5 Şubat 2021

In the Ladies Room


I sat at the end of the bar tapping my fingers on the side of my bottle, feeling completely frustrated and as usual when something is bugging me, my hair was wrapped tightly around my finger. My husband’s words replayed in my head over and over again. I sat stewing about the things I should have said and the points I should have made. My heart felt heavy, and my stomach twisted, but still I practiced the skill I learned long ago of beer chugging, as if when I reached the bottom, my troubles would be gone.

With the bottom facing the ceiling I sucked the suds from the empty bottle and slid it in next to the four empties I had lined up perfectly beside me. The bartender pushed another in my direction from the other side of the bar, not missing a beat of the conversation he was having with a gorgeous twenty something bimbo. I raised my hand to thank him, shifting on my stool and suddenly wishing I would have changed out my pencil skirt and into some jeans before storming out of the house.

I didn’t go to bars often, in fact almost never, so I felt a tad uncomfortable and found myself starring at the pictures on the walls trying to concentrate on the music coming from the jukebox. From what I could tell the bar was pretty empty, not that I cared. I forced myself to stop thinking of my selfish husband, as a dull headache throbbed at my temples. A weak smile pulled at my lips as Reba McEntire sang, “If I were a boy.”

With my back hunched, and my shoulders drawn in, I sucked in another deep breath and blew it out in sigh through my pursed lips. Absently, I released my hair from my finger and undid the first two buttons of my cream colored blouse. Feeling annoyed I kicked my plain black pumps off my feet and listened, with some amusement, as they clanked against the metal foot rod around my stool then crash landed into the wooden floor. The rest of my beer went down easy, and I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes at the creep watching me from a few stools away.

“You’re not here often are you? You look like you could use some company.”

The soft voice came from the other side of me, and when I turned towards it, I was greeted with warm, dark chocolate colored eyes and a gentle smile. I didn’t recognize her, and although I found her comment strange, she wasn’t a drunken man who had been eyeing me all night, and she was a welcome diversion.

“Well I don’t go out much, just needed a beer or six tonight,” I told her with a smile that felt great on my face. I didn’t want to give details, as I was sure my husband was doing that enough for the both of us. He was probably on the phone with Joe, talking like a high school girl would to her best friend at that very moment. Joe no doubt had heard every detail of our argument, had put his two cents in, and now they were making plans to go golfing on Sunday.

Her smile widened, “Yeah, I don’t go out much either,” she said pushing her long, curly brunette hair off to one side.

Her eyes were glossy like she had been crying recently, but I figured she had probably just had a few drinks. She was young, maybe thirty, with soft features and a slim but curvy figure. Her worn jeans hugged her waist and her plain purple tank contrasted nicely with her sun kissed tan. Another heavy sigh, as I remembered I would be forty next month, and with that thought I flagged the bartender down motioning for my seventh beer.

“I’m Anya,” she said thrusting her hand in my direction. Her peach colored lip gloss caught the light above the bar as she said her name, and absently I sucked in my bottom lip and bit it.

“I’m Renee.”

As I shook her well manicured hand, I mentally noted to redo do mine soon.

“Long day?” she asked, her large eyes flashing a hint of sympathy.

“You could say that.” I really didn’t want to talk about my personal problems, and wondered what it was about me that made her curious. “I guess sometimes a cold beer, and a greasy hamburger is just what I need to end a day that didn’t go well.” I smiled at my own words, and felt some of the tension I was feeling ease.

“Or a really big plate of nacho’s and extra cheese,” she said following her comment with a girlish giggle.

I watched her order rum and coke, and light a cigarette. She offered me one, and feeling slightly guilty I accepted it. I hadn’t had a cigarette in almost three months but at the moment I didn’t care. The smoke felt harsh on my throat as I inhaled, and I had to grip the edge of the bar until my lightheadedness passed. The hint of rebellion in the act of smoking brought another smile to lips.

I noticed Anya studying my face and straightened my back, slightly intrigued. I had to admit that she was helping the rude memories of my heated argument dissipate.

“Have you been married long?” she asked looking at my wedding ring.

“Long enough,” I told her twisting it on my finger. “Almost eight years.”

“I just got divorced,” she said, her lips taking casino şirketleri on a firm pout.

“Well at the moment, I’d say you’re lucky.” My heart flipped as the words spilled from my lips, I wasn’t sure if that was where my marriage was headed but for a split second the idea didn’t seem horrible.

Her full lips lifted into a coy grin, and her delicate eye brow arched. “Ah, one of those nights,” she said nodding her head. She tapped her cigarette then shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve had plenty of those.”

I chugged my beer, feeling the effects of the liquid courage and decided abruptly that she was someone I’d probably never see again, and if she wanted to know then I’d tell her. “Yeah, I guess it is. I had an argument with my thick headed husband, who seems to not hear me when he thinks he’s right about something.” It felt pretty good to say it, and it made me smile again, he definitely was thick headed.

“They never understand. You could argue until you’re blue in the face and they won’t budge, even if they know you’re right.”

“That is absolutely true.” I started spewing to her then, I told her about every problem in my marriage in the last six months, and she listened intently seeming to understand everything, or at least pretended to. At the end of thirty minutes I felt much better, relaxed even. We talked as if we had known each other for years, laughing and making jokes at the cost of men.

It was when I slipped off my stool to excuse myself to the ladies room that things went in a totally different direction. I lost my balance and fell against her. She laughed with me as she helped me to my feet. I was embarrassed, but not as much as I would have been in any other similar situation.

“Let me walk with you,” she said gripping my arm until she was sure I had my balance.

“Thanks, I guess eight is too many when you don’t drink regularly.”

We walked arm and arm into the bathroom, and Anya locked the door behind us. Oddly it didn’t feel strange that she was in the bathroom with me and I watched her fuss with her brunette curls as I squirmed to get my skirt up. I didn’t want to bother with the tiny buttons. My eyes fell to the small of her back, and over her rounded ass. She probably ran, or maybe took kick boxing classes judging by her tight little butt, and firm legs. When I brought my eyes back to her head, I noticed she was watching me watch her through the mirror and I felt my face flush.

I fumbled to pull my skirt down, and when I finally managed to collect myself and bring my eyes back to her, she was facing me with a slight smile playing at her lips. Her hair spilled over her shoulders, ending just below her breasts. Her eyes got darker, deep, alluring and sensual with a hint of mischief.

I felt an instant attraction to her then and was surprised by the butterflies in my stomach. There was something very sexual about the way she watched me and I found myself clenching my thighs in response to the quick twitch of my pussy. I had never before been attracted sexually to a woman until that moment. Her tongue swept over her top lip, and I swallowed hard feeling aroused by the sight.

“I’m glad we met tonight,” she said with a low smoky huskiness to her voice. She took a step towards me, as I did towards her, bringing us only inches apart.

“Yeah, me too,” I said watching her, feeling a strong rush.

I felt her hand brush my hair away from my face and closed my eyes as it lingered on my cheek. The warmth of her body was electrical. When my eyes fluttered open I caught a glimpse of my own reflection in the mirror behind her. My blonde hair strayed wildly around my pale skin, flushed a rosy pink at my cheeks, and my green eyes were glossy but smoldering at the surface. It was obvious that I was turned on. I moved my eyes back to Anya, and before I even made a conscious decision to do it, I leaned into her and kissed her.

Anya’s lips parted, inviting me to continue. Her lips were so soft, gentle and I knew immediately that I wanted, needed more. The bitter taste of rum mixed with the sweet taste of cola splashed across my tongue, and the smell of vanilla swirled around us sending my senses into overdrive. Her fingers tangled in my hair as she cupped the sides of my head, her lips pressed against mine. I felt her tongue dip into my mouth, soft and wet, to mingle with my own, and moaned. The tension that had been with me most of the night redirected itself to sexual need.

Her soft lips moved across my face and I felt her sweet uneven breath on in my ear as she planted long, lingering kisses just below it. My nipples hardened and the heat I felt at my core erupted into hot flames of an unknown kind lust. I let my head fall to the side, and gripped her head as she caught my ear lobe tenderly between her teeth. Her fingers moved to my blouse and worked feverishly to unfasten the buttons, as I ran my fingers down her smooth arms.

Wanting to casino firmaları touch her more intimately, my hands fell to her small braless but perky breasts, molding them into my palms as my thumbs brushed across her hard nipples. I felt such a connection with her, a need that I couldn’t explain. I wanted more, wanted to rip my clothes off and feel her touch every inch of me. I wanted to touch her, learn to please her as she was pleasing me. My head swam, and I felt euphoria wrap around my body, my mind like a silk blanket.

Anya backed me up against the sink and pushed my blouse away from my body. The cold porcelain eased the throbbing ache between my legs, but only slightly. I watched her smile, as her hands moved around my breasts.

My white lace bra showcased my hardened and aching nipples, her smile widened when I whimpered in response to her touch. She watched my face as her long fingers pinched both of my nipples hard at first then softer.

I felt my body tremble, at the sensations she sent parading through me, I didn’t know what she would do, but I wanted her to do it. My breathing quickened and a shock wave of pleasure exploded through my chest as I felt her warm mouth close around one nipple then the other through my bra. I let my head fall back and arched my back as she rolled them between her lips, her hands massaging my hips, before they splayed to grab my ass.

I pushed my fingers through the silken curls on her head, feeling the heat of her tongue flick at my nipples. I struggled to control myself as she suckled on my nipples, tugging on them with her lips. My legs felt wobbly, my breathing raspy.

I felt her hand on my thigh as she pushed at my skirt and immediately spread my legs, eager to feel her touch on my swollen clit. I could feel the wet pool of my pussy juices in my silk panties and pushed against her hand, shuddering as when she brushed her fingers over my throbbing clit. The sensation of the silk material sweeping across my pussy and the heat of her touch made me tremble with desire.

“God, touch me,” I begged her breathlessly. I moaned as her fingers brushed again over my clit, her tongue continuing to flick at my rock hard nipples.

“You’ve never been touched like this by another woman have you?” She asked barely audible. Her voice caressed me, still husky and slightly strained.

“No,” I answered breathlessly, but honestly. I seen her smile playfully, and felt my knees get weaker.

“Good,” She whispered.

I grabbed her head and kissed her hungrily, eagerly and felt her tremble against me. Her hand cupped my pussy, and she pressed her body against mine. Her thumb flicked over my engorged clit through my panties, as two fingers made their way passed them dipping into my soaked cunt. Our moans mingled and her lips moved across my neck and I rocked against her.

“Oh, yes,” I cried out.

I listened to her breath heavily, as she stroked me, slipping her fingers in and out of my cunt while her thumb worked expertly over my clit. I quaked against her grabbing at my skirt to get it around my waist so that I could spread my legs further. Her hand moved slowly, exploring me like no man had ever done.

I brought my heels up and moved my ass back and forth to meet her thrust, feeling my orgasm roar through my body. My pussy clenched around her fingers as she moved them in a circular motion in that perfect spot, until I was convulsing with a mind blowing orgasm.

“Mmhmm,” she hummed as she took her time slowing her fingers, before pulling them from my twitching pussy.

My cum covered them, thick and slippery. I watched her lick her fingers clean, still trembling with the after shocks of my orgasm. I wanted to touch her, see her, feel her skin against my own, but when my hands moved to her breasts she stopped me, closing her hands over mine.

She shook her head, and smiled. “There’ll be time for that later, I’m not done with you yet,” she said, her eyes gleaming.

I vaguely wondered if anyone heard me, or was waiting to use the bathroom, but no one knocked and the thought disappeared as Anya moved between my legs and kissed me. Our tongues moved against each other slowly now, passionately.

I mimicked what she did to me, pinching her nipples, and running my hands down her body enjoying the new experience immensely. I gasped at the sensitivity of my nipples as she touched them, rolling them between her fingers.

“I want to taste you this time,” she said, slipping her fingers through the slick valley of my wet pussy.

My clit was still very sensitive but responded immediately to her soft touch. I sucked in a ragged breath and closed my eyes as she pushed me backwards until my back was against the mirror. I felt dizzy with excitement, and as she kissed me again I slipped my hand between her legs and felt her, hot and wet, even through her jeans. She purred in approval and the thought of touching her without the jeans güvenilir casino made me shake.

“Soon enough,” she told me.

I watched her kneel between my legs and trembled with anticipation. My clit was already throbbing and as she spread my swollen pussy lips apart and tasted my clit, pleasure rippled through me. I arched my back and gripped the counter as she drew lazy circles around my clit with her tongue and rocked slowly against the warmth of her soft mouth.

I leaned back further against the mirror as she pushed two fingers inside my tight and soaked pussy, playing with my nipples and listening to her purr in approval. Moving slowly she gently massaged, sucking softly on my clit. I had never felt anything like it before, my toes curled and I felt lightheaded. Everything fell away, until it was just her and I, nothing else. I listened to her soft moans, in the back ground of my own as she made love to me.

My clit bulged, growing bigger and bigger in her mouth, as she took her time bringing me to edge. Waves of pleasure lapped over my body, I trembled on the counter, quivering under her magical touch. Heat swamped my body as the first ripples of my orgasm gripped me.

“I’m going to cum,” I whimpered. The men I have been with quickened their pace at this point, but Anya didn’t. Her tongue continued to move over my clit in a rhythmic motion, sucking it into her mouth gently.

I moaned and panted, knowing that I needed it, but not wanting it to end. She massaged my twitching walls in just the way that made me want to scream in ecstasy, her mouth dancing softly over my clit. A pleasure I’ve never known, so intense, mind numbing rumbled through me.

“Oh God yes,” I moaned. “I’m going to cum,” I whimpered again, bucking my hips against her face.

I heard her moan as I clutched the edge of the counter and panted as another wave and then another rushed through me. Her tongue slipped down to lap up my cum as I trembled. I cried out as I saturated her face, and then went limp on the counter. My cunt twitched in unison with my clit and I shuddered against the mirror.

Anya gently licked the last drops of my cum then stood slowly. Her eyes hazy and her smile sensual she leaned over my body and kissed me. The taste of my own sex covered my tongue as we embraced.

A knock at the door separated us, making me jump slightly and when our eyes met I laughed at her wide eyed expression.

“Just a moment,” she said loud enough to carry through the door.

I stood on shaky legs and pulled my skirt down, then buttoned my blouse as fast as I could with trembling hands. Anya smoothed her hair and adjusted her tank, smiling at me through the mirror as I too fumbled to smooth my hair.

I’ll give you the address, you can come over…”

The knock came again, louder this time and we both laughed.

Anya opened the door, and we slipped passed a heavy set woman who starred snidely at us, before huffing into the bathroom.

Our giddy elation was short lived, because as we rounded the corner my husband was standing at the bar holding my heels. I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart hit my stomach. I looked at Anya, and knew that she knew who he was by the sudden sadness in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I told her knowing that our time was over at least for now.

“I’m not,” she said flashing a small smile. “We’ll see each other again,” she said before approaching the bar cheerfully.

I smiled at her back then followed her to the bar.

“Hello Matthew, how did you know where to find me?” I asked shortly.

“I went to all the places I thought you would go until I found your car; will you come home with my Renee, I’m sorry and I was hoping we could talk this out,” he said looking somewhat apologetic. “Who’s your friend?” he asked eyeing Anya, curiously.

“This is Anya, Anya this is my husband Matthew,” I said wishing I would have parked in the alley.

I watched them shake hands, and smiled knowing that Anya’s fingers were covered in my cum only a few minutes ago. Taking my shoes from Matthew I slipped them on not knowing how to feel that he tracked me down and looked sorry.

“Here’s my number, give me a call sometime; we’ll go shoe shopping,” Anya said. She held a folded up piece of paper in her hand and a broad smile on her face.

“Yeah, shoe shopping… sounds great.” I took the piece of paper and stuck in my bra. Leaning in I hugged her and whispered a thank you in her ear.

“It was my pleasure,” she told me.

Matthew paid my tab and Anya’s too, and as we left in Matthew’s truck I sighed, not knowing how I should feel. Maybe I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t.

When we got home a few minutes later, I opened the paper to record the number in my book and was surprised and strangely disappointed to read, “I was just passing through town, I had a great time, and don’t forget me. Anya”

That was ten years ago. I never seen her again, but think about her all the time. It’s a night that I have locked away and told no one about. Matthew and I worked things out and are still together, and I never pursued a sexual relationship with any other woman.

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