16 Şubat 2021

Greek Interlude


I’m in a small Greek town, in the late summer. Quiet streets, shuttered houses, sun and leaf shadows on the paving. Most Greeks away on their summer holidays, the bars and cafés quiet. I sit in a cafe on the main square sipping a tiny coffee, and gradually became aware of the interest of a pair of Greek girls a few tables away. They glance briefly at me, talk quietly together, glance again and look away if they notice me returning their gaze. One is plump and dark, the other slimmer with a narrower face, blonder hair and the classic Greek nose. The first is wearing a black vest, showing an ample brown cleavage, and beach shorts; the other, a long summer dress with a modest neckline. I finish my coffee and beckon to the café’s owner for the bill.

When he comes over he says in English,

“Those two. They wants to know if you are from Englands.”

“I am,” I say. “From London.”

Something makes me linger a little before leaving, and I look over at the girls who again look away much too obviously. They dawdle out of the cafe and stand half in and half out of the square. I take the plunge.

“You were right,” I say. “I’m from England.”

I say this in English, half in their direction and half to the air: they could take it or leave it. A pause while they look at each other and giggle.


“I could tell by your hair,” the plump one says. “What is your name? Mine is Maria.”

I tell them my name; they are Maria and Eleni. Every few seconds they exchange glances, and seem always on the verge of a mischievous chuckle.

Eleni says,

“Would you like to see my Uncle’s house?”

She is quite pretty, with her long nose and slanting eyes. She mistakes my puzzlement for apprehension, and assures me,

“Don’t worry. It is quite safe, my Uncle is not there.”

So why would I want to see her Uncle’s house? I don’t know, but it’s fun being with them and I’m happy to get further acquainted, so I go along. They lead me through the glare of the sunlit streets, walking as a pair just ahead of me. Now I can admire their figures in loose-fitting summer clothes. Eleni has a small shapely bottom under her dress; Maria has round bouncy buttocks and sturdy legs in her shorts. She glances round and guesses what I’m looking at. Did she just wink? These girls seem very self-assured: their shyness is just a polite veneer, perhaps.

We come to an ornate wooden door in a sunlit wall: Eleni unlocks it and we go in. Wow. From the glare of the street, we find ourselves in a shaded courtyard. A fountain plays in the centre, and around the sides is an arcaded cloister, with vines and a cushioned settee swing. It’s quiet here, and there’s an air of wealthy privilege. The absent uncle must be a grandee to own such a property. The girls ignore all this and whisk me into the (enormous, cool) kitchen where we sit on bar stools and drink fizzy lemonade.

They kick their shoes off and I do the same, feeling the cool tiles underfoot. They ask me about how I come to be in Greece, and I tell my story (college language scholarship, Athens summer school, travelling blah blah). Occasionally they exchange a few words in Greek and a conspiratorial look between themselves; I can make nothing of it. Eleni suggests shots of tsipouro to go with the lemonade: the local liquor makes us all garrulous and relaxed. Maria stands bahis firmaları up, yawns ostentatiously and stretches: her breasts swell magnificently over the top of her vest.

“Would you like to see the house?” she asks.

I say of course, and we look into the vast opulent salon, the plush and cluttered parlour and even a small library.

Then Maria leads the way upstairs, and the atmosphere subtly changes. Eleni disappears off somewhere, and Maria leads me around the enormous wooden gallery which looks over the courtyard. Heavy wooden doors, all closed, lead off it, and she opens one. Inside it’s a little dark, and she pushes open latticed shutters to let the sun in. It’s a huge room with a wood-beamed ceiling, and two big divans or daybeds covered with bright silk cushions. Maria comes and stands very close to me and looks into my face. Then she reaches up, puts a hand behind the back of my neck, and pulls my mouth to hers. Her mouth feels hot, her breath is coming fast and ragged, and I feel strands of hair touching my cheek. Her mouth is partly open and her tongue shyly emerges to touch mine.

She pushes against me urgently, and then pulls away. I think maybe that she has had enough, or has thought better of her impulse, but then her hands go down to her waist, cross, and in a quick single movement she pulls her vest over her head and tosses it aside. I have half a second to see that she’s not wearing a bra, and I have a quick impression of her large rounded brown breasts before she reaches for me again and her hot mouth is on mine once more. My hands roam over her broad smooth back, delighting in her soft skin. She is still breathless and her mouth is still hot and wet, pressing into mine. I return her kiss and run my hands down over her shorts to feel her buttocks. They are full but firm, a good womanly bottom with a deep cleft. She groans into my mouth as I squeeze her arse. Her hands are again down between us, but now she’s pushing them up under my shirt and holding and kneading the flesh of my back. Then I feel another gentle pressure on my back, and realise that Eleni has walked in behind us and pressed herself against me, and that I’m now sandwiched between two girls who seem to have ultimate designs on me.

Eleni’s arms are around me and her fingers are working at my waistband; Maria pulls her face back from mine and looks into my eyes for a second before she pulls my shirt off over my head. Eleni has cleverly undone my shorts and pulls them down to my ankles. I’m standing there naked between the girls: Maria runs her hands over my chest, her thumbs caressing my nipples; Eleni is stroking my back and nibbling the back of my neck. My cock is twitching in anticipation of what is to come. Maria brings her mouth back to mine and as she does so I can feel her undoing her shorts and stamping them to the floor.

Eleni’s fingers slide down my back and she tickles my arse crack and whispers into my ear,

“This is what we wanted.”

She comes around from behind me, still in her summer dress, and the two girls gently pull me into one of the divans, where we lie among the silk cushions, one of them on each side of me. Maria’s nakedness is stunning: she is all round brown smooth curves, great firm breasts with just a hint of wobble when she moves. My cock is growing by the second, and now both girls are kissing my kaçak iddaa face and neck while their hands roam over my chest and stomach. Then Eleni’s fingers brush my cock and she strokes along its length.

“You are very nice,” she tells me, and the girls say something in Greek to each other.

Eleni now softly grasps my cock in her hand and gives it a few deft strokes; then both girls are sitting up and moving down along my body, Maria’s tongue flicking my nipple and her mouth sucking it erect. Then the girls face each other with my erection between them, and move close in.

Maria plants a wet kiss on the straining tip of my cock, and Eleni’s tongue swirls around the engorged head. Then both their mouths converge in a fused kiss, with the head of my cock in the middle, and the sensation is amazing. Maria says something in a low voice to Eleni, and they giggle again: maybe it’s some kind of suggestion? It seems so, because both girls now shift and wriggle around so that they are on all fours with their bottoms pointing towards me, their heads still at the level of my cock. Their mouths keep teasing my prick, but their bottoms are mine to play with, although Eleni’s is hidden under her dress. Maria, though: her sweet feet are next to my head, and her arse is a majestic sight to behold. I run my hand over her beautiful big buttocks, revelling in their smooth roundness, and then slide my middle finger down the damp cleft. I pause momentarily at the intriguing pucker of her anus (she gives a little shiver) and then move down to her swollen pussy lips which are peeking out from her bottom.

It’s then that something amazing happens, because as I run my finger between her labia there’s suddenly no resistance and it slides into nothingness. She is like a lake. How long has all that wetness been building up? I carefully try with two fingers, and this time I can just feel the walls of her vagina. She pushes back onto my hand and her pussy muscles squeeze me.

“O Dio”, she says.

Meanwhile my other hand is creeping up the back of Eleni’s legs, under the skirt of her dress. Her slim pert buttocks are cool and damp, but there’s warmth in her cleft and she seems to be wearing no panties. Her pussy lips are dry, but a light touch brings out wetness and she wriggles in appreciation. Both girls have now stopped kissing my cock and are feeling the effect of my fingers.

Then Maria creeps around and says into my ear,

“Please can we fuck together now?”

She seems to think that she has spoken out of place because her hand flies to her mouth and she looks embarrassed.

To reassure her I say,

“Chairete”, “Be happy,” and she relaxes and flops flat on her back against the pillows, breasts bouncing and flattening.

Eleni and I are kneeling next to her.

“She looks like Goya’s Maja Desnuda”, Eleni says.

And she does: except Maria is far more erotic, her lips and knees slightly parted. I stroke the inside of her left knee and she spreads her legs more, revealing her dark bush and glistening wet pussy lips below.

Eleni says into my ear,

“Now you will make her very happy”.

She takes my cock in her hand and wanks it strongly for a few strokes.

“With this. And I will watch you fuck together.”

She reaches down and pulls her dress over her head: now she is naked for kaçak bahis the first time, little tilted breasts and a flat stomach. I kneel in between Maria’s spread legs and look into her face. She smiles back at me and reaches up to pull me into her. As my cock enters her, seamlessly, effortlessly as she is so wet, she clamps her hot mouth over my lips and groans into my mouth. As I make the first few strokes, feeling her gorgeous pneumatic breasts between our bodies, Eleni starts to talk.

“We discussed it in the café: who would be the first to fuck with you,” she tells me. “Maria won the argument. But I have idea.”

As I thrust into Maria, as I watch her face change from surprise to delight under me, as I kiss her forehead and her cheeks, I feel Eleni’s hands wandering over my back. She slides her fingers over my arse cheeks, and pushes me into Maria’s pussy at each stroke, helping us to fuck. But then she obviously does “have idea”. Her fingers drift into the crack of my arse, and she slides one over my arsehole to see my response.

I let out a long sound of

“mmmmm . . . . ” to encourage her.

Her finger is withdrawn, but comes back straight away, massaging, stroking, probing. The finger rims my arse, circles and then pushes in, penetrates me. Now as I withdraw from Maria ready for the next fuck-stroke, I’m pushing back onto Eleni’s finger. She goes deeper and deeper, and we get into a rhythm; Eleni keeps her hand in place while cuddling up to my back and nibbling my ear.

She whispers,

“Now I’m fucking you as well. We’re both fucking you.”

And she is: I’m fucking Maria, Eleni’s fucking me, and we rock in perfect harmony for what seems quite a time.

Eleni says something to Maria, whose eyes widen slightly in surprise, then her lips part in amusement. I’m guessing she’s just found out that her friend’s finger is buried in my arse.

Then she brings her head up and whispers in my ear,

“Not . . . not to come inside.”

She has a point, because I’m getting close. I withdraw and kneel beside Maria, her pussy juices glistening on my cock. Eleni reaches across Maria’s body and grasps me firmly, wanking me strongly; the feeling growing in me is amazing. I reach down and feel Maria’s swollen pussy lips, and swirl two fingers around her clitoris. Maria arches her back and bucks like a little horse. I swirl faster and keep a sustained rhythm. Eleni is taking deep strokes with my cock, Maria’s breasts are heaving and wobbling, we are all sweating I think. Maria’s hand grips my buttock and her fingers creep around until she is gently stroking my arsehole. Eleni must have encouraged her, because she runs a fingertip over my anus and softly massages it; the sensations are incredible. With my free hand I cup Eleni’s left breast and gently pinch her nipple between two fingers. Then Maria lets out an enormous gasp and comes so hard I have trouble keeping my hand on her clitoris to give her the full force of the orgasm. She subsides between us, and I give myself up to the delightful feeling of Eleni’s hand as she brings me to climax. She extends her middle finger down over my balls with the final strokes, and my sperm splashes over Maria’s breasts, dribbling down to fill her navel to the brim. Eleni gives my cock a last few gentle strokes, and I subside back onto my heels.

Maria looks up at us, her mouth a delighted “O”, and Eleni caresses and massages my sperm into her friend’s breasts. She looks over at me.

“Promise me you will fuck me as well soon,” she says with a smile.

. . . to be continued . . .

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