11 Şubat 2021

Intimacy with Songbird


I became acquainted with 18 year old Erin when the wife and I joined her church. Erin and I sang in the choir together, she sat directly in front of me and her father next to me. It was not long before Erin and I were singing solos together.

Now, Erin’s mother was a very large woman, so I guess Erin and her sister’s large ass, think Jennifer Lopez, was hereditary. Her sister was heavy all over like her mother, but Erin’s body was toned, solid and quite appealing and her ass only added to the mystique of the overall girl……. she was sexy as hell. She was 5’6″, large breasted, big brown eyes and naturally blonde hair that she wore in a thick, wispy Pixie hairstyle that framed her face. I could sit and look at her all day long and never get bored. She was a truly lovely girl.

Waiting for choir practice and such to begin, that is usually exactly what I did, sit and look at her. She often had reason to walk up to the sound room or to the restroom, which was in the front of the church, my eyes always followed her. I always had the notion she knew I was watching her. Her body seemed to exaggerate movements and she would glance in my direction. Her youth was intoxicating. I always tried to hide my smile.

I became close with the family and I always found it odd how her mother would say Erin and I made such a nice couple, though I was 20 years married and 28 years separated our ages. One night at the Wednesday night Church potluck I asked Erin to accompany me out to the car as I had a new song for us I wanted her to listen to. Her mother chirped “you two behave yourselves”. As I opened the door for Erin I smiled and said, “I should be so lucky”. Erin smiled back.

Erin eventually got married to her high school sweetheart and immediately got pregnant. After the baby was born, she seemed to disappear. She was raising a family. I rarely saw her and her attendance at church had pretty much ceased. I often told her father to say hello to her for me and always asked him how she was doing.

The occasions that I did see her we always hugged and I received a kiss on the cheek. When time allowed, she usually poured her heart out to me if there were any problems, never spouse problems, mind you, just everyday type stuff.

Right behind the first baby, a boy, the twin girls were born. I didn’t think I would ever sing with Erin again. I missed her in front of me in the choir as she held her songbook perfectly for me to read. She was, however, quite good at reading music and she learned Christmas and Easter music at home and would join us at the presentations which pleased me immensely.

It was close to eleven years before Erin started showing up again on a regular basis. Eventually, I offered a new song to her and she was quite happy to be singing again. Her father and mother were especially pleased that we were singing together again. Because it had been so many years, we were able to sing some of our older music.

One evening, I was home alone and the telephone rang. It was Erin.

“Alex, I’m in a real pickle!” She began. “I have to sing at a birthday party in 30 minutes and I thought I had the accompaniment track of a song we did last Sunday. I wanted to sing it tonight. Can you help me out?”

“I’ll have it ready for you by the time you get here.” I happily informed her.

Erin was there in 10 minutes and she looked really good with blue jeans on, a tight-fitting red sweater and moderate heeled shoes.

“You got a really nice set up here.” She said, pertaining to my computer and sound equipment. “I wish I had a big screen computer. All we have is a laptop and it’s not very private like yours.”

I finished making the CD and even printed out the words for her. I saw her through the house to the door.

“I got the twins in the car. I hope they’re not fighting.” She joked.

“I wished you had more time. I’ve got some new songs I want you to hear.

“I thank you so much!” She exclaimed, giving me a peck on the cheek. “I’ll come back soon. I want to check out those songs and your computer. Maybe you can teach me a little on the computer. “

“Promises, promises!” I teased. “You know I’m always here.”

Five days later, I was quite surprised when Erin called, asking if I was busy and could she come by. She showed up at the door as promised around 10 o’clock in the morning. She wore her usual tight-fitting jeans, flats and a loose-fitting, V-neck black sweatshirt.

Now, I’ve always been cautious about being alone with the opposite sex in a Sunday school room at church, giving rides in my car alone or in my house when my wife is not at home. But I was infatuated with this now 36-year-old, and hell, Erin was Erin. We were friends.”

“Hello Songbird!” I welcomed her as I opened the door.

“I told you I would be back.”You’re not real busy? I’m dying to hear those songs.”

I would have stopped time for Erin.

We spent near two hours listening to the songs, her learning the songs, and then, the two of us practicing the songs. casino şirketleri It was just like old times and I was having a blast. Afterwards, I gave her the specs on my computer and other equipment interspersed with catch-up conversation. And then I got the surprise of my life.

“Alex, do you ever look at porn on this giant 22″ screen?” She asked in a secretive, hushed manner like we were not the only ones in the house.

I was quite hesitant to answer, but Erin was not a young, innocent girl anymore, so, I answered.

“Occasionally, I do. Yes.”

“Do you just surf or do you have a regular website you prefer?” She quizzed.

“I have a favorite website.” I answered.

“Can we go there? I know I’m being bold but I figured you of all people I can trust.” She said.

“If I may ask a bold question,” I asked. “What type of………… action….. are you interested in? What do you like?”

“The money shot. You know, guy’s ejaculation.” She replied, definitely blushing.

“We’re adults here, Erin.” I comforted, a bit embarrassed myself. “Tell me, guys just masturbating or screwing a woman and pulling out when they come?”

“Let’s go with just masturbating.” She answered, straightening her posture to appear more adult.

I brought up the website, went to the contents page and clicked on the appropriate selection.

“I’m going to scroll down the page. When you see a cover you think you like tell me to stop.”

Erin picked the third title and I open it up and started up the video.

I told her I wasn’t sure if she wanted to watch the guys actually masturbate are just get to the “money shot”, so I let her take the chair showed her the sequence bar and showed her how to use it. She was like a child in a candy store and she learned quickly how to close, open and maneuver through the videos, all the while making a running commentary on the action on the screen. Now, I can’t say that guys masturbating had much effect on me, but standing behind Erin, studying the V-line of her sweatshirt, taking in her scent, seeing how excited she got when the guys shot off, was definitely causing my pants to get tight in the crotch. She repeated fanned herself with her hand.

“You have your favorites, don’t you?” She queried, after a long while. “Will you show me your all-time favorite?”

“So, you think I have favorites?” I jokingly answered, as I reached around her to navigate to my favorite video, by clicking the “favorites” button.

I sequenced through as I usually did, searching for my favorite parts of the video that I liked the most. Now, this was definitely making me uncomfortable. And Erin wasn’t about to help the situation.

“I can see why you like her. Very interesting face, her body is a knockout and she fucks……………. like a mink.” She appraised, her eyes widening, placing her hand to her mouth when she said the word. “Forgive me. I’m so bad. I just got carried away. But my god, look at them to go!”

“Did you know that I have a tattoo?” She asked, certainly referring to the large butterfly on the on-screen girl’s hip. “Pull down the right shoulder of my sweatshirt.”

I did as directed. “That is a very nice butterfly. And shoulder, if I might add.”

She smiled and patted my hand. “Thank you.”

I moved the mouse to the cutoff button and she begged me not to stop until I went to the money shot. I searched briefly and found one of the shots of them doggy fucking with him pulling his cock out to shoot off on her buttocks.

“Now, you prefer to see that guy ejaculate all over her gorgeous ass. I would rather be shot than pull out of her.”

“Alex, I know I’m being very personal, but do you masturbate?” She queried.

It took me a moment to suppress a smile and respond. “I do! But not like those guys. I prefer something a little bit more natural.”

“I’ve never told anyone anything like this, but I do……. quite a bit. Mark won’t get a vasectomy, he won’t hear of me being fixed and, though I brow-beat him, he hates condoms. He scared to death I’m going to get pregnant again, and I’m not getting nearly as much sex as I need. What I need is a big screen computer like you’ve got. Does that website cost a lot?”

“It’s according to how much you want to spend. 300 minutes is about $30.”

“That could be an expensive hobby for me.” She laughed. “And I really would like to have a big screen like yours……. But you said something about a more natural way. What exactly do you mean by that? The natural way would be……….. screwing, I would think.”

I wasn’t about to tell her that I was not getting a whole lot of pussy from my wife, a man thing and all. I walked over to a bookshelf and picked up a thick classed, rolled lip, 3 cent, antique milk bottle about 9″ tall. Walking back to her, I handed it to her for inspection. She studied it for long moments, turning it around and over.

“Well, I think I understand what you mean by more natural. Are you that big?” She asked, referring to casino firmaları the spout.

“I appreciate that, dear lady.” I answered. “But that hole is not all that big, though it is a tight fit, if I’m fully erect. A bit of hand cream helps.”

Erin glanced at her watch and fidgeted with the bottle studying it, or, not yet willing to look up at me.

“Watching your favorite video, you must be a little upset.” She stated. “You probably need a little relief and I would really like to see how this thing works. I could actually watch you ejaculate through the glass. I’ll understand perfectly if you say no, us being such close friends.”

Now, I was in a pickle. I had fantasized about fucking this cute, gorgeous big butt “child” of a woman countless times, when she was in her 20s up to her now mature 36 years. Erin’s face now required a little more make-up, but she had aged little. I could still look at her for hours. This mature woman with her secret desires was asking me to fuck my bottle so she could watch me come. She was playing me like a fiddle and I was going to let her.

“Come with me.” I said, taking the bottle from her.

I guided Erin to the bedroom. I tossed the bottle on the bed and walked to the phone. I dialed my wife’s number having a brief conversation with her, steering the conversation, making sure she had no plans of leaving work early. I gathered a few pillows from the bed and walked to an armchair we had in the corner. Figuring, if I was going to do this, I might as well do it right, I walked to the lamp and clicked it on, thinking the light would brighten up the inside of the bottle giving Erin a better view. I pulled the armchair out and placed it to take best advantage of the lamp light. I folded over the pillows, putting them on top of each other on the seat of the chair.

“Do you want me to take off my bottoms to give you a better view?” I asked, but hoped she would say no.

“Do you mind?”

I stripped from the waist down feeling like I was on parade, but I have to admit I was a bit turned on by all of it. I walked past her to the dressing table and dapped a bit of my wife’s hand lotion on my mostly erect shaft. Walking back to Erin, I took the bottle from her and standing before her I pushed my cock into the bottle. Being less than rigid, it went in easily.

“You might want to get on your knees right there in front of the chair.”

I proceeded to align the pillows so that my chest would not fall into the seat of the chair, dropping the bottle over the edge of the chair as I lowered myself down onto the chair and bottle. I usually hold the bottle like I was holding my wife’s ass as I sometimes do when we fuck. But, instead I rested my arms on the opposite arm-rest so I would not block Erin’s view of the bottle. I proceeded to do what comes naturally. My cock was soon fully extended and I was amazed I was doing this, feeling quite aroused, in front of this crazy lady. All was quiet for a while.

“Does it really feel good as Laura’s pussy?” She quizzed, as she sat on her knees and intently studied my cock in the bottle.

“If you put a little hair around it, you would be hard put to tell the difference.” I jokingly said.

“A little hair!” She said. “Then, you probably wouldn’t like my pussy. Mark makes me wax it on a regular basis.

“Damn woman! Have pity on an old man.” I exclaimed, shoving my cock deep inside the bottle. “Talk like that might give me a heart attack rather than an orgasm or maybe both.”

“Sorry! I suppose you watch the videos and masturbate, fantasizing about the women? She queried.

“I watch the videos, yes. But, no, like the bottle, a little more natural……. I fantasize about women I know.” I replied trying to be a smartass but certainly not lying. “Again, I have my favorites and you might be surprised to know you’re at the top of the list.

“I’m not?” She exclaimed, her eyes widening with a surprised look on her face. She blushed.

“Erin, you know you have always been my sweetheart. You’re young, sexy as hell with a great ass. Can you blame me?” I partitioned.

“I suppose not. You’re a dirty old man!” She accepted and teased. “Knowing that, I guess I should help by doing a striptease for you, but then I would miss watching the action in the bottle. But you said favorites….. plural…….. who are your other favorites?”

“I never kiss and tell.” I replied.

“I bet I can guess one of those favorites!” She said. “It’s Hope, isn’t it? Would you sleep with her if you could?”

“What do you mean, if I could?” I challenged.


I confessed, knowing that Erin and I now shared a few lethal secrets. “Four times in 30 days leading up to her marriage in October.

“I should have guessed the way you to act around each other. You’re always hugging, when Laura is not around. And the time she was directing practice and shook her hips with the music and you said, let’s see that again, and she stuck her tongue out at you, like a couple of güvenilir casino children at play. You fucked Hope! Ya’ll do act a bit different now that she married.”

Again, her eyes widened and she covered her mouth upon realizing the word she had said. Even in this most unusual, illicit, circumstance, her usual innocent demeanor only made her more appealing when she slipped with such words.

I continued to fuck the bottle while looking at Aaron’s accented, but covered breasts. And her ass!

“She knew how I’ve felt ever since Tony died.” I explained. “Unspoken words but she knew. I told her a few times that when she was married she could not be my sweetheart anymore, that we would both have to act our age, that we should have at least one lunch or dinner before she got married. You know Hope, a bit flaky. She was concerned about Laura, but she came around.”

“Wow! She exclaimed. “Anymore ladies?”

“Dot and Edna.” I replied.

“That’s funny. A man married to a slim woman and he fantasizes about big butt women. When you’re fantasizing about me what do you usually think about? Do you seduce me or do I seduce you?”

“All of the above, sugar.” I replied. “But from now on it’s going to be you with a waxed pussy. You know, all of these questions are quite provocative but they are not helping much. If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, why don’t you reach down and put your hand on your crotch and move it around a little bit. Or, talk to me like we really are doing it. It might be enough of an inducement for me to get serious and show you what you want.”

With a bit of hesitance, her hand eventually went to her crotch and she began to move her hand around randomly. I was a bit disappointed that she did not go with the second suggestion, but it did the trick and soon I closed my eyes and began to imagine what Erin would look like without those jeans. Minutes ticked by. It was working quite well.

“Ohhh fuck!”

Erin’s exclamation caused me to open my eyes. She had widened her stance and was bent over slightly watching me fuck my bottle with fluttering eyelids, her fingers pushing strongly against her jean covered crotch. Her fingers seem to be pushing in rhythm with my thrust into the bottle, causing me to increase my rhythm and thrust a little harder. In my wildest imagination, I could never have envisioned such a situation as we were in.

“You want to see me come, Erin?” I whispered seductively.

“Yes! God yes!” She exclaimed. “Watching you has really got me excited! I can’t help myself, Alex!”

“It’s all right, Erin.” I assured her. “No one is ever going to know.”

I watched and listened as she scrubbed at her crotch and moaned. She was trying desperately not to take her eyes off of my cock fucking the bottle in a, now, determined rhythm.

“You really got me hot too.” I explained with labored breaths. “My cock feels like it’s going to explode any second.”

“Do it for me, Alex!” She pleaded. “Dammit! Come for me!”

“AAgggggggg FUCK!” I moaned loudly, closing my eyes and lifting my torso off of the armrest, jamming my cock deep in the bottle, as my cock erupted into the bottle. I am sure it shot out in three big, separate wads splashing on the glass bottom.

“I’ve never seen anything so erotic!” I heard Erin inhale and exhale loudly.

Opening my eyes and looking to her I saw her tumble backwards on her back, her legs wide. She scrubbed frantically at her crotch. I watched long moments in fascination. She wasn’t having much luck getting enough sensation through the thick jeans to achieve orgasm.

“It’s not working!” She cried repeatedly, staring up at me, I thought, pleading for help.

I maneuvered as quick as I could, making sure not to drop any cum on the carpet, wiping the head of my cock on my shirt, yanking it to make sure I milked it empty. I dropped in front of Erin, pushed her legs wider, and began to undo her belt buckle, unsnapped her jeans and tugged to get them down.”

“Alex! Alex, you can’t fuck me!” She pleaded. “We can’t, Alex. Don’t dammit! Don’t!”

“Erin, sugar.” I said, in a low reassuring tone. “I’m not going to fuck you. My cock is limp anyway. Let me get your jeans and panties off. I’m going to take care of it for you.”

She quieted down and lay watching me extricate her from her tight jeans. She had to raise her ass, which she did. I reached up to remove her, light blue, panties and she again lifted her ass to allow it. And there she lay, hands holding her head up, her thighs wide, her knees slightly bent, her firm ass barely flattening out on the carpet. Her skin smooth and milky white, I gazed down at the most voluptuous pussy I had ever seen, stripped clean of every pubic hair. Her mound was excessively puffy and her labia thick lipped, her clit hidden from sight. I understood why she was having difficulty bringing on an orgasm through the thick jeans. I lowered myself to my chest as I slipped my hands under her gorgeous ass. Again, she assisted by lifting her ass a bit. As I put my face to her crotch, she moaned softly. My tongue began probing for her clit, as she positioned her feet on my shoulders.

Almost immediately, her fingers of both hands were pulling her labia wide to assist in my search.

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