2 Şubat 2021

It’s Not a Secret Anymore


Keli poked her head out from the kitchen nook after the front door slammed violently and she heard loud, vivid cursing. “Lyssa?” Her normally calm roommate was leaning against the entryway wall, eyes closed, cheeks red and breathing heavily. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m having a bad day,” the blonde said through clenched teeth as her lids opened to reveal eyes the exact color of honey.

“I guess so,” Keli said. “For a while I thought you might not be human, the way you keep everything under control, but now…” Her chocolate brown eyes lingered on the unfastened buttons on Lyssa’s blouse and watched as the girl’s perfectly manicured fingers undid the rest, leaving her plain white cotton bra visible. Lyssa was extremely upset if she was disrobing in the living room. Keli had ‘accidentally’ walked in on her a few times before or after a shower and Lyssa was always quick to cover up, asking politely that Keli please knock before entering, saying “I’m a very modest person”.

“Why don’t you relax on the couch for a couple minutes and I’ll get you a drink. You can tell me about work. I’ll even throw in a back rub you’ll never forget,” Keli said, gently pushing her roommate to plush sofa. She smiled as Lyssa sighed heavily and threw her self down, eyes closed once more.

Keli rushed into tiny kitchen and quickly mixed a strong margarita, and took the clip holding her long, fire engine red hair off her face out, her mind racing. Maybe this was it, the night she could sweet talk Lyssa into her bed. Six months of sneaking peeks, and the occasional “Oops, the kitchen is just too damn small” brush against the other girl’s ass and tits had her about ready to explode. She had decided the day she’d first seen her the sister of her brother’s best friend that she would get her into bed. But Lyssa seemed to be an Ice Queen, her emotions always controlled, and it seemed like nothing could turn her on. Taking a deep breath she picked up the glass and walked back out into the living room and saw Lyssa still sitting there, only now her head was in her hands, her shoes and panty hose kicked off into the corner.

“Hey, Lys.” Keli sat down and gently pushed a lock of blonde hair away from Lyssa’s face and behind one ear. “Talk to me.”

“I”m so tired of pretending to be what I’m not, pretending to be what other people think I should be. I’m really not emotionless, or asexual.” She raised her face and took the drink her roommate offered. She drained half of it in just a few gulps before she spoke again. “I’ve been trying to be perfect for my family, to be everything they expect, but I can’t anymore. I’m lonely and miserable.”

Keli’s breath caught. There was no way Lyssa meant what she was hearing. Sure, she had never expressed a strong interest in any man, but there had never been a flicker of interest towards any females either.

“What do you mean, hon?”

“I’m a lesbian.” Lyssa drained the rest of her drink and set the glass down on the carpet. “I don’t feel anything for men, and I never have, but I have to force myself not to stare too long when I see a pretty girl on the street. Do you have any idea how much it hurt me after you left every time I told you to. I wanted you to look. To touch me, make me feel normal.” Tears began to slip down her face. “I’ve never had sex or even kissed anyone. I’ve wanted to but I’m so scared. casino şirketleri I mean, I’m 28, and I don’t know anything.”

She sat back on the couch, her shirt falling open to expose her breasts again, skirt rode up to the tops of her thighs, and Keli couldn’t help but feel like it was Christmas and she’d just been given the gift Mom and Dad said Santa wouldn’t bring.

Being careful not to spook her roommate, Keli leaned over and ran one hair though Lyssa’s shoulder length hair as she placed small kisses from the girl’s neck to just above the fabric of her bra then back up to her mouth, kissing her gently, teasing her soft lips then slipping her tongue into Lyssa’s mouth, relishing the sweet taste. Lyssa turned slightly and wrapped her arms around Keli, pulling her close as she sighed in pleasure.

“I have a confession to make,” Keli said several minutes later. “My walking in on you was never accidental. I just had to see you naked, and wet. I’ve fantasized about you in the shower, the water running over these gorgeous breasts.” She lightly traced the seams of Lyssa’s bra. “I’ve wanted to be with you since the day you moved in, I was just waiting for a signal.”

Lyssa rose up and straddled Keli’s lap then lowered her lips to kiss her with shy eagerness. Teasing, testing, her hands lowering hesitantly to lovingly cup Keli’s breasts through the cotton of her tank top. Keli’s nipples stiffened instantly and she pushed her roommate’s blouse down her arms and let it fall to the floor.

“Is that signal enough for you, Keli?” she asked with a small, flirtatious smile when she pulled back.

“Signal, invitation, whatever.” Both girls laughed and began kissing again and Lyssa felt like she had come home. Never before had she felt so comfortable with another person and with every passing minute her embarrassment for lack of experience dissipated. Somehow she knew it would be okay.

“First things first though.” Keli said, slightly breathless. “I still owe you a massage.” She stood and took Lyssa’s hand, pulling her to her feet and guiding her down the hall to her bedroom.

Lyssa stopped short at the doorway, eyes wide, then took a hesitant step inside. She glanced at the high king size bed covered with a maroon velvet duvet that matched the heavy drapes. Wall sconces held thick pillar candles that Keli lit as she continued her exploration. She giggled nervously as she fingered the heavy leather manacles hanging for the headboard. The candles began to give off a light musky scent that made her head spin a little. She glanced at Keli who was pulling a bottle of massage oil from the night stand. Bathed in the candlelight she was even more beautiful, more exotic. Lyssa didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be more different from her than her roommate. Keli was plump and petite where Lyssa was tall, and worked out hard to stay slender. Keli relished in being different with her unnaturally dyed hair, tongue ring, and an apparently varied and voracious sexual appetite, if the number of women, and few men, who had spent the night was any indication.

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen your bedroom before. It’s all so sensual. I love it. It feels, well, like you. Warm, comfortable, sexy as all get out.” Lyssa blushed at the last and Keli slipped her arms around her and kissed her deeply, soothing casino firmaları and arousing simultaneously.

“Come on now, naked and face down on the bed. I want you relaxed and loose for what’s coming.”

Lyssa complied readily, slipping the skirt down her legs, then watching for Keli’s reaction as she unhooked her bra and slowly revealed her full breasts, loving the way the other girl licked her lips at the sight of the hardened nipples. Finally she pushed off the plain sensible panties revealing a completely bare mound. Keli groaned and gently pushed Lyssa down onto the bed, lowering her self on top of the blonde for few more kisses, and a quick feel.

“I want you to be naked too,” Lyssa said, pressing sweet kisses onto her shoulder and lifting the hem of Keli’s cotton top as the other girl undid her jeans, slipping them and her thong off at the same time. Lyssa let her hands roam over the soft skin of the other girl, drinking in the beauty of every curve. Her hands shook slightly, and her breathing became erratic as she watched Keli watch her. She was finally beginning to realize just what she was doing, after this night there could be no more pretending, once she took this step and made love with Keli, her whole life would change.

“Are you backing out?” Keli said softly, her hands gently caressing Lyssa’s wrists and hands where they rested on her hips.

“No, I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. I was just thinking that I won’t be able to go back to being a frigid bitch. Not that I really want to, I just don’t know anything else.” She laid down beside Keli and the other girl smiled and raised up on one elbow, gazing down at her formerly shy, reserved roommate before bending her head and taking a stiffening nipple into her mouth, gently biting and rolling it between her teeth, her tongue teasing the tip as Lyssa began to squirm. “Oh, Jesus, Keli,” she gasped.

“You’ll be happier when you just let yourself be yourself with no apologies.” Keli claimed Lyssa’s mouth again, and then rolled her onto her stomach. Straddling Lyssa’s pert, naked bottom she reached for the massage oil and slowly drizzled a bit onto the other girl’s back, stilling her with one hand when she began to squirm. Keli’s hands rested lightly on her roommate’s back then began to knead away the knots created by Lyssa’s stressful life. She knew the process was a little painful and took every opportunity she could to kiss and nibble on her the girl’s sweet skin. It was long before Lyssa was arching into Keli’s hands, seeking the pressure, silently begging for her touch, then she flipped unexpectedly, and pinned Keli with her body as she kissed her long and slow.

“Please,” Lyssa, whispered huskily, “please let me taste you here.” Her long fingered hand slipped between Keli’s parted legs and stroked gently, fingers gliding easily over the hot folds coated in Keli’s natural lubricant.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

“Yes, I’ve dreamed of doing this do you for so long. I want to pleasure you.” She slid down the length of Keli’s body, pausing to suck the girl’s full nipples and then to dip her tongue into her navel, smiling as she bucked up against her. Then Lyssa found herself kneeling between Keli’s legs, her face only inches away from the sweetness she had been craving so long. She spread the lips of güvenilir casino the other girl’s pussy, memorizing every detail for later fantasies, inhaling the secret, musky aroma greedily before placing the lightest of kisses on her clit, followed by a quick flick of the tongue. It was so much more than she had ever imagined and she began to lick softly, hungrily with broad strokes, the soft moans from Keli reverberating through her. She explored every inch of her intimate areas, thrilled to be going down on a girl at last, after so many years of repressing her feelings. Suckling the clit she slipped two of her fingers into her lover’s tunnel, caressing intimately, unerringly finding the spot to make Keli cum hard against Lyssa’s mouth. At the other girl’s urging, once she had settled some, Lyssa pushed a third, then a fourth finger into her roommate and finally withdrawing her hand and making a fist.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Keli,” she said glancing from her curled hand to the other girl’s slick cunt.

Keli laughed a little. “Fisting only hurts for a minute, then it’s an incredibly intense pleasure. I plan to do it to you sometime, after you have a little more experience.” Her voice became huskier. “Now please, just slowly push into me.”

Lyssa did, still unsure, especially as Keli began to groan, her face contorted, but her roommate grabbed her wrist before she could pull back so she continued until her hand was buried in the hot, slick, incredibly tight hole.”

“Oh, fuck me, yes!” Keli cried out when Lyssa twisted her hand slightly from side to side. She was completely enthralled with the expression her the other girl’s face as she slowly pumped her hand against Keli’s thrusting hips. She leaned over again to suck on the other girl’s clit a little more and in a few minutes gasped when Keli’s pussy clenched hard on her wrist and her body arched off the bed. Lyssa slowly eased out as her roommate came down, panting and sweaty. She slid her hands up the girl’s body and snuggled against her.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Keli said, pressing a gentle kiss to Lyssa’s temple, and softly stroking the skin of her belly. After several minutes she finally caught her breath and moved over Lyssa. “You are incredibly beautiful.”

Keli lowered her mouth to Lyssa’s and kissed her softly, then licked the sweet lips and probed, sighing with pleasure as Lyssa opened up to her willingly. They kissed deeply for several long minutes. When she pulled back to take a breath, Lyssa moaned and tried to pull her back down.

“Calm down, sugar, we’ve got all night.” She placed several small, barely there kisses on her roommates tummy then lowered her face to her pussy. She began slowly, softly licking the outer folds, kissing gently as she moved closer to the most sensitive part. She put her hands on Lyssa’s hips when the girl began writhing. “Be still, sweetie. I want to focus on you completely.”

It was difficult but Lyssa managed to control herself, despite the exquisite curls of pleasure radiating from between her legs. She regularly had orgasms while masturbating but those were nothing compared to the half dozen explosions Keli pulled from her.

“Please, please no more for now,” Lyssa panted. She rolled to her side as Keli came up behind her pressing soft large breasts against her back, their legs entwining.

“Was it okay?” Keli whispered as they watched the shadows form the flickering candles dance across the walls.

Lyssa grabbed her roommate’s hand, kissing her knuckles. “Way better than okay. Thank you. I look forward to repeating it, soon.”

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