15 Şubat 2021

Forbidden Island


From the muddy banks he saw her creep out of the tent. She looks disheveled and slightly out of place. This wasn’t her idea of a fun weekend getaway. Not the one she planned anyway. But here she was. And him too. Looking gloriously hot in his shorts, no shirt. His dark hair falling in beautiful locks across his forehead. His sexy, smoldering eyes pinning her to stand still. Her voice trembled as she greets him. “Good morning, Alex.”

His famous slow smile spread across his lips. “Good morning, Bev.” His voice was just a few octaves above a whisper. His hands looked massive. Either they were really big, or the axe in his hand, was really small. She moved towards the fire, picking up the kettle to let it boil. The wind was icy cold, and she really wished she had packed more appropriate clothes.

She blamed Alex for this. For being stranded on the island. For wearing his over-sized shirt. For not knowing what to pack. For everything. Her hands felt frozen, and her toes are numb. How did she end up here, she thought quietly to herself. And why was there no damn cellphone service!

Frustrated she let her hands fall to her sides, almost dropping her cellphone into the fire. She was silently cursing the island, and Alex with it too.

Alex crept up behind her, folding his arms around her, he whispered softly against her hair, “You need to take a break from the city, baby. Out here it’s just you, me, and wonderful nature. Relax, take a breather. Stop obsessing over your cellphone, and enjoy some quality time with me. This is what you wanted, is it not?”

She nodded numbly, her voice faltering. He always knew just how to get her nerves all messed up. Just then the kettle started to boil, and she made two cups of steamy coffee. Her hands were shaky as she handed his cup to him. Her knees felt weak, and she had to sit down quickly. Sandra was very lucky to have Alex as a husband. She cursed again.

Alex fell to his knees beside Beverley, and caressed her face lovingly. His mouth was warm and wanting when it closed on hers. His tongue was probing, testing her willingness to kiss him back. Bev tried to fight the yearning inside her, but lost horribly. Her mouth opened, her tongue clashing with his own in a passionate kiss. His hands traveled up beneath her t-shirt, and was pleased to find that she casino şirketleri was bra-less. As expected. His mouth moved down, her neck was a sneaky spot, and he liked the feel of her white, soft, vulnerable flesh beneath his teeth. He felt her pulse quickening beneath his mouth. His hands rested on her tits. Her nipples were responding to his touch, they betrayed her body.

“I know you’re mad that I didn’t tell you where we were going.” He whispered against her ear, biting it. She nodded. Her arms folded across her chest, and she looked around at the never-ending ocean around them. The nearest land was still so far away. And they had no means to return until Tuesday, so she was stuck. She huffed, and turned away from Alex.

Alex left her alone momentarily. The silence almost overwhelmed her. When he returned, he was holding up two sets of handcuffs and a flogger. He had had enough of her foolish behavior. He sneaked up behind her, and grabbed her arms. She didn’t struggle. He moved towards her front, to face her, stripped off her shirt, and pushed her gently off of the rock she was seated on. Behind her was a giant blanket, and she fell onto it. He used the cuffs to handcuff her hands to her ankles. Her knees well bent, and her arms straight beside her. She started to struggle, but gave up quickly.

He trailed his hands up her body, following each crevice and fold. Exploring every sweet spot she could never imagine having. Her body trembled beneath the torment of his hands. His fingers skillfully playing with her skin, teasing her nipples to tight peaks, melting her sweet, wet pussy, leaving his fingers soaked.

With a wet finger he left a trail of her essence over her body. From her sweet wetness up all the way to her mouth. At first her sigh was almost inaudible, but as her body gave way to the stimulation, her sigh betrayed her. Her body reacted in a wanton manner, her hands shaking, jerking involuntarily with excitement. Her voice was a mere whimper when she finally spoke, “Wh…wh…what do you think you’re doing?” her voice faltered, as his mouth closed around the sweet warmth of her pussy. Her clit was throbbing with need, and his tongue knew exactly how to move to make her just want more. Slipping one finger into her dripping pussy, with his tongue on her clit, he started to finger casino firmaları her. Her hips started to move with the rhythm of his mouth and finger, and she moaned at the pleasure he was creating.

She felt the flogger biting into her buttocks. The leather was eating at her skin, and she let out a cry of pain. She felt the heat searing beneath her skin and knew that her ass was blood red now. A second slap resounded within her, mixing pain with the onset of her orgasm building. Confusion arose, and her face was flustered, as her cry of pain changed to a moan of deep, sensual pleasure. Her hands twitched, and her hips rose with more urgency. She was building closer and closer to the verge of orgasm. Her nipples stiffened, her tits a glorious sight when he finally lifted his head to look at her.

Waves of orgasm washed over her, and sweet little moans escaped from her lips. Her body writhed and twisted as each wave came across her. The icy cold wind snapped her from her daze, just as Alex’s body was towering over hers. He was naked, and his cock was throbbing and dripping in anticipation. Before she could argue, he pushed his mouth onto hers passionately. His cock slid into her wet and still throbbing pussy with ease, and she gasped as he filled her with every inch. He felt so large within her. With fast, hard and deep thrusts it wasn’t long before his cum spewed from his overeager cock. But this wasn’t the end yet.

Her body felt bruised as she lay, trying to recover from his fast and sudden intrusion. Her arms were aching from being outstretched and she tried wiggling them once more. Alex was kneeling beside her, with one finger slipping in and out of her pussy, his other hand was stroking his cock. He smiled down at her, looking menacing. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, he shoved his cock deep within her, making her gag over and over again. He shoved his cock down into her throat, and fucked her mouth with a force she never knew he possessed. Her choking only seemed to edge him on. His cock was throbbing and erect, ready to abuse her slender body once more.

He kept on fucking her mouth, while he plunged more fingers into her pussy. Her body was ready for his possessive intrusion and he knew it. With a final deep and very hard thrust he slipped his cock from her mouth. With a swift movement güvenilir casino she was flipped over like a rag-doll. She expected to feel the pain of her cheek connecting with hard earth, much sooner than it did. The blanket didn’t soften the blow. She yelped with pain and struggled beneath his body. Pinning her down by her cuffed arms, he shoved his cock into her ass without warning. She screamed again. He moved much slower now, much more gentle, and her struggling stopped, her screams of pain turned to deep moans of pleasure.

He used the flogger on her back, and each slap resounded in her head. The pain caused her senses to go crazy. That, and the fact that he was ramming her ass like there was no tomorrow. She was breathless when he finally stopped. She thought the assault was over, but oh she was so very wrong. Her pussy was flayed open, as if on display, and he kept rubbing his cock up and down those sweet pussy lips. He trailed the flogger down her spine, leaving her skin sensitive and with goose-bumps.

Her wantonness at the feel of his cock stroking her clit, made him mad with desire. He wanted to fuck her pussy mercilessly. He slipped into her, and heard that now familiar gasp at him filling her. His hands trembled with lust as he stroked the flogger up and down her spine, flogging her ever so sweetly from time to time. With every shove as he filled her, he would hit her with the flogger. As he pulled out, he would tease her skin again. He repeated his tormenting process until her back was searing hot with dark, angry red welts where the flogger tore into her skin. Small droplets of blood dotted her back and he used a finger to soothe over them. His tongue followed soon after, leaving a cold line down her back. She shivered, and struggled against her restraints. The more she struggled beneath him, the more determined he was to fuck her harder.

He felt the orgasm building much too soon, and he started pushing into her, deeper, faster, harder. Just as she was starting to pulse and tighten around his cock, he felt the edge slipping from him. Both of them stayed motionless, the waves of orgasm washing over them in unison. They were a breathless, exhausted mess. He fell down onto her, his cock still buried inside her pussy, allowing him to feel every spasm as her muscles contracted and tightened. He rolled off of her, and turned her to face him. With a kiss ever so gentle, he stood up, and uncuffed her ankles and wrists. Then he walked straight into the icy ocean to wash himself, leaving her a bruised, tired, naked mess on the blanket.

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