20 Şubat 2021

Clarence and Pamila


My cousin had been kicked out of yet another apartment. It was the third time this year and there I was stuck helping him move by myself. He came and picked me up at about ten thirty. I got into the car and we drove in silence to the apartment. As I entered the apartment, I noticed that the whole place was completely trashed.

“Clarence what the hell happened?” I asked looking at all the crap thrown around the floor.

“We had a big , fuck you party, the other night,” he said somewhat proud.

I scanned around and looked at the apartment from the entrance. I could barely see the bedroom from the corner of the living room and told him I would start in there. I waded through the living room until I got to the entrance to the bedroom. His bed was bare with nothing but an uncovered pillow and there were his clothes all over the floor. With a low sigh and a shake of my head I began to pick up the dirty clothes and throw then into the hamper and different clothes baskets around the room.

It had been about an hour into the cleaning of the bedroom when I yelled over my shoulder for my cousin to turn on some music. Soon after I could hear the hard beats blaring thru to the bedroom. I began to sway my bum back and fourth to match the beat of the music. After awhile of dancing I had that feeling the feeling when someone is watching you. I pushed the thought out of my mind and went on to cleaning. After all who could be looking at me? It was only my cousin and I in the apartment and there was a cover over the window.

It had been a few hours and I needed a break. I started to turn when I noticed in the long length mirror that my cousin was sitting on the sofa stroking himself very rapidly looking in my direction. I could feel my face flush and instantly my pulse picked up. I turned away from the mirror and was frozen for what seemed like forever. When I slowly turned my face back to the mirror, he was still at it. I could not help but look at what he was doing. There in front of me in the reflection of the mirror was my handsome cousin with his rather large manhood hard as a rock looking at me. My mind raced with thoughts of what he was looking at what I could have done; maybe it wasn’t me. Maybe it was something else and I just caught him in the act. I looked harder into the mirror and could now see that he was looking at my bum. He was stroking himself to my body.

Without notice I had stuck my bum out a little more and began to sway my hips. His face was concentrating so hard on my bum and the look of lust in his eyes made me wet. I felt myself begin to throb as I swayed my hips. The thoughts going thru my mind were of shame, lust, embarrassment, and curiosity. How could I be getting this hot over watching my cousin stroke his manhood looking at my body, looking at his blood cousin’s body.

The faster he stroked himself the wetter I became. I could feel the wetness up and down on my shaved lips. I could feel myself throbbing harder and harder with thoughts of that rock hard rod slamming into my wetness. I looked dead into his eyes in the mirror and could see he was looking at me as well. He moaned and began to rise from the sofa. I knew he was making his way for the bedroom and my heart began to pump harder faster with thoughts of what would happen if I let him come in. I stood up and turned to face him; my face flush and my eyes burning with hunger and lust.

In front of me stood my cousin naked from the waist down, with his rock hard cock in his fist. He looked at me with eyes that said suck me now and I could not tell him no. I dropped to my knees, my eager mouth already watering at the thought of tasting this forbidden fruit. There in front of me was his huge cock waiting for my mouth. The tip was gleaning with pre-cum and I could see it throbbing over and over again the closer I came. I took my hand and slowly put it on the base of his cock. My fingers gripped around as if controlled by a third party. I could feel my cousin’s hand rest on the back of my head as I parted my lips and let my tongue dance across the tip of his head.

My fingers tightened at the base of his cock as my eager tongue made its way down the length of his rock hard rod. I worked my tongue down to his swollen balls and found myself sucking them into my mouth. My tongue played with them from one side to the other and then up thru the middle. Over and over I sucked kissed and licked his balls while my hand slid up and down his throbbing shaft. I could feel his hand pushing my head up. I moved my tongue from his swollen balls to the base of his rock hard cock. My tongue easily slid up the base to just under the tip. Resting shortly before the tip letting my tongue move back and forth across the edge. I moved my tongue so it circled bahis firmaları around the whole edge of his head.

Clarence took his other hand and placed it on the back of my head. His fingers were now wrapping up in my golden chestnut hair. I could feel him slightly pull my hair as I pushed my head into him wanting to feel my warm mouth wrapped around his large cock. I parted my mouth and slipped his head into my mouth. Resting my lips on the edges I swirled my tongue around and around. Stopping once or twice to flick the tip and then back around his head.

“Yes suck that cock, SUCK it now!” he demanded in between groans of pleasure.

With one long slow movement I sucked the length of his cock into my mouth. At a quarter of the way down his shaft my mouth ran out of room. The pressure from his hands forced the rest of him inside my mouth and I could feel his swollen head drive down my throat and rest there before I slowly pulled him out of my mouth sucking each inch of the way. A few slow wet strokes were done to get his cock nice and wet. I pulled him completely out of my mouth and looked up at him with my green innocent eyes.

“You want to fuck my mouth don’t you cousin?”

Before I could hear his answer, I sucked his cock into my mouth in one furious move. Pushing my mouth down as far as I could to the very thick base of his cock. I stayed there for just a moment then came back with the same fast motion. My small hands came to life, one took the base of his cock with the other one cupped and massaged his balls. I began to suck harder on his cock. Eagerly I began to slurp and drool over this huge cock in my mouth. His hands were wrapped in my hair flexing his fingers to just pull my hair then pushing against my head to drive me in harder faster onto his cock.

Inside my mouth I could feel his rod throb hard into my mouth. I could feel his balls tighten as I sucked harder and faster. I moved my mouth up and down on his shaft over and over again. I looked up at him and met his gaze just as he began to shoot his cum into my mouth. Stream after stream I drank down my throat until he forcefully held my head in place with his cock lodged into my mouth. I could feel my mouth fill up, yet could not swallow due to his cock filling my whole mouth. He slowly pulled out letting me swallow the last drops remaining in my mouth. I liked the little drops off the head of his massive cock. His hands dropped from my head and I looked up at his with questionable eyes.

‘I want you, get on the bed,” he said with a force in his voice that made my pussy explode and throb even harder than it was before.

I got onto the bed and looked at him like the innocent girl I became. His voice now gruff and strong demanded once again.

“Take your clothes off now.” As he spoke I could see the lust pulse over his whole body.

I started to take off my clothes. Looking at his face I could tell it wasn’t fast enough so I began to tear them off myself in a fury I could not understand. My body was racing as each piece fell off. As my now bare skin was met with the cold bedroom air it made goose bumps along my arms around my back and over my thighs. My nipples were rock hard and aching for just a touch.

I looked at my cousin now with the most innocent look knowing I had no idea what was coming next. He took off his shirt and in one stride was on the bed. He pulled up my legs and buried his head in between my soaking wet pussy. I could feel his chin push into my throbbing lips as his tongue did a lustful waltz across my sensitive and swollen clit. I began to moan softly with the encouragement of his skillful muscle. My pussy throbbed harder and harder, my body rushed all at once and I could feel that familiar feeling as my eyes closed and my toes curled.

“Oh god, yes Clarence I am cumin, yes right there, oh baby please don’t stop, ” I gasped out between breaths.

With that I could feel the warm stream run down my bum and soak onto the padding of the mattress. My words must have taken him over the edge to a place I had not expected. His tongue darted from my now overly sensitive pearl to my now soaked pussy. His tongue darted in fast and furious. He cupped his tongue and scooped up my honey moaning furiously into me as he scooped up more and more.

I just lay there unable to be silent unable to calculate what just happened. My cousin, my blood cousin had just made me cum. My body shook and my heart pounded, I moaned over and over again trying to calm myself. I began to start thinking about just having him inside me which made myself start to throb again. I could feel myself getting wetter with the thought of what was to come next. I raised my head just barely to see Clarence from where I was. kaçak iddaa His face was shiny and his eyes big with passion. I looked down and could see him just as hard as he could be. Clarence looked up at me from between my legs and grabbed me by the side, with one powerful tug I was on my knees and my ass was hovering in the air just inches from his cum soaked face.

I could feel the excitement waiting to see what was going to happen next. I pushed my bum up toward him to motion him to take what he wanted and do what he wished. For a moment all I could hear was the slow steady breathing of my cousin. Then without warning I felt it. At first I was unsure of what was going on. I could just barely feel pressure on my rosebud. The shock of the pressure went away and followed by surprised pleasure. Then I knew what was going on. He was licking my rosebud with his skillful tongue. The feeling was new and felt so great.

I could feel his tongue slide up one side of my sensitive bum and the circle around to the other side. The sensation was overwhelming and I began to moan and ask for more. I could feel his tongue begin to push inside my rosebud. At first the feeling was to weird to be enjoyable, but then, oh then I could feel my body race and my nipples harden as the surge of pleasure passed thru my body. His tongue was now sliding in my tight hole. It felt so good to feel the tip circle around and feel his hot breath on my ass.

“Oh don’t stop please, please don’t stop,” I begged when I felt his tongue leave my freshly probed rosebud.

“All in good time,” was the only response I got. Baffled I just kneeled there not knowing what to expect.

My skin prickled when he wrapped his big hands around my waist. I could feel his hard rod pressed along the crease of my ass. Hot and throbbing I pushed myself onto him. Afraid to speak I began to sway my hips into him and moan softly letting him know I was ready, ready for his hard cock to sink deep into my dripping pussy.

He grabbed me hard and pushed against me with great force. “You want this cock don’t you Pam, You want your cousin to fuck you . . . Say it, Tell me you want my cock!”

“Mm Clarence, yes I want your cock, I want you to fuck me, oh please Clarence fuck me, fuck your cousin.”

I said what I knew he needed to hear and began to beg for his manhood. I begged for my cousin to slam his rock hard cock inside my wet throbbing pussy. I begged him to fuck me make me his dirty slut. As I spoke to him I could feel myself throb harder and become more eager as each second passed. I pushed myself back into him and could feel his balls bounce against my clit. The feeling took my breath in a gasp as I rocked back against him again to feel it over again. My moans were now low and deep, filled with shallow breaths of searing lust.

“Please fuck me, give me that hard cock, I want it, ” I said breathlessly.

I could feel the head of his manhood push past my outside lips drenched from the anticipation of him entering me. I closed my eyes and exhaled as he pushed all the way into me with a single hard thrust. I gritted my teeth and back my ass into him, pushing against him as i started to gyrate my hips in a pattern eight. I could feel myself grabbing him wrapping my wetness around every inch of that taboo cock bedded so far inside me. He started to pull back I squeezed my muscles together feeling every inch pull out slowly. Clarence just rested there. Did not say a word and I was so filled with passion I tried to buck back and slam his cock into me.

I heard him chuckle as he demanded I be patient. I could feel my insides burning, my very throbbing berry wanting to be penetrated more then I could ever express. With a whimper in my voice I again begged for what I wanted.

“Please Clarence, Please I need your big cock inside me. I need you to fuck me, FUCK ME DAMN IT, FUCK YOUR SLUTY COUSIN!”

I began to demand, in a deep voice I demanded what I wanted no more begging, I wanted that cock to much and I was going to take it. I flipped over saw a smile on his face that just made me burn hotter. I was able to get up on him and get him down on his back in one swift move. He laid there on the bed, prick at full mass, I can see it throb just waiting for me to hop on top. I was in a haze, the lust overtook my since as I bounded on top not waiting and shoving his cock deep inside me as I grind down working his cock base on my clit as his member throbs inside me.

“Fuck it, Fuck this cock good BITCH,” his teeth were gritted as he grunted out these words. His hand were glued to my ass and his thrusts up let me know he was ready to be fucked harder and faster then he could imagine.

I got on my feel and centered my hands down on his shoulders. kaçak bahis My pussy was dead on his cock. I started to bounce up and down off his cock, each time he would thrust up harder and harder. His cock drove hard inside my wetness hitting the back of my wall and then sliding out again just as fast. I kept slamming myself down upon him over and over again making sure that each time i go back up i squeeze my muscles harder to milk his cock for all it is worth.

The deep moans filled the apartment, and I could feel sweat dripping from my face and breasts. I could see Clarence underneath me his eyes glistened over as his chest and face held beads of sweat. I could feel my sweet juice drain from me, feel the wetness covering this thick cock i was riding as hard as i could. I knew that my moisture was going down onto his swollen balls down his ass and knowing it would leave a mark on the mattress. A mark that wold tell on the thing we have done. Something to prove that I fucked my cousin harder then I have ever fucked another person.

Each time I slammed myself down upon his harness he would buck up against me bringing our bodies of the bed and then back down hard driving even deeper inside. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my sensitive pussy and it made me go overboard with sensation.

“I am going to cum, CUMMMM oMG CLARENCE I AM GOING TO CUMM!” I shouted, my innocent voice high and breathless.

“Fuck yes, CUM ON THIS COCK! Cum Pam CUM for me CUM FOR ME PAMMIEEE, oh yes do it, cum on this hard cock.”

I could feel my body surging I could feel my pulse powerfully throbbing all over my body. My pussy was now opening and closing the muscles over and over again squeezing his cock with a force I had not known I had before. I felt the orgasm come swift. My eyes shut completely there was silence, no heart beat, no breathing, just a explosion that silenced me stopped everything I was doing as I sat on top of his cock, my pussy releasing a flood down upon the cock it was draped around. I took a deep breath after what seemed to be an eternity, my eyes opened and my reflexes shot back and i grinned down as hard as i could still feeling my pussy pulsing from with inside.

“OHH yes Pam, you want me to cum?”

“Yes Clarence, cum for me, cum for me NOW!”

He looked up at me and grabbed my hips. He slammed me down on top of him and began to grind into me. Working his hips around so his cock circled the inside of my still pulsing pussy.

“Where do you want me to cum Pam, tell me where you want it.”

I looked down at him, sweat dripping from his temples, and leaned down kissed him hard. My tongue danced with his vigorously. I broke the kiss before he was ready to end it and smiled.

“Cum inside me, feel me with that sweet cum of yours, fill my pussy with your cum Clarence, CUM IN YOUR COUSIN! DO IT NOW! CUM IN ME!”

I could feel him try and hold me there but I broke free. I began to move as fast as I could on top of him. My ass now going up and down so fast it is a blur. I drive on top of him faster and faster. I have to close my eyes and just let it happen. I started to feel his cock vibrate inside me. Throbbing so fast I feel it as my sensitive pussy reacts and begins pulsing its own tone.

“FUCK Pam I am going to cum, UHHH I am going to fill that pussy.”

He grunted one last grunt and I could feel the first shot inside me. The feeling was so explosive it caused myself to explode again into another stop the world spinning orgasm. We both laid there me on top of him as we cummed together. He shot into me over and over again. His balls emptied into my pulsing pussy, mixing with my juice and with no where to go seeped out down his shaft and onto the two of us.

When we were able to open our eyes again I slowly milked his cock until i could feel it soften inside me. With a smile and a nod I collapsed next to him on his bed. After a few moments of silence with just our breath making noise he spoke.

‘Thank you Pam, that was the best.. that was the… OMG you are incredible!”

I could not help but giggle as I thought the same about him. I rolled over and looked at him. My face now flushed, my hair stuck to the side of my face. I leaned in and kissed him. Touching his stomach.

“We better get dressed silly, we got work to do.”

With that we dressed, playfully kissing and touching each other. We finished cleaning the apartment that day. The whole time playfully kissing and touching each other, tempting ourselves with another go.

When we locked the door behind us, we agreed our secret would stay behind. Even to this day we cant look at each other without a sly smile and a giggle. Each time we hug and kiss there is a slight hesitation on both parts. We have never been alone together since then and have never repeated the greatest sexual act I have ever had, but the tension is still there and there is still the memory of the day I helped my cousin move out of his apartment.

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