20 Şubat 2021

I Cucked My Husband with an 18-Year Old Ch. 03


Although our encounters with Mark, our teenage bull, took place about 5-years ago. Many of the escapades are still hot to recall. Several people have asked what happened next. Well, here you go. We kind of like the point/counter point style. Both viewpoints are given. We hope you like it.

For the weeks after our night with Mark we were incredibly turned on. We both have strong libidos. Now it was heightened. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were not sure how to continue. Do we just call up a teenager and ask him to come over and fuck? I guess we could but it seemed weird. Well, about two weeks after the first time, the opportunity presented itself.


I was shopping at a local mall one afternoon. I was there to pick up a few things and to take a break from work. This is a high-end mall. The anchors are Saks, though that is gone now, and Bloomingdales. Other stores include Coach, Hermes, Omega, Ferragamo, etc. There is a very nice day spa as well. In all not a bad place to take a break.

I was on the second level at one point when I looked down and saw Mark walking out of a store on the lower level. My heart skipped a beat and a got a rush of adrenaline. I was 54 at the time and I felt like a teenager who had just seen her crush from afar. Crazy. Anyway, I kind of tracked where he was going and headed to the elevator down. Once on the lower level I turned so that I would be heading towards him.

It didn’t take long. As I saw him a few yards ahead, I called his name. He looked up, smiled and said hi. As we had mentioned in the last posting about Mark, he is a not-bad-looking guy. He just isn’t that notable. He was never one that the moms would say, after a few drinks, “I wish he had been around when I was that age.” None the less, knowing what he had between his legs as well as his skill using it, I felt a little flustered.

As he approached, I said, “Nice to see you. How are you?”

“I’m good, Mrs. Davies. How are you?” he replied.

Feeling more than a little mischievous, I leaned in and whispered, “I’ve had that horse cock of yours in my cunt. I’ve seen you feed your load to my husband. I think you can call me Kate.”

He blushed and stammered, “ok, Kate, sorry”.

We stood there, a little awkwardly, making small talk. I was finding it hard to concentrate. I’m pretty sure I was at least a little flushed. I know my heart was beating faster.

“I was going to grab a coffee and sit for a few minutes. Would you care to join me?”

“Sure”, he replied.

I couldn’t help noticing that he clearly took me in head to toe as we were talking. When I go out, especially to this mall, I like to dress well. Nothing crazy but I am not a T-shirt and sweats kind of girl. I like looking nice. Sexy but not slutty. Sophisticated. I was wearing a skirt, somewhat tight and a tad short and a camisole with a top over it. I looked good. Well, that is what Will said as I was leaving. I loved the feeling of being checked out so overtly. It gave me a tingle.

We made our way to the café. Mark asked what I wanted. I told him. He went and ordered as I found a table. It was towards the back and against a wall. When he arrived with the coffees, He put them down and started to sit across from me.

I said, “why don’t you sit here?” indicating the chair closer to me.

He slid over. We chatted for a few minutes about the usual, mundane, stuff a grown woman and a teenage acquaintance would usually discuss. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer.

I leaned over and whispered, “I have to confess; we knew about your cock before I approached you. Heather Byrne told me all about you. About your cock and what a good fuck you are When we started playing with Mark being submissive, you said something along the lines of, “I like it when they are submissive” what did you mean?”

He hesitated a few seconds and then said, “I’ve been with a few couples where the husband has been submissive. Some it seemed to be a role play, like with you and Mr. Dav…Will. Others, the wives were in total control and were out to humiliate their husband. I kind of like that.”

“Anyone we would know?” I asked.

“yes,” he replied, “but I can’t say anything, I promised.”

“Good,” I said, “That makes me feel more comfortable. Will and I can’t stop talking about the time we had with you. We have been fucking constantly thinking about it. We casino şirketleri want to do it again.”

It is funny, how Mark reacted. He went from being the shy, somewhat awkward, kid to, well, something else. As soon as I said that, his demeanor changed.

“When?” he said.

“Oh my god” I said, “This weekend? We can have you over. You can spend the weekend if you want.”

I said this without clearing it with Will. I knew he would be ok with another session, but I wasn’t sure about the weekend.

“How about we start now?” Mark said.

I was so hot with the idea of fucking him right then. I wanted that big penis in my mouth, in my pussy. I wanted it now.


“In my car? Your car?” he offered.

I laughed and said, “Not since I was a teenager and definitely not in the parking deck of the mall. I have an idea. Follow me.”

We got up and worked our way out of the café. I felt like running to our destination. I know he felt the same. I could barely concentrate. Thank god we didn’t run into anyone I knew. Not that anyone would think anything of us walking through the mall together. I just worried that nothing but gibberish would come out if I had to speak to anyone.

We were on the lowest commercial level of the mall. However, there is another, lower, level. There are some mall offices there, a few conference rooms that can be rented by the hour, a really nice day spa, bathrooms. Including a family restroom. It has a comfortable chair, a changing table and bathroom. More importantly, it is only for one occupant and the door locks.

“Do you see the family room down there?” I asked, “I’m going to go first. Give it a few minutes and then come down. Knock twice and I’ll let you in quickly.”

Ok, great”, he said. “But, I want you undressed down to your underwear and on your knees, understood?”

I reddened and stammered, “Yes, ok, sure”.

I was being ordered to strip and kneel before a teenager in a mall. How degrading. How humiliating if we were caught. I was so turned on I could barely walk. I clung to the escalator handrail, hoping I wouldn’t trip on my way off. I managed to step off without incident and quickly made my way to the family room. After a quick glance around, I ducked inside.

I took a few seconds to gather myself and calm down. I knew Mark would be there soon. I didn’t want to disappoint him (I was a hot 54-year-old woman. I was worried about disappointing a teenager? Yes!) I was quickly down to my underwear. I don’t often match unless I am getting dressed to go out with Will or if we are likely to be with someone else. As it happened, that day, I was wearing a dark blue lacy thong with a matching bra that held my 34D breasts up and out nicely. I left my heels on. I pulled a cushion off the chair and sank to my knees.

Soon there was a brief knock at the door. Two taps. I unlocked it. Mark stepped in. He held the door open for a few seconds. Anyone could have seen me, on my knees, almost naked. He shut the door. Later he told me that he had checked and knew that no one was around. He just wanted to scare me. It worked.

“How bad do you want it?” he said.

I started to speak but he said, “Wait, give me your phone.” I started to protest. He said, “FaceTime Will”.

I did what I was told and handed him the phone. I knew Will would be shocked but turned on. Will answered and Mark turned the camera, so it was facing down at me, on my knees at Marks feet.


So, my phone rings. I glance at it and see it’s Kate on FaceTime. I opened it up to find Kate, in her underwear, on her knees. For a moment there was a disconnect. It is not entirely unusual that she might FaceTime me while shopping to get my opinion on something. Often, it’s some clothes that she is considering. So, I get the occasional flash of a breast or pussy just as a tease. But, I thought, why is she on her knees? I then realized at least somewhat, what was happening. It wasn’t until I heard Mark’s voice that I got the full picture, so to speak.

Mark said, “Kate is at the Mall right now. I’ll send her home when I am done with her.”

He then said to her, “Do you want it?”

“Yes”, she said, meekly.


“Yes, I want your cock”

“Beg for it”


I wanted it so bad. I just said everything I could to prove how much.

“Please give it to me. I have been casino firmaları thinking about it for weeks. I masturbate a couple of times a day thinking about your big cock.” I looked at the camera and said, “I’m sorry Will”.

The thing is, Will was aware of what I was talking about. I knew, though, that it would turn Mark on, thinking that I had been getting myself off without my husband while fantasizing about him.

The next thing he said was, “Are you my bitch?”

I was sort of taken aback. I have never thought of myself as anyone’s “property”, even Will’s. I had never even role played anything like this. Frankly, it was kind of offensive. But, it was also a turn on. I knew it was just a sort of role play for Will and I. Or was it? I was confused but so turned on. I simply said, “yes.”

“No,” he said. “Looking into the phone and say it.”

I did as told. “yes, I am your bitch.” I said.

“mmm..that’s good. You can take it out now.”

I reached up and undid his buckle and then unzipped his pants. There was no way I could get that thing out without pulling his pants down. As I did, he sprang out of his underwear at full erection. It almost seemed bigger than I remembered it.

Long, thick and heavily veined with those huge balls hanging below. I was mesmerized. I began to worship his cock. That is the only way I can describe it. I lifted it up and started with his balls. Holding them gently I began to lick and suck on them, one at a time. He moaned slightly. I pressed one finger on his perenium and began to rub gently. This drove him crazy.

“Fuck, fuck!” he moaned “that feels so good! Don’t stop”.

I worked my way up the long, thick shaft. I licked and stroked it until I got to the head. I opened up and slid it into my mouth. I am proud of my deep throat skills. I can take almost nine inches all the way down depending on the girth of the cock. Mark, though, is far too thick (Will has the same “problem”). I was able to take in a few inches. It felt so big, filling my mouth. Mark moaned and put one hand on my head guiding me onto it. With the other he filmed it for my husband.


I watched as Kate went to work on Mark’s massive cock. I could see her erect nipples through her bra. There was a slight sheen of sweat on her chest. It must have been quite the effort to work that big cock. I was rock hard and took my cock out and began to stroke.

After a few minutes, Mark pulled her to her feet and made her turn around. He bent her over the changing table and commanded her to spread her legs. I could tell how wet she was by the ease with which he slipped into her. I watched as she took most of his length on the first stroke. His cock was glistening with her juices as he pulled out. He fucked her hard. She grunted every time he thrust into her. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back. She was now no longer bent over. She was almost erect while impaled on Mark’s cock.

I could no longer see his cock stroking into her but I knew she was lost in the feeling. He turned her head around and kissed her deeply. This had me so hot, I was on the verge of cumming so I stopped stroking and just watched.


I wanted to taste Marks cum. I wanted to feel what I knew would be a massive load, blast down my throat. I was sure he was going to cum. However, he pulled out and pulled me to my feet. He turned me around and forced me to bend over. I felt the head of his cock against the opening of my pussy. I was amazed how lubricated I was. He slipped the whole thing in easily. I felt his balls slap against me as he pistoned in and out. I rarely cum when mounted like this. I love it though, the feeling of submission.

Mark grabbed my hair and pulled me back. He turned my head so he could kiss me. His tongue deep in my mouth I could not get enough. I sucked on his tongue like it was a cock, In this position he was not able to stroke fully in and out. However he was perfectly positioned to have his enormous penis rubbing against my clit. It was amazing. He soon had me working into a frenzy. I was on the brink of orgasm when he suddenly stopped.

“Please, please don’t stop.” I begged “I’m about to cum.”

“Not yet.” He said, “get up and turn around, get on the table.”

I turned around and hopped onto the table and scooted my ass to the edge. I pulled my legs back and wide, giving him güvenilir casino access to my cunt. I felt like such a slut. Naked and open to a much younger man while my husband watched from afar.

Mark handed me the phone and told me to record it. He started using two fingers to stimulate my clit. As I mentioned in the story of our first encounter, Mark really knows what he is doing. Much more than most guys his age, as I recall. He must have had some good teachers. I had a clear view of my cunt. I knew Will was getting an eyeful. Mark, once again, brought me to the edge of orgasm and, again, denied me. It drove me into a frenzy.

“Please don’t stop! Please give it to me! Fuck me. I’ll do anything you want.”

With that he started to rub his cock on my clit and the entrance to my cunt. I was ready for his first thrust but then he started to rub the head around my asshole. He wanted my ass.

“you’ll do anything?” he asked.

I like anal sex. With proper stimulation I have even cum while being ass fucked. However, that was always with smaller guys. I had never been taken anally by Will. He is just too thick. If Mark took me that way, right now, I knew I could not handle it.

“Please, no.” I said, “Not right now. I’m not ready. You can take me that way this weekend. Please.”


It was hard to see what Mark was doing. At first it looked like he was just rubbing that big cock head on Kate’s pussy. However, when she begged him not to, I realized he was pushing against her asshole. I have never taken her anally. Too thick. There was no way she could handle that. When she told him he could take her that way the upcoming weekend, I felt a pang of jealousy. She was offering her ass to a guy with a bigger cock than mine. Jealous but turned on.


Offering my ass to him satisfied him, for the moment. I was turned on yet scared. I had just agreed to let this monster cock penetrate my ass in just a few days. Mark then slipped his cock into my cunt. In one stroke he was in all the way. It was an amazing feeling of fullness. He was touching me in places I had rarely been touched before. He was so deep inside me. I could see my stomach bulge a little as I took his full length.

I couldn’t hold the phone anymore. I needed to hold on to steady myself. Mark took the phone. I was so turned on. Especially after being so close and then being denied. I was ready to climax very quickly. As Mark thrust deep into me I threw my head back and arched my back and tilted my pelvis to accept his cock as deeply as possible. I was totally lost in the feeling as I came.


I was shocked when I realized he was trying to take her anally. I was more taken aback when she offered herself up to him for the weekend. I have never taken her that way. To think she was willing to have him fuck her that way was both hot and humiliating.

Watching as he stroked his big, thick, veiny rod into her had me going nuts. I wished I was there. As Kate noted, she was obviously going to cum quickly and she did. She arched her taut, muscular body as she threw her head back. Her eyes practically rolled back in her head. Her breasts looked swollen, Her chest was bright red and her veins were popping, almost like a body builder, she was slick with sweat. Watched her cum hard on Mark’s cock. He released deep into her as she screamed out and grabbed his hips to pull him into her. She bucked against him convulsively. As his cock slipped out of her followed by a thick trail of his ejaculate, she began to shake as if having a seizure, Her body seemed to let go as a flow of her juices, his and urine flowed out of her.


I was totally lost in the feeling of being ravaged by this huge piece of cock meat. I lost sense of where we were, even who I was with. I was just a ball of nerves focused on my clit. I was breathing hard. I’m not sure but I thought I could feel Mark swell even larger as he more aggressively slammed into me. Each thrust brought me closer until finally I felt myself let go. I can only describe it as an electric charge running through my body. I started shaking and convulsing. I grabbed Mark to hold on. As I came, my body let go and I began to squirt all over Mark’s cock and balls. It was an amazing orgasm. It seemed to go on forever. I felt like I might pass out.

As he slowed down his thrusts and finally let his cock slide out of my pussy I felt his cum gushing out of me. The floor was a mess. As I sat there on the table my body continued to shake, breathing as if I had just finished a run. Mark was breathing hard as well.

I didn’t know how I would handle a weekend with him.

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