19 Şubat 2021

Green Eyes Ch. 03

Big Dick

From:Jane [jane.burrell@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:40 PM


Subject:ur kinkiest fantasy

Tell me the kinkiest thing u’ve ever done!

From:xxx [xxx.xxx@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:42 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

I think what we did last week.

From:Jane [jane.burrell@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:43 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

I’m feeling horny! Tell me what we did!

From:xxx [xxx.xxx@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:46 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

U know that IT can read our emails.

From:Jane [jane.burrell@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:46 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

That makes me hornier! Tell me!

From:xxx [xxx.xxx@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:52 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

You gave me a blowjob. Then you kissed me. Then in the bedroom I licked you. Then we had sex. You made me come on your tits. Then you made me lick it off.

From:Jane [jane.burrell@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 3:54 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

MMMM! I’m so wet! If u tell me the 3 kinkiest things u can think of u can come over tonite! If u want to come over I mean REALLY kinky!

From:xxx [xxx.xxx@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 4:17 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

The three kinkiest things I can think of (but that doesn’t mean I want to do them) are:

Be fucked by girl with a strap-on.

Suck a man’s dick.

Have a threesome.

What time shall I come over?!

From:Jane [jane.burrell@xxx.co.uk] Sent: Fri 19/01/2008 4:19 PM


Subject:RE: ur kinkiest fantasy

Have a threesome is lame. But maybe u mean with me and Mark! You could suck his dick if you want! And I can fuck u with my strap-on tonite! U R so kinky! Come over at 8pm.

At 8 o’clock on the dot I rang the bell of Jane and Mark’s house, my breath fogging bahis firmaları in the icy night air. Mark, her husband, was away with the army for another week – at least I really fucking hoped he was. Jane answered the door in just a pink slip to her thighs. She smiled and shivered and her nipples were like cherries through the thin slip. She didn’t seem to care that the neighbours may see her welcoming a strange man dressed only in her nightie. She invited me in and told me to take off my things and meet her in the bedroom. I watched her wonderful ass climb the stairs. She was wearing panties in the same pink material. When she disappeared at the top of the stairs I hurriedly dumped my coat, scarf and shoes in the hall and rushed after her.

In the bedroom Jane lay on the bed, her knees bent, the slip hitched around her waist, tracing the crack of her vulva through her panties with a humming gold vibrator. She looked at me and frowned. “I told you to get undressed.”

I started to protest, but thought better of it, and began dumping clothes on the bedroom floor. As I undressed, Jane toyed with the vibrator and spoke. “I told a little lie. I haven’t got a strap-on. But we can go shopping tomorrow. I had no idea you were so kinky! We’ll buy a big strap-on cock for me. Can you imagine? Me with a big cock and you on your knees sucking it? Begging me to fuck you with my big cock. Wishing it was real?”

I was naked now and my erection was huge. Lying there, hot as anything, tracing the line of her cunt with the vibrator, telling me her kinky fetishes, I’d have been hard whatever she said. She twisted the base of the vibrator and the humming stopped. She seemed to think for a second, then turned it round and held it with the base against her panties, the smooth gold plastic sticking up. “Come over here,” she said. “Come and suck my cock.”

I crawled onto the bed between her legs. She watched me with a smirk. Both hands held the base of the vibrator and with a quizzical look she inclined it slightly towards me. I leaned down and put my closed mouth to the rounded head. It’s only plastic, I told myself. Jane raised her hips kaçak iddaa slightly and the vibrator pushed half-an-inch between my lips. Only plastic. My eyes locked on hers I took the vibrator into my mouth. Her smile broadened. Only plastic, it was cold and hard in my mouth, but foreign, perverted, sexy. I experimented, moving my head up and down, running my tongue over it, tracing its cold surface with my teeth. It filled my mouth. Only plastic, but in my mind I sucked an erect penis.

Abruptly Jane pulled the vibrator from my mouth. “Take off my panties,” she told me. She lifted her hips and I slid the panties down her legs. Her pussy was swollen and pink. She slid the vibrator in with little resistance, then pulled it out and again held it like it was her cock. The gold plastic was smeared now but I didn’t hesitate in swallowing the vibrator.

This she repeated a few times before having me lay on my back. She straddled me, sat on my chest, her knees pinning my arms. Now she took the vibrator and pushed it in my mouth. There was a new look in her green eyes that scared me a little. Quite violently she was shoving the vibrator into my mouth making me gag. “You love sucking cock! Tell me you love sucking cock.”

I couldn’t say it. I didn’t anymore.

She frowned and then grinned. “I’m going to make you say you love it,” she said, determined. The vibrator was discarded. She slid down between my legs and suddenly pushed my ass up in the air. “What are you doing?” I cried. She didn’t answer but used her body to prop me up so that I rested on my shoulders with her face between my legs. Just as suddenly I found her tongue shoved in my ass, making me jump and cry out. She began licking my ass thoroughly, her face pressed against me, her tongue probing and pushing against my sphincter. It was hot and wet and incredible and when she grabbed by prick I thought I was going to die. Her tongue pushed against my asshole and squirmed its way inside as she squeezed my prick. From my strange position all I could see was her hand on my prick and my prick pointing down at me.

Her tongue pushed wetly deeper. And pulled out. “Would kaçak bahis you dominate Mark? Or should he dominate you? Humour me. Let me have my little fantasy.”


Tongue snaked in. And out. “Would you fuck him? Or would he fuck you?”

I didn’t want a man fucking me. I didn’t want to fuck a man.

In. Out. “Would you suck his cock? Or would he suck yours?”

I definitely didn’t want to suck a man’s cock. I really didn’t.

In. Hold. Wriggle. Slowly out. “Would you lick his ass? Or he lick yours?”

And I certainly didn’t want to lick Mark’s ass.

In. In. Out. Out. “So. Would you dominate Mark? Or would he dominate you?”

I was confused. “I… Uh..? Dominate me,” I blurted.

In. In. In. She wanked me. Out. “You want my husband – and me – to dominate you?”


In. In. In. Jane licked wantonly at my ass.

“I don’t know!”

Out. “Say you love sucking cock.” Her mouth so close, her breath on my ass.

“I do! I love sucking cock!”

In. Wank. In. Wank. In. Out. “Say you want to suck Mark’s cock.”

“I… want to suck… Mark’s cock.”

“Ask me if you can.”

She buried her face in my ass, forcing her tongue as deep as it would go. At the same time she increased the tempo on my prick, wanking me as fast as she could. I was going to cum.

“Can I suck Mark’s cock?! Oh! Please!”

My cock exploded. With her tongue buried in my ass I almost blacked out. Cum rained down on me like hot wax, splashing across my face and chest. My asshole spasmed on her tongue and still I came. I could taste the cum on my lips, very hot and salty. I was breathing in great gasps.

Jane left my ass and gently lay me down. I lay frozen on the bed, breathing fast, cum splattered all over me. Jane crawled up me. I felt the vibrator rolled in the cum on my chest. When she slid it in my mouth, lovingly now, I didn’t even consider resisting. I sucked my cum from the smooth plastic cock, the taste sharp in my throat. She rolled it in more cum, slid it in my mouth. Cum lay on my cheek and she helped slide it to my mouth and pushed the slick vibrator in. She coated that vibrator in every drop of my cum and I sucked the vibrator and swallowed it all.

At last she brought her lips to my cum-smeared lips and kissed me.

“Yes, baby. You can suck my husband’s cock.”

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