16 Şubat 2021

Getting Into Frat: Ch. 02 – Haze


DuncanDuncan didn’t know what to do now. He had accepted his hazing… He needed to find a guy to fuck, and film it to prove he did, within two weeks. Duncan thought hard about it, and decided he needed to find a gay guy and bring him to his room so he could film it. Duncan didn’t know any gay guys, so he looked for some where ever he went. And he decided that if he couldn’t get one quick, he would have to go to a gay bar and pick one up. Fortunately for Duncan, there was a gay club and he saw a guy from one of his classes go in. That was it. He was a small guy, not too small, but not as big as Duncan. He had a young-ish face with some stubble on it, dark brown hair, a wide chin and small eyes. He was nothing special really, but he looked impressionable enough.

The next class Duncan sat next to him and chatted him up during class. He made every effort to be charming, and it worked. By the end of the class, Duncan had made a friend, Dustin, with his subtle flirts, and set a study date at his place.

The day of the study date, Duncan had arranged for his roommate to be out. He set a video camera up hidden in some things a shelf on the other side of his room in such a way that he could turn it on without Dustin seeing him. Finally, Dustin knocked on Duncan’s door. And all Duncan could think was to get Dustin in his bed and get the haze over with. The two classmates sat at the kitchen table and started studying. Duncan tried to make a few subtle flirts, he locked eyes with Dustin a few times, but he didn’t seem interested. Duncan didn’t understand. But finally Dustin kept one of Duncan’s gazes. They stayed eyes locked for a while.

“So you wanna take a break from this?” Duncan asked flirtatiously.

“Um… Sure.” Dustin said, keeping his eyes on Duncan.

“Why don’t we go chill in my room for a bit.” Duncan proposed.

“Okay.” Dustin agreed.

The men went into Duncan’s room. As he walked in, Duncan turned the camera on, and closed the door behind him. But the camera beeped and chimed as it turned on.

“What’s that?” Dustin asked.

“My phone.” Duncan said trying to hide his panic “I’ll put it on vibrate.”

“oh, okay.” Dustin said seductively.

It worked. Duncan set his phone on the shelf with his camera, which was recording. Duncan didn’t know what to say now. There was a moment of silence. To remedy it, Duncan got close to Dustin, who seemed happy. Duncan locked eyes with Dustin again. But nothing happened beyond Dustin’s pasionate looking. So to hurry things along, Duncan placed his hand on Dustin’s chest. Dustin sighed casino şirketleri with a tremor of pleasure.

“Do you… Um… Do you um… want to… take this further?” Dustin asked Duncan.

Duncan slid his hand lower. “Okay.” he said.

Dustin, completely wooed pulled his shirt off vigorously and threw it aside as he moved on to his pants. Duncan took his shirt off too, but slower. And as soon as the half naked Dustin saw Duncan’s chest, he stopped. Duncan was a handsome guy with short cropped dark brown hair, deep set blue eyes, a straight nose, red lips, a strong jaw line and charismatic smile. He had broad shoulders he always kept squared, nice big arms, ruff masculine hands, and a muscular, hairy chest he kept trimmed. His pecs were square and muscular with soft looking round pink-ish nipple and covered in short black hairs.

“Oh my god…” Dustin said putting his hands on Duncan’s chest “You’re so fuckin’ hot. AH!!”

Dustin almost seemed to shake with pleasure as he rubbed Duncan’s chest.

“Take off your pants.” Dustin said reaching down to undo Duncan’s belt and fly.

Dustin undid Duncan’s pants and pulled them down ferociously before almost ripping his boxer-briefs off. Dustin waisted no time with his taller suitor and dropped to his knees and took Duncan’s soft cock in his hands.

“Fuuuuck.” Dustin said.

Unsure of what to do, Duncan defaulted to his habit with women and put his hand on the back of Dustin’s head. And before he could say “I love you baby”, thankfully, Dustin opened his mouth and put Duncan’s cock in his mouth. Duncan moaned, it felt good. Dustin sucked him well. He didn’t really want to, but, he couldn’t stop his cock from swelling. So he just sat on his bed as Dustin sucked his cock. Duncan starred at the camera as Dustin gave him the blowjob. He could see the lens poking out discretely from under a pile of clothes. Dustin struggled to pulled his underwear off without letting go of Duncan’s cock. And when he finally did get them off he looked up at Duncan with lust. Dustin pulled away, read to ask to be fucked, but before he could say anything, Duncan pushed his shorter, weaker, partner’s head back down, his cock going up into Dustin’s mouth.

“Don’t stop.” Duncan said.

So Dustin kept sucking on Duncan’s cock. It was completely hard by now, and wet with Dustin’s saliva, which had even leaked all over Duncan’s pubes and sac. Dustin kept on going for a long time, moving his head up and down, working his tong around Duncan’s stiff dick. And finally, Duncan stopped it.

“Stop.” he said as Dustin casino firmaları pulled away “Get on the bed.”

Dustin got up, wiping away the spit form his wet mouth, and he got on his back on the bed. Duncan got up, his stiff cock, curved up slightly, the mushroom head read and ready to penetrate, the member dripping wet.

“On all fours.” Duncan said, unwilling to to look at an other man as he stuffed his cock in his anus.

Dustin obeyed and got on all fours as Duncan opened a drawer and took out condom and small pack of lube. He ripped the package open with his teeth and pulled out the condom with a smile, that the camera couldn’t see. Duncan pinched, and unrolled the condom down his shaft and let the pack of lube drip onto his cock as Dustin quivered with excitement.

“Fuuuuuuuck” Dustin said turned on.

Duncan got on the bed, behind Dustin and held his wet, slippery cock as he brought it towards Dustin’s anus, which he kept exposed by pulling his ass cheeks open.

“Oh yeah.” Dustin said waiting for it.

Duncan put the tip of his penis on Dustin’s anus.

“ooooh yes.” Dustin said feeling the cold lube “Fuck me.”

Duncan had a moment of unease. He didn’t move. But he remembered that he had to fuck a guy to get into his fraternity. He had gotten a signed bid from brother Charles. He needed to do this. So, Duncan pressed on and pushed his cock into Dustin’s ass. It was pretty tight. It took a bit of force, but Duncan got his cock in, making Dustin squeal. Duncan pushed his hips against Dustin’s ass, and pulled back slowly. He was nervous. But he started to pick up some speed and went faster. He thrust his ships in and out, with a slapping sound every time he hit Dustin’s ass. Dustin started to moan continuously, feeling Duncan’s cock massage him from the inside as it rubbed back and forth inside his soft anus.

Duncan was thrusting with more vigor than before, and as he went back to slam his hips forward, his cock slipped out. Dustin breathed deeply and turned around.

“Oh fuck.” Duncan said as he tried to get his cock back in.

But Dustin turned all the way around and got on his back with his legs spread wide open and his hard dick pointing up, like it was begging for Duncan to fuck Dustin. Duncan didn’t really want to see Dustin’s young face as he fucked him, but more than anything he just wanted it to be over, it’d already been 5 minutes, which was too long for him. So Duncan stuffed his thick cock back up Dustin’s hairy, and loosened anus.

“Oh yes” Dustin said as he put a hand on Duncan’s chest “Fuck I love güvenilir casino your chest hair!”

Dustin grabbed his cock with his other hand and started jacking off, half to being fucked, and half to touching Duncan. Duncan tried to pay no attention, he kept thrusting his hips at a regular pace. He spent a long time just fucking Dustin, when he heard his partner squeal.

“Ah! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Dustin said, his face twisting into all sorts of expression and his body shaking “Mmmmm! Ah, ah… MMMMM!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And Dustin’s cock spat out a jet of cum that went up to his belly button in spots of white across his pubic hair and stomach.

“FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” Dustin said calming down.

Duncan, seeing that he’d basically made Dustin cum slowed down and pulled out. He was unsatisfied, but happy it was over.

“Cum on me.” Dustin said.

Duncan was surprised. Girls didn’t really want to be cumed on outside of porn, but Dustin did.

“Cum on me.” Dustin repeated enthusiastically “Jack that big cock.”

“Okay.” Duncan said faking desire.

Duncan pulled off the condom, ripping it slightly, and threw it on the ground beside his bed. He took his cock in his right hand and started to jack off.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dustin said

Dustin thought he would jack of for a while still, but Dustin couldn’t keep his hands to himself and grabbed Duncan’s cock. Duncan let him do it, and Dustin jacked Duncan off with a surprising amount of force. It felt good.

“Ah.” Duncan said, unhappy to have been pleasured by a guy. “Ah.”

“Fuck! Your cock it so hot!” Dustin said, jacking Duncan off ever faster.

Soon Duncan felt that he would cum. Dustin was still half lying down as he jacked Duncan off. Duncan started moaning and making sounds, which clued Dustin in.

“You gonna cum?” Dustin asked

“Ah, soon.” Duncan answered feeling it coming.

Dustin sped up his hand over Duncan’s beefy cock. Duncan felt his penis heat up, and his insides working. It was coming. Then numbness gripped him and all of a sudden he felt his cock bust with pleasure.

“AH! Aaaahhaahhahahaaaaaa!” Duncan yelled as he cumed.

His cock sprayed cum out far, hitting Dustin in the face.

“Oh!” Dustin squealed, letting go of Duncan’s cock when the cum flew in his face. Duncan’s load flew out covering Dustin’s chin and chest, slowly going down to his stomach and cock as Duncan’s cum stopped coming out of his softening cock.

“Shit you have a big load.” Dustin said.

“Thanks.” Duncan replied getting up.

Duncan walked to the shelf to turn off the camera. He picked up the condom on the way, turned the camera off, and walked, naked, to the bathroom to flush the condom down the toilet. It was over now.

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