15 Şubat 2021

Girlfriend’s Dad


Some adult stories you can read deal with young women and the father’s of their best friend. Or something like that. My story is a bit different. It concerns my initial seduction and willing participation with my girlfriend’s father and some of his friends.

I was eighteen years old and it was summer, 1970. My girlfriend, Margie, and her family were going to be out of town on vacation for a few weeks and her parents asked me if I would watch the house, clean the pool and such. Since it sounded like an easy summer job, I agreed. As the time approached it was made apparent that Margie’s Dad, Chuck, would be home a week or so before the rest of the family because of business. The exact date wasn’t defined, but I’d know when I came by and Chuck would be home. Now, besides Margie, I should make it clear that her entire family liked me, especially her mother and father.

Chuck was probably in his early forties. He was strong and slim, with brown hair and long sideburns that were the rage in those days. His eyes were a piercing blue. He had a tremendous sense of humor. A few times, Chuck had picked me up on my way home from school and driven me home. We had a great time whenever we were together.

Once the Engle’s had left town, I had the entire house to myself. It was a sprawling single story ranch home with a large yard and pool in the back. The yard was sheltered by trees that kept the neighbors from looking in. Of course, all those trees meant leaves and thus I had to do a lot of raking and pool cleaning.

After the first couple of days taking care of the place, I realized I could walk around naked and no one would see me. The house was surrounded on all sides by a tall fence as well as large, mature trees. It was a pretty daring thing to do. I finally got up the courage and took off my clothes. First, I walked around the house until I began to get comfortable. Then I would go outside and work in the yard or clean the pool. At the first hint of a voice from next door, I’d bolt inside and get dressed again.

But eventually, after five or six days, I would just come over to the house, take off my clothes and do my chores. Then I’d lounge around the pool, do some swimming and work on my tan. After ten days I had a killer tan.

Day fourteen was no different than any other. I got to the house, took off my clothes, and got to work. I swept around the pool, raked some leaves, pulled some weeds. I used the big net and scooped the leaves and twigs out of the pool. Finally, I dove in and swam for a while. Then I retired to the lounge chair. I was feeling quite pleased with myself when I heard a voice from close behind me.

“You look pretty hot laying there. Nice tan, too.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin. I leapt to my feet to find Chuck standing there, a grin on his face and nothing else. I was really off balance now. My girlfriend’s father had caught me naked in his back yard and here he was standing in front of me, naked too!

“Sit down, “he said, making a patting motion with his hand, “relax, it’s fine. I run around here naked as often as I can.” I sat back down in the lounge and he pulled up another next to me. Before he sat down he said “Something to drink? How about a vodka and lime?” I’d never had alcohol casino şirketleri before so I just nodded yes. Wow! Was Marge’s Dad cool or what? Chuck was back in a couple of minutes and he handed me a drink. “Just sip it,” he said.

He sat down next to me and sipped his drink and we talked. I asked him how the vacation was and he described in detail what the family had been doing. We talked about taking care of the house. We talked about the weather.

Probably because I was nervous, I finished my drink pretty quickly. As we talked, I found my eyes drifting to Chuck’s cock, lying almost casually on his thigh. It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I’d seen plenty out of the corner of my eye in gym class showers, but nothing like this. It was probably six or eight inches soft and I had no idea how big it would get erect. In comparison, my teenage cock was probably only five or six inches hard. I was a really getting confused. I jerked my eyes away, realizing I had been staring. I looked at Chuck and realized he was looking at my cock! I felt myself blushing and at the same time I could feel myself getting hard. Oh no! Not now! I looked over at Chuck and he was smiling!

“That’s a nice strong cock you’ve got there,” he said, and before I could say anything, he reached over and took it in his hand. He squeezed slightly and then began to slowly stroke me up and down. I gasped at the feeling. It was one thing to do this to myself, another to have it done to me. I had fantasized about Margie doing this, but not her Dad.

Pretty drunk now, I closed my eyes and laid back. I heard the squeak of Chuck’s lounge chair. I half realized through closed eyes he was kneeling next to my chair. I nearly blew my wad when I felt his mouth on my cock! My eyes snapped open. There was Chuck, sucking my cock. He continued for a moment, then began to lick my cock up and down. Then he would take my young balls in his mouth and suck. He went back to sucking me and I saw him wet a finger on his left hand. A moment later I felt it probing at my ass.

It was too much. I cried out, realizing I was coming. I tried to push him away, but he stubbornly refused to let go. With a gush, I came in his mouth. As I was coming, I realized he was slipping a finger up my ass.

After he had sucked me dry, he let me go and sat up on his lounge chair. “Did you like that?” I could only nod. “There’s more,” he smiled. He began to rub my chest in a circular motion. He would pause ever few moments and pinch my tits. He was getting me aroused again. I looked down and his cock was only inches away. He saw where I was looking. “Go ahead,” he said softly, “hold it.”

I reached out and tentatively touched him. His cock stirred at my touch. “Hold it,” he whispered. I wrapped my hand around his growing erection. I could hear him moan softly under his breath. “Now stroke me, just like you’d bring yourself off”. I started a jackhammer move on his cock. He grabbed my hand. “Maybe a little slower,” he said and showed me what he wanted. I stroked him back and forth. I kept my eyes glued to his cock. After a few minutes of this, he suddenly wrapped his hand around mine. He stood and straddled my lounge chair. His hot cock was now inches from my face.

“Suck it,” he said quietly, “take casino firmaları it in your mouth. Remember how good it felt when I did it to you?” I didn’t even hesitate. He moved forward and I met him halfway. I opened my mouth and took a little of the head. I sucked on it, then licked around it with my tongue. He pushed forward gently and I opened as wide as I could. Slowly, I took in more and more. There was no way I could get all of it in, not this first time. He must have been nine or ten inches. But I worked up and down diligently. I even licked up and down the shaft, then took his balls in my mouth. He groaned and I sucked harder. Then I worked my way back up his shaft and took him in my mouth again. His hands clasped my head and he guided me. Eventually he held my head and pumped in and out. I took as much as I could, trying not to gag. His tempo gradually increased and I knew he was going to come soon. It didn’t even occur to me to pull away. Suddenly he groaned loudly and my mouth was filling with warm, salty cum. For the first time. Not the last. I sucked as hard as I could and swallowed in self defense. He kept me on his cock until it was too painful for him and he pulled away. He flopped down on his lounge chair and sighed.

“Wow, that was great. Thanks.” He reached for his unfinished drink. I felt strangely proud at his comment. After a bit he finished his drink, then went and got two more. I drank some to wash down the taste of his cum.

He rolled over on one side and, leaning on an elbow, talked some more. Did I like that? Yes, very much. Would you want to do it again? Oh yes, I said. “Come here”, he said and made room for me on his lounge. I snuggled next to him, face to face. Our cocks began to rise again. I felt his growing between us on my stomach. He leaned close and kissed me. I was startled at first. Then I felt his tongue probing. I had no resistance thanks to the liquor. I opened my mouth and returned his kiss. Our tongues fought a long duel, for at least a half and hour. I felt one of his hands on my ass. He was kneading and clutching. As we continued, I felt his hand trail down the crack of my ass. His finger began to probe again. I tried to pull away for a bit, but he was insistent. Pulling away from his finger meant I was closer to him.

“Relax”, he whispered and kissed me again. He began to kiss his way down my face and chest. He stopped at my nipples and sucked hard. The feeling sent me to heaven. He bit down carefully and I could feel myself twitch in excitement. He broke the kiss long enough to lick his finger. Then he went back to work on my tits while his finger returned to it’s probing. Half drunk, I gave in. I relaxed as much as I could and tried to stretch my legs wider. Sensing victory, he probed harder. I suddenly realized that he had his middle finger all the way up my ass.

He began to pump it in and out, slowly at first. For the first minute it hurt a bit, but then I began to loosen up and it started to feel good. Chuck returned to my mouth and our tongues resumed their duel. After a few minutes he broke the kiss and pulled back. His finger withdrew from my ass. He looked me in the eyes.

“Are you willing to try something else? It might hurt some at first, I’ll warn you. But I’m sure you’ll like güvenilir casino it.” How could I refuse my girlfriend’s father? “Okay,” I said. He gave me hug and got up. “I’ll be right back.” And headed into the house.

I took the opportunity to gulp down the last of my drink. Chuck was back in a moment with a jar of Vaseline.

“Now trust me on this. It may hurt a bit but, like my finger, you’ll get used to it. But if it’s too painful just let me know.” I nodded. I still wasn’t sure what was going on.

He lifted me up and put me face down on the lounge chair, my knees on the patio. It felt weird to have my butt exposed to the air. Chuck knelt behind me. I turned my head around to watch. He scooped some of the Vaseline from the jar and rubbed it on my asshole. His fingers gently probed inside again. He did this a couple of times, until I was very slick inside. He held my eye as he then took some and smeared it on his cock. Oh! I thought to myself. I suddenly realized what was going on. Chuck coated his cock and then leaned in to my ass. “Just relax,” he said.

I felt the tip of his cock at my ass and he gently pushed. Then pushed harder. I was starting to stretch and it was starting to hurt. But I bit my lip and tried to relax. I rested my forehead on the chaise lounge and tried to relax. Chuck kept pushing forward and suddenly he was past the muscle ring and slid in. The pain ebbed a bit. He carefully pumped in and out, going a little further each time. He was right, I began to get used to it. It was beginning to feel good.

“Are you okay?” he asked gently. I nodded and raised my head. I turned and looked at him and could see him behind me, impaled in me.

“Yeah, I’m great. Don’t stop.” He grinned at this and started to pump in and out faster. I turned and laid my head down on the lounge. His hands clasped my hips to keep me with him. He began to pull me into his thrusts and I seconded him. He thrust harder and faster. I could hear the squishing sound of his well lubed cock and it went in and out of my ass. I could feel his pubic hairs on my ass everytime he thrust and his big balls would slap mine.

“You like this don’t you?” he hissed. I nodded. “Well, you’re my boy now. I’ve got my cock up your ass. Tell me how you like it”.

“I like it,” I started lamely. “I want your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass. Be my big daddy and fuck my ass.” I didn’t know where the words were coming from, but they felt right. They must have felt right to him too, because he began to slam me harder. With one hand he reached underneath me and grabbed my cock. He forced me back onto all fours so he could stroke me. His hand flew up and down my little five inch teenage cock. In moments, I could feel myself reaching the brink.

“Yeah,” grunted, “I’ve got your tight little ass now. I’m gonna cum in your hot little teenage ass!” Then he cried out and I felt him push into me hard. I knew he was coming. He stroked me hard and squeezed and I was cumming too, all over his hand and my chest. He held himself up with his other hand. I could feel his cock softening and retreating in me. Then with a plop, he came out. Cum dripped down my ass onto my balls. It felt wonderful.

Chuck turned me over and pulled me up on the lounge. He lay on top of me and kissed me again, hard. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. I relaxed into him. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t want Margie as much as I had before. It was going to be an interesting summer, I thought.

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