21 Şubat 2021

Coffee With Sister-In-Law


Kate Madikane had to stretch to kiss her husband’s cheek, as they said goodbye. On her waiting mother’s ‘blind side’, Kate’s hand slithered across the front of Lucas’ jeans and she breathed a whispered ‘Good luck’ in his ear. She gave his cock a hard squeeze and turned to join her mother as they set off on their shopping expedition.

Lucas looked after them. He smiled as he realised, for the first time, that mother and daughter had identical ways of walking, of swinging their hips enticingly – and that Jennifer Aldridge’s bottom was nearly as firm and round as her daughter, Kate’s. Lucas felt his cock stiffen as he remembered…

Then it hardened even more, in anticipation, and he turned away and strode towards his sister-in-law’s flat… He was looking forward to this, but Debbie, he thought, would be a real challenge. Thirty-two, married, lovely, but quiet and apparently respectable and hard-working – but she’d be worth it, with those large firm breasts and athletic hips and legs. He wondered what her pussy looked like…

Debbie Gerrard was working on her computer when she heard the ring of the doorbell. She ran her hands through her thick dark hair in frustration. With her husband, Simon, tied up at the university where he lectured until at least six o’clock, Debbie had hoped to put in an uninterrupted day on the farm estimates. The last thing she needed was a caller…

For a second, she failed to recognise the tall young black man at the door, then she smiled in welcome.

“Lucas!” she exclaimed, in pleasure. “How nice to see you! I was just thinking we haven’t seen enough of you and Kate on this visit…”

Lucas bent forward and planted the ritual brother-in-law kiss on Debbie’s cheek. Debbie held the door open.

“Is Kate not with you?” she asked.

“No,” answered Lucas. “She’s gone off shopping with your mother, and she suggested I should pay you both a call and arrange for the four of us to have dinner together before we go back to South Africa next week.”

“Oh,” Debbie looked disappointed. “Simon’s not here, just now. He’ll be sorry he missed you – but, yes, we’ll make a date and I’ll check with him later. Would you like coffee?”

“That would be nice,” said Lucas. As Debbie walked ahead of him, he noticed her hips were leaner than her sister’s, and her mother’s, but she had the same sexy roll, her cheeks thrusting upwards alternately with each step. She was wearing a light summer dress which emphasised her nice slim legs, and her large firm bust. Lucas felt her cock give a little twitch.

As she sat down opposite him, in the lounge, Lucas was pleased to see that her legs were bare, and that her dress was above her knees. He greatly admired Debbie’s legs, and enjoyed the glimpses of her thighs as she sat, relaxed, chatting to her young brother-in-law.

This was the first time they had ever been alone, together, and Debbie was feeling quite stimulated. She had taken a little time to come to terms with her little sister marrying a black man – but that was before she met him. She had quickly grown to like the handsome, educated, quietly-spoken addition to the family, and was glad of the chance of a ‘one-to-one’ with him – to really get to know him.

They talked easily, and with mutual liking, and Debbie soon felt emboldened enough to ask about the problems their mixed-race marriage had brought about – especially in Lucas’ native South Africa. But Lucas made light of them, insisting that the modern South Africa was a very different place from the apartheid-ridden country of a few years ago.

Then – “Was Kate your first – white girl?” Debbie asked, then instantly regretted it when she saw the troubled look cross Lucas’ face. That really was an intrusion, she thought – quite unforgivable!

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lucas,” she added, immediately. “That’s none of my business – please forget I asked.”

“No, no, Debbie,” Lucas responded in his deep voice. “No – it’s OK for you to ask. It’s just that – well, it’s not a very ‘nice’ story.”

Debbie’s curiosity was whetted. She found her black brother-in-law fascinating, anyway, as a person, and she couldn’t help wondering about him, with her ‘little’ sister, Kate, in bed. Debbie had never ‘known’ a black man, sexually, and she found the thought of Lucas, with Kate, very stimulating.

If the truth be told, she often speculated about Kate’s pale body spreadeagled under Lucas’ black one, while his black cock pistoned in and out of Kate’s eager pussy… And, although the seven years between them meant that they had never really been ‘confidantes’ on their love lives, she knew enough about her little sister to know that Kate’s pussy had been ‘eager’ for a long time, now. More than two or three of the local lads could testify to that…

She moistened her lips.

“Oh, you won’t upset me, Lucas,” she said, reassuringly, “but I will understand if it’s – difficult – for you.”

“No,” said Lucas, settling down in his chair. Debbie found casino şirketleri her eyes unwillingly drawn to her visitor’s groin, to the well-filled jeans, and her lips dried a little…

“No,” he said. “I can tell you about it. Kate knows about it, of course, and she was – well, OK, about it. And – I was very young, at the time – I suppose it’s some sort of an excuse …… It was in my early days as a journalist. I had just graduated from Witwatersrand University and started working for the paper in Johannesburg. I was nearly twenty-one. After a few months, they asked me if I’d like to cover the war in Rhodesia. I would be attached to a unit of black freedom fighters, and present the struggle from their point of view. Well, of course, I said yes. It was a great opportunity for me.”

“So I went over the border into Rhodesia – Zimbabwe – and lived rough with a fighting unit of about a hundred men, in the bush. A lot of things happened, and I really grew up, then. One night I was invited to go out on patrol with a small unit of men – a lieutenant, a sergeant, and six or seven men, and, of course, I agreed.”

Debbie wondered where this tale was going, but began to relax as Lucas carried on with his story.

“The lieutenant was well-known. He had been to University in England, but he was a very daring and cunning bush fighter, and his men worshipped him. His sergeant, on the other hand, had been a farm worker. He was a huge, burly man, who said very little, but when he spoke, the men obeyed him instantly.”

“I was surprised when the lieutenant produced a bottle of whisky at the briefing, and passed it round the men as he talked to them. What had happened was that a white officer had been captured, and was being questioned. He owned a farm some miles away, and we had to survey the farm, to see if there was any tactical battle data there, which could be of use to us.”

“Then we loaded ourselves into a jeep, and set off for the farm. I sat in front with the lieutenant, and he explained to me that this was a ‘rest and recreation’ job for his men, who had just come back from two weeks ‘in the field’, where they had done some pretty serious fighting – hence the whisky and the relaxed atmosphere. They didn’t expect much in the way of opposition here.”

“After about twenty minutes, the jeep stopped, and the sergeant and the men disappeared in to the darkness, while the lieutenant and I walked openly towards the farm. He told me that the patrol would dispose of any guards before we arrived, and we would then search the house. This was the first indication I had that we would be going into the house, but it made sense.”

“We walked right up the drive to the farmhouse, unchallenged. At the door, the sergeant and his men materialised from the bushes round about, and the sergeant confirmed that we would be unhindered, now, from which I took it that the guards had been ‘dealt with’. The lieutenant nodded, and the men disappeared again, spreading out around the house.”

“The officer knocked at the big front door, and an elderly black woman answered. As soon as she saw him, a look of fear came onto her face. The lieutenant told her to let us in, and to fetch her mistress. When we entered, however, it was obvious that the commander’s wife and another woman were in the adjacent dining-room, finishing a meal, and the lieutenant just strode in, followed by me.”

“He was very correct, polite, but also very forceful. He told the women – who I assumed, correctly, were the farmer’s wife and daughter – that the man of the house had been taken prisoner, in battle, and was being questioned, and that we were going to search the house.”

“The older woman treated him with icy disdain, but knew that there was no future in arguing. We sat down and waited for the sergeant to report back. The two women sat in absolute silence. They were both in flowery, light dresses – quite informal. The older one – the wife – was probably in her late forties. She was what you might expect, as a farmer’s wife. Strongly built, with square shoulders and a lean, tough body – but she was quite shapely – large breasts and round hips. The daughter would have been in her late teens or early twenties. She was not so tall, and softer – more rounded – and dark, like her mother. Not exceptionally good-looking, but quite pretty in a quiet sort of way, and I remember she had very soft, brown eyes. She looked very nervous, and frightened, but took courage from her mother, and sat, quietly, waiting for us to go.”

He paused, and Debbie sensed a hesitancy in him. Her own heart was beating quickly, as she imagined herself as one of the beleaguered women, wondering what was about to happen. She was beginning to get a sense of it, though, and she waited for Lucas to go on, with a feeling of apprehensive anticipation.

“After a minute or two, we heard footsteps from the hall, and the sergeant entered,” said Lucas, after a couple of deep breaths, during which he raised his eyes casino firmaları to Debbie, then looked down, again, at his clasped hands.

“The lieutenant looked up at him, and the sergeant nodded, and sat down. But, still, no-one spoke. I could feel the tension rising. I didn’t understand, myself, what was going on. There was utter silence for more than a minute ……”

“…… then, suddenly we heard a scream, followed by a laugh. Then, the air was full of female screams, and male laughter. We could hear running feet, and the occasional slap of flesh on flesh. And I realised that the men – our men – were starting their ‘R and R’ – with the female house servants.”

Debbie sat looking at Lucas, as he told his story. He told it well, painting a word picture, and Debbie felt her heart beating faster as she imagined the frightened servants trying to elude the half-drunk, tough soldiers…

“The door burst open, ” Lucas went on, “and a pretty black girl rushed in, pursued by two of the soldiers. She was sobbing with fright, and they were laughing, delightedly, as they chased after her. I could see, immediately, that they were enjoying the chase, letting the girl stay just ahead of them.”

“She ran past us, to the French windows leading to the garden, but she couldn’t open them. The two soldiers slowed down and advanced on her, one from each side. The girl was gibbering with fright, her arms held out to try to ward them off, tears streaming down her cheeks. They both grinned at her, then grabbed her round the waist. One of them held her and the other gripped her white blouse and wrenched it open, exposing her breasts. They were large, and firm, with long black nipples. Both the soldiers grabbed her breasts, and squeezed them, and she threw her head back and howled, struggling to try to get away.”

“Then they ripped her skirt off. I remember the stark contrast of her white panties against her black shiny skin. The one who was holding her grabbed her crotch, pushing her thighs apart – then the sergeant grunted an order. Immediately, one of them opened the French windows, and they bundled the girl outside.”

“We could no longer see, but we heard another long shriek from the girl, then a low, helpless moan, which just tailed away – and we knew her panties had been torn off, too, and she was now being raped. But still, no-one spoke. The women, strangely, looked almost unconcerned. It was obvious that they assumed that forced sexual intercourse was a common occurrence in their servants’ lives, from the moment they reached puberty. It wasn’t something which touched them – with their ‘civilised’ standards of behaviour.”

“The sergeant stood up and walked over to the French windows, closing them, so that we could no longer hear the sounds of the rape on the veranda. Then he turned back into the room and looked at the lieutenant, with an enquiring look on his face. The lieutenant grinned, and nodded. ‘OK, sergeant,’ he said. ‘You’ve earned it.'”

“The sergeant looked over at the older woman, and grinned. His teeth, which I hadn’t seen before, were yellowish stumps, which gave his face a wolfish look when he smiled.”

“Suddenly, the woman realised what was about to happen. She jumped up, and her chair toppled over, backwards. She began to run, but the sergeant was between her and the door, and she stopped, a look of naked fear on her face. She turned to the lieutenant, but then the sergeant grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him.”

“He pulled her right into him, clamping a huge hand over her bottom and pressing her against him. He tried to kiss her, but she wrenched her head to the side, and he sank his mouth onto her exposed neck. She was struggling, wildly, but his grip was like a vice. She began to plead with him – with all of us – ‘No! Please! No!’ – she was crying, but the sergeant ignored her and ripped her dress down the back.”

Lucas was talking more quickly now, and Debbie knew he was stimulated and excited by the memory of what he had seen – and, despite her revulsion at the thought of it, on a sexual level, Debbie was aware that she, too, was aroused by the word picture he was painting, and the images he was creating in her imagination. She could not restrain herself from glancing, again, at the front of his jeans, and she felt a thrilled reaction as she saw the long thick shape outlined by the blue denim. With difficulty, she tore her eyes away…

“He tore her dress all the way down, then released her. As she fought her way out of his grasp, he held on to the dress, and she staggered away, in just her underwear – pale blue matching bra and panties. The sergeant dropped her dress onto the carpet and stepped over it, in pursuit of her. Like her servant, she backed towards the French windows, her arms outstretched in front of her, her face working, her composure gone, still pleading, uselessly.”

“Again, the sergeant grabbed her arm, then whirled her around, holding her against the front of his güvenilir casino massive powerful body. Facing the lieutenant, he pulled her brassiere up, over her breasts. They tumbled out – they were well-shaped, and firm, with dark brown, prominent nipples. She was sobbing, now, with shame and humiliation. The sergeant put his hands up and felt her breasts, seeking out her nipples, and squeezing them. Then, he pushed his huge hand down the front of her panties, and she jack-knifed against him, then pushed herself forward as she felt his cock digging into her from behind.”

Lucas was aware of Debbie’s burgeoning excitement, which was adding to his own. He recalled Kate’s reaction when he had first told her about this episode from his past – if her big sister was half as ‘interested’ – well, he had plenty of time before her husband returned…

“The sergeant ripped the crotch of her panties across and pulled them up, holding her thighs apart so that we could see her pubic area. At first, I thought she had another pair of panties on, then I realised that what I was seeing was a very thick pubic bush – dark brown hair growing in wild profusion between her thighs. Of course, all the women I had seen had had black bushes – but I had never seen one framed by white thighs before…”

Debbie realised, now, that Lucas was openly relishing retelling his story. It could even be that recounting these events in detail to a female – a white female – was exciting him even more, and Debbie fought to control the irresistible sensations of arousal the tale was wakening in her.

“But then the sergeant opened his trousers and pulled out his penis.” Lucas went on, licking his lips.

“Now, I’m pretty big, myself, but I’ve never seen one like that. It was long – and thick – and very, very hard. He turned the woman round to face him, and she screamed again, but he simply lifted her and put her down on the carpet, one hand holding her down on her midriff. She was writhing furiously, her head shaking from side to side, but she couldn’t move.”

“The sergeant pulled his uniform trousers down and forced the woman’s knees apart with his legs. Then he took her wrists and held them behind her head and lowered himself between her kicking legs…”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a sound as the one she made when he penetrated her – a cry of total desolation, followed by wracked sobbing. But he paid no attention. He drove his cock deep inside her, then began to fuck her mercilessly, his buttocks thundering up and down like a steam engine. At some point, he released her wrists and put his hands on her tits, gripping them like a pair of oranges, as if he was trying to squeeze the juice out of them – then he let out a huge roar and climaxed, deep inside her.”

Debbie noticed his descent into crude language, and tried not to let it add to her arousal, but, in moments of passion, she, too, had a taste for the earthiest sexual expressions, and she was becoming uncomfortable as she felt the clinging moistness seeping between her thighs.

“Four or five thrusts, and he was finished, jetting his sperm into the woman sobbing underneath him. But he immediately stood up, and lifted her in his arms. He turned to the lieutenant, displaying her naked body, and said – ‘You want her, sir?’ – but the lieutenant shook his head and said – ‘No, sergeant – you take her away and find a bed – I’m sure you can keep her amused for a while, yet.’ And the sergeant nodded, and left the room, carrying her, weeping, his massive cock still dangling from his trousers, one of his hands clamped between her open thighs, his fingers probing inside her slit.”

“Then the lieutenant turned to the girl. Her face was as white as a sheet – what she had just seen had obviously shaken her to the core. He pushed his chair back from the table, and slowly started to open his trousers. The girl’s eyes widened, in sheer fright, and he said – ‘Your turn, now. Stand up.’ She shook her head, and he smiled at her. ‘Do you want me to call the sergeant back?’ he said, and she shook her head again. He looked down again, and pulled his penis out. It was hard, and long. She stared at it, her eyes wide with fright.”

“But then she stood up, slowly, holding the back of her chair. He was stroking his cock, now, slowly, enjoying it. ‘Take off your clothes,’ he said. ‘If you’re any good, I’ll keep you for me. If not – well, my men like a piece of white meat, too!’ She was crying, now, but she undid the zip at the back of her dress, and let it fall to the carpet. She wasn’t wearing a brassiere, and her breasts were exposed – small and round, with little pink nipples. They were so – different, Debbie – I was hard, already, but I felt a thrill, just looking at her tits. They were so different from the black ones I had seen, and felt…”

“Then, she bent down and pulled her panties off. Her bottom was really beautiful – white and peach-shaped – completely unmarked. The lieutenant was still sitting, smiling, and stroking his cock. Then he spoke to me. ‘Find out if she’s ready, Lukey,’ he said, quietly. I didn’t know what he meant, at first, and I panicked. I was really frightened of him, Debbie – I knew he would kill me without a second thought if I got in his way…”

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