3 Şubat 2021

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 03


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Ali carried me into the bathroom and set me on the counter. He was still a little red, and pulled at his tie and ripped a button as he tore his sweat-soaked shirt off. He kicked his leather dress shoes over towards the closet and quickly tossed his pants, sending them towards the door.

He stood in front of me wearing a pair of short black boxer briefs filled past capacity with his fully hard cock that poked out of the waistband clinging tightly to his right hip. He pushed those off and his cock sprang out and bounced down over his low, heavy nuts. He came towards me wearing only his silver chain and a pair of black dress socks that came up over his calves.

“Fuck,” I mouthed mindlessly to myself, he was pulsing heat and sweat as he came towards me. He looked bigger, stronger when filled with anger, jealousy, lust, whatever else was swirling around in that dark, handsome face.

I spread my legs and leaned back against the mirror as he pulled at my swim trunks and tossed them into the tub. It knocked me backwards, but he caught the back of my head in his hand and leaned in for a kiss. He grabbed a towel and set it on the counter for my head to rest on and then pushed my feet so my knees drew up into my chest.

As he hovered over me, I got a nose full of his cologne mixed with sweat. A few drops of his heat scent dripped down over my cold chest. It brought my dick to full mast. I reached down to rub it, but he shook his head and I let it drop against my tummy. He was training me.

His fingers intertwined with my toes as he kissed me again and then lowered himself.

Ali knelt down and I felt his tongue start to work into my hole. After watching him beat Nasir mercilessly, I was ready to give him whatever he needed. He’d earned his prize. It was his lion’s right.

His tongue worked inside me making my body twist and jerk as he filled me. I reached down and put my hand on his head, tangling his thick black hair through my fingers as he pushed it deep inside me.

I laid back and closed my eyes, feeling them roll back until stars danced across the blackness. My body relaxed completely to its welcomed lion. I got into a crab position, tucking my knees behind my shoulders to give him full access to what he desired. He licked, swirled, chewed, and tongue-fucked his prize into submission as it grew to accept and then demand more of him.

He reached up and put his fingers against my lips. He pressed into my mouth and I sucked them hungrily. He pulled my mouth downward with it until our eyes met. His stare bored into me from behind my cock which throbbed in time to his tongue fucking. His intense gaze let me know I was his for the taking.

He pushed his fingers right up against my throat until I felt my body convulse on the edge of vomiting. I rocked forward and nearly wretched. He popped his fingers out and traced a wet path down to my throat. He massaged it gently and furrowed his brows at me to show concern for my watery eyes.

He worked one wet finger, then another inside my hole, rubbing the places that made my cock pounce and jump against my tummy. I started to jerk it again but he grabbed my hand and pulled it off with force. He pinned my hand against the counter.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to cum from his assault on my hole and it wasn’t that far away. He worked the two fingers inside me and then when he got all the way past the last knuckle, he took them out and left the room.

I laid there on the cold marble counter instantly feeling loss as my hole twitched and pulsed, missing its filling intruder. My cock throbbed against my stomach as it remembered the rhythm of him in me. I started to whimper like a dog waiting for his treat.

He came back a minute later, still wearing the black socks that accentuated his strong brown calves. He held the bottle of liquid that had made me feel good the last time he’d fingered me. He came close to me, leaned down and kissed me wildly and then squirted a line of clear goo onto his cock. He drizzled a healthy amount inside my pulsing hole. He fisted his cock a few times to spread it evenly, still at full mast and now shiny with lube.

Ali lined it up with my hole and started to poke the tip in. I instantly lurched forward, it was too big. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he gave me that “Shhh, it’s ok” face. He mouthed the word “slow” and leaned down to put his tongue back into my waiting lips.

He tongue-wrestled me as he slowly eased his cock inside me. He had one hand behind my back, rubbing it in slow circles as I lifted off the counter. It was painful, but I wanted this. I wanted to please him. He deserved all that I had to give.

All my stabs at holding on to my last bit of manhood melted away as he burned off his fighting, protective energy on my needy hole. He slowly slid into me, minute by minute, letting his cock settle and allowing me to accept him. I felt so stretched yet bahis firmaları my body wanted more. I held on tightly to his shoulders as he slid both arms underneath me and pushed deeper inside of me.

He raised one hand off of me and made the sign for “I love you” and pressed it down against my heart. I raised myself up and our lips met in a hot kiss as I threw my arms around his neck again.

Ali lifted me up off the bathroom counter into his cave of muscles and I let my legs fall to wrap around his thick waist. He backed up and leaned against the wall as he steadied me on him, slowly lowering me down more on his cock.

He turned around as he began to bottom out inside me. I felt my cheeks resting against his furry balls. He leaned me against the wall and buried his face into my shoulder as I put my head into the nape of his neck and whimpered softly in desperate need of him.

I caught sight of us in the mirror, my body blocked by his dark, hulking, muscular frame. My eyes met my own in the mirror and I chewed on his shoulder as he started to push in and out of me. My own cock was leaking against his tummy as it bumped in time to his movements.

We looked pretty hot together. I watched his ass muscles tense every time he pushed into me and then relax as he withdrew. He started to work up a steady rhythm and his cock pushed all the right buttons inside my hole. He owned me and he knew it. I belonged to my lion and it was time to seed his cub. He fucked furiously in and out of me as I moaned and tried to keep up with the mix of pain and pleasure. His animal had taken over completely and he no longer stopped to check my face for distress. He couldn’t stop.

I clamped on tight with my arms around his shoulders as my cock started to erupt against his stomach. “AHHHHH! AHHHH!” I started to wail as I tensed and jerked in his arms. My hole was twitching and clamping down on his cock as I shot and soon I felt him squeeze me little too tightly and very quickly pulse his cock in and out of me. He had his face buried into my shoulder sucking on my chest as he shot deep inside me. I felt warm globs shoot deep inside me and some of it started to leak out around his dick.

My moment was cut short as he rode me a little too rough. It started to feel a little raw and I pleaded soft cries as he kept up the pace, filling me to capacity. He couldn’t stop and I really didn’t want him to. I endured it for what felt like an hour as he finished inside me filling me with his seed. I felt shot after shot work its way deep inside me, planting his mark on my heart.

My hole was on fire, but filled, content. For the first time in my life I could understand why gay dudes did this. I’d never felt so open and raw yet so protected and safe with anyone.

He slowly calmed down and held his cock buried deep in me. It was too big to detach just yet. It started to feel ok since he wasn’t moving it. I hoped he’d keep it in until it went down a little.

Ali backed up and sat against the counter, balancing me on his cock with one arm under my butt. He reached down with one hand to take off his socks and again threw them across the room. He got back up and took us over to the tub, turning on the water and putting down the plug as he easily held me against his chest.

We laid there as the warm water rose around us and our breath calmed in sync. I looked up at him and he just shook his head with the biggest smile then mouthed, “Wow.” He reached for the dry erase marker he kept near the tub and wrote on the tile, “Are you ok, my love?”

“Yes sir, just a little sore down there. Please don’t move it.” I wrote back and then collapsed again into his arms. He nodded and rested me against his chest, rubbing my back slowly while kissing my head and rocking me slowly. I looked back and saw him use his toes to turn off the water as the tub filled up. I felt his heart thumping hard against my ear as he recovered. I’d given his muscles quite the workout.

“I’m sorry about Nasir, I knew I should have made you stay in the house. It was my fault for letting you go, you are too naive to see when a lion has you in his sight. You’re trusting and simple,” Ali wrote as we came down together.

“Did you get my bracelet taps?” I asked, suddenly wondering.

Ali made a crazy face, “I nearly drove off the road! I was heading back already. My phone locked up because it got too many alerts. All I could think of was getting back to my baby. What happened?”

I wrote out the story in parts, stopping to erase it a few times as I ran out of room. Meanwhile his cock had softened and was slowly slipping out of me followed by a large amount of his seed. I felt sad to feel it go.

Ali felt so bad for what had happened to me, and so proud of white dog. He promised that Nasir would never get another chance at being alone with me.

“What is that dog’s name?!” I wrote.

“Kadir, he is an attack dog and is obviously bonding to you!” Ali smiled, quite pleased with his purchase. kaçak iddaa

Ali finished washing us and rinsed the now cold water over me. He lifted me up out of the tub and set me on my feet. I followed him to the towels and he dried me off. He pulled a tube of ointment from a cabinet and spread it over and inside my hole. It was soothing and warm. We dressed for a nap.

As we laid down in bed, Ali opened his laptop he typed:

“Hearing you speak, that was the first time. You sound exactly like I thought you would, like the voice I hear every night you are in my dreams. Why don’t you talk? I thought you could only make little noises. You said my name and it made everything else going on irrelevant.”

“I don’t talk because I don’t know what it sounds like and when I was little I got made fun of. People tried to get me to do it so they could laugh. Since then I just kind of forgot how. I didn’t know how else to make you stop hitting him. I thought you would kill him,” I typed.

“It was awesome. I think you freaked everyone out. Nasir will be punished by his father for such shame and I’m pretty sure Ben will need to revisit his pledge,” Ali assured me.

I asked what he meant by that.

“The cub, when choosing his lion to be loyal to, signs an agreement. Ben especially gave up all of his money for his loyalty. Ben was a successful business developer from a wealthy family in New York when he met Nasir. He gave up a lot to be by his side and help Nasir get his finances and business back on track. Nasir was losing all kinds of money.”

I typed back, “Will I sign a pledge? I don’t have anything to give you. I do have the money I got with my scholarship, but it only spends on the university campus for supplies. Do you need any pens?” I joked.

Ali laughed and kissed me, “I do love a nice pen. You have everything I could ever want and I hope you choose me to share with… even if I can’t let you live outside my home. I hope you will come to understand what it feels like for me. It seems like anytime I leave you alone, danger lurks to envelop you. It isn’t making much of a case to let you return to the dorms.”

Today was definitely not the time to argue with him. I nodded, made the I love you sign and pressed it against his chest. We settled in to hold each other for awhile as Kadir jumped on the bed and was rewarded with adoring rubs from the both of us.


I must have fallen asleep, it had been a crazy morning. When I opened my eyes, Ali was dressed in jeans that went down just past his knees and a tight white t-shirt with a deep v-neck that showed off his pecs and necklace. He slid onto the bed next to me and opened his laptop.

“I have a surprise for you, it’s almost time,” he wrote out.

“Can we do the thing we just did again?” I typed, but then a green box appeared in the middle of the screen. It said, “New Call from Caleb T.”

I sat up excitedly as Ali clicked on the box that said accept. The screen filled with an image of someone’s hair. The body leaned back and sat in a chair and I saw Caleb’s face. He beamed as he saw me and started to reach for me. I reached towards the screen too. We’d been best friends since 5th grade and he was still back in Los Angeles.

Ali sat up against the pillows and pulled me over into his lap before setting the laptop in front of me. We immediately started signing a mile a minute back and forth. He looked so good. He had started working on weight training at the beginning of summer and it was really paying off. He had tanned a bit and his tank top revealed bulging biceps and pecs.

“You look so good!” I signed excitedly.

“You too! I can’t believe all that’s happened to you. Ali called me every day since it happened to let me know how you are,” he signed back.

I gave him a confused look and he signed back, “My dad is your emergency contact for the university. Did you forget?”

Caleb alternated between speaking and listening to Ali and signing with me. He even translated a little between us when we told him all about what had happened.

“So you’re gay?” Caleb signed with a confused look at me.

“No, I,” I paused, not sure how to answer that.

“You could have been gay with me! You know how I feel about you. It took an arab dude with a pile of cash to bring it out of you?” he signed with a half smile.

“I guess so. I don’t know what we are,” I signed and desperately hoped that Caleb wasn’t voicing all this to Ali. I looked back at Ali who was rubbing my tummy and checking messages on his phone. He had tuned out.

“This is so you, Em. You did a stupid dance group and lucked into a full scholarship abroad. You went for a walk and found an oil tycoon to fall in love with you. What next? He’s so sexy too. I wish you could hear his voice. It’s so deep and that accent! So sexy.” Caleb was getting jealous, but he smiled, always happy for me.

I leaned to the right so Caleb could get a kaçak bahis full view of Ali. Ali looked up from his phone and blushed a little. I started to pull up his shirt for Caleb to see his abs, but he pushed my hand, and pulled me back to center against his chest, resting his lips on my shoulder. I could see what we looked like to Caleb framed in a small box in the corner of our screen.

“Nice, Em, I wasn’t already jealous enough,” Caleb leaned back against his chair and adjusted his shorts as he took us in, “When are you coming home?”

I shrugged. I really didn’t know. Ali leaned forward and said something to Caleb who started translating for me, “He needs to make some phone calls and will leave us for a little bit.” Caleb waved as Ali slid me gently off his lap, kissed my cheek, and left with his phone.

“He’s gone?” Caleb asked with his fingers. I nodded and he continued, “Em, I think you need to come home. This whole thing just doesn’t make sense. He’s kind of crazy. He asked a million questions about you and your history. He asked me to scan pictures of you over the years. He said he was putting together a feel better book for you. Did you ever get it?”

Caleb continued, “He knew a lot about your history. He even knew info on some of the foster families you grew up with. He knew about your parents. He knew you were allergic to certain things. You haven’t known him long enough for all that and half the time you were unconscious. I’m worried about you.”

“I’m ok, Caleb. He loves me and I think I love him too. Maybe he researched all that stuff to take care of me.”

“Em, you don’t need to be taken care of. That is called stalking. What about your classes? What about your scholarship? Are you living with him? How much have you done with him? Are you using protection?” Caleb was filled with questions.

“I don’t know, he said I’m not safe being on my own in this country. He doesn’t want me going back to the dorm. We’ve done some stuff, and no, we didn’t use any protection.” I felt ashamed at that. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it.

“You sucked his dick without a condom? Are you dumb? We sat through those classes together. You know what could happen.” Caleb was getting pissed.

“I didn’t suck his dick.” I sighed, looking down at Caleb’s chest.

“Oh, so you two just like jerked each other? So you haven’t really had sex yet, ok ok, that’s safe,” Caleb looked relieved.

“No, we… he put it inside me.” I admitted. I didn’t lie to Caleb.

“You know better…” Caleb stared at me with a defeated look. We just stared at each other for a few minutes then he signed, “Now he won’t let you go back to school?”

I nodded.

“Do I need to come out there and kick some ass?” Caleb finally signed, cracking a smile to ease the tension.

I nodded again.

“I’m not happy with this. You know people take advantage of you being deaf. He just seems very controlling, and being able to control what you hear and say… that’s big for a guy hiding things.”

We spent probably another hour talking about lighter stuff. He wanted to know how big Ali was and how it felt. He confessed he’d always thought about what it would be like to be inside me. That was gross, we’re practically brothers. I introduced him to Kadir who was alternating between the outside sunshine and the inside me time. He asked for my phone number so we could text, but I didn’t know where the phone was or what the number was. That was long gone apparently.


After I signed goodbye to Caleb I realized Ali still wasn’t back. I hated that Caleb was so suspicious of Ali. He always thought the worst of people which was why he didn’t date the same guy for too long. The face chat closed out and I closed the file Ali and I had been typing in.

The desktop was a picture of me Ali had taken the first time we had gone to the gym together. I was standing in a small pair of gym shorts with my shirt off doing a muscle pose to show the little development my biceps could muster. My cheeks were red from blushing at him insisting on taking “before” pictures of our workouts.

I moved the cursor over to a series of files with names written in arabic. I tried hard to remember how he had written my name in arabic letters on the back of his business card when we first met. No file name seemed to match that so I just started opening and looking. The first file just had a bunch of spreadsheet documents. I closed that one and opened the next.

This one was full of pictures of us. He liked to take “Selfies” with me in his lap. Everyday he’d do a different one. Pic after pic was us smiling, me in his arms. Then there were some of me asleep on his chest or holding the stuffed lion. There were a few showing the injuries from my fall. My hair had been cut and the bruise looked pretty bad. I guess that’s why they kept me on medicine for so long.

I scrolled through the file, always darting my eyes back to the door to check for him. I scrolled past a ton of pictures from when we were just hanging out together. He took a bunch. It all just confirmed that he loved me. He really did. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, right?

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