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Horse Club Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Tia’s story

This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It’s sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination, although this story should have enough facts for you to fill it in.

I have to thank Mark for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable. Although it never fails, when I get a work back from an editor I always have to change something so any mistakes are mine.

Bill and I were rushing getting the horses ready to load on the trailer for the day’s ride. I had been on a business trip all week, and because of that I had missed having sex. Not only had my week been full of tiring meetings and presentations, but the plane home had departed four hours late, which meant I got home in the middle of the night. I had come home completely drained and when I finally walked through the door all I could do was give Bill a kiss and hit the sack to sleep. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and was so tired I slept in: thus the rush to get the horses ready.

I had been looking forward to this ride for a long time now and today was the day we were going to head over to Dennis and Roy Heart’s place for the yearly Cancer ride/fund raiser. The Hearts were bachelors that had a farm that bordered the government grazing reserve which had about forty-five miles of trails through the woods to choose from. The whole club always met at their place for the trail rides because they had a gate between the reserve and their back pasture. From there we could head right into the trails. An added bonus was they also had a big fire pit area where we could all meet after the ride and go over the events of the day while we had a pot luck supper, some liquid refreshment and good companionship.

Anyway, while we were getting the horses ready to load in the trailer, Bill was being his usual horny self and trying to convince me to head on back to the house for some bedroom antics. Bill was trying his best to persuade me, and my body did want to join him in the bedroom, but I had been looking forward to this ride for a while and nothing was going to make me miss it. This wasn’t just an ordinary trail ride.

This was the yearly cancer ride where all the club members collected pledges to be donated to the local cancer fund. I had worked my tail off collecting a lot of money this year and I was sure I was going to get the plaque for the most donations collected. I had been trying for ten years to take that plaque from Barb, a close friend and neighbour, and an intervention from hell itself would be the only way for me to miss getting it this time.

I did feel sorry for Bill though. He was in as bad a shape as I was. He had also missed the bedroom action this last week. I tried to be gentle when I said, “Honey, you’re going to have to wait until later. I promise I will make tonight unforgettable and rock your world, and I expect you to take care of my needs too, but first we have to do this ride.” After promising him that, I was thinking to myself that tonight was going to be hot for the two of us. We both had missed each other during the past week and wanted to reconnect.

Now is as good a time as any to explain some important facts about me, and how these facts led up to what happened to me that day of the ride. It wasn’t until after that fateful day that I actually sat down and thought about myself and why I was the person I found myself being.

To start with, I am one of those women that feels very insecure about her looks. I work hard to keep my body fit and pick clothes that are stylish just to keep up appearances. I also wore the best makeup to make my face presentable, and tried to be nice to everyone. But whenever I looked at myself in the mirror all I saw was a plain looking female of the species.

I think the insecurity came from an old boyfriend who got pissed off when I told him no when he asked me to go in the back seat of his car with him. In his anger he told me I was just an ugly cow anyway and then he spread the word through the school and all the guys started to call me ugly.

Bill, bless his sole, was always telling me how gorgeous I was, but in my mind I knew better. When he said things like that, I was overjoyed that he felt that way about me and it did give me a warm glow in my pussy. So whenever he paid me some complements I made sure I showed my appreciation by being more energetic in the bedroom that night. I tried to make sure that I did everything possible to rock his world those nights, and as a result I got some real hot loving in return.

Bill once told me that even at a party or other event if someone else mentioned to me I was looking good or I looked fine in that dress I would hang on their every word for the rest of the night. I never noticed I did things like that until he pointed casino şirketleri it out. Inevitability I was always super horny from the attention that had been paid to me, and as a result Bill got more than lucky afterwards. My gratitude would only last until the next morning, and then I would look in the mirror and would be back to wondering if I was good looking or not.

Bill also told me that he figured out a long time ago that if he wanted hot sex, all he had to do was make sure he flattered and complimented me lots. Plus he would nonchalantly be touching me every chance he could.

A doctor could probably explain this better, and have some big words to describe how I am, but when I got complements from people, men or women, or if other men flirted with me, I reacted by subconsciously getting sexually aroused. I would feel obligated to give special thanks to whomever for the attention and making me feel good. No, I don’t swing both ways, it’s just that praise from anyone made me feel better about myself.

Bill thought that my way of saying thanks was to give up something special, and that something special was my body. I don’t know if he knew what he was talking about, and to me it was a bunch of whooie. I never saw myself like that. All I could see was I felt real good for whatever reason, and was horny.

I’m also one of those people that is touchy feely. I think it’s because without being aware of it, I’m looking for approval from whomever I’m talking too. I am always lightly touching whomever I am around. A light touch on an arm with a smile and I always move closer like I am having a hard time hearing them. That was a thing I picked up in the office environment I was in. It was just a way to make sure that whoever I was talking to was paying attention to me. I guess it might look like I am flirting, but that is just me being me.

I should explain another fact about me that was a major contributing factor in what happened to me that day. Once I get a bit horny and the longer it takes until I get some satisfaction, the intensity of my sexual yearning builds. It just seems like my body gets more and more desperate for release until I just burst at the seams and explode into action. The wildest sex Bill and I ever had was one day he had tied me up on the bed and teased me for a half hour. The phone interrupted us with my mother telling us she was close by and was going to drop in. My body was just jumping all afternoon in anticipation of continuing what had been started before we were interrupted. I had to wait until evening for relief and then my body went ballistic and was insatiable in its craving to be satisfied.

So, after finding out how to manipulate me, my devious husband would sometimes tease me in the morning and then stop so I would stew all day, waiting to be satisfied. If he again teased me in the afternoon and made me wait, the results were spectacular. I would be so horny that there was almost no stopping my antics in getting satisfaction. I would need at least three big orgasms before my body would be satisfied. Of course between those big orgasms I always had a couple of minor ones that just built up the need for something more intense.

At any rate, the groping and teasing he did to my body that morning had its desired effect on me, which was that I was very horny. I still put Bill off though, because we would be late for the ride. Like I said, there was no way I was going to miss it even if my body was craving sex just then.

After another attempt of trying to get me back in the house and bed I had to use my pissed off voice and scold Bill by saying, “That teasing, you just had to do has left me hot and a bit wet. I’ve been looking forward to this ride for a month now and I’m not going to miss it just because you’ve got me horny. Save it for later and like I promised before, tonight will be a special night, so let’s just finish loading the horses and enjoy the day.” I got an evil smile on my face and added, “With me being horny now, you should know what’s going to happen tonight.”

He was like a little boy as he pouted and replied, “It’s not fair. I’ve been horny for the whole week and was hoping to persuade you to join me in some bedroom antics.” The pout almost did it. He looks so cute with a pout on his lips. Whenever he does that I just want to go over and kiss away his hurt feelings.

I told him in a sympathetic voice, “Look, I’m as horny as you are, and if I have to wait for relief, you can too. Just remember I’m the one that’s wet between the legs, and will suffer all day with there being no way for me to get relief until after the ride.”

He was still sulking when he said with that pout still on his lips, “You can at least always rub your pussy on the saddle during the ride to get some relief. I can’t just whip it out with everyone else there. All you have to do rub your pussy on the saddle and you can get yourself off.”

“Gee, thanks for the idea. I think I will do just that,” I said, mocking him, but was really thinking to myself casino firmaları that it might be a good idea.

That conversation went back and forth for a while more and I was determined not to miss the ride, so after finishing loading the horses, Bill hopped in the truck, and I headed towards my car. There was no way I could ride in his truck. His truck was also used for his work, and the cab was always full of all sorts of stuff, so instead of cleaning it out, I always followed him in my car. I felt sorry for Bill though, so I did turn around with a smile on my face and blow him a kiss.

We both pulled into Dennis and Roy’s place and as we unloaded the horses I reassured Bill by saying, “I’m sorry you are so horny. I’m horny too, so we’re just going to have to suffer for a while until we get home.”

I teased him a bit by flippantly saying, “I think I will take your suggestion and get some relief with the saddle on the ride. That should keep the fires burning until I can get some proper relief when we get home.” For some reason, that statement never got him out of his grumpy mood.

The ride was enjoyable and as always my stubborn horse wanted to be near the end of the herd and Bill’s horse wanted to be up in the middle of the bunch. I saw him look back a few times and I knew he saw me leaning forward and wiggling around a fair bit in the saddle. At least my pussy was warmed up for later. I just didn’t know the consequences of my action and what was going to happen later though. I thought I was being inconspicuous taking the edge off my yearnings at the time. But I was to find out later that wasn’t the case, and that the Hearts, Dennis and Roy, had been candidly watching me.

About the middle of the ride, Dennis and Roy moved up from behind me and started to talk to me. I sort of enjoyed when they did that, because they were nice friends. Not only were we all in the same horse club but they had helped Bill around our place a few times, and we returned the favour when they needed help. The two of them were always so polite and nice to me when they were around.

There was the added bonus of being around them in that they were pretty good looking, in a rugged sort of way. Hell, if the truth be known they were the sexiest hunks of manhood I had ever seen. When all the women in the area talked about them, all they could talk about was speculation on just how big of a package they had. I had to wonder with the women too, because from the size of the bulge in their jeans they must be more than adequate.

I always enjoyed conversations with the two of them because they were fun and they always were playfully teasing me in one way or the other and making me laugh.

Bill liked them too, and he thought they were good friends and he laughed when he told me that watching those two was funny, as they tried not to ogle me every time they were around me. I didn’t know if I should believe him or not because Dennis and Roy were always perfect gentlemen to me even if some of their jokes were a bit crude.

As we rode our conversation was just normal stuff, but after a while there were a lot of double meanings tossed into the conversation. They seemed to be giving me a lot more than the usual appreciation and attention to how I looked. Without me noticing it, my body just naturally started to respond to the complements. Soon their conversation turned a bit more risqué and into slightly suggestive details of how someone as good looking as I should be treated in the bedroom.

When that started, my subconscious started working on me and I started to think about what they would be like as lovers and not just friends. Thinking the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence is something I suppose every woman does at one time or another, and just then I was no different.

They never came right out and said the wanted to fuck me, but looking at it after the fact, I should have seen what was coming. At one point Roy shocked the heck out of me when he said in an off the cuff voice that just reeked of innuendos, “You realize don’t you, that you are the most alluring, best dressed, finest made up, and sexiest woman on the ride.”

I had never heard either of them blatantly saying things like that so openly about me. Hearing that from Roy stimulated my need for approval, and I stiffened in the saddle as my pussy clenched. If I would have had a clearer head I should have said something to stop the improper comments, but I didn’t. They must have noticed the involuntary reaction my body had, because after that the complements and innuendos were given quite frequently. Without recognizing what was happening to me, my body was getting hornier by the minute as I was soaking up the attention they were paying me like a sponge.

As we rode along the trails I never noticed that the distance between us and the rest of the group was widening. With the trails having so many twists and turns and being so tree lined, we only occasionally saw the rest of the group until we were almost back at the güvenilir casino Hearts’ farm yard.

With that space they had secluded me from the others so they could seduce me without being noticed. Dennis and Roy seemed to be getting braver the further along the trail we went and they were riding close beside me. Roy was on my left side and Dennis was on the right. They were so near our knees were touching fairly often. I wasn’t consciously thinking about their motives but they spent a lot of time flirting like crazy with me. My thoughts were consumed by the attention, and started to go off to a world where nothing mattered but their flattering commentary about me. Without knowing it, I had gotten to the point where my body was going to need some sexual attention soon.

When the ride finished I don’t know how I did it, but I took care of my horse. When the presentations started, I indeed finally won that plaque away from Barb. As I accepted it I felt so jubilant at finally beating her it just added to the good feelings I was having.

Everyone had eaten and was sitting around the campfire and we all were bull shitting back and forth. I had a few stiff drinks and was feeling relaxed. Dennis and Roy were still using every chance they could to slyly whisper in my ear or lightly touch me. They were sneaky about it, and no one else noticed anything. I guess they could see what was happening to me and with them cleverly manipulating me, my body was ready to explode looking for that release it needed.

My mind never even thought of Bill and I don’t know why I did it, but I allowed those two guys to separately lead me off behind the stable. First Dennis took me back there, and then a short time later, Roy.

When Dennis led me behind the stable I freely allowed him access to my body. Before the first kiss even finished, my blouse was undone and my bra pushed up uncovering my tits. Dennis started to suck half of my right tit in his mouth. He was sucking so hard, it felt like a vacuum cleaner had attached itself to me. While he was doing that he was using his teeth to bite the nipple. His other hand was rubbing my pussy through my jeans and that started my juices flowing. He suddenly stopped and straightened my clothes and led me reluctantly back to rejoin everyone around the fire again.

I was still on a bit of a high when Roy took me back there, he did the same things to me, but he concentrated on the opposite side from what Dennis had done. He was even more aggressive and had me topless in no time at all. Like his brother, he broke it off just as I was ready to drag him to the ground and rape him. My juices were flowing and I almost screamed in frustration at being left hanging like that. I wanted to shoot them for being so inconsiderate of me.

When we joined the others, the two of them continued with the flattery and promises of how they would get me off later. My body had taken control of my mind by then and I wanted them desperately. I was willing to do anything they wanted to me. All I needed was a chance to be alone with them.

I remembered that tonight after everyone left for home, was my turn to help do a clean up around the area. My mind was thinking of ways to get everyone to leave fast so that I could be alone with Dennis and Roy. I’m surprised no one noticed how wet the front of my jeans were, or how nervous and jumpy I was.

The sun was giving off its last rays, and everyone was leaving. The plan was for Bill to take our horses home and do the chores, while I would help clean up the Hearts yard, and I would follow him in a little bit. At least that’s what everyone thought. I knew that this night would be a lot different and the yard would not be cleaned. Not by me at least. I planed on cleaning something else tonight, like the inside of Dennis and Roy’s mouths as I sucked their tonsils out. Not to mention making sure they kept the promises about what they were going to do to my body.

The darkness of night had descended and Bill left with the horses. The greens were the last ones to leave just a short time after Bill.

My body just seemed to launch itself at those two guys and there was a skip in my step as they led me off to the stable. Why they wanted to take me there I don’t know. Hell I’m sure they had a bed in the house so why take me to the stable? The door had no sooner closed behind us when our clothes flew everywhere. God only knew where they landed.

I could have shot Dennis when he told me to put my chaps back on because they looked so sexy. All I could think at that time was we were wasting time, so I quickly put them back on. No sooner than that was done, when I was sandwiched in between them.

All I felt were two very large, hot, super hard cocks pressing against me. I didn’t want them pressing against me, I wanted them inside me, where they could do some good. I was spun around as they took turns devouring my mouth and I had a quick look at the two of their bodies. I’m sure their poles were both ten inches long and fairly fat. I knew I was in for the ride of my life and couldn’t wait. Without warning I was bent forward and without any lead up, whoever was behind me, forcefully jammed his cock right to the bottom of my pussy. He immediately started to forcefully hammer me.

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