6 Şubat 2021

First Time


Josh Norris looked across the street at the doorbell, still a light year away. The house was a glowing oasis of warmth against the cloudy, frigid nighttime sky of Michigan.

He still remembered the ad in the Metro Times:

Let me lick every inch of your body. No crevice left untouched. Bicurious and married men welcome. First timers only. Can’t wait to get a taste of you. I’m disease free and you should be too. B649.

The temperature within the car’s cockpit began to plummet, and Josh could feel the icy air working its way underneath his parka and down to his skin. Like the ice of his marriage. He and Mary hadn’t had sex in years. They even slept in separate rooms now. He only stayed with her for the girls, as well as to avoid the economic holocaust of divorce. The prospect of losing his daughters was unthinkable.

He had engaged in a few flings over the years. With single women who were always looking for more than he could give them. But he had never done anything like this.

He just needed to be touched. Just once to feel the physical passion that only men seemed to possess.

He remembered the time with Danny. When he had driven the shy young man home from the AA meeting those many years ago. Danny had wanted to touch him, looking at him with that intense pain that always lurked in his dark eyes. He should have let Danny do him. Hell, he should have done Danny himself. But not that purest of all heterosexuals, Josh Norris. He had turned the poor boy down cold. Probably with an involuntary look of repulsion on his face.

He wondered what had happened to Danny. He would do him now. In an instant.

Josh looked again at the house. It was the right one. 324 Greenhill Drive. Mary had the girls over at her mother’s tonight. She wouldn’t be home until late. If he was ever going to act, now was the time to do it.

Josh got out of the car and walked across the street.

The door opened the instant after Josh rang the bell.

“Hello, Josh, I’m Gary.” The voice belonged to a much rougher looking man than Josh had anticipated. He was wearing jeans and a black tee shirt, revealing well-defined biceps. His crotch bulged, perhaps in anticipation. His hair was close-cropped, and a scar ran down the right side of his face.

“I’ve been watching you out there, Josh, since you pulled up. I wasn’t sure you were going to come in,” he said, pulling the door closed behind him.

“Neither was I,” Josh confessed.

“You really have never been with a man before, have you Josh?”

Josh gulped and shook his head, looking at the ground.

“I’ll tell you what, Josh. I was going to offer you a spot of tea. Perhaps even chat a bit first. But I think you’d better take those clothes off now.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, Josh. There’s little sense casino şirketleri in giving you an opportunity to back out now. Not when you’ve been sitting out there in the car for twenty minutes. I want you to strip completely naked now.”

Josh didn’t hesitate. That was what he needed to hear. He shed his parka and unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the ground. He stepped out of his shoes and pulled off his pants and socks. He pulled off his tee shirt and, somewhat more shyly, his jockey shorts.

“Stand up straight, Josh. Don’t bend over like that. I want to see you.”

Josh stood up straight, and Gary walked around his naked body, tracing his fingernails over Josh’s nipples, then down his side and across his buttocks.

“You have a very nice body, Josh. You must have played sports.”

“I did soccer and wrestling in high school. And I still lift weights. And jog.”

Gary ran his hands over Josh’s pectoral muscles again, massaging them as though they were a woman’s tits.

“You have very nice muscles, Josh. Very nice,” Gary whispered as he kissed Josh lightly on the lips. His hands roamed down Josh’s firm abdominal muscles until they found Josh’s half-risen dick. Gary grabbed him by the dick and started to lead him into the bedroom.


Gary stretched Josh out on his back on the bed and swiftly began licking his nipples. Gary still had his clothes on, and Josh was keenly aware of his own complete nakedness, his intimate exposure to this man.

Gary’s tongue traveled lower, down Josh’s abdomen, while his hands continued their massage of Josh’s chest muscles.

Finally, his mouth entered Josh’s pubic region, his tongue running from the base of Josh’s prick to the tip. He took Josh’s still flaccid organ in his mouth, his fingers reaching down to caress his balls.

When Josh’s reluctant prick still refused to respond completely, Gary looked up at Josh questioningly.

“This is new for me,” Josh told him. “I’m still a little nervous. I think it would help if I did you first. Why don’t you take off your clothes too?”

Gary stood and peeled the black tee shirt over his head, revealing powerful, ribbed abdominal muscles. He sat on the bed and pulled off his shoes and socks, then stood to undo his pants, but Josh pushed Gary’s hands away and undid the belt buckle himself. He unzipped Gary’s jeans and massaged his rock hard prick through his jockey shorts while running his tongue in and out of Gary’s belly button. Suddenly he pulled both Gary’s jeans and underwear down to the floor, and Gary’s nine-inch prick caught him right between the eyes, not unlike the steel barrel of Clint Eastwood’s .357 magnum, about to make his day. Josh took that barrel into his mouth, running it quickly over his tongue and the inner linings casino firmaları of his cheeks. It tasted different than a cunt. Purer. Drier. More powerful.

Gary seized Josh’s head and began to thrust into his mouth more violently. Josh looked up to see the white line of the scar running down Gary’s contorted face, a false moon gleaming in the dimmed light of the room. He began to suck Gary more vigorously as he battered his way into Josh’s mouth, swirling his tongue around Gary’s shaft and clamping his lips tightly over its skin as it pushed its way in and out of Josh’s virgin orifice. Josh reached up to grasp Gary’s balls as his prick pummeled Josh’s mouth, squeezing them gently as Gary pumped into him. He suddenly released Gary’s prick and dropped his head to take Gary’s heavy right ball into his mouth, sucking it, licking it and even nibbling on it gently.

He looked up at Gary, still squeezing his rock hard prick in his hand. “I need this inside me. I have to know what it feels like. I want you to split me apart,” he told the scarred man.

“Get on the bed,” Gary commanded him. “Face down.”

Josh was only too happy to comply.

Gary picked up the two pairs of handcuffs that had been lying on the nightstand. “Do you mind if I use these?” he asked Josh, the remark not really a question.

Josh slowly extended his arms above him and let Gary cuff his wrists to the eyehooks that were screwed into the headboard of the bed. Gary then used leather straps to tie Josh’s ankles to the hooks at the foot of the bed. Josh now found himself spread eagled, deliciously helpless against his tormenter.

Gary opened a condom and put it on. “You really should have waited for this before sucking me,” he said. “This world is not exactly safe, you know.”

“Your ad said you were disease free. Besides, I had to taste you, not some latex raincoat. I need to experience you. All of you.”

Gary climbed on top of Josh’s naked back. The lubricated rubber felt strangely cold against the crack of Josh’s ass. Gary began to kiss the back of his neck and his ears before running his tongue down Josh’s neck and shoulder blades and all the way down his spine to the dimple in Josh’s buttocks.

Josh felt himself beginning to grow very hard.

Gary licked his way down Josh’s crack, stopping to lap his anus vigorously, rapidly inserting and withdrawing his tongue, like some crazed lizard.

Josh moaned in ecstasy.

Gary pulled Josh’s rock hard prick out from under him and began to lick it up and down the shaft as he rubbed the K-Y jelly into Josh’s anus with the fingers of his right hand. He took both balls in his mouth at once as his index finger entered fully into Josh’s rectum, the cool jelly feeling strange so deep within his cavity. He nipped Josh’s güvenilir casino balls gently with his teeth, Josh jumping in response, and then climbed on top of him to begin his ride.

The insertion was painful at first, but Josh learned to relax his sphincter to allow the huge head of Gary cock’s entrance into the cavities of his body. Gary began to lick Josh’s spine again and then brutally pushed into him, embedding himself six inches inside Josh’s ass.

He climbed further up Josh’s torso and thrust again, and Josh felt himself fully impaled on the nine inches of Gary’s cock. He truly did feel split apart inside. And finally, at long last, completely possessed.

Gary withdrew and thrust again, the passage easier this time. His tongue found Josh’s earlobe as he began to violate Josh’s virgin ass in earnest. He pressed Josh’s head against the sheets with a full nelson, licking Josh’s neck and turning Josh’s face so that he could thrust his tongue into his mouth as he thrust his cock inside Josh’s tender rectum. Josh sucked that tongue and could feel Gary’s pectoral muscles against his naked back and his steel biceps sliding up Josh’s arm as he interlocked his fingers with Josh’s shackled hands. Gary thrust harder and harder now into Josh’s body, his heavy balls crashing into Josh’s. Josh sucked and sucked on Gary’s eager tongue as he felt Gary’s body begin to tense against him, every muscle pressing against Josh’s back as he spent himself inside Josh’s ass, his back arching as Josh felt the intense contractions of Gary’s prick inside his body even through the barrier of the rubber.

Gary collapsed against him peacefully, licking his ear and stoking his hair.

Then suddenly he was untying Josh’s legs and flipping him over. Josh’s arms, still handcuffed to the headboard, were now crossed over his face.

He took Josh’s rock hard prick in his mouth and began to bob his head up and down on it with an expertise that Josh had not thought possible. He released it and stroked it with his hand while he sucked on Josh’s balls, before returning to his prick. He manipulated Josh’s balls with his fingers as he gobbled his prick more and more violently. When he felt himself beginning to come, Josh felt an urge to grab Gary’s head and hold it still against him while he thrust into him, but his hands were still shackled above his head, and Gary’s sucking continued unabated and Josh felt himself explode inside Gary’s mouth in an orgasm more violent then any he had ever experienced before. Gary’s hungry mouth continued to milk him long after he was done.

Josh lay there for a while, feeling the warmth of his lover’s head against his tummy, wanting to stroke it but unable to move his shackled hands. He looked up at the window to watch the icy white clouds flowing across the night sky, driven by the cold wind that howled outside the fragile warmth of this suburban house.

Mary and the kids would be returning, and he would have to leave soon. He felt the touch of Gary’s lips as they brushed against his cock and shivered at the impending cold.

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