12 Şubat 2021

I Accidentally Call on Cheryl


A few weeks ago my phone rang and the woman on the other end told me she was Christine and that she was horny and wanted me to come over to her house and make love with her. Christine is one of the women I call on from time to time, and I thought I recognized her voice, so I had no reason not to go, and see her. I told her I would be there in about an hour.

I am quite fond of Christine, who is a pretty divorced woman in her forties, and I knew she had an 18 year old daughter. I met the daughter, Cheryl, one time, very briefly but she has always been out of the house when her mother and I have gotten together. Therefore, I was surprised when the young woman answered the door and invited me into the living room. All the blinds were drawn and soft lights were on, which was also puzzling, because Christine and I always go directly to her bedroom when I come over.

The daughter told me that I should sit and wait in the living room, that her mother would be right down, and that she, Cheryl, had something she wanted to show me. She left the room and, when she returned, what she wanted to show me was obviously her very sexy body, clad in nothing but a transparent negligee that just barely covered her pussy. I could tell that Cheryl, like her mother, is a natural blonde. Usually, I am not very quick on the uptake, but I could see what she had in mind, not all the details, but in general.

“Mom is out of town until next week”, she told me. “We have the house to ourselves.”

Then she sat beside me in her delightful virtual nakedness and told me what was on her mind. A few weeks earlier, she had cut her classes at school, and come home and she had seen and heard her mother and me making love.

“Mom was in ecstasy. She enjoyed sex with you more than she has ever enjoyed anything. I’ve had sex with three different boyfriends, and it was never any fun, not even as much fun as playing with myself. What I want, if it’s alright with you, is for you and me to do the same things that you and my Mom were doing that day. I’m sorry I had to trick you like I did, but with her out of town, I thought this might be my only chance to find out what I’ve been missing.”

“That’s okay. No harm, no foul, as the saying goes. Does your mother know you’re having sex with your boyfriends?”

“Yes. She says I’m old enough now to know what’s right for me. She even buys me birth control pills and helps me remember to take them.”

For a few seconds I thought about the situation. Cheryl is the daughter of one of my lady friends but her mother has no exclusive claim on me, and she is well aware of this. Cheryl’s mother is also aware that her 18 year old daughter is sexually active and has no objection, even providing birth control pills. The situation was unusual but there was no reason to turn her down and, when I looked again and saw just what a beautiful woman that daughter is, and how sexy in the see-through garment, I ceased any pondering.

“What kind of a bed do you have,” I asked her.

“A regular full-size bed.”

“Then let’s go to your room and use it. A sofa like this is okay if you have nothing else but a bed is a lot more comfortable.”

As I followed Cheryl up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful her ass is, especially peeking so nakedly out from under the hem of the negligee. I had a fleeting thought about doing something about it but decided to stay with more standard sex. The next time, if there would be a next time, I might introduce her to some different activities, but that day, I was primarily going to give Cheryl the best time I could, as I would for her mother.

Once we were in her bedroom, she pulled down the blankets on her bed. “Is it better to have a sheet or blanket to cover ourselves with?” she asked me.

“No. Neither. It’s warm enough in here that we don’t need anything to keep us warm and it would just get in the way. Modesty has no place when you are making love, or even having sex. Sometimes a negligee like you have on is nice but anything more than that is worse than useless.” As I answered the other questions that Cheryl had, I was removing my shirt and shoes.

“Lie on your back,” I told her. “It’s a lot more comfortable if you have a pillow under your head.” She did as I told her and lay waiting for more instructions.

“You don’t look like you’re very aroused right now. Are you?”

“No. Mostly I’m just nervous. I hope you can do something that really gets me turned on.”

“I will. When people are making love, everybody should help everybody else get the most fun out of it. When I do something, let me know how it feels or how it makes you feel.”

I was wearing only my pants as I lay down beside Cheryl and placed my hand gently on one of her luscious breasts, which was full and vibrant, with smooth skin. When I felt her nipple with my finger, it was soft and almost rubbery, and I knew I would need to spend quite a bit of time kissing and licking casino şirketleri and caressing her until she was ready for something more advanced. I intended to eat Cheryl’s pussy until she climaxed, which I know was one of the things she heard me doing with her mother, but I would have to increase her sexual excitement before doing that.

Usually when I get together with one of my lady friends, she is already fairly horny and after kissing her face and throat and licking and sucking her breasts, I eat her pussy until she cums. I expected to do something like that but take longer on the foreplay, especially stimulating her lovely breasts. That was certainly more than alright. Cheryl has a beautiful body and, as she said, we had until next week.

“Where do you like to be kissed? Especially on your face.”

“I like to tongue kiss. I’ve heard some people call it ‘French’ kissing.”

“I’m one of those people. Okay, we’ll go from there.”

I kissed her mouth several times, at first with my lips closed but the second time it was open and my tongue was ready. Cheryl responded to me by thrusting her tongue forward and we rubbed them together. She had apparently rinsed her mouth out while getting ready for me, because I could taste a hint of mint.

I kept my hand on her breast because it was fun and because I wanted to be able to detect changes in her breathing. The more we kissed and the more our tongues entwined, the faster her breathing became, which meant she was becoming more aroused. When I thought the time was right, I trailed kisses down her soft, white throat, concentrating on the pulse points, until I reached her chest.

I glanced at Cheryl’s pretty face, and saw how relaxed she was. The slight smile and the partially closed eyes, told me I was doing what she wanted, although she might not have known just what that was. The next thing I did was something I was sure she would like. I moved my hand from beside her succulent breast to gently holding it upright and leaned over to start licking. The young blonde murmured happily, and I felt the nipple begin to become erect.

After a few strokes of my tongue, I switched to its twin, and this one also started becoming stiffer. I alternated between the cute, pink nubbins, sometimes using the flat of my tongue and sometimes dabbing with just the tip, until they became so stiff I could actually feel the tiny ridges when I licked her. Cheryl was reacting in other ways too, squirming under my ministrations and cooing happily.

“Oh, George,” she breathed. “That’s wonderful, what you’re doing. None of my boyfriends ever did that.”

I raised my head to speak to her. “They should have. This is a perfect form of foreplay, especially with somebody as sensitive as you seem to be. Any guy should do what it takes to get you as aroused as he can, to make it more fun for you.” Having delivered my short lecture on the facts of life, I put my mouth to doing something much more pleasurable, drawing one of Cheryl’s luscious globes into my mouth and starting to suck on it.

Once again, I switched my attentions between her lovely breasts, sucking and licking the nipples and areolas. Her cooing became louder and the movements of Cheryl’s upper body grew more strenuous. As she writhed under my ministrations, she thrust her breasts up to meet my mouth, and told me in words and movements how much she liked what I was doing and how she wanted me to keep doing it.

“This is getting better and better. I’ve never felt the way I feel right now.”

I didn’t answer, except to raise my head and smile at her. I was elated at how good it was for her, because that made it so much better for me. I could smell juices from her pussy so, after giving either of her breasts another minute of being caressed by my mouth, I started licking the channel between them, and then down her soft belly. Apparently, the oafs that the sweet young blonde had shared her body with were either stupid or selfish, because this was also something new for her.

“What are you doing?” she asked me, but she didn’t seem very worried.

My mouth was busy kissing and licking its way down Cheryl’s body, so I didn’t respond right away. When I reached her soft blonde pubic hair, I got off the bed and walked around to get back on at the foot. As I walked toward her on my knees, I answered her question.

“I’m going to do something that every boyfriend should do before having any other kind of sex with you, besides foreplay like we were just doing. If he doesn’t, he’s not really your boyfriend, just a guy who is using you. Raise your legs and I’ll show you more.”

She raised her legs, apparently expecting me to slip between them and lie on top of her as I shoved my cock into her pussy. I intended to do that later, of course, but we would both have a really great time before that happened. All I did was duck under her legs and lean forward.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Cheryl seemed genuinely surprised at casino firmaları my actions.

It fed my opinion that the three boyfriends she had mentioned had all been ignorant chuckleheads. “You’ll find out. But let me know if you don’t like it and I’ll stop.”

There wasn’t much concern about that happening, because it never had before. I leaned in even closer and wrapped my arms around her thighs, which brought my face to within inches of where my tongue and lips would soon be giving us both immense pleasure. Cheryl was definitely going to be great eating, but first I wanted to admire how truly beautiful her pussy was.

As I had noted before, she was a natural blonde, with the extremely fair, almost milky-white complexion that went with that. A few small freckles served to emphasize the perfection of the skin that surrounded her fluffy pubic hair. Cheryl’s slit, with her inner lips swelling and pushing their way through, was a rosy pink and invited closer inspection. The aroma was enticing, and when I gently spread the edges of her slit, an incredible cloud of fragrance arose to please my nostrils.

“So far, I like it,” she said.

“That’s good, but it’ll get a lot better.”

It got better for both of us immediately. There were a few drops of her pussy juice on the inside of one of her thighs, and I licked it off, finding it to be as delicious as I expected. Cheryl also appreciated my tongue on her soft, sensitive skin, and she murmured softly. Her happy sounds quickly became louder as my tongue continued its favorite activity. I licked all the fresh juices off her crotch and prepared to do some serious pussy eating.

Before I went any further, I raised my head to gaze on Cheryl’s pretty face. Her lips were slightly parted in a smile and her eyes were slitted, but she saw me looking and opened them all the way.

“That feels really good, George. I’ve never felt anything like it, and I can sure see why Mom likes it so much.”

“I like it too, with you or your mother. I’m just getting started, and it’ll get a lot better for both of us.” My mouth had better things to do than talk, so I lowered my face again and started on one of Cheryl’s plump outer lips.

After my tongue caught a few drops of the nectar that was just starting to drip out of her pink hole, it started on the small area between the origins of an inner and outer lip. The texture there was wonderful, and I slowly covered that part of her pussy and starting up on the outer lip. As lovely as her pussy was, and as delectable the flavor and aroma, the best thing about it was the way it felt under my tongue. The skin of her outer lip was soft and smooth and vibrant, and her fluffy pubic hair added to the delights Cheryl was giving me. Very slowly, taking as long as I could and making our pleasure last, my tongue meandered upward until I reached her mons and kissed her there. By that time, she was cooing happily and her pussy was squirming under my face.

As I gazed at her beautiful body moving around, Cheryl caught my eye. “That’s wonderful, what you’re doing, and it keeps getting better. None of my boyfriends have ever done anything like that.”

“Like I said, if they didn’t do what I’m doing, they weren’t your boyfriends because, if they were, they would have made sure that you had as good a time as they could help you have.”

Cheryl’s pussy was so marvelous that I wanted to get back to eating her with a minimum of delay, but I also felt an obligation to help her, as much as I could, to get the most pleasure possible from future sexual activity. I knew that was what she actually wanted from me. She also wanted to be taken to ecstasy that day, so Cheryl nestled her head into her pillow to wait for me to take her there. I was positive I would relish the trip as much as she did, so I brought my mouth back down to lick all the nectar from her pink hole and start caressing her other outer lip with my tongue.

I treated this one the same, but it felt better to me because Cheryl’s movements were becoming more erratic and her cooing was starting to turn to blissful moans. Once again, I kissed her Mount of Venus but, this time, she didn’t see me or speak to me, because her eyes were closed in bliss, and her head, a smile on her lips, was tossing back and forth on her pillow. I smiled at the way she was having such a great time, and got busy making it even better.

Once more, I started below her dripping love hole, my tongue sluicing up all the fresh nectar before it started probing between an inner and outer lip. In order to slide the flat of my tongue between the labia, I turned my head slightly and wiggled the tip to caress them both. As I tickled this more sensitive part of her pussy, Cheryl’s movements became even wilder and, when I reached the end of the inner lip, she was starting to fuck up into my face. Very delicately, I stroked across the clit hood at the junction of the two inner lips, making her movements even more frantic.

I knew that güvenilir casino Cheryl was close to being ready to cum, but I had obligated myself to giving her the most pleasure I could, so I decided to build her climax up a little more before making her erupt. I brought my tongue back down below her love hole again and, after feasting on the delicious fresh juices, treated her other pair of inner and outer lips as I had the first one.

This time, when I reached her clit hood, her thighs had started pounding against my shoulders, and Cheryl was sobbing and whimpering and ramming her pussy up into my face in the same tempo. I also noted that her legs had rotated slightly outward, more fully presenting her pussy to my mouth. She was at the apex of her arousal, I knew, and it was time for the eruption that had been building up.

After helping myself to all the fresh nectar that her pussy had produced, I slowly brought my tongue the length of her wet, pink slit up to where Cheryl’s swollen clit had pushed its way entirely out from its protective hood. I engulfed the precious morsel in my mouth and, using my lips as a seal, I sucked, while my tongue caressed the sides and top.

Her movements became even more erratic, until Cheryl blurted: “Oh! Oh! What’s happening?”

Telling her would have meant raising my mouth from her clit, and there was nothing in the world that could have made me do that. Cheryl’s movements became wilder, slamming her pussy against my face, while her legs swung back and forth, as if she were running in place, and her thighs pummeled my shoulders. To allow her as much freedom of movement as I could, I loosened my grip on Cheryl’s legs, but I kept my mouth snugly clamped on her clit and my tongue kept caressing the swollen sides and top.

Like her mother, Cheryl was quite vocal while cumming, which was a sweet and flattering sound to my ears. She continued in the throes for what seemed like a long time, but could not have been too long, because it was so extremely enjoyable for me. Abruptly, she gave an unusually loud cry of joy; her pussy rammed up against my face and her thighs slammed against my shoulders as her back arched. After her orgasm, Cheryl sagged back onto the bed, with her legs draped over my back.

When I glanced at her face, her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a smile of total bliss. I was pretty happy too, because there was so much nectar that had spattered on her thighs, belly crotch and all over and around her pussy. Since I expected to fuck her there, once Cheryl was ready, I left the juices inside the hole that had produced them so they could perform their natural function of lubrication.

After treating my taste buds to as much as I would allow myself, I backed away from Cheryl’s pussy, letting her legs flop onto the bed. I got up and, not wanting to risk grossing her out with her own juices, I carefully wiped them from my face. With that done, I removed the condom from my pocket and took off my pants and underwear. Still watching Cheryl lying in happy repose, I rolled the protection onto my cock and got back onto her bed, kneeling near the foot.

When she felt the bed shaking as I mounted, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. “That was wonderful, George. I’ve cum before, but never like that. I’ve heard of a girl’s pussy being eaten, but I never knew it could be so good. All my boyfriends say only lesbians do that, because a real man had no need to. At least, that’s what they told me, and my girl friends say the boys tell them the same thing.”

“Like I told you a little while ago, they don’t sound much like boyfriends. At least not the kind a girl like you would want. Not only are they foolish for depriving themselves of one of the greatest of all pleasures, they’re selfish for depriving you of it. You can tell your girl friends that too, and maybe the guys will start treating them right.”

“Well, you sure didn’t deprive me of it.” Cheryl looked at my erect cock then, as if noticing it for the first time. She pointed at and said: “I hope you can give me as much fun with that. I think it’s bigger than what my last boyfriend had.”

“I can, but it’ll be a different kind. Are you ready?”

Cheryl nodded her head eagerly and reached down to spread her pussy lips. With one hand holding my cock aimed at the small hole she was holding open for me, I moved forward until I leaned over and placed my other hand on the bed next to her. While it was supporting my weight, I moved in closer, until my cock was pressed against Cheryl’s pussy, and I rubbed the tip against her wetness.

With both of us ready, I gave a firm push, and I felt the head wedge its way between her fingers and into her soft pussy. Cheryl sighed happily at the first penetration, and it felt good to me too. I waited about ten seconds for her love hole to adjust itself, and gave another push. She expressed her happiness with the deeper entry, and I could feel the insides of her tight channel closing around my cock. It was inside her deeply enough that I no longer needed to guide it, so I placed that hand on the other side of Cheryl. I was leaning above her, supporting my weight on my hands, and I gave another strong thrust.

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