12 Şubat 2021

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking


About a year ago I discovered rectal temperature taking as a domination tool in my marital relationship. My husband began as a very reluctant participant, but with firmness on my part he has if nothing else accepted the practice.

My interest was sparked quite by coincidence. My husband was experiencing flu-like symptoms. A doctor friend of mine agreed to stop by to have a look at him on her way to an appointment. I was not paying much attention while she checked him out. At one point I left the room. When I returned I was just in time to witness him rolling over on his stomach followed by the doctor pulling down the bed sheet, tugging his underpants down to his knees, and after lubricating a thermometer spreading his ass cheeks and inserting the instrument into his waiting rectum.

When she spread his checks and inserted the thermometer I noticed he buried his face in the pillow. My initial reaction to the event focused on his embarrassment of having to lay there exposed to a strange woman who just shoved a glass tube up his ass. I also thought about the complete control the situation gave her casino şirketleri over him and his associated submissiveness.

The next day I purchased a rectal thermometer and upon getting home announced my intentions. He seemed hesitant and quite sheepish about my plans.

Initially, our activity was confined to episodes in the bedroom. When I was feeling the urge I would announce it was time to take his temperature. This was his cue to roll over on his stomach, lower his pajama bottoms or underpants and wait for me to insert the thermometer. I experimented with placing him in different positions and in varying states of undress. My two favorite positions were to get him up on all fours on the bed and for him to lay on his back and raise, bend and spread his legs. I liked him nude for this position because he was completely exposed to my view and his butt was easily accessible.

Over time I coaxed him to doing it in other parts of the house. While watching TV or a movie I would often fetch a thermometer at some point during the evening. He of course knew what was coming and would ask what position casino firmaları I wanted him in. One of my more memorable experiences was when I had him take off all his clothes and lay on the sofa in a way he could still see the TV. I had him stay in this position with the thermometer up his butt for the entire movie. Every once in a while I would go over and give the thermometer a slight twist or pull it out and put it back in.

On a rainy weekend day recently when I was feeling particularly devious, I handed him a tee shirt and said that was all he could wear. I spent a good part of the day dreaming up places in the house and positions to take his temperature such as in the garage, in the kitchen bent over the counter, and my all time favorite across my lap while I talked to a friend on the phone.

An amusing consequence of this day is the thermometer going in and out of him so many times irritated the wall of his anal passage. On Monday I insisted he go to the doctor to get checked. When I arrived home that night I made him give me a full report of the doctor visit. He said at first he was güvenilir casino reluctant to tell the doctor how it happened. As soon as she started examining him back there she stopped and questioned him about putting something up his rectum. Sheepishly he admitted it and told her what we had been doing. She proceeded to give him a thorough rectal exam including looking up his butt with a scope. She next had a nurse come in to show him how to properly take a temperature rectally. She had him get in numerous positions so she could explain as she took his temperature what to do and what not to do. He said it was a terribly embarrassing experience.

I quite often take a break while working in my home office for a temperature taking episode. There are two ground rules when it is temperature time in my office. It is his responsibility to bring the thermometer and KY jelly to me and he is not permitted to wear any clothes when he comes in. As a result, he undresses just outside my office before approaching me sitting at my desk nude with thermometer in hand. Depending on my mood, I will either place him across my lap, have him turn around and bend over or get up on my desk on his hands and knees. I sometimes prolong the event having in stay in position while I work.

The next chapter will provide experiences taking his temperature in public places.

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