16 Şubat 2021

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 04


This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Sorry for the long rest. Just very busy and needing a break. Next chapter coming quick.


Friday was a disappointment. I wanted incredibly to get together with Anna again, but Penny dragged her off to the mall because she needed some things. Anna promised we’d get together later, which apparently wouldn’t happen either, as she texted me her parents announced they were taking the whole family out to dinner. I was feeling sexually frustrated despite the hot sex Anna and I had the day before. I tried to be constructive, going to the store myself for college supplies.

When I got home, I could hear fairly loud music coming from the basement. I figured Darci was home. I dropped my purchases of notebooks, pens, and other school supplies on the stairs leading to the second floor. I’d wanted to play some Wii anyway, so I bound down the stairs fully expecting to find Darci alone. To my surprise, Katie was with her and they were playing with my Wii.

Darci spotted me coming down the stairs and yelled, “Hey, brother.”


“Oh hi, Davey,” Katie said looking my way with a smile as she took her turn at golf.

“Hey, Katie,” I replied, glad to see her again.

I flopped down in a chair and watched Katie work the controller. She had a quiet grace the way her body moved. I checked her out, admiring every curve in her cute body. She was a good four or five inches shorter than Darci’s nearly six feet. She was not as thin as Darci, but her figure was well defined in all the right areas, with breasts close to Anna’s in size, an ass to die for, and nice long blonde hair approaching the middle of her back. Cute and sexy were definitely good adjectives to describe Katie.

“Want to play with us when we finish this game?” Darci asked.

“Yeah,” Katie said, as she ended her turn with a bogey on the hole.

“Sure,” I replied.

Darci and Katie each took one more turn then decided to quit their game so we could all play. We switched games to Mario and each took a controller.

We played Mario Kart, racing for a while all together, and then switched to tennis. Katie had trouble with the swing for tennis so I demonstrated how to do it. She still had trouble so I showed her my standing behind her as I guided her hand. As close as we were, I could breathe in her perfume and the scent of her shampoo. Her amazing ass moved below my crotch but that didn’t stop her from wiggling against me with her back too as she tried to perfect the swing. She wanted me to keep showing her with my hand on hers. As I did, the motion of her body rubbing against me had my cock reacting. She eventually got it and I was able to step away.

I tried to discreetly look down and see how bad my reaction showed. I thought I might be safe but when I looked up, Darci was looking right at me with a big smile. I began to think they’d played this game with me on purpose when Darci announced she wanted me to show her the swing too. I was forced into repeating the same procedure with my sister, but this time her height had her ass directly rubbing on my shorts.

I’d decided earlier in the day to wear basketball style gym shorts to the store with just a t-shirt on top. That decision was proving difficult now as the stimulation from the girls wiggling bodies was more effective against me in these thin shorts. I had the sense that they knew it too and were teasing me on purpose. Unfortunately, knowing that they intended to arouse me was little help from preventing it from happen. It might have even added a measure of eroticism to think they were trying to get me hard.

Pretty soon Darci got the hang of the swing and I was able to back away. This time I didn’t need to look down to know I had a problem. I looked over at Katie sitting on the couch and the smile on her face left little doubt about her recognition of my dilemma. I excused myself to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I dropped my gym shorts and boxers down to free my raging hard-on. I wasn’t completely hard, but hard enough that taking a leak took a good while just standing over the bowl before my dick began to subside enough for me to go. I had just finished when Katie knocked on the door.

“Hey, I need to go too. You need a hand in there?”

I could hear the giggle in her voice as she said it and I replied, “Give me just a minute.”

“OK, Davey…a minute it is.”

As I washed my hands I checked out the bulge in my shorts in the mirror. Fortunately, my dick was beginning to subside despite the delicious thoughts of Katie’s ass rubbing against me running through my brain. Remembering Darci’s ass wiggling against me too caused me to have to will my mind to focus on other things.

I opened the door to find Katie grinning at me. She stepped slightly aside to let me out.

“Everything okay, Davey?”

“Fine,” I lied.

“OK,” she mused as she brushed by me to enter the bathroom. Her hand accidentally on purpose brushed across the front of my shorts. casino şirketleri

When I reentered the sitting area of the basement, Darci smiled at me from the couch. She sat Indian style with her long legs under her.

“Your turn,” she said.

I took my turn and finished just as Katie returned. We each took several turns, but the mood of the game was more somber. After a few more rounds Darci asked Katie if she wanted to go swimming. My Dad had spent the better part of the last few days setting up an above-ground pool in the backyard. I’d helped him with some of the preparation of the ground underneath and some of the assembly. It wasn’t fancy, like an in-ground pool would be, but it was practical and large enough for many people.

“I didn’t bring a suit,” Katie lamented.

“I might have something that will fit you,” Darci claimed.

“How about you, Davey? Want to go for a swim?” Katie asked.

I looked at Darci to make sure I wasn’t intruding on their time together, but she seemed content with me joining them.

“Sure,” I said, immediately wondering if I’d left myself open for something more.

Everyone parted to get their suits on. Naturally, I was the first at the pool so I spent the first couple minutes skimming a few stray leaves off the top. I’d just finished when Katie and Darci appeared out the back door in bikinis. I tried to act busy and not stare, but stole several glances as they dropped towels on nearby lounge chairs and proceeded to the ladder. They looked hot in their tight fitting bikinis.

The water was cool, bordering on cold, not having hardly any time to warm yet in the early summer sun. I’d managed to get in to my waist only so far, with the top half of me still dry above the water. Katie and Darci climbed over the ladder only to be stopped by the first touch of the water. Katie was first and squealed at the cool water. Her reaction gave me reason to laugh and stare at her trying to descend the steps with Darci’s urging.

“Hurry up, sissy,” Darci accused.

“It’s fuckin’ cold,” Katie protested.

I watched her sweet ass drop below the waterline. She bobbed up and down as she tried to get use to the water. Her movements made her tits wobble sexily in the top of the bikini, which looked a size or two too small for her already. I could definitely see the defined protrusion of her nipples against the thin fabric of the bikini top. Despite the coldness of the water, my cock began to react again.

Katie had made it far enough out of the way that Darci was able to descend the steps, but she stopped on the last step as the cold got her too. My gaze reluctantly shifted from Katie to watch my sister’s long slender body finally drop off the last step. Her nipples poked out the front of her suit like erasers on pencils.

“Oh, geez, it’s cold,” Darci complained.

“I told you,” Katie quipped despite her own shivering and bouncing around.

Trying to act like the water was fine; I steadied myself and dove under. I swam across the pool to the other side. I came up a few feet from Katie against the wall. She moved toward me, bouncing in the water still.

“Oh, you’re crazy,” she said as she got close.

“Oh, my it’s cold,” Darci added coming our way.

I was just standing against the pool wall when Katie nearly jumped into me and yelled for me to help her get warm. Not knowing what else to do I wrapped my arms around her. She squealed at my wet chest on her back and wet arms around her. She turned to face away from me towards the approaching Darci.

Sorry,” I said.

“It’s OK, but hold me tighter.”

I did just as Darci neared. Katie’s back pressed tight against my groin again just like inside. I kept my arms around her mid-section despite my desire to grab her nice sized tits through the clinging fabric of the bikini top. I glanced at Darci’s face and couldn’t help but glance at her nipples poking deliciously at the front of her suit too.

“What about me?” Darci complained.

I removed one arm from Katie to encircle Darci too. Now I had two incredibly sexy and shivering babes against me. Katie’s back was still in my groin with Darci’s ass pressed firmly against the top of my left thigh. I fought hard the urge to grab both their breasts, but reason prevailed that one was my sister and the other her best friend. Somehow, Katie didn’t seem as nervous about that as me as she kept jumping up and down and leaning into me. The affect to my cock despite the cold water was to press firmly into her back. There was no way see couldn’t feel me this time even if she hadn’t in the basement.

Eventually, we all warmed up with the hot sunny day helping. We moved around the pool and everyone soon adjusted to the water. We talked about much of nothing as everyone swam around. Pretty soon Darci wanted me to throw her like we’d done as kids many times. I’d go under the water and let her stand on my shoulders. Then I had to try to stand, which wasn’t easy with her and my upper half completely casino firmaları out of the water. I managed though and Darci would try to balance on my shoulders. Inevitably, she’d fall off to one side or the other, usually in a somewhat controlled dive though. We did this several times with Katie joining in. My shoulders were getting sore fast but I didn’t complain as watching them adjust their bathing suits after each dive was enough of a thrill for me to want to keep going.

Thoughts of Anna kept trying to surface and make me wonder if I should avoid anymore of this intoxicatingly sexy play. Those thoughts were too easily pushed aside with reasoning it was all just good clean fun. Even when the jumps off my shoulders were more risky or more falls than jumps, it still seems tame enough. That was until Katie surfaced with one nipple peeking out of the too tight bikini Darci had given her. She didn’t even notice either until Darci pointed to it. She tucked it back away, but not before giving me a warm smile and laugh.

“Oh, well,” Katie said. “That secrets out.”

“I guess that top is a little tight for you after all,” Darci mused along with her friend.

“I told you. Looks like I need to stop this jumping,” Katie claimed.

“What, I’m sure David doesn’t mind. Do you, bro?”

“Not really,” I said and immediately felt like a major idiot.

‘What a stupid and amateurish thing to say,’ I lambasted myself mentally.

‘That’s something a junior high rookie would say,’ I berated myself again. I should have said something more sophisticated like, cute but I need a comparison, or it just needed to breathe. No, I had to say, not really.

I looked to Katie for her reaction and to Darci also for hers. Both just looked at me smiling until Darci jumped on my back again for one more try. We finished with her diving smoothly off my shoulders and swimming underwater across the pool. I was watching her and almost didn’t notice Katie close in beside me.

“This suit of Darci’s isn’t big enough for me on top,” she said somewhat proudly. “I told Darci I looked like I was hanging out of this top. I’m not surprised that happened. Don’t you agree it’s too small?”

“You’re definitely bigger on top than she is,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant as I glanced at her bulging tits.

They looked ready to burst from the material at any second. I looked back to her face and she smiled as my eyes moved from her tits to her face.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“Of course,” I said, ‘but it was too quick for real comparison.”

“Is that so…you need more time to compare to what?” Katie asked amused.

“Well, the other one and others I’ve seen,” I said, not revealing that Anna’s were my only other reference point.

“You mean like Anna?” Katie queried knowingly.

“Yeah, for one,” I said.

“So what…you need to see them both for longer to get a better comparison?” Katie intoned.

“That would work I guess,” I stated with a smile.

I was glad that leaning back against the pool wall the way I was, the bottom half of me was below the water. Even so my raging hard-on at this point was bulging out the front of my suit just below the water line. I tried not to think about that though as I looked between Katie’s face and her breasts. Darci was swimming back towards us underwater.

“This is a little public,” Katie declared turning to look at the back of our house.

“I don’t think my mom’s home yet,” I offered as convincingly as I could.

Darci surfaced right in front of me and shook the water from her hair. She smiled and looked between us. Katie’s face showed some hesitation which Darci picked up on.

“What are you two talking about?”

“Nothing,” Katie said and swam over to the ladder.

“What was that about?” Darci asked pushing between my open legs.

“Nothing,” I said too.

“Wow, is this nothing too,” Darci proclaimed as she leaned against me.


“OK, brother. Relax if you can,” she said before backing away smiling.

Katie had climbed up to sit down on the top of the ladder facing the pool. Darci and I did one more lift and she dove in the water and swam underwater again to the other side. I moved in front of Katie. I wanted to say something smart. I wanted to see her tits, but I couldn’t think of exactly what to say and the moment before seemed broken now. Instead, I just asked to get out. Before she moved I got a great look at the crotch of her bikini. The puffy lips of her sex were clearly visible through the tightness of Darci’s suit on her. My cock had relaxed a bit but I felt a new twinge with the incredibly erotic sight.

Katie shifted over on the ladder to let me pass and her legs were now closed as I ascended the steps. This time she got a good look at my slightly bulging swimsuit as I climbed the ladder to leave. I passed her without any more words between us, only one last shared look that communicated a want for more.

I dried off by the güvenilir casino lounge chairs and could hear Katie and Darci talking in hushed tones, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I finished drying and went inside. My mom wasn’t home yet as I walked through the kitchen to the second floor steps. I went to my room to change before dinner. What I really needed was to rub myself into a glorious climax thinking of Katie’s tits, but I fought that desire with everything I had. I still hoped to see Anna.

After I changed and organized the school supplies I’d bought, I opened my door to head downstairs. As I passed Darci’s door I could hear voices inside. I stopped briefly to listen at the door. What I heard intrigued me.

First, I heard hushed words I couldn’t make out, but then Darci’s voice said, “blueballs.”

“I know, but it’s not my fault,” Katie claimed aloud. “It’s this tight suit of yours.”

I wanted to stay to hear more, but the sound of my mother coming up the stairs, and the fear of getting caught spying had me hurry to the steps going down. As I took the first couple steps my cell phone went off in my pocket. Pulling it from my pocket, I passed Mom with a hello hug on the steps. As I proceeded down, Darci’s door opened and the girls stepped out. They greeted our mom, now at the top of the stairs, but not before I exchanged glances with Darci as I dropped out of sight down the stairs.

I looked at the display on the phone to see it was Anna. I hit the call button and answered.

“Hi, Anna.”

“Miss me? I’m sorry I got tied up earlier.”

“I didn’t think I’d hear from you the rest of the day?”

“I got out of the family dinner excursion.”

“How’d you do that?”

“My younger sister asked to bring a friend. When they gave her permission I complained about not being able to bring someone too. Rather than bring a whole gang my dad said I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to.”


“You think so?”

“Absolutely, can you meet me in the garage?”

“Hey, I got out of dinner with my folks to be with you. Aren’t you going to take me somewhere for a bite before shagging me?” Anna said, acting hurt.

“Sure… gladly, but I need to see you right away.”

“Miss me that much, huh? OK, I’ll be right there.”

“Wear a bathing suit.”

“What…OK…Your pool open?”


“Isn’t the water cold?”

“Yeah, but manageable.”

“So says you…OK.”

We hung up and I hurried to the garage. I didn’t bother putting my wet suit back on and waited ten minutes before Anna showed. She wore a t-shirt over here bikini when she ascended the stairs. Her hair was in her normal pigtails. I stood to kiss her as she walked to me. My cock already accentuated the bulge in my shorts from just the anticipation of seeing her. My earlier time with Katie and Darci hadn’t helped at all either.

I kissed her passionately and Anna got into it by adding her tongue to the mix. We kissed for a while during which time my cock pressed against her belly. She felt incredible in my arms as I hugged her to me.

Breaking our kiss, Anna stepped back a little and glanced at the tent in my pants. Her smile broadened as she looked back into my eyes.

“I’ll say you missed me,” she cajoled.

“You bet,” I said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the couch.

I kissed Anna again standing with her back to the couch. We kissed deeply until we both needed to catch our breath again. Her arms had been around my neck pulling me down to her. She dropped one to rub the front of my shorts.

“Something needs freedom,” Anna claimed with a giggle as she moved both hands to open my zipper.

“Oh, god yes,” I agreed.

Anna’s experienced fingers had my pants open in no time. In another few moments my pants were around my ankles. The freedom felt good, but also allowed my cock to painfully push out my boxers. Anna wasted little time though, sliding a hand into the top, and pulling me out. My cock was fully hard and fought against the elastic of my boxers as it tried to hold my cock straight up against my belly. The head looked angry and deep red and pre-cum had wet my boxers and smeared over the head.

Anna’s hand encircled the inches sticking out of my boxers. She leaned in to kiss me again as her hand teased the head of my cock. Our tongues danced together and sought the other. We kissed for a good while with her fingers making me even more engorged. Finally, Anna sat down and in one swift movement pulled my boxers down to join my shorts. She helped me step out of both.

“Mmm,” Anna moaned as she looked at my cock. “I never tire of seeing this.”

Her hands caressed me again as my dick pointed directly at her mouth. Her right hand closed around the shaft just below the glistening head and the left hand cupped my still hanging testicles.

“What do you want big boy?” Anna asked as she devilishly leaned in to flick her tongue at the head.

“Oh, god,” I groaned.

“I guess that says it all,” Anna mused as she licked it again.

“I want to fuck you too,” I growled.

“You better and feed me,” Anna proclaimed before she took the head into her mouth.

“Ahh,” I gasped as the warmth and wetness of her mouth felt so good.

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