19 Şubat 2021

Grandma Gets Pierced


I heard Barbara hollering as I came in the house.

“You motherfucking old bitch. You just can’t stay away from the liquor. What the fuck is the matter with you?”

She and father were out on the back porch. Agnes was hanging with her arms up in the air fatsened to a beam going across the porch and her legs in a spreader bar. She was dressed in a black cut out bra with her ample nipples sticking out of the front of it waiting to be suckled. She wore a black garter girdle which was holding up her dark brown full fashioned nylon stockings. She also had on a pair of very sheer black directoire knickers which were pulled down just below her stocking tops. Her feet were encased in black leather pumps and although she was tethered to the beam her feet were solidly on the floor of the porch. To muffle her cries father had placed a ball gag in her mouth.

Barbara was wearing a dark blue six strap garter belt and very sheer brown hose. Her teats were hanging down on her chest as she wore no bra as well as no panties. Her pubic hair was bright red and very ample across her belly and pussy.

Father had on a black eight strap garter belt and vey dark full fashioned stockings and two inch high heel leather pumps. He had a quirt in his hand and obviously was aiming it at Agnes’s cunt.

His six inch uncut cock was swaying to and fro as he aimed the quirt at Agnes’s cunt

I could see a huge wet spot on the floor of the porch where Agnes was hanging and it was very obvious that she had just pissed. I could also see her stockings were very wet where the piss had run down her legs.

“Agnes, father said, I don’t know what the fuck I am going to do with you. I can’t trust you to stay away from the liquor. Your job here is to run the household and all you can do is get drunk.”

With that father gave her cunt another good swat with the quirt. I could see her flinch from the blow even though her eyes clearly showed she was totally intoxicated.

Barbara told father to whip her cunt good and to give her nipples a swat or two also.

Suddenly Barabra saw me and asked “What the hell are you doing here? I’m going to make sure your father whips this old bitches cunt good and hard. Maybe that will teach her not to get drunk so often. Then I’m going to suck his long uncut cock.”

With that father smacked Agnes on her cunt again. I could now see her lush growth of gray pubic hair around her cunt lips which hung down from her outer lips. She really had dangling inner lips. Her belly fur had been trimmed by someone and was shaved down to where the cleft of her lips began. Her pubic hair was still damp from having pissed a few minutes before I arrived on the scene.

Agnes suddenly began pissing agin and it just gushed from her cunt lips down onto her knickers and stockings. It was obvious that she had consumed plenty of whatever she had been drinking. She finished pissing and father whacked her cunt lips again, this time a little harder.

Barbara said “I think we need to take the old bitch and have a piercing party with her. Maybe if she has her cunt lips and nipples pierced she will behave herself a little better.”

I said “I think that would be a wonderful idea. Then if she doesn’t stay sober we can hang some weights on her cunt rings and really stretch her cunt lips so they hang down even further than they are now.”

Father asked Agnes “Would you behave if we pierced your cunt and your nipples?”

Agnes just nodded her head “Yes” even though she was so drunk she probably didn’t understand what father asked her. She probably thought if she agreed he would release her from the rafter. When I looked at her I also noticed she had a lot of gray hair under each armpit. She must not have been shaving those either for awhile.

Father said to Barbara “Let her down and we’ll talk about a piercing party. It might be fun to let some others attend and see how a woman gets her cunt and nipples pierced. We could have your sister Donna, Frank and Marie, and Bob and Jewel Burke.”

Barbara unfastened the rope holding the cuff to Agnes’s wrist and let her arms down. I rushed to help hold her up and pulled her sheer knickers up to her waist. I guided her to a chair that was on the porch and helped her sit down. I couldn’t help but look at her big long nipples and wonder how they were going to look with rings through them.

Father unfastened the cuff on her wrists and unhooked she spreader bar from around her ankles. He also took the ball gag out of her mouth.

As he stood up he grabbed ahold of her long nipples and gave each of them a pull. I could see Agnes wince as he pulled on them.

Father told Barbara to get on the phone in the morning and call and tell people we were holding a party for Agnes in two days. Dress was to be minimal with everyone wearing womens clothing. It would be a dinner party with food and drink provided by him. With that Barbara went over to father and got down on her knees and started sucking his long uncut cock.

“I bahis firmaları just needed to get your cock in my mouth. I’ve been waiting all day to suck on it and get a load of semen from you.” Barbara said.

My cock was standing pretty straight too and I just stood in front of Agnes and told her to suck me off. She grabbed my cock and stuck it in her mouth and proceeded to begin sucking on it.

Suddenly she was pissing again with it running all over the floor as it ran down off the chair seat. I suddenly erupted in her mouth with a huge load of semen. Agnes simply swallowed all of it and then let go of my cock.

Fathe said “John, why don’t you take Agnes upstairs to her room and clean her up while I give Barbara a good fucking? She hasn’t had any of my cock in her cunt all day today and I know she wants some right now.”

I agreed and helped Agnes out of the chair. I could see her black knickers were soaking wet from her pissing in them and the back of her legs were too. I guided her into the house and headed upstairs with her. Her seams were still nice and straight even though she had been hanging up out on the porch for some time and I could see her hairy legs through the nylon.

We got to the top of the stairs where the toilet was located and I led Agnes into it. I said “Sit down on the toilet so I can unhook your garters and get you wet stockings off of your legs. But pull your soaking wet knickers off first.”

Agnes pulled her knickers down and I pulled them to her ankles and had her step out of them. As she sat down on the toilet I could the familiar hissing sound and the flood of her piss hitting the toilet bowl.I could only think that she consumed something that was affecting her kidneys and bladder to make her piss so much. I unhooked her garters and carefully peeled her hose down off each leg taking care to not cause them to run.

I ran some very warm water and filled her douche bulb with it. “I’m going to douche your cunt” I told her. “This may be a little warm, but I want to clean you out. Sit up on the edge of the toilet and open your cunt lips so I can put the nozzle in your cunt.” Agnes opened her lips and I inserted the nozzle into her cunt and squeezed the bulb.

“Oh. That feels so good.” she said. I pulled the nozzle out and told her to sit back on the seat so the water could drain out and refilled the bulb again. Once more she scooted forward, opened

her lips, and I inserted the nozzle all the way into her cunt. Again I squeezed the bulb and she scooted back, letting the water drain out of her cunt.

I got a washcloth and soaped it good and told her to stand so I could wash her cunt lips and legs. When she stood up I really got a good look at how long her inner lips hung down outside her cunt. I washed her cunt and legs, then dried them off.

“The warm water on my pussy felt so good. Your father whipped my cunt very hard because Barbara told him to.” she said. “Barbara can be very sadistic when she wants to be. I was only a little tipsy and she told me I was a drunken motherfucking bitch. Now she is fucking your father beause she hasn’t had any of his long uncut cock in her cunt all day. Does she know I’m fucking him too?”

I had her go to her bedroom, found a pair of sheer blue briefs to put on her and put her to bed. “When you wake up I’ll have a little surprise for you.” I told her.

I went into my room, put on my dark brown sheer stockings, garter belt, sheer bikini panties, and high heels. I quietly went downstairs to see what father and Barbara were doing. Fathers bedroom was at the base of the stairs so I cautiously looked inside the room. Barbara was flat on her back with her dark brown stocking covered legs sticking straight up in the air. He had his face buried in her cunt and was obviously sucking on her clit. Barbara had that dreamy look on her face like she was far off someplace enjoying herself. Then I saw him move his face down a little bit and he was either licking her peehole or had stuck his tongue inside her cunt.

Suddenly he pulled back and she grabbed his long erect cock and slipped it inside her cunt telling him “I want you to fuck me good and deep with that cock. Stick it up in my cervix and leave it there a few minutes so I can enjoy it.”

Suddenly she saw me in the doorway and motioned me to come over to her. Father began fucking her and Barabra pulled my bikinis down to my knees and guided my cock into her mouth. She was getting a double dose of cock now.

Father opened his eyes and saw she was sucking me so he just kept his long cock all the way inside her cunt. I was pretty horny, so I gave her my load of semen in a couple of minutes while father kept fucking her. She was cleaning me off when suddenly she stiffened her body and I saw father arch his back.

“You big motherfucker, give me all that precious love juice of yours. I want you to shoot it all in my cervix and breed me with it. It feels so fucking good when you shoot your cock off.” Father kaçak iddaa just kept pumping away until finally he stopped and laid down on top of her.

“John, go over to the dresser and get my sheer black directoire knickers out of the third drawer so I can put them on when I stand up. I don’t want his semen leaking out of me and running down my legs.” Barbara said.

I went to the dresser, found her knickers, and took them to her. Father got off of her and she sucked his cock clean. I now saw that Barbara not only had red pubic hair but she was not shaving her armpits or legs and they were covered with a mass of red hair also. She lifted her ass off the bed and I slipped her knickers on her legs. She pulled them up to her waist and adjusted the bottom so they were covering the tops of her stockings.

“Did you get the drunken bitch to bed?” they both asked.

“I got her upstairs, sat her on the toilet where she promptly pissed again, took her stocking off her legs, gave her cunt two good washes of hot water with her douche bulb, washed her cunt and legs, put a pair of sheer blue briefs on her, and told her to get a good sleep. I would see her later.” I said.

“Good. Now we can plan her piercing party. Barbara and Donna will do some calling tommorow to let the few invitees know what is going on. But right now let’s have a martini and a cigarette and relax a little and then get to bed.” father said.

As we headed for the kitchen I could see Barbara’s stockings had the Manhattan heel pattern on them. That was my favorite pattern for stockings. She grabbed fathers cock in her hand and led him to the kitchen with me following them.

Father quickly made a pitcher of martinis and we sat and smoked a few cigarettes and drank a couple of martinis.

I excused myself teling them I was tired and needed to check in on Agnes. I went upstairs and found her in bed with her eyes open. “Did you have a good nap?” I asked.

“Yes. Now I want your surprise and then I want you to sleep with me tonite.” she replied.

I went into my bedroom and got out the pint of VO I had stashed away and two shot glasses. I took them back into her bedroom, closed the door and poured us each a shot. Agnes’s eyes lit up like lights on a Christmas tree.

We toasted each other and I said to her “This is between us. If you behave I will have a little for you on a daily basis. However, you are going to be my slave and when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it. If I tell you to suck my cock I expect it to be done. If I tell you I am going to fuck your gray haired pussy, I expect you to lie down, spread your legs open and get my cock inside your cunt. When I fuck you I probably won’t wear a rubber so you will have semen running out of your cunt after I finish. You won’t be allowed to wipe, so you will have to deal with it in one of two ways. Either you put a pair of knickers on to catch the flow or you just let it run out and down your legs. Do you understand?”

Agnes said “Yes. I understand and I will do as you say. Just don’t hurt me. I’m sixty four and I am not used to being abused. I just want to live my life normally.”

I said “You simply can’t go around getting drunk all the time. You have to control yourself. I expect you to be dressed nicely every day and I’ll select some of your wardrobe for you. Do you understand? I may even put a ‘dog collar’ around your neck so you’ll remember who you belong to.”

“Yes Master John. I understand and will be a good slave to you. I will do everything you ask me to do.” she replied.

The next day Agnes behaved herself while Barbara and Donna got things going for the piercing party the following night. Frank, Marie, Bob, and Jewel were invited as well as Lil, the lady who would do the piercing of Agnes’s cunt and nipples. Frank was a favorite of Agnes because he had a very long uncut cock. His foreskin hung down over the end of it and she loved to suck on it. Bob had cardio vascular problems so he could only eat pussy and get his cock sucked for fear of a heart attack.

Marie and Jewel, on the other hand, both loved cock and John was a favorite of Jewel. She was a tiny little woman who always looked nicely dressed and favored John because he worked at the news agency for them. I knew he had seen her pissing and she encouraged him to come to their house to do some odd jobs for them. The odd jobs generally amounted to him sucking her pussing and helping her piss.

Marie had a difficult time corraling Frank because everyone in town knew he had a monster cock and liked to use it. However, Marie was quite an attractive lady and wore her clothing quite well, especially her lingerie. She always looked appealing to people.

There were plenty of things that happened as the guests arrived. Marie was in an red open bottom girdle with lovely brown stockings and no panties or knickers on. She wore a black open cup bra with her nipples sticking out the front of the cups. She obviously had consumed a drink or two kaçak bahis before leaving home.

Frank came in wearing a black garter girdle with six straps and full fashioned nylons along with one inch heels. He wore no panties so his long uncut cock was swaying to and fro as he walked.

Bob and Jewel arrived and Jewel had a light blue garter belt with eight straps on it and was wearing dark brown hose with a Havana heel. She had white bikini panties with rhinestones emblazened all over the front of them and a half shelf bra that clearly supported her very small teats. She quickly announced she had to piss and dragged John into the stairway so he could “watch” her as she pissed. Actually she wanted to suck his cock while she was pissing. When she finished they came back out into the dining room and John’s cock was totally erect and Jewel’s bikinis had a wet spot in the crotch of them. Bob wore only a pair of black bikini panties that his his rather large cock.

Donna and Barbara were identically dressed. Each wore a sheer black garter girdle with eight long straps, a sheer balck cut out bra, dark brown Manhattan heel stockings, and two inch sling back pumps. Their brilliant red pubic hair glistened and I made mention to everyone that they both had leg and armpit hair. Of course everyone immediately wanted them to lift their arms so they could see it, which they did.

Agnes was wearing a sheer black garter belt and sheer black stockings. She had a blue cut out bra on with her long nipples clearly sticking out of the open cups so they were in full view. She had no panties or knickers on and everyone could see her long lips and gray hair around her cunt.

Father and I both had on black garter belts, very sheer brown stockings, and sling back pumps. We were each wearing black bikini panties that clearly let our cocks be seen.

Lil, our piercer for the event, had nothing on except a pair of very sheer black hose held up with roll on garters. Her nipples had gold rings in them as did her cunt lips. Everyone could see them very clearly and remarked how nice they looked on her, especially since she had her cunt lips cleanly shaved so the rings were prominent.

Father said “It is cocktail time. I have some martinis and mahattans mixed up so we’ll have a little social time before dinner. I want to make a toast to Agnes for doing this for all of us.”

We spent the next half hour or so smoking and drinking then father said “It’s time for dinner.

Donna and Barbara have prepared a lovely meal for us so sit back and enjoy your dinner.”

After dinner, Donna announced that there was fresh peach pie alamode with emphasis on the “pee” as in peach. Jewel asked “What do you mean by emphasis on the “pee?”

Donna replied “If you want “pee” on your ice cream Barbara and I will give you as much or as little as you want. If you want ten drops of pee, we will give you ten drops. If you want a tablespoon of pee, we will give you a tablespoon. It is whatever you want.”

Everyone thought that was innovative and briefly talked about it. When they served the pie Donna asked them if they wanted “pee” and if so, how much and from which of them. Everybody had a little “pee” on their pie alamode.

Finally dishes were cleared and the dining room table was made ready for Agnes’s piercing. Father put a thin mattress on the table and got a couple of pillows for Agnes to put her head on. Then he fastened a pair of gyno stirrups to each side of the table at the end of it so Agnes could put her legs in the air.

Then father had everyone gather around at the end of the table as Agnes got up and laid down, putting her feet in the stirrups. Father said “Barbara and Donna, you each take one cunt lip and pull it aside so her peehole is showing.”

When they had done so, father took a catheter line from the packet it was in and uncovered the tip. He gently began to slip it very carefully inside her large peehole until finally he said “Aha. Paydirt. She is now catheterized and she won’t be pissing all over the place when we pierce her cunt lips.” He taped the tubing to her thigh and inserted the tubing into the pee bottle closing the clamp on the tubing about ten inches away from where it went into her cunt.

Everyone wanted to look at the catheter and see how it was inserted into her peehole. The women ooohed and aaahed about it and talked about how nice it would be to have one in their peeholes so they didn’t always have to stop and piss. They could just open the spigot and let the pee flow into the bottle or on the ground.

Lil told everyone she was going to pierce Agnes’s nipples first. She would do both of them at the same time and first she had to mark them so the piercings were in approximately the same spot on each nipple. She put a clamp on each nipple and pulled it so the nipple was extended fully. Then she took a marker and made a mark on each nipple at approximately the same spot on each one. Lil then took a very sharp needle and a cork. Putting the cork against one side of the nipple she told Agnes “Count to three by saying one, two, three.”

Agnes began counting and Lil deftly slipped the needle through Agnes’s nipple and into the cork on the other side.

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