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Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 05


Please read chapter 4 before continuing.


“I am going to fuck you so hard.”

Jane rushed towards Veronica and tackled her to the bed. As she landed on top of the Latina, Jane immediately started kissing her deeply and passionately. Veronica put both of her hands on the Asian’s ass as she welcomed her tongue in her mouth.

Veronica was shocked to have the pretty Asian intern on top of her. She was turned on by Jane’s sexy lingerie, being able to grab her ass for the first time while sharing such a passionate kiss. But what turned Veronica on the most was Jane’s newfound confidence. The old Jane would never have the confidence to throw Veronica on the bed like that.

Jane quickly removed Veronica’s bra, wanting access to her beautiful breasts. She aggressively grabbed one of the Latina’s tits and began sucking on the nipple, causing Veronica to from the sudden warm sensation from her tongue. Veronica grabbed the back of Jane’s head and smothered it harder against her tit.

Jane did not want to waste any time. She shoved her hand down Veronica’s red G-string and rubbed her clitoris. This time, she was not surprised to feel how wet Veronica’s pussy was. Jane rubbed Veronica’s clit in a circular motion, while sucking aggressively on her nipple.

Veronica moaned uncontrollably. “This is so hot!” she screamed. Veronica then grabbed Jane’s face and forced her into another deep kiss. Jane aggressively stuck her tongue back in the Latina’s mouth as she continued playing with her clitoris. Veronica grabbed the intern’s ass and then gave it a good spank.

“Oh, yeah!” yelled Jane. “Spank me harder!” the demanded.

Veronica rubbed and spanked Jane’s ass as the Asian continued kissing and fondling her. She was turning Jane on by spanking her, but she was turning herself on even more. She moaned deeply, taking herself away from Jane’s lips. “Oh, I’m going to cum already!” she yelled. “This is so fucking hot!”

“Spank me harder!” Jane demanded, as she continued rubbing the Latina’s wet pussy.

Veronica engaged Jane’s lips and tongue as she continued smacking her cute little ass. Hearing Jane moan every time she spanked her was getting Veronica off. “Ay mami!” she screamed. “I’m cumming, mami!” Veronica’s hips raised as the orgasm forced her body to squirm around.

Jane finally gave her a chance to catch her breath, but Veronica wanted more. She continued to kiss Jane and rub her cute bottom. Then she unclipped Jane’s bra, allowing her to finally grab a hold of the cute Asian’s tits. Jane was insecure about her smaller breasts and ass compared to Veronica’s. But the Latina helped wipe away any doubts by showing how desperate she was for Jane’s assets.

Veronica’s handsy behavior was getting Jane really hot. She never imagined someone could get so aroused by touching her body. Especially not someone as beautiful as Veronica. But Jane was determined to maintain her composure. She wanted to be in control of the Latina. She wanted Veronica to receive all the pleasure.

Jane reestablished her dominant role by grabbing Veronica by the hair and giving her a spanking. Veronica moaned as she was pulled over the smaller Asian woman’s lap. Veronica realized that Jane was about to give her a spanking, which was one of her biggest turn-ons.

“Yeah mami, spank my ass!” Veronica begged. She was bent over Jane’s lap in nothing but her red G-string. Jane spanked the Latina’s fat ass with intense force, causing Veronica to moan loudly with each smack. “Yeah spank me, I’ve been a bad girl!” Veronica screamed.

Jane pulled the Latina’s thong down and continued spanking her. “You like it when I smack this ass?” she asked.

“Yes mami! Smack that ass!” Veronica begged.

Jane continued spanking Veronica’s bare ass. “You’re my bad girl, aren’t you?” she teased.

“Ay mami! Fuck yeah, this is so hot!” exclaimed the Latina.

Jane maintained control of Veronica, by throwing her back on the bed. She pounced on the Latina and began licking her pussy from an upside-down angle. Veronica grabbed her leg and forced the Asian to straddle her face, putting the girls in a sixty-nine position with Jane on top.

Jane felt Veronica pulling her thong down, but she was fully determined to take control of the Latina by ferociously licking her pussy. Jane could hear the intense moans coming from Veronica and felt the beautiful woman was going to submit to her. But suddenly, she was frozen from a paralyzing and warm sensation coming from behind her.

Jane moaned intensely as her body stood still, unable to move from the intense pleasure. “What is that?!” she asked, desperately. The Asian looked back and saw Veronica’s face buried in her ass. “Is that your tongue in my ass?!” she asked, in complete shock.

Veronica had both hands spreading the cheeks of the young Asian as she used her warm tongue to lick up and down on Jane’s tight little ass hole. Jane tried with all her mite to continue licking Veronica’s pussy, but the warm and wet feeling constantly stroking her ass hole casino şirketleri left her moaning for more.

“Oh my God!” Jane screamed. Her voice quivered. Her hips went low as her ass popped up. “What are you doing to me?! That feels so good!” she exclaimed, through her moans.

There was no letting up from Veronica. She fantasized about returning the favor and giving Jane a pleasurable experience for once. The Latina continued eating Jane’s ass, loving the taste and feeling of her tongue stroking the Asian’s little anus. Then Veronica used two of her fingers to rub her sexy friend’s wet pussy while her tongue continued stroking her ass. Jane was now frozen, with no other option but to submit to the pleasure that Veronica was giving her. She screamed and moaned from the intense stimulation.

Suddenly, a secret insecurity popped into Jane’s mind. A secret that she was afraid of telling anyone. A secret that made her insecure about having an orgasm in front of Veronica. A secret that made her almost not want to have an orgasm when she was alone. Jane was afraid that her secret was about to be revealed if Veronica did not stop eating her ass. She tried to stop herself from having an orgasm, but it was too late. There was nothing she could do. Jane was paralyzed from Veronica’s touch, and she couldn’t mutter the words to stop her.

Jane’s body rocked as a huge orgasm snapped through her. Her secret was revealed when her pussy gushed fluid all over Veronica’s face and chest. Jane was a squirter, and she was completely embarrassed that she just squirted all over Veronica. She wanted to stop herself, but all she could do was moan and cum all over the beautiful Latina.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Jane thought to herself, as her eyes met Veronica’s shocked face. “Why did I let her make me cum! This is so embarrassing! I squirted all over her bed sheets. I squirted all over her face! I couldn’t stop myself, I’m so stupid!”

Veronica slowly moved Jane off of her, not saying a word. Veronica wiped her face with her hand, as she started sat up on the bed.

“I’m sooo sorry!” Jane quickly exclaimed. “I’ll wash your sheets! This is so embarrassing!”

Veronica began giggling, which confused the cute Asian. “I’ll wash the sheets,” responded the Latina.

“No, no, no! I’ll do it,” responded Jane. “Ugh, this is so humiliating!”

“I don’t want you to wash my sheets,” said Veronica. “I want you to squirt on my face again.”

Jane was shocked by Veronica’s response. She wasn’t sure if the Latina was being sarcastic, or just kidding around. The only thing Jane was sure about, was that Veronica did not want to be squirted on again.

Veronica crawled towards Jane and pushed her onto her back. Jane was now only wearing her high-waisted garter, stockings, and heels. Veronica spread the Asian’s legs and aggressively licked her clitoris.

Jane was shocked but she began moaning uncontrollably. “What are you doing?!” she screamed.

“That was so hot!” said Veronica. “I want you to squirt on my face again!”

Confusion struck the embarrassed Asian. She didn’t know whether to be turned on or not. But having Veronica lick her pussy while begging to be squirted on was starting to convince her that the Latina was telling the truth.

Veronica was being genuinely honest. Having Jane’s naked body on top of her and squirting in her face was unbelievably sexy to the Latina. She wanted more of the cute Asian’s juices. She was determined to convince her shy co-worker to squirt on her again.

“That was so fucking hot!” Veronica said as her face was buried in Jane’s pussy. “Please squirt on me again!” she begged.

Seeing Veronica so turned while being eaten out was more than Jane could handle. All her embarrassment had quickly turned into hot pleasure. Having Veronica eating her pussy was hot enough, but knowing that Veronica found everything about her sexy, is what really sent her over the edge.

“I’m going to squirt again!” cried Jane, as a sudden panic went through her body.

“Yeah mami! Please squirt on my face!” begged the hot Latina, reassuring Jane that she wanted it.

“Oh, Fuck!” screamed Jane, as she orgasmed and squirted all over Veronica’s face. Any doubts she had left were wiped away as she watched Veronica intentionally shove her face in the direct line of fire.

Veronica closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as she enjoyed the shower coming from the beautiful Asian’s pussy. She continued tickling Jane’s pussy with her fingers to make sure she got all her juices out. Veronica moaned just as loudly as Jane, possibly being the one that enjoyed the orgasm more.

“Oh, you’re so warm!” moaned Veronica. “And you taste so good,” she said, licking her fingers.

Jane was still in disbelief. How could this woman be so incredible? Not only was everything about Veronica sexy, but everything about her made Jane feel sexy. She didn’t have the words to thank Veronica for everything she did for her yet. But she wanted to show her gratitude with physical affection.

Jane casino firmaları grabbed the Latina, pulling her on top. As Veronica now straddled her, Jane pulled her in close for a passionate kiss. She held the back of Veronica’s head, forcing the Latina into a deep kiss. Veronica could feel Jane’s emotions and gratitude. Her lips and tongue told Veronica everything she needed to know.

As Jane continued gripping the back of the Latina’s head, she slid her hand underneath Veronica and began rubbing her pussy. Veronica’s eyes popped open from the surprising stimulation. She was already so turned on from Jane’s orgasms. She was not expecting Jane’s hand to reach down and tickle her wet pussy.

Veronica was moaning as she was straddling and grinding on top of Jane. As Jane continued rubbing the Latina’s pussy, she suddenly reached her other arm around and began feeling around.

“What is she doing?” Veronica thought to herself. Her question was quickly answered when Jane’s finger found her anus. “Ay!” she moaned, as she felt both her clit and her ass hole being rubbed.

Jane was not content on just rubbing Veronica’s anus this time. She slowly began wiggling her finger deeper into the Latina’s hole. Now, Veronica was the one paralyzed by an intense sensation in her ass hole. She struggled to continue kissing the beautiful Asian as she felt the finger wiggling deeper inside of her.

Veronica began bouncing her ass back and forth, helping Jane get deeper inside her ass. “Oh, Fuck, mami!” she moaned, as she continued bouncing her ass. “That feels so good! You’re fingering my ass! Ay mami!”

Just because Veronica was moaning with intense pleasure didn’t mean Jane would let the Latina stop kissing her. Jane forced her tongue into Veronica’s mouth as she continued stimulating her pussy and ass hole at the same time. Jane loved her role as Veronica’s power bottom.

“You like it when I finger your ass?” teased Jane.

“Ay, yes mami!” Veronica’s voice quivered.

“Want me to stop fingering your ass?” Jane asked, playfully.

“No!” begged the Latina. “Please keep fingering my ass!”

Jane granted Veronica’s wishes and forced her finger even further down Veronica’s hole. The Latina gave one final bounce on Jane before she immediately froze from an intense orgasm.

“FUCK!!” Veronica screamed, followed by several loud moans as she slowly stopped grinding herself against Jane. Veronica let out one last moan, as the orgasm exploded through her body. She was rendered completely drained, causing her to collapse on top of the beautiful Asian.

Jane was more than happy to embrace Veronica as she collapsed into her arms. The beautiful co-workers held each other, panting from the intense sexual experience they just had.

“You’re fucking amazing,” said Veronica, staring into the eyes of her beautiful Asian friend.

Jane was honored from the compliment. She gave Veronica quick kiss on the lips as she began rubbing her back. Jane knew the Latina was exhausted, but she was quite tired herself. She really wasn’t expecting to receive any pleasure that night. But Veronica couldn’t help herself

After exchanging a few more compliments, both girls inadvertently fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was not their intention, but they were so comfortable in bed together after the intense orgasms they shared.

Jane woke up a few hours later, realizing how late it was. As she opened her eyes, she saw the beautiful Latina’s arm and leg wrapped around her. Veronica’s head was resting on her shoulder. “We must have fallen asleep while I was rubbing her back.”

Not wanting to wake Veronica, Jane quietly slipped out of bed so she could go home. Jane didn’t intend on falling asleep. Her eyes were burning so she went to the bathroom to take her contacts out. She put her nerdy glasses on, thinking she would leave before Veronica saw her. Then Jane put her bra and thong back on, after removing the garter and stockings. Jane then saw Veronica’s work blouse on the floor. She thought it would be cute to wear Veronica’s clothes, so she put on the cute white blouse, leaving it unbuttoned.

Jane wanted to take one final look at Veronica before leaving. But seeing the Latina lie naked in bed gave her second thoughts about leaving so soon. She stared at Veronica’s juicy bottom, fantasizing about touching it one last time. She decided that she had time for one more massage.

Quietly and gently, Jane spread the Latina’s cheeks and looked at her tight little anus. Jane remembered the intense pleasure of having her ass licked by Veronica, and she wanted to return the favor. Slowly, Jane leaned in and began stroking Veronica’s ass hole with her tongue.

Veronica continued to sleep but began subtly moaning as the warm sensation entered her ass hole. Suddenly, Veronica realized she wasn’t having a dream. She woke up in a panic, not knowing where this intense pleasure was coming from. As Veronica realized the warm and wet feeling stroking her anus, she turned her head to see the beautiful Asian girl eating her ass. Veronica güvenilir casino moaned from seeing Jane wearing her shirt while licking her ass.

The sudden pleasure caused the Latina to squirm intensely. But the Asian girl was determined not to let her get away. Jane had a firm grip, and she pulled Veronica by her hips as she dug her tongue further into the Latina’s cheeks.

“Ay mami!” screamed Veronica. “What are you doing to me?!”

“You’re not getting away from me, baby,” responded Jane. She held Veronica tightly, not allowing her to squirm away.

Veronica knew there was no escaping Jane’s control. She was on her hands and knees, getting her ass hole licked by the beautiful intern. She submitted her beautiful ass to the Asian’s soft tongue. Jane then slid her finger inside the Latina’s pussy and slowly massaged her g-spot.

“Oh!” moaned Veronica. “That’s so fucking good!”

There was no letting up from Jane. She stroked Veronica’s ass faster and faster, while fingering her pussy.

“Oh God!” moaned Veronica. “That feels so good!”

Before Veronica could even warn Jane, she was having another orgasm. She closed her eyes and let out an intense moan, as the orgasm continued causing her body to jerk violently.

As Jane finished off the beautiful Latina, she let go of Veronica’s hips, allowing her to collapse from exhaustion. Veronica was finally able to face the assertive Asian. Jane looked shy and timid in her black framed glasses. But Veronica knew that this was a new Jane. She was now full of courage and confidence. The kind of courage and confidence it takes to eat Veronica’s ass out while she’s sleeping.

“Oh my God, mami!” exclaimed Veronica. “That was so hot!”

Jane giggled as she twirled her hair. “I know,” she said. “I thought you deserved it.”

“Thank you!” exclaimed Veronica. “You’re so hot! Oh my God! Look at you, in your glasses, and my shirt, and your little thong! God you’re hot!”

“Thank you,” giggled Jane. “Now I have to go home and get ready for work.” She gathered the rest of her items and blew Veronica a kiss, before leaving.

Veronica was left naked in her bed, still moaning from the pleasure of everything Jane put her through. “She’s so fucking hot!” Veronica moaned, as she started rubbing her pussy. She was lying naked in her bed, with one thing one her mind.

“This was the best night of my life.”


When Jane first met Veronica, she was a shy timid girl who let everyone walk over her. She lacked the confidence to show other’s how amazing she could be. This is why the girls at work didn’t like her. Jane was so afraid of being rejected, that she forgot to give herself the chance to be accepted. And when the girls didn’t accept her, she thought she was just unlikeable. It took a chance encounter with Veronica to make Jane realize that she wasn’t a lost cause.

Insecurities do not just go away overnight. However, something happens in a person’s mind when they fuck the hottest girl they ever met. Veronica was the hottest woman Jane ever met. Veronica was not a lesbian. And Veronica originally did not like Jane. However, once the insecure Jane had the confidence to engage her sexy co-worker, Veronica could not resist her. Jane realized an important lesson. Every time she faced conflict head on instead of running away, she was able to do amazing things. Amazing things that she never would have imagined she could do.

It wasn’t immediate, but Jane took that lesson, and started facing her insecurities one day at a time. Beginning that night, she was no longer going to let her insecurities stop her anymore.

Jane started going to the gym, despite her insecurities. Though she was already skinny, it was from eating healthy, not working out. She was always afraid of being judged for not knowing how to work out. But Jane was determined to conquer her fears, one day at a time. She worked hard every day to gain the toned body she always dreamed of. The fitter Jane got, the sexier she felt. She even started wearing sexier work out clothes. Not because she had to, but because she wanted to.

Jane had the confidence to go dancing with Veronica on the weekends, despite thinking she was a horrible dancer. She started dressing different, meeting new people, and making new friends. Jane even felt confident enough to become a regular at the lingerie store. She knew she looked sexy in any pair of panties the store had to offer. Everyone noticed that she was no longer the same plain Jane.

One day at a time, Jane became a stronger person than the day before. And every single day, she was thankful to have Veronica there to help her.


At first, Veronica liked the idea of the intern giving her massages, because she selfishly thought they might eventually become free. After realizing how turned on she was from the massages, she decided to keep going back to Jane for another reason. She loved how sexy the shy Asian girl made her feel when she was unable to keep her hands off her. Eventually, Veronica learned a very important lesson. She discovered that she was getting more pleasure from Jane’s satisfaction than her own. Watching the timid intern grow confidence made Veronica realize what a special and sexy person Jane could be.

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