8 Şubat 2021

First Time Fucked


It’s a long story but I had by now been the chastised slave to my former Mistress for over 6 months. Over that time I’d been conditioned to be more and more subservient. She seemed to take particular pleasure in humiliating me in front of others, especially her friends.

Most Friday nights she’d have a gathering at her house with 2 or 3 friends. I would serve them, naked except for my collar and tiny steel chastity cage. They all had great fun teasing meand examining my locked little peepee. As the evenings went on they’d take turns fucking my ass with strapon cocks and dildos, milking the cum from my swollen balls. I’d thank them by bringing each of them to orgasm with my mouth.

One night, as she was fucking my ass in the bitch position on a table, one of the ladies suggested that it was time for me to take the real thing. A discussion ensued, one in which was had no say. It seemed that this lady had a friend, black with a huge cock, bigger than any of the strapons or dildos I’d taken, and that he loved fucking the manhood completely out of little white boys like me. As the discussion went on I was filled with a mixture of excitement and fear. My caged little peepee was leaking cum on my belly. It was agreed that she’d call him and a date would be set for my deflowering party.

A couple of days later I was informed that the party would be the coming Friday night. All week long I was on edge wondering about my fate.

Friday eventually came around. Mistress gave me a bottle of Nair and a razor that afternoon telling me to remove all of my body hair and shave perfectly smooth. Half an hour later I was done. Just before guests began arriving she sprayed my lightly with some flowery perfume and applied just a hint of makeup to my face. She then had me put on some 4 inch heels and a silver anklet and practice walking in them, which to both our surprise I took to quite well. I quickly learned that it was easier if I adopted a more femine gait.

I greeted each of the guests at the door, naked except for my collar, cage and heels. The guests were mostly female, a few with boys in tow. Once inside the boys had to undress, house rules. I was pleased to see that all seemed so excited about the evenings events. At about 9 Eric arrived.

Accompanying him were two white boys, completely feminized in makeup, hairstyle and slutty clothing. Once inside the two white boys also removed their clothing revealing the tiniest shrunken little dicklettes I’d ever seen in person. And both had the beginning of boobies growing, with puffy nipples. As they turned around I notices that both wore butt plugs. I wondered if that was to be my fate.

Eric is a monster of a man. Well over 6 foot tall probably 250 lbs, muscular with a huge bulge in his khakis. He was very pleasant as he introduced casino şirketleri himself, reaching down to give my little peepee a squeezes with his huge hands. He gently patted my ass saying we’d get to know each other better.

This evening I didn’t have to serve refreshments. The other boys there took care of that task. That freed me to spend more time with rhe guests, all who delighted in telling me how the looked forward to seeing my tight white ass fucked. Many examined my locked little peepee and had me bend over so they could get a before view of my ass. It was all so enjoyable for them and humiliating for them. Likewise many of the ladiea were feeling up Eric to see what he’d be working with.

About 11:00 pm Mistress announced that it was time for the main event. A padded table was brought out to the middle of the living room. I was told to lay on it on my back and my hands were secured at my side, a pillow under my head so I could see all that was gpoing on. Eric’s boi’s removed his clothing revealing a chiseled body and a cock like a log. Still not fully hard it was about a foot long and as thick as my arm. The audience gasped. Both sissy’s dropped to their knees and began stroking, licking and sucking on that massive cock and set of balls. It was obvious to all that they worshiped it.

Soon it was rock hard and pointing forward. Eric pushed his sissy’s away and moved around so everyone could see his huge black cock. I was trembling, mostly due to fear when one of the ladies called for a measurement for the record. Another pulled out a cloth measuring tape and stepped forward. She pronounced the results, 14 inches long and 9 inches around om the shaft. The swollen head was even larger. As the room erupted in gasps and cheers I was nearly overcome with trepidation. Mistress could tell and soothed me by whispering in my ear that Eric’s little pussybois take that cock regularly. If they could handle it certainly I could.

Two ladies grabbed an ankle each lifting them into the air and exposing my butthole. Another started preparing me by lubing me up with a large quantity of lube. First one finger, soon two, three and four. She pronounced me ready and retook her position in the circle surrounding us.

Eric approached stroking his monster cock before him. My ass was lined up perfectly. He smiled and told me and everyone there that I would be experiencing bliss like never before and that I’d never be the same. I had no doubt. “Ready sissy?” he asked. I meekly nodded accepting the inevitable.

That huge cockhead felt hot as it rested at my entrance. I concentrated on my breathing as he gently pushed forward stretching my ass like never before. I screamed in pain until his big cockhead was fully inside and he stopped to allow me to adjust. I could barely hear the casino firmaları small talk about how much he enjoyed breaking in little white boys and turning them into faggots for black cock.

My breathing returned and I adjusted to the stretching I was receiving. Eric soon started pushing deeper, thrusting back and forth, a little deeper with each thrust. Each thrust resulted in pain and I could feel my insides being rearranged. Soon he announced he was halfway home. Deeper he penetrated me. I could focus on nothing other than than the sensations I was receiving from the huge cock fucking me deeper with each stroke. Everything else was a blur.

After what seemed an eternity I felt Eric’s body press against my ass and thighs. He was all the way in! I’d never felt so full and twisted up inside in my life. I could hear the cheers from the audience.

Then the real fucking began. Eric fucked me in long strokes, slowly at first picking up the pace. Before long the sensations turned to a more pleasurable. The pressure and stroking of my prostate caused my little peepee to leak cum all over my belly, eliciting laughter from the audience. After only a few minutes Eric was fucking me long and hard, showing no mercy. He slapped my ass and asked if I was a faggot sissy bitch. As the pleasure built inside me I screamed out “Yes! I’m a faggot sissy bitch. Fuck me with that big cock please!”

Then it happened. I felt a wave of pleasure start deep inside of me and quickly envelope my body. I started shaking and my muscles tightened. My little peepee spewed a stream of cum all over my face and chest. My first sissygasm! I’d never felt anything like that before in my life.

Eric kept fucking me right through my sissygasm.I had no clue what he or anyone else was saying. I was sweating profusely and trembling. My eyes must have rolled back in my head as everything went black. I could feel Eric’s mighty cock swell and his thrusts become more rapid. Then He thrust balls deep and I was filled with hot fluid squirting deep into me. The sensation, and the mental thoughts accompanying it, caused another incredible sissygasm. I bounced around, screaming in pleasure. Again my little peepee squirted. For several minutes afterward I spasmed in pleasure as Eric stayed inside me.

Eventually he pulled out. Cum was all over the place, pouring out my gaped and sore ass. As if on cue Eric’s sissybois knealt, one cleaning his softening cock, the other licking up all the cum coming out my ass. Mistress scooped up my own cum off my belly and fed it to me. Eric, admiring his work, pronounced “And that ladies is how you turn a little white boy into a faggot sissyboi for black cock.” I had to agree.

I could barely stand when untied. My legs were shaky and my ass sore. And I was dehydrated. As I drank güvenilir casino a bottle of water everyone congratulated me on my performance. Apparently it was entertaining.

My eyes kept being drawn to Eric’s big cock. He was sitting on the couch naked, his cock resting on his left thigh. Both his bois were sitting on the floor at his feet, their tiny dicklettes semi hard. Eric caught my eye and told me to come over and have a seat on his lap. Following instructions I sat on his right thigh putting my arm around him for support. His huge soft cock was mesmirizing. My mind was still entranced by the pleasur it had brought me just minutes before. He told me to stroke it with my right hand. My hand couldn’t wrap around it completely. Soon I felt it getting hard in my hand. I noticed both of his sissy boys squirming and licking their lips. Obviously they were addicted.

“Make it real hard so you can ride it” Eric told me. I squeezed and stroked his big tool until it was at it’s 14 inch length again. I could feel the heat building inside me, wanting to feel it inside me again. Somebody squirted some lube on that cock as I stroked it to full hardness.

I placed one shin in each of his powerful thighs and elevated myself. Holding onto that massive rod I impaled myself on it, taking almost all of it in one stroke. I could see everyone watcking as I bounced up and down until I was taking it all. What a glorious feeling. Eric grabbed me with two hand on my waist and helped me speed up the pace. Up and down I rode.

My legs weakened and I placed my hands on his shoulders for support. Soon I felt a stirring inside again and knew I was going to cum. All at once it hit me. I started trembling and my orgasm burst forth. Screaming in pleasure I collapsed with that massive cock inside me, head on his shoulder, arms wrapped around him.

Eric stood. One hand on each of my ass cheeks helifter me easily up and down. I was completely powerless, just his fuck toy at this point.

Eventually he took me over to the table. Laying me face down with mt legs hanging over he fucked me from behind. His stamina was amazing as he power fucked me pulling that massive cock head out with each stroke. He smacked my ass and pulled my hair. I offered no resistence. Again and again my body writhed in orgasm. By the time he filled me with cum again I had no idea where or who I was. The flooding of my insides was too much and I passed out.

At about 3 am I awoke on the floor in the fetal position. Everyone was gone and I was covered with a blanket. I crawled to the bathroom on as my legs were like jelly and my ass was so sore. Afterwards I returned to my spot on the floor and slept until noon. When I awoke I took a shower and examined my sore ass. It was swollen and puffy, and tender. I couldn’t walk right for three days and sitting was rough. But I knew without a shadow of doubt that my locked up little peepee was of no consequence to me. Sexual pleasure for me henceforth would have to be obtained by being fucked by big dicked black men.

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