17 Şubat 2021

Hard On the Trail Ch. 07


I waited a few days before I approached my bitch. That first night I drove up to his house, using the address on his id. But my ass was sore from Daddy’s ravaging that I thought I should wait it out a few days. After all, if I played it the way Daddy did I was supposed to let my bitch fuck me once before I fucked him again. To give him the false sense of a level playing field. To suck him into all forms of pleasure that could be derived from this sub-dom relationship.

The next few days I drove by his house, just to see if he had an cop cars in the yard or news crews. Always nothing, quiet, no friends, family, cops … not a soul.

Finally, I got up the guts one night and I pulled up on his street. I parked a little bit down the road. I didn’t want him to be able to identify my car if this went sour. But I also didn’t want to have to run too far to get to it either.

After parking just past some hedges I got out, grabbed his id and headed to his front door. I stood staring at the doorbell for a while before ringing it. At first I thought maybe no one was home, then I heard the sound of a bolt being removed from his holding and the door opened up. The look on his face, I couldn’t tell at first, he looked surprised, but was he mad, was he going to run? Before I could say anything he dove at me. I flinched, prepared to have to fight him, but instead he was kissing me all over. It was my turn to be surprised.

He pulled me into his house, still kissing me, and shut the door behind me. His lips pressed to mine and moving down my neck and back up as his hands wrestled with my belt. This was completely unexpected, clearly he’d been thinking about our adventure for some time. Having freed my belt he undid my pants and dropped them casino şirketleri down below my knees. It was only then that he stopped kissing me and dropped to his knees.

My already hard dick flexed only for a second before I felt the back of his throat against my head. I threw my head back and moaned. The feeling of his wet mouth all over my cock was mind blowing, holy shit I had never, never had head this amazing. I thought back to all my ex-girlfriends, they were sloppy, too dry, too much teeth, but this…this was amazing. Daddy never sucked my dick…I’d never sucked his dick. I almost forgot why I was here as his tongue flicked the base of my cock. It took all my will power to shove him off me. He looked up at me confused. I reached in my jacket pocket and passed him a bottle of lube as I turned around and assumed the position, on the ground, ass up. He stuttered, “Sss sir…really?”

I growled back, “You get one shot to ravage your Daddy and show him just how much you took in the woods. Take it now or never get this chance again.”

I hadn’t finished my sentence before he was already lubed up and at my ass.

His breathing was labored, “Sssirr, I’ve never…I’ve never done this before.”

I looked over my shoulder, “you don’t have to, but understand whether you fuck me or not I’m sticking my cock deep in your ass in 6 minutes.”

He nodded nervously and with one quick shove he rammed into my used ass. “Uhhh” he grunted as he slid in. “oh yeah…fuck, you feel so good. Uhhh” he began thrusting into my ass. It was nothing like Daddy’s dick, my ass was still stretched from Daddy’s last fucking. But I moaned out, “mmmm yeah… fucking take my ass” a few times to make him feel like a man. The sooner I got casino firmaları him off the sooner I’d get to tear up his tight little bud the same way Daddy tore mine up!

“ohh,, yeah” he moaned, “you like that? Yeah… fucking ass hole. Think you can fucking jump me in the woods. I’ll show you a fucking. Yeah” he started to pound harder. I could tell by his breathing he was going to be a quickie. He’d thought about this way too much over the past few days and gotten himself all worked up. “Yeah, uhhhh fuck…fucking fill your ass … uhhh yeah… I’m cumming, I’m cummmiiinnnggg ohhhuhhhhhhhh” and with that I felt him spurt his seed throughout my ass. I grinned to myself, now this shit was going to hurt him…there was nothing left for him but sweet submission at it’s most painful. Now I completely understood why Daddy did it this way.To show how bad it could get.

I didn’t waste any time, as soon as he stopped flexing in my ass I stood up which shoved him off of me. He fell back to the ground exhausted. I stood over him, my raging hard on flexing. His eyes looked scared and excited, “Sir, can we do this another time, I can’t go again…I’m too tired.”

I grinned ear to ear, “This isn’t about you now, this is about my pleasure. Now get on your stomach before I put you on your stomach!” He shook a little as he rolled over, I reached for a throw pillow on his sofa and propped his stomach up a bit so his ass was in prime view. While doing that I freed myself from my pants, took out my belt and tossed it at him. “Here,” I laughed, “Shove this in your mouth, you’re going to need it.” As he shook beneath me I lubed up my cock. I was tempted to shove it in his mouth and let him swallow my cum. But I could save that for another day. He güvenilir casino needed to know who was boss. And in one quick thrust I punctured his still virginal ass.

“OHAARRRR” he screamed out in pain, “oh please, daddy…please don’t. Let me suck your dick instead!”

That was the first time he’d called me daddy and it got me so fired up, “I don’t think so, son, you’re going to take Daddy’s cock in your little ass. I’m going to fill you with my cum uhhhhh” I thrust deeper into him.

“Oh god, please ohhuuuhhhhhh” he squirmed beneath me. I began to slow my thrusts with my hands pulling his ass cheeks apart so I could watch as my cock took his ass inch by inch. “ohhhhh fuck it fucking hurts…ohhhhh I hate this.”

“Yeah, you want more.”

“No, please stop! I can’t do it.”

“Oh yeah, you want me to fuck you harder?” I started to pick up my pace, grabbing his hips with my hands in a tight grip I pounded into him. “yeah, you take daddy’s cock! Just remember, you’re my bitch now, when I want this ass you bend over and give me this ass!”

“Yes, sir. aarrrrrrruuuuhh” he cried.

“yeah… ohhhh yeah you fucking take it in your tight ass uhhhhh yeah right there, you ready…daddy’s gonna cum.. uhhhh” I pulled out until just my head was inside him and with one hard thrust I pounded deeper into his ass then I’d ever been. He screamed out in pain which pushed me over the edge and I felt my cum spilling into his ass.

“Arrraaggg ohh god…ahhhh fuck.” he moaned under me.

As I pulled out most of my cum stayed inside. Good thing, would give him something to think about later when he walked around and it dribbled into his shorts.

I pulled my pants up and he looked over his shoulder, “When do I see you again?” he asked with this lustful look in his eyes.

I grinned, “I come when I want to cum. Be home!”

and with that I left his house feeling I’d accomplished something as I felt his cum dripping out of my ass. |


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