18 Şubat 2021

Getting Wet in the Park


A bunch of us were out on a Friday night having a good time drinking in town. There was a few of us together, some we had picked up whilst going from bar to bar, others dropped off here or there, it was always casual like that with our crowd from the college. I had been buying Tracy drinks all night, for ages I’d been trying to get into her pants. But as before, she just teased me in the end. Still, I kept on hoping because she was so hot and beautiful, poor me!

Anyway, towards the end of the evening she had said that she was going to the toilet, but after a while she hadn’t came back. I asked her friend Sue where she was and if she was alright, she told me that Tracy had left a while back with Paul, so I had been wasting my time again with her, never mind, maybe next week — always the internet porno to keep me going I suppose!

Now it was getting late and the crew had dwindled to seven of us: Me, Jake & Sue, Dave & Annie, Lynn and a girl called Emma who the other girls knew and that I had seen around but not really spoken to. She was pretty but kind of quiet. We decided to avoid the mayhem on the streets that is closing time by leaving before last orders. We walked out of town towards the cliffs that overlook the sea and jumped the railings into the park, making our way to some benches where we sat down.

The guys got out their stash and began to roll a couple of numbers. It was a little fresh that evening, summer being on the way out now, so we huddled together on two benches just chatting and having a laugh. Emma was sat next to me and we began to chat about what classes we were taking and who we knew. Annie and Lynn announced that they needed a pee and got up to walk a short way off onto the grass. We watched them pull their jeans and knickers down to squat and take a pee, more or less in full view of us all, this happens quite often actually, no one makes a big deal of it. Jake got out his camera phone and laughing took a picture, the girls shouted at him and called him a perv, we all laughed at the exchange of abuse that ensued between the parties.

The girls came back and the joints began to get passed around. Lynn insisted that he delete the pictures from his phone, but Jake just laughed and fought her off. Sue said that the dirty bastard had a whole collection of filthy porn and we asked if there was any of her in there which made everyone fall about when it was obvious from her hesitation that there probably was! She and Jake had got off several times, we all knew that.

After a while the munchies set in on a couple of the smokers and so they decided to walk off down the road to the all night petrol station and get some chocolate. Then they were then off to Dave’s place, which was quite a hike all in all. I didn’t fancy it so declined to tag along with them. Jake and Sue were getting into each other on one the other bench, so they weren’t going along either.

The intrepid three set off into the night leaving me and Emma with a sizable butt to finish off and the canoodling Jake and Sue. I was feeling chilled out and mellow and quite happy to sit in the park for a while longer, I had nothing to rush home for after all. Emma seemed quite content too, she sat close to me and we talked as we finished the joint off between us. The horny couple decided to make off as well, lust taking hold after their earlier little spat, leaving just me and Emma on the benches.

I began to consider the possibilities of having pulled here. I was very aware that we were in contact sitting there. She was cute, petite, but well proportioned, nice perky little tits by the look. Her face was nice too, not beautiful, but certainly attractive. Her hair was a darkish blonde, cut just on her shoulders and straight with a curl inwards at the ends. The nicest thing about her was her manner, she was easy to be with and funny, we were laughing a lot.

Emma said she was feeling a bit cold, so I put my arm around her and pulled her close. Her hair smelled nice, I liked the way that this was going. Emma snuggled closer and then swung a leg over me to sit in my lap.

‘Hey, you!’ I said, pushing her leg, but she put it back.

‘Oh, am I too fat and heavy to sit on your lap to keep myself warm?’ she chided.

‘No, no! You’re not fat at all. I think you’ve got a nice figure in fact.’

She smiled and leaned back snuggling her soft hair against my face.

‘That’s okay then. You’re quite cute yourself, but don’t let it go to your head.’ She laughed.

Now I didn’t mind her sitting on my lap, it was just that I had been getting rather aroused sitting there with Emma, thinking on the possibilities and now that she had suddenly plonked herself on my lap I was feeling embarrassed in case she detected my raging hard-on. We were being kind of playful as I pushed her and she wriggled to stay put, all of which wasn’t helping things in the hard-on department. At some point I resorted to tickling her and Emma gasped and giggled loudly.

‘You better not do that or I’ll wet myself.’ She cried, warning me.

Well, casino şirketleri you know what it’s like when someone says that kind of thing, so it was inevitable that I got my hands to her sides and tickled her again. Emma giggled and wriggled violently until I decided that that she’d had enough and let her be.

‘Let that be a lesson to you.’ I said, and then I noticed that she was suddenly sitting stock still on my lap, eyes closed and a funny look on her face. For a second or two I thought that I had gone too far and that she was going to cry! I was about to appologise when I suddenly felt a warm wetness spreading and soaking through the lap of my jeans.

I suddenly realized what had happened, Emma had wet herself! Well she did warn me, but I didn’t expect that she would really do it! Not only that, it was she obvious that she hadn’t just lost control for a second or two while I tickled her. She might have begun like that, but then she had just sat there and let it all go — I was kind of stunned for the moment.

Emma opened her eyes and turned to me, looking me in the eye.

‘You can’t say that I didn’t warn you.’ She told me.

Strangely there was no reproach or anger in her voice. She just said it matter of factly, although she did look kind of flushed by the event.

I laughed and shrugged my shoulders.

‘I guess you did. I just didn’t really expect it, that was all. Are you okay?’ I asked. I was concerned that she might be feeling really awkward and embarrassed by what had happened, I felt a bit sorry for her, it was my fault after all really.

‘Yeah, I’m fine, a bit wet, but fine. How about you?’

‘I’m okay. I’m wet too, in fact I’m soaked! You must have been bursting, no wonder you couldn’t hold it.’

‘Oh, I don’t have to be bursting to do that, it always happens if I get tickled, has since I was little.’

‘I’m really sorry.’ I said, appologising to her.

‘It’s okay, it’s happened before — I don’t mind it actually.’ She added to my surprise, as she jumped up off of my lap and turned to face me.

Her blue jeans were stained darker around the crotch and all down the back of her legs. I looked at the crotch of my jeans, they were the same, the lap area still felt wet and warm. Wow, that stuff must be hot when it comes out I thought.

‘I could do with drying these before heading home.’ Emma said, looking at me in a slightly pleading way.

Well I had thought about taking her home to my flat, but I didn’t think it would be to do some washing.

‘Sure, come on before we get cold. I’ll make a cup of tea while we hang those over a radiator.’

Emma smiled and took my hand, squeezed it hard and leaned close against me.

‘Thanks, you’re nice.’ She said, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

‘No, worries. Its not too far.’ I told her.

We climbed back out of the park and walked briskly off through the streets to my flat, a room I had in a house with two other students. By the time we got there the wet patch in my jeans was feeling cold and uncomfortable and I was going to be glad to get out of them, I expect Emma felt the same. I was surprised that she wasn’t more embarrassed by what had happened, I was surprised to be taking it all in my stride, but that’s the wonder of booze and weed I suppose.

I opened the door and we went in. It sounded like Josh was in downstairs as we walked past his room and ascended the flight of stairs to my room.

‘That’s the bathroom there.’ I indicated a door at the end of the small landing. ‘I’ll get you a pair of my jeans to wear and a towel, hold on a minute.’

Emma followed me into my room, which although cramped was actually quite tidy if the room itself was grotty. Emma took off her coat and threw it on the little sofa bed and I rummaged around for a moment or two before handing her a towel and a pair of my jeans.

‘Great! Thanks, back in a minute.’ She said brightly.

‘Okay, I’ll get the kettle on, do you take sugar?’

‘Just a small one, thanks.’ She said, heading out the door.

I pulled off my wet jeans and used a towel to rub my legs down, they were just a bit damp and then into another pair and put the wet ones in a plastic bag to go in the wash later. I had just finished making tea when Emma came back into my room. She had the towel wrapped around her waist and was carrying the jeans over her arm.

‘Sorry. Your ones didn’t fit that well, legs were miles too long. I rinsed mine out, can I dry them somewhere in here.’

‘Sure, there’s a radiator over there, you can hang yours over that rail thing on the top.’

‘Thanks.’ She said as she crossed the little room and began to spread them out on the hanger, not just her jeans – but also her little red lacy panties!

That erection came back again as I realized that she was panty-less under that towel! Emma came back over to me and I handed her a mug of tea. We sat down on the chair/bed thing and I clicked on the TV, mostly as an icebreaker in a slightly awkward situation. casino firmaları Emma sipped her tea.

‘Thanks for being so nice to me, all things considered.’

‘That’s okay.’ I told her, and I meant it too.

‘I thought that you looked nice when I saw you, I’m glad that you are.’

‘Me too, I think you’re nice too, I like you.’ I told her, this was all going pretty well and looking promising for yours truly.

‘I’m glad my little accident didn’t freak you out, you took it very well, thanks.’

‘Oh well, accidents happen don’t they.’ I laughed. ‘I don’t suppose it happens often does it?’

‘Well, now and then.’ Emma admitted, kind of coyly looking at me.

‘Like I said, I always pee myself when I’ve get tickled, can’t help it, not at first anyway. My older brother used to hold me down and do it and then some of the boys did it in the playground once or twice in junior school.’

Like earlier when she had sort of let slip just after she had wet herself on my lap that ‘she didn’t mind it’. I noticed that she said that she couldn’t help it, at least ‘not at first’. I was beginning to wonder if there was something a bit kinky going on here!

‘So this evening was just an unfortunate accident?’ I asked, probing — my brain ticking over in my head in a wicked way.

‘Oh, yes of course, you weren’t to know were you? Although I did warn you didn’t I?’

‘You did, that’s true.’ I thought for a moment and then it occurred to me to ask. ‘Do you mind me asking, have you ever done it when it wasn’t an accident?’

Emma’s cute little face blushed and she smiled coyly.

‘Sometimes.’ She ventured.

‘Really, why?’ I prompted, intrigued and aroused too.

‘It just feels nice.’ She said.

‘How do you mean?’

‘You know from tonight, its all warm, it just feels nice when it happens, that’s all.’

‘I can understand that, I suppose that it might be different for girls though.’ I said.

‘Maybe, but I think lots of men are interested in the idea as well, I’ve seen lots of pictures on the internet.’ Emma told me.

‘What of guys pissing themselves?’ I asked somewhat puzzled.

‘No, silly! Of girls doing it, peeing themselves or just doing it, loads of stuff like that. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen them?’ She gave me an accusing look.

I had to admit that I had seen those kind of porn pics, sometimes I really liked them too, which was why I had started to ask. I was wondering if little Emma here was into that kind of thing.

‘Oh, yes — okay yes, I know what you mean now.’ I admitted.

‘So does that kind of thing interest you, does it turn you on?’ Emma asked, looking at me intently.

‘I suppose so, amongst other things of course, but yes I like it a bit — never seen it in real life.’ I said, adding ‘felt it though.’ And we both laughed.

‘I’ve never spoken to anyone about this before, I was always too nervous to bring it up.’

‘Well, that’s okay, I won’t tell anyone I promise, it will be our secret, don’t worry.’

‘Thanks.’ Said Emma, and she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

The kiss stayed and got passionate, our tongues entwined and then we broke away. And then after a hesitant moment Emma asked:

‘You said that you’d never watched in real life?’

‘That’s right.’

‘Well would you like to? Would you like to watch me?’

Wow! Bingo! This was getting very interesting, God I was hard in my pants now!

‘Yes, I that would be nice, if you’ll let me.’ I said. ‘Will I have to tickle you and change my jeans again?’ I joked.

‘No.’ Emma replied with a smile, ‘but I will need to have a glass of water first to make me want to go again.’

‘Fine, I’ll get you one.’ I said jumping up eagerly. Wow, this was going to be interesting!

As I ran the tap I realized that I was bursting to go myself seeing as I hadn’t been since we’d got back having been so occupied with Emma. I passed her the glass which she took and eagerly began to gulp down.

‘Erm, Emma, actually I need to go myself right now.’

‘Oh, really. So..’ A raised eybrow and a naughty look from her.

‘Well I was wondering if you wanted to come and watch me go first, I don’t know if you’d like that or not?’ I asked a little hesitantly.

‘Mmmm….Yes, I’d love to. You go and check its clear and I’ll follow in a minute.’ She said jumping up with a big smile on her cute little face.

I quietly left my room and entered the bathroom at the other side of the landing. It was clear as I hoped it would be. I motioned to Emma peeking around my room door at me and she quickly followed me in and we slid the bolt home after us. The bathroom was small with a toilet and a bath squeezed into it. The bath had a shower attachment and curtain around it. I walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and unzipped my fly, this felt a bit weird, but sort of erotic too. It was going to be difficult for her to see much as the room was so cramped. I moved round to one side, but Emma had other ideas.

She güvenilir casino pulled the towel from around her waist and I was a bit disappointed to notice that she had slipped back on those red lacy knickers. She smiled, kicked off her pumps and reached out and took my hand as she stepped into the bath (which thankfully had recently been cleaned).

I walked over to the toilet and went to unzip my flys when Emma interrupted me.

‘Don’t you want to get your revenge?’ She asked softly with a wicked smile.

‘How do you mean?’ I asked, already having a fair idea.

‘It’s your turn to do it over me. It’s alright, I want you to. I’d really like it if you would – please.’ She asked as she sat down on the far edge of the bath, her thighs spread out wide.

My eyes were glued to that sweet bulge at her crotch of her knickers as I pulled out my cock. It was rock hard and dripping with juice at the tip from my arousal.

‘I want you to do it all over my knickers, I want to feel them get all warm and wet when you do it, that’s why I put them back on. You can see me proper later, I promise, just do it like this for me now, please.’

Fuck me! I thought, this is going to be hot.

‘I think that it might take me a little while, its kind of hard for a guy to go when he’s got a hard on and you’ve certainly given me one tonight.’

‘Don’t worry, I can wait, I’ll just sit here and look at your lovely cock. It’s nice and big isn’t it?’ She said randily.

‘Emma, that’s not helping.’ I hissed and she giggled.

I looked at her sitting on the far side of the bath as I stood there holding my cock pointing at her. She looked lovely, so cute with her legs spread out wide, My eyes followed up her slim thighs to the small red lacy panties she was wearing. She had pulled up her tee-shirt and top, her belly was flat and smooth. Emma was smiling up at me a real glow in her eyes, she was really into this.

I was finding it hard to go. I reached over and turned on the tap and let it run, hoping the sound would help. I closed my eyes and concentrated, I was actually bursting to go. I felt it coming closer and then it happened and I felt myself begin to piss. I opened my eyes, not just to aim but also to see.

My stream was a bit hesitant at first, just landing in the bottom of the bath in front of me as I stood with my knees pressed up against the edge. Then it got stronger and I aimed it right at Emma. I was getting her on the knickers right where her mound was. She literally squealed with delight! I hope no one heard and came.

‘Oh! That is so nice John, don’t stop.’ She gasped.

I wasn’t going to, not yet anyway.

Emma reached down and pulled out the waist band of her knickers away from her tummy. I didn’t need any prompting, I raised my aim and my jet of pee arched in a glittering yellow stream to splatter against her tummy and run down into her knickers.

‘Oh yes!’ She said. She liked that.

I was really going some, my stream of pee filled Emma’s knickers, soaked through them and then down her legs and from under her bum to drip noisily into the bath.

‘Mmm… John, it feels so good on my cunt, so hot, so dirty!’ She breathed.

I love dirty talk like that, and she looked so hot sitting there letting me piss over her that I felt like jacking myself off there and then even before I’d finished going.

In the end I finished after a good long pee, I’d given her a real soaking, yellow pee was pooled in the bottom of the bath. Emma was looking at me with big lust filled eyes, she had slipped a hand down inside those soaked wet knickers and I could see that she was stroking herself underneath.

‘Thank you John.’ She said, ‘I’ve wanted that for so long and never thought that it would actually happen, I really enjoyed it, thank you.’

I smiled back at her.

‘You certainly looked like you enjoyed it, and I liked it too. I think it was a sexy thing to do, I think you are a very sexy girl.’ I told her, standing there with my rock hard cock dripping in my hand.

Emma got up and put her thumbs in the waist band of her knickers. She looked me in the face as she pushed them down her legs and stepped out of them. She stood there a little coy in the bath as I looked at her crotch, my eyes drinking in the sight. She had a lovely little slit, shaved down below with a small patch of very closely trimmed dark blonde hair on her mound. It was a beautiful tight crease, no inner lips pushing through, just a dark vertical line.

‘Mmmm…That is lovely.’ I told her and she smiled.

She put her hands behind her back and swayed in a girlish way.

‘So, do you still want to watch me go as well?’ She asked.

‘Oh yeah! You bet I do.’ I told her with a grin.

I really wanted to watch her pee, to see it coming out of that sweet little pussy of hers, the idea really turned me. But now I wanted to do more than just watch, I was feeling very kinky by now..

‘Hold on a moment.’ I said as I undid the button of my jeans and pushed them down along with my undies.

Then I pulled my jumper and T-shirt off over my head. Now I was naked I stepped into the bath and into Emma’s arms. We kissed and her lithe nude body felt so nice against mine, my hard cock pushing into her stomach.

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