1 Şubat 2021

DJ Pt. 40 – Final


In Part 40

The Rainbow Alliance picnic April 14th

Word leaks out about Jamal and Rusty’s Pool Party

Catastrophe hits – Joe loses everything

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, whose father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

* * * * *

DJ Part 40

Wednesday the 11th of April was pretty typical. Karen, DJ and Jamie all had coffee (except Jamie had his normal glass of juice) and breakfast together before Jamie and DJ headed to campus for their 9:00 AM class. Devon and Quentin also arrived on campus separately, but both also had 9:00 AM classes. Bryan and Phil enjoyed naked coffee with Candy and Rina, and Bryan had to leave for his 10:00 AM class about 9:30.

About 9:30 AM LaShonda Kendrick, driving her Mom’s car, pulled up and parked in front of Devon Williams’s house, and she nervously walked to the front door and rang the bell. Mrs. Williams answered the door wearing her housecoat.

“Hello,” Mrs. Williams said, “how can I help you?”

“I’m LaShonda Kendrick, I need to know if you are Devon Williams’s mother before I can say any more, I hope I have the right house.”

“So, I finally get to meet Devon’s girlfriend,” Mrs. Williams said, “I’m surprised that Devon didn’t bring you around weeks ago to introduce us.”

“Ex-girlfriend,” LaShonda stated, “Devon broke off our relationship a couple of weeks ago, but there is something about Devon that I think you and his father need to know.”

“Come in please,” Mrs. Williams said, “I think we need to talk, please have a seat,” and she also sat down in the sitting room, “Is Devon in some kind of trouble?”

LaShonda, sitting down, “Not with the law, or anything like that, but he may be confused. Did you ever consider that he might be homosexual?”

“No way!” Mrs. Williams exclaimed, “Not Devon, he’s been a ladies man for at least the last three years, and I’ve even seen room receipts, where he has spent nights with you at the Shady Inn.”

“Mrs. Williams,” LaShonda said, “Devon and I have never had sex, and those nights he spent at the Shady Inn, he was with his—boyfriend, Quentin. Quentin broke up with his girl too, the same time Devon broke up with me. Their reasons were the same, they both said they didn’t have time for girlfriends.”

“LaShonda,” Mrs. Williams stated, “I have some very mixed feelings right now, one side of me wants to hate you, for even suggesting such a situation, the other side wants to thank you for alerting me to it. I can tell you this, Devon’s father and I are going to have a talk with him tonight. Devon has never lied to us, if it’s true, I believe Devon will tell us, if not, we’ll know you are out for revenge. I think you need to leave now.” Mrs. Williams has a truckload of tears that she is holding back, as LaShonda Kendrick left, and drove toward her home.

Minutes later the dam broke, Devon’s Mom, sat on the sofa sobbing her heart out. Her visions of her only Son getting married someday, and giving her grandchildren to spoil was fading into oblivion. She walked into the bathroom, grabbing a towel, and then wandered into Devon’s bedroom, picturing Devon and Quentin’s small brown bodies inside their white skivvies, kneeling beside the bed and saying their prayers, together.

Who would ever imagine that those two beautiful and innocent boys would ever grow up and possibly want to share a forbidden type of love with each other, as LaShonda Kendrick had accused. She knew that she and her husband were going to need to confront Devon, but dreaded the need to do so.

Devon would be home for lunch after his 11:00 AM class ended. His Mom was trying desperately to ‘get herself together’ and prepare lunch for herself and Devon, without Devon noticing that she had been crying. She decided to do some shopping that afternoon to ‘buy some time’ until Devon’s father came home from work, about 4:30 PM.

After lunch, Devon headed to his room and started to hit his books, working on his assignments for Friday morning, and his Mom went shopping.

While his father was on his lunch break, his Mom managed to get a chance to call him on his cell phone, and briefly explained what LaShonda Kendrick had accused Devon of that morning. Quite naturally, Devon’s Dad was upset.

Devon’s father, John Williams, felt he needed a friend to talk with, and called his closest friend of many years, Jeffrey Smith. John and Jeffrey had been close friends since high school, and had played basketball together, on the school team as well as anywhere they could find a net. It was actually the long-term friendship of these two men that eventually led to the close friendship of their sons, Devon and Quentin. They made arrangements to meet with each other right after work, and casino şirketleri have coffee at Burger King. John called his wife and told her he was having coffee with Jeffrey and would be late getting home.

John, after they both got coffee and sat down, “Jeffrey, what would you do if you found out that your son was, or might be gay?”

“Oh my god, John,” that’s what you’re up against?” Jeffrey asked.

“He hasn’t said that, himself,” John answered, “but his ex-girlfriend came to the house and told my wife that Devon broke up with her because he didn’t have time for a girlfriend, and he’s been sometimes staying at the Shady Inn with his boyfriend, and she believes he is gay.”

“Gosh, John,” Jeffrey said, “there are really only two choices, reject or accept. I could be in a similar situation, I only have one son, and if he were to confront me with that, I think I would have to swallow my pride and accept him. If I didn’t, I would probably lose him, and I would never want to lose my Son. You might want to question Devon, and try to find out what he’s really feeling.”

“Jeffrey, you may have the same dilemma,” John said, “according to Devon’s Ex, his boyfriend is your son, Quentin. She said that he also broke up with his girl at about the same time, and for the same reasons.”

“Oh, shit!” Jeffrey exclaimed, “Looks like it’s time for a heart to heart talk with my son too. John, good luck with your son and thanks for the heads up, it’s good to see you.” The two fathers parted, and went home, neither of them looking forward to what lie ahead.

Knowing that John was going to be late getting home, his wife delayed preparing dinner. After Devon finished his homework, he put on his headphones, lay on his bed and got into his music, oblivious as to what lie ahead. The fact that his Dad and Jeffrey were having coffee together was nothing to worry about, as they’d been close friends for many years, and occasionally did get together just to chat.

After John got home his wife started dinner and he joined her in the kitchen. Devon was still in his room, lost in his music, and thinking about Quentin. He was wishing that Quentin were there, by his side.

“John,” Devon’s Mom asked, “are we going to confront Devon tonight, about this situation?”

“The sooner we tackle it,” John replied, “the sooner we can put it behind us. I think Devon will tell us the truth, he’s never lied to us, that I know of.”

“What are we going to do,” she asked, “if Devon admits to being gay?”

“There’s not much we can do, Hunny,” John replied, “I’m not going to be one of those asshole parent’s, that kick’s their kids out of their home, when the kid comes out as gay. When Devon was born, we accepted an obligation to raise him to manhood, and we’re not done yet. If we can’t accept his sexuality, we stand a chance to lose him, and I’m not willing to risk that possibility.”

“Do you think,” Devon’s mom queried, “that allowing Devon and Quentin to sleep together when they were kids might have caused them to become gay?”

“Nope,” John countered, “when my sister and I were kids, our parents took in a couple of foster children. The girls shared the same room, but had twin beds. Jeremiah was two years older than I, and we shared a full sized bed from the time I was six until I was 14, and he was 16, and he was removed from my parents care.”

“Jeremiah taught me how to masturbate,” John continued, “and those last six or eight months before he got removed, we masturbated together, a lot. But neither Jeremiah nor I ended up gay. Jeremiah fell in love with a girl, they got married and now have four of their own children. And you well know the story of our love affair.”

“John,” Devon’s mom said, “wanna see if you can pry Devon out of his room, dinner is ready.” The Williams family shared a casual dinner together, with only small talk. Mrs. Williams gathered up the empty dishes from the table and carried them to the kitchen sink to be washed.

John, as Devon started to rise from the table, “Sit tight, Son, we need to have a serious talk.”

“Uh, Oh!” Devon exclaimed, “What did I do now?”

“Relax, Devon,” John said, “It’s nothing you’ve done, but we need to ask you about something, and we need you to be truthful and honest about it, Are you gay?”

“Dad,” Devon said, looking down at the floor, “it’s not like I’ve been in bed with every boy on campus, just one boy. Does having a gay experience with just one boy make me gay?”

“That may depend on a few factors,” John said, “was that experience just for sex, or is there more, like, do you and he have some deeper feelings for each other? Maybe you’re both gay? Maybe there is even love involved.” The last sentence went right to Devon’s heart.

“Dad,” Devon explained, tears starting to slip down his cheeks, “there is love involved, I can’t lie, that boy is Quentin, I love him and he loves me. We just want to be together, like we used to be, but back then, we didn’t know anything about love or sex, we were just kids that were almost inseparable, and casino firmaları we’ve always loved each other.”

“Son,” John lamented, “why did you never share some of these feelings and emotions with your Mom and me?”

“I was afraid,” Devon admitted, “I’ve heard all these stories about parents disowning their kids, and sometimes kicking them out of their homes if they found out they might be gay. Even now, I’m depending on you to pay my college expenses, without your help I would become a dropout, cause I couldn’t make it on my own.”

“Those are things you don’t need to sweat,” John said, “your Mom and I are looking forward to your graduation from college. Gay or Straight, we’re very proud of our wonderful Son, and we’ll never kick you out or disown you because of your sexuality. We love you very much!”

“I love you both so much,” Devon said, “and I’m really glad we had this talk today, you guys have just lifted a huge pile of baggage from my head, and my heart!”

“Devon,” Mom said, “is Quentin as big and tall as you are now?”

“Pretty much, Mom, why?” Devon asked.

“I’m thinking,” Mrs. Williams stated, “you guys have grown a lot, and there is no way you would both fit in your twin bed anymore. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade to a full size bed, so you’ll both have room to sleep, when you two spend the weekends here together.”

Devon, grinning, “You would let us sleep together, here?”

“We know you guys are going to sleep together anyway,” John said, grinning, “and it’s a lot cheaper than $50 a night for the Shady Inn!”

Meanwhile, at the Jeffrey Smith home, a very similar confrontation has been taking place. Quentin’s parents have fully accepted Quentin’s relationship with Devon, and both boys are welcome at the Smith home, just like old times.

* * * * *

Friday the 13th was pretty typical, all the way around. All of the Rainbow Alliance members were excited, as their picnic was tomorrow. After classes ended, DJ and Jamie came to our house for lunch. Joe and I were both scheduled at 3:00, normal, I needed to leave at about 2:30 and Mike would pick Joe up at about 3:00 PM. DJ was scheduled 3:00 to 9:00, same as I was, and Jamie 4:00 to close at 11:00 PM.

DJ and Jamie had both requested to not be scheduled before 4:00 PM on Saturday as the picnic was scheduled to start at noon, and they didn’t want to have to leave too early. Bryan had also asked to be scheduled after 4:00 Saturday, and Phil was given permission to come in later than his usual 3:00 PM.

After their classes ended on Friday, Jamal and Rusty made their way to the supermarket. They picked up all the dry goods, aka, plastic cups, plastic silverware, paper plates, napkins and a shitload of 2-liter sodas, and a couple packs of bottled water. The club had decided not to do any grilling, and just have deli-prepared Fried Chicken, Ribs, baked beans, and salads. After paying for the sodas and dry goods, they had $190 left. They then ordered trays of Ribs, fried chicken, and baked beans, potato and macaroni salad. These came to $175, so they ordered a Veggie Tray for $15.00. They asked the deli people to please keep the hot stuff in an oven until they picked it up at 11:30 AM, on Saturday, just before the picnic.

Jamal, en route to Rusty’s house with the dry goods, “I didn’t think about ice, do you have an ice chest?”

“Yeah, we got one,” Rusty replied, “we’re gonna need to borrow some of Granny’s spoons and tongs too, for the ribs and chicken. She has plenty.”

This is one of those times when Rusty’s grandparents are home for a while. They’re well aware of the relationship between Rusty and Jamal, and have pretty much adopted Jamal as a second grandson. Most of the time, when the grandparents are home, Rusty and Jamal confine their sexual activity to oral, but when the grandparents are gone, they fuck each other silly!

When the grandparents are gone, Jamal and Rusty both tend to suffer some mild amnesia, often forgetting to get dressed. They love seeing each other naked, and will spontaneously touch one another, down there, causing a grin to appear on the ‘touched’ ones face.

* * * * *

About 3:45 PM on Friday afternoon, Antonio received a call from Danny.

“Antonio,” Danny stated, “I’m supposed to be there at 4:00, but my parents are gone somewhere, could someone come and pick me up?”

“I think so, Danny,” Antonio replied, “Jamie is due in at 4:00 and should be here any second, I’ll ask him to come and get you, just be ready.”

“Thanks, Antonio,” Danny said, “I’m ready, and I’ll be waiting in front of my house.” Jamie walked in right after Antonio hung up the phone.

“Jamie,” Antonio said, “I need a small favor, can you go over to 113 Plum St, that’s the next street over from ours, and pick up Danny? He’ll be in front of his house.”

“Sure, Antonio,” Jamie replied, “I’ll be back in about ten minutes.”

“Thanks, Jamie, I’m clocking you in right now.”

Jamie, as Danny got into the front seat of his car, “Are you all ready for a busy Friday güvenilir casino night?”

“I hope so,” Danny answered, “this is my first Friday night as a server, I hope I don’t mess up too bad.”

“Danny, if you run into any snags, Ruth and I will be around to help you out. It’s better to ask for help, than to make a big mistake. We’re all going to have to bus our own tables tonight, we don’t have a bus boy.”

“Won’t Fernie be there to help us?” Danny asked.

“Nope, he’s got an away game tonight, and probably won’t be around until after 10:00. We should get some late business, after the game, but we won’t get slammed, like we do when it’s a Friday night home game.”

The Carter Cardinals were playing against the Brighton Bears tonight at Brighton High. Even with Fernando’s precise pitching, the Bears toppled them 6 to 2, but the Baseball team fared a little better, with a 5 to 4 win over the Bears. The teams voted to invade a sub shop in Brighton after the games, and Anthony’s only had a few guests late, after the games. The activity bus dropped Fernando off at the pizzeria.

The pizzeria closed at 11:00 PM as usual for a Friday, and the crew were actually cleaned up and leaving by 11:40. Danny made $24 in tips tonight, not too bad for a rookie, especially as slow as tonight had been.

* * * * *

It’s Saturday morning, April the 14th, and at long last the day of the Rainbow Alliance picnic has arrived.

Matt is up early, about 9:00 AM as it takes him a bit longer than most guys to get dressed and ready to go out in public. He is planning to pick up his girlfriend, Marie, about 11:00 AM and take her to the picnic, which is scheduled for noon. Even at 9:00 Matt has checked the sunny weather, which is promising a warm day with a high of over Ninety degrees, shorts and tee-shirt weather.

He would like to wear a tank top, but is still too heavy in the chest area for that, so he put on his binders and a loose fitting tee-shirt. He’ll be so happy to have his top surgery, and after that heals he’ll even be able to go bare topped if he wishes, like any normal guy.

A couple of unpleasant experiences has taught him that he needs to wear protection down there, especially if he might have a chance to make out with Marie, as his vagina tends to leak out fluid and showing a wet crotch in his shorts would not be cool. He has started wearing men’s briefs underneath his boxers, as the briefs will hold a feminine pad in place, and adding a rolled up washcloth inside the briefs also gives him a bit of a desirable, albeit fake, bulge in his crotch area.

Only those that know Matt well would know that he is Trans and that he is still more female than male in his anatomy. All the club members know that Matt is Trans, and they all refer to him as a guy, which makes him feel quite comfortable and accepted. So far, Matt is the only Trans person in the club.

* * * * *

Shortly after 11:00 AM some of the club members started to gather at the large pavilion. Someone, probably Lonnie, had placed signs on all four sides stating that this pavilion was reserved for the Rainbow Alliance on 4/14 at noon. Two of the early birds were Devon and Quentin, who arrived together in Devon’s car. They sat down together at one of the benches, held each other, and shared a romantic kiss, causing both of them to build tents inside their shorts.

“Devon,” Quentin said, “I still can’t believe that both of our families have accepted not just our sexuality, but also our relationship. Mom asked me to invite you for Sunday dinner tomorrow night at our house.”

“Dude!” Devon exclaimed, “That’s awesome, tell your Mom I accept, and I have a surprise too. Mom has bought me a new full size bed, big enough for both of us to share. It won’t be delivered until sometime next week, but maybe we can initiate it next weekend!” Quentin smiled.

Four of the girls arrived and headed to the pavilion followed by Jamie and DJ, and Phil and Bryan. The latter four sat at the same bench with Devon and Quentin, who could hardly wait to share their good news with their friends. DJ and Jamie said they were very happy that Devon and Quentin were now out to their families and that they were accepted.

Jackson arrived with the volleyball equipment, and several of the guys helped him to set it up, a few feet out from the pavilion. By noon there were about 40 members and guests present, and Rusty and Jamal arrived with the food. Several members quickly assisted in bringing the food and drinks into the pavilion, lining the goodies up on one of the tables.

Marie was looking very sexy, wearing a rather revealing top and very short shorts. Matt was busy for a while proudly introducing his girlfriend to the other members of the club. Some of the female (aka lesbian) members showed interest in Marie, but had the decency not to make a pass at her, to Matt’s pleasure.

Everyone was wearing shorts of various lengths and types. Rusty and Jamal both wore rather short shorts, and it was probably good that they both now wore boxer-briefs instead of boxers, as they may have otherwise been exposed when they sat down. If you recall, both of these boys are very well hung. Phil, also very well hung, is wearing more conventional shorts that come down nearly to his knees.

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