Cindy with a lick along the blonde’s pussy lips, causing her to moan. Then she started alternating between running her tongue along Cindy lips, sucking her clit, blowing gently on it and licking in a zig-zag fashion. Cindy tried to counterattack, but Jessica’s pussy was now hidden beneath Cindy’s body, and Jessica pressed her opponent firmly to the ground, to prevent access. Soon enough Cindy was reduced to gasping and moaning, and to step up the pressure, and also to really show Cindy who was in control, Jessica started to lift and lower Cindy’s butt, while keeping her head still, essentially rubbing Cindy’s pussy against her tongue.

Cindy was only moaning and squirming now, her toes curled, her hands grasping at the mat, until Jessica’s tongue sent her over the edge for the second time.

“You biiiiitch!”

The last word came as a long sigh, and she came, squirting into Jessica’s face and hair. Jessica let her opponent slide to the ground, and Cindy just lay there, ass up in the air, exhausted and defeated. Now was the time for some more fun.

Jessica quickly stripped the blonde of the jacket and panties, and then she straddled her, facing in the direction of Cindy’s ass. She wrapped her legs around Cindy’s arms, so that her knees were under Cindy’s shoulders, and her feet were crossed on the blonde’s neck. This, combined with her weight, made sure that Cindy could not move or defend herself. Jessica licked her fingers, enjoying the salty taste of Cindy’s juices, and then she reached for Cindy’s pussy again, and started rubbing it.

“Nooo… no more, please!” moaned The blonde.

Jessica was having none of it however. “You need a lesson in humility. Say who is the better of us two.”

“Fuck youuaaaahhh… let… let me go you cuuuuunt!”

Jessica had two fingers inside the blonde’s pussy now, working on the slightly rougher patch inside which she knew was Cindy’s g-spot, and at the same time she rubbed Cindy’s clit with her palm.

“See, I can make you come with only one hand.”

Jessica felt the muscles inside of Cindy tremble and tighten, as the blonde let out a low-pitched “ooohhh”, and slumped to the ground, completely defeated. Then Jessica unwrapped her legs, stood up, and looked down on her.

“What did you say you were you going to do to me? Oh, right,” said Jessica and lowered herself to sit on Cindy’s face. She started sliding forward and back, rubbing her pussy on the mouth and nose of her defeated opponent. The complete domination over the other woman turned her on like nothing she could remember, and very soon she was moaning and grunting. Cindy was trying to push her of weakly, but she was too exhausted after the consecutive orgasms to do anything, and soon enough Jessica reached her own climax, squirting all over Cindy’s face.

Then she heard a voice from the entrance to the room.


“Hey, bitch, what are you doing to my sister?”

Jessica started, and turned towards the voice. There was a slim woman standing in the door. She was maybe in her early twenties, as tall as Jessica, and she had long hair, the same shade of blond as the woman Jessica was sitting on.

“I asked you a question, what is going on here?”

Jessica finally managed to gather her wits. “What does it look like? I just kicked your sister’s ass, and then sat on her face. Oh, and I used her face as a sex toy? You got something to say about it?”

The confusion on the newcomer’s face made way to disbelief and then fury, and she dropped her handbag on the floor and went towards Jessica, lightning flashing in her eyes.

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