8 Şubat 2021

Chocolate Syrup , Berries Ch. 01

Big Dick

Tonight I have promised you a special massage, one you will remember forever. All night while we were at dinner and then again in the darkened theater watching a movie I have enjoyed teasing you with what is yet to come to help us celebrate the anniversary of the day we met. It seems incredible that only 6 months have passed since you entered my life, as I would be lost without you by my side now.

Once we get home, I take your hand and lead you to our room so you can be comfortable stretched out on our bed. You lay face down on a bed and I sit next to you. I start at your temples and work my way over your scalp to your neck and shoulders. Your shirt is in my way so I push it up to your shoulders and help you pull it off. Now my hands can roam freely over your warm back, caressing and stroking. It feels so good for both of us. I lean down and begin following the path of my hands with my mouth: licking, kissing, sucking and nibbling my way down your back.

As I get to your waist casino şirketleri I ask you to also remove the rest of your clothes. When you have stripped naked for me, you once again lay face down on the bed and allow me to continue my sweet torture. I once again begin caressing you, using my hands and mouth to excite you. Lingering at your waist before I slowly slide further down your body. I allow my tongue to trail down the crack of your ass, teasing the hole and feeling you squirm under me before moving down even more. Massaging your upper thighs, teasing you by running my fingernails along the inner thighs, coming so very close to touching you but not quite. Work my way down your leg, caressing your calf, kissing and licking my way down to your foot. Sucking your toes into my mouth, giving you a preview of what delights are still in store. I move over to the other foot and begin the torture again. Sucking your toes into my mouth, caressing them with my tongue and slipping my tongue in casino firmaları between them. Working my way slowly back up your body until I am again at your neck.

Grasping your shoulder I turn you over so you are now lying on your back. I begin kissing and nibbling on your neck just below the ear. I whisper in your ear all of the wonderful things still in store for you as I use my tongue to gently flick the inside of your ear, imitating one of the more intimate moments still in store for us. I can hear the change in your breathing and feel how rapidly your chest is rising underneath my stroking hands. Your nipples are like hard little marbles as I roll them between my fingers. I begin licking them, as I so badly want you to play with mine. Sucking them into my mouth, flicking them with my tongue and then gently biting them. Feeling your body tremble in desire as you moan.

I lean over and grab a bottle of chocolate syrup off the nightstand and lightly drizzle some onto your chest. güvenilir casino I use my hands to slightly smear it into your body before I begin licking it off. Twirl my tongue around on your nipples, sucking them to make sure I have cleaned off completely. MMMMMMM it tastes so good coming off your hot body.

I take the bottle again add more syrup to your body, only this time I leave a trail from your chest to your knees. I can hardly wait to clean this off from you. Next I take a bowl of strawberries and raspberries and dump them over you, watching them slide across you, becoming coated with chocolate syrup as they tumble around on your body. I use my tongue to gently lick the chocolate off the berries before nibbling them off from you, being very careful never to catch your skin in my teeth too hard.

I am licking the syrup off from your stomach, slowly moving further down your body when I feel your hands on the back of my head, guiding me to where you want to feel my hot wet mouth the most. The place I have teased around but never quite touched until now. You can feel my warm moist breath coming closer and closer, tongue sticking out so eager for that first taste.

Thanks to BooMerengue for her help in editing.

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