20 Şubat 2021

His Life With Lingerie


It all started with the birth of his first child. Like most husbands during pregnancy and the birth of their children he hadn’t gotten any for a few months. It started that he was helping around the house like any good “new” father would do. Doing dishes, picking up the house, doing some/most of the cooking and doing the laundry.

It was when he was doing laundry that he noticed something for the first time. His wife had a maternity gown that was all silky, and he always enjoyed seeing her in the gown. Late one night when he was doing laundry he noticed the gown in the dirty clothes, so he thought how good the gown felt, so he took into the spare bathroom to try it on. Before he could even get out of his own clothes, he had a hard on. As he slipped the gown over his head, all he could think was how wonderful the silky material felt against his skin. Since he was already excited, it didn’t take long for him to cum. As soon as he got done, he quickly took off the gown, got dressed in his own clothes and threw the gown into the washing machine.

He had been dressing in his wife’s nightgowns, whenever they were in the dirty clothes late at night, and she was asleep for a few months now. Late one night he had the scare of his life. While masturbating, his wife had woke up and went looking for her husband to find out where he was. Imagine what she thought when she opened the door for the spare bathroom. Damn he thought why didn’t I lock the door? It was too late and he couldn’t hide what he was doing late at night while she slept on those many nights. She quickly closed the door, and went out to the living room.

By the time he had gained his wits, she was mad and getting madder by the minuet. He entered the living room, with his head held low. She was shocked to see her husband sitting on the toilet wearing one of her nightgowns and masturbating. “What do you have to say for your self?” she asked. “I was horny, and I knew you were no longer in the mood to make love, so I was masturbating to relieve some of the tension. It was late one night that I noticed how soft and silky your nightgowns felt, and how excited I got by touching them, so I thought why not as long as I washed them right away.”

“I am so mad at you right now, you can spend the night on the couch, and give me time to think about what I just saw. She went and got him a pillow and blanket and threw them at him. She was still mad and I he didn’t think his marriage would last another week.

The next day the two of them had a long talk about his new fetish. He told her that he was not gay, and had no desire to become a woman, but the feel of her nightgown just felt so good on him, he couldn’t resist wearing it from time to time. She didn’t fully understand him wanting to wear her nightgown, but as long as it didn’t interfere in their sex life, and as long as he didn’t wear anything outside the house or in front of the child she didn’t mind.

It was on a shopping trip to the local department store she noticed something that she had never noticed before. Everytime they went to the store, they always walked by the lingerie department, no matter what they were getting from the store. And then she noticed him looking at all the sexy lingerie, and getting a dazed look in his eyes. She thought this would be a good way to stop him from wearing her nightgowns, so she went into the lingerie department and found the sexiest, skimpiest piece of lingerie she could find. She told him to come over, which he did, and then she did something that just shocked the hell out of him. She took lingerie and held it up to him and said it would look good on him. casino şirketleri He turned three shades of red, and left to go look at tools hoping no one saw what just happened.

She finally thought she had him cured of wearing her nightgowns, but she was sadly mistaken. That night while they were having sex, he showed more enthusiasm than he did for a long time. When they got done, she asked him what had gotten into him and he said that he kept thinking about earlier in the day when she held the lingerie in front of him. She then asked would you like to wear my gown while we make love? He smiled and starting getting an erection before she could even touch him she took that as a yes so she went to the dresser and pulled out the silkiest gown she had. Again he had a lot of enthusiasm, and she thought this was all because of him wearing her gown maybe she could let him wear a gown from time to time.

He would occasionally wear one of her gowns to bed through out the years, and that night their love making would be great, although the other times were good, but just not great. It wasn’t until after the birth of their third child, that she noticed he was wearing panties one day. She wondered where he had gotten them, since they weren’t her size or brand and they were made of silk. When she questioned him about them, he said he had purchased them at a lingerie store, saying they were a present for his wife. She asked him why he wanted to wear panties, and his reply was that they felt good under his pants while he was at work. She hadn’t noticed the different panties in the laundry since he did most of the laundry. She then wondered how far this would go.

One day the grandparents were watching the kids, so the husband and wife could spend some time together with no kids around. She asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to look through the lingerie department. Knowing the sex was going to be great that night, she thought why not. As they were strolling through all the silky sexy lingerie, she asked him would you ever consider wearing a bra? Little did she know he had been wearing hers now and then for a couple years now. He said embarrassed that he would. She then said all we have to do is figure out what size. It was then he had told her that he had worn her bras a couple of times and they were tight on him. Since she was a 34c, she picked out a lacy padded 36b bra for him. Now she was looking for a pair of matching panties, which didn’t take her long to find.

They stopped by home before picking up their kids, so they could try out their new purchases. As she got undressed and found a sexy teddy to wear he was changing into his new bra and panties. She was amazed on how turned on he was, but what was more amazing she enjoyed playing with another pair of breasts. It didn’t take long before they both had an orgasm, and they just lay there enjoying each other. It was during this session he asked her to suck on her own nipples, it was not easy to do but she managed to get it done. She was amazed on how turned on they both were when she would either suck on her nipples or play with his breasts. She noticed on days she got out her vibrator, that she couldn’t get off unless she sucked and played with her own nipples.

Over the next year or two, they would go out and by him some new lingerie from time to time, and they would both enjoy it. But one day she thought to herself, was she turning into a lesbian? She wasn’t enjoying the nights when he wasn’t dressed, and all she could think of was playing with his breasts when he was all dressed up or sucking on her own nipples.

After one of the many casino firmaları fights they had, she said she had enough and was going out for a drink. It was on that night she didn’t go to the bar, she didn’t go to a friend’s house and she didn’t go to the liquor store, but just for a drive in the country. It was later that night he got a visit from the police informing him that his wife was dead.

He mourned his loss for a couple years, knowing he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He had kept all the lingerie he they had gotten over they years and was masturbating two to three times a night. One night he just wasn’t in the mood to wear lingerie, so he got online in a chat room. He had gone to a few before, but nothing ever happened but enjoyed going to see all the crazy conversations going on between people. It was there where he met his second wife. He hadn’t planned on meeting her, it just happened and with luck she lived in the same town as he did.

He tried to hint around about his lingerie fetish, but she didn’t catch on what he was truly saying. She just thought he enjoyed seeing and feeling lingerie on the women he was dating. They had talked on the phone for a couple hours every night for over a week, before she came over to his house late one night so they could meet. When they saw each other, they both felt the attraction between them and they both felt very comfortable with each other. As the night progressed, they both knew where this was headed, so without saying a word they went into his bedroom and locked the door behind them.

The next late night when she came over to visit, he sat her down and said he had to tell her something before the relationship could go any further. She prepared herself for the worst, she had seen several kinky things in the past so she kept telling herself it can’t be that bad. After he started explaining his fetish, she just sat there and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had experimented with several different fetishes and even had sex with a couple different women, but nothing prepared her for this. He had to go through the speech that he didn’t want to change his sex, and he wasn’t gay but she was still shocked by his fetish. After that she sat there for about ten minuets with out saying anything, then she told him that she wanted to go home and think about what he had just told her.

He knew that she was never coming back, and that he would never hear from her again. He knew this because of the few times he told some other women on the internet that he liked wearing lingerie they would stop talking to him. He also knew it wasn’t fair to either one of them if he didn’t tell her. Why start a relationship, knowing that it could end as soon as she found out. Neither one of the needed their hearts broken again.

A week went by, and she never called, went online or came by his house. He knew that if he chased her that she would never want to talk to him again. It was late one night and he was just about ready to go to bed, when she got online. She asked if she could come over for a little bit. He said yes.

When she stopped by they had a long talk about his lingerie fetish, and she said she had some issues with it, but that she liked him enough that she thought she could work through them. That night she asked him to put something on so she could see what he looked like. He was never very muscular so when he wore lingerie it didn’t really look that bad except when he hadn’t shaved his chest for awhile. They just sat in his bedroom for hours talking until the sun started to come up and then he needed to get out of his lingerie because the kids would güvenilir casino be up soon.

They had a short engagement, since they both had been married before neither one wanted a big wedding. They got along great, and their sex life was great. Sometimes she would let him dress while they were having sex, but most of the time she didn’t, but he didn’t really care because she let him wear panties all the time and wear nightgowns whenever felt the urge to. And on those rare occasions she would even let him wear a bra to bed. She could tell that when he was stressed, that wearing these items made him relax she didn’t know why but as long as they were both happy what did it matter.

A couple years after the kids left the house, the happy couple wasn’t so happy anymore. They were fighting more and their sex life was non-existent. One day during the week she had the day off and she told him that she was going to just relax around the house. He went to work, but there wasn’t much going on and after doing nothing for a couple hours he decided to leave work early. On the other days he left early he would stop by the strip club and have a couple drinks until suppertime. This time he decided not to go to the club but to go straight home. When he got home he noticed her friend’s car in the driveway, so he parked in the street and went into his house.

He didn’t see them in the living room, kitchen or even out on the back deck getting a tan. As he walked all through the downstairs he noticed music coming from upstairs. He walked up the stairs to find out what the girls were doing. It was when he got to the bedroom door, that he got the surprise of his life. He saw his wife of over ten years, with her head buried deep between her friend’s legs. He just stood there in disbelieve what he was seeing. She wouldn’t let him wear a bra because she didn’t know if she should treat him like a man or a woman, but there she is going down on her friend.

He stood in the doorway watching his wife and her friend having sex in their bed. He didn’t know how to react. At first he was mad, but then he started to get turned on. He watched them for at least 15 minuets before his wife came up for air. He heard his wife’s friend say something, but couldn’t hear what but when his wife turned over and asked him if enjoyed the show, he figured that the friend had told his wife that he was there.

She explained to her husband that she always felt attracted to both men and women but she fought the urge to chase other women so she would appear normal to the community. She went further to explain that she and her friend had been doing this once or twice a week since the kids were in high school. She told him that she would understand if she wanted a divorce, however to think about the possibilities if they didn’t get one. Not knowing what she was trying to say he just gave a puzzled look. It was then the wife informed him that her friend knew all about him wearing panties, bras and lingerie. He was mad that she would break the trust they had, but when the friend just smiled he was intrigued. Was it possible to find another women who enjoyed a man wearing lingerie?

After that night things changed in everybody’s relationship. The wife’s friend needed a place to stay, and they had spare bedrooms so why not stay with them. No one in the neighborhood knew what was going on behind close doors, but they would be in shock if they did know.

It was from that time on that the three of them had sex all the time. The wife introduced a strap on as part of their lives, and they all took turns being the man of the house. The husband wore lingerie all the time, except when company was coming over and when he was at work, however he still wore panties to work. It was the best two years of their lives until the friend had leave because she was being transferred to a city.

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