13 Şubat 2021

Chav Teen Becky


I’m Becky and I’m 18 years old, I live on a council estate in the north of England and I’m a little bit naughty when it comes to my sexual experiences, this is my first attempt so be nice.

I thought I would share some of them with you.

I get super horny sometimes and just have to fill the urge or it won’t go away. This particular day I woke up aching for sex, it had been a week on my period so I didn’t get any then and another week had passed by and still I had not had a fix. That morning it must have all come back to me at once. From the minute I woke up I was thinking about big hard dicks. I put my hands straight down my panties and started fingering myself, I was getting a moan but not enough to cum, and believe me I needed to cum, the warmth coming from my pussy was red hot. I was banging my fingers up as much as I could to get off but this day it wasn’t enough. I needed that feeling of a bell end opening my lips and rushing up my cunt and being able to feel the tip of a dick right up inside me as I sit on someone’s balls. I needed to be filled up, that’s what it was.

There was a old guy that lived 4 doors down that everybody knew was a dirty old man that liked the younger woman, but I remembered a friend of my mum’s saying in the pub that he used to be good looking and his cock was huge. As soon as that thought entered my head I knew he was going to be a easy person to get to fuck me because he’s a dirty old pervert. Disgusting really but I needed to find a fuck and quick. And I knew he would go for anything with a young girl like me. So I got dressed into some hello kitty panties, then some tracksuit bottoms, a grey and pink sports type bra then a matching tracksuit top.

I headed out, I needed to get seen by this guy in order to start off some communication. I walked by his house a few times but nothing. I could feel I was wet without even touching, the urge to fuck was huge. I felt so horny I would have had sex with anybody. The butterflies in my stomach were a sign that I was a quite scared as well. bahis firmaları I still hadn’t been noticed as I stood on the walkway outside our front doors. I reached inside my panties and gave my pussy a little feel, I had tightened up from the lack of sex but was wet as I had been in a long time. I ran my finger between my lips from the back to the front and up my clit, as it slid over my clit covered in the hot wetness my stomach buckled and it felt nice. At that point it was too much. That was it, I needed to be fucked and right now!

I turned around and knocked on his door in the heat of the moment and as I waited for him to come to the door I panicked and didn’t know what to say. The door swung open and there he was, a mid to late 50’s alcoholic looking man with dirty old jeans and a jumper on. My brain was telling me to just run off but my pussy was telling me other things and the pussy was winning easily.

“Have you got a light?,” I said in a silent stuttering manner.

“Yes love,” he replied.

“Wait there, I’ll go get it”

As he entered his flat I heard him shout me in.

“Here, come and use the gas fire it’s already on”

So I walked into the flat. The smell of booze was everywhere, empty cans and cig ends littered the place, it wasn’t a place you would want to be let alone have sex, but that wasn’t an issue. I had to figure out how I could get what I wanted from this man and as quick as possible. I had to bend right down to light my cig on his fire. I could feel his eyes right on my ass as I did it, my panties were poking out the top of my track suit bottoms. I wished he would just yank them down and get to business but I think he thought I would cry rape. If only he knew. When my cigarette was lit I turned to him and said thanks. We had 5 minutes of small talk then I landed him with this:

“My mum’s mate said you have got a big dick?”

After laughing a while, he said

“Well I am quite big actually, but I don’t get to use it much”

“Aww that’s too bad,” I said.

“Do kaçak iddaa you want to see it?,” he asked.


“Course I do,” I said.

“Well if you let me see a bit of you as well I’ll show it to you.”

His mood had changed from apologetic to seedy, because the penny had dropped that I was a dirty girl and had come looking for a easy fuck.

“What do you wanna see?,” I asked

“What’s your name anyway?,” he replied.


“Becky, I wanna see your legs, tits, ass, oh and definitely your cunt.”

I walked over to him and pulled out my tracksuit bottoms and panties so he could look down the front at my pussy.

“Jesus Christ, that is some fucking sight. How old are you Becky?”


“God damn, its got to be the youngest I’ve ever seen. Pull them down for me.”

I pulled my bottoms to the knees in front of him and he got right close up looking at my naked pussy.

“Now let me see yours,” I said.


He stood up and opened his fly and unbuttoned his jeans then flopped out his dick.

“What!!, Oh my God you are huge!”

“I know, told you, but you already knew that didn’t you. Wanna get me hard Becky?”

“God yes.”

The size of this dick in front of me was the fattest, widest piece of dick I had ever seen. The veins looked like they would explode on erection and I couldn’t wait for it to be pumped full of blood and ready to fuck.

“Spread your legs for me Becky, let me see you properly.”

I took off my bottoms and stood with my legs apart while he looked up from underneath, his eyes staring at my naked bottom half.

“You’re fucking wet aren’t you Becky. You’re wet for me,” he said.

What is going on he thought to himself

He couldn’t believe what was happening. Having this 18 year old girl with her pussy out in full view in his dirty front room. It must have been a dream come true for him.

He was sat on the sofa with me stood in front of him, legs open and full of goose bumps down kaçak bahis my legs and over excited. He reached forward and touched the inside of my thigh at the very top, he had big hands that almost wrapped all the way round my upper thigh. He told me to turn around so my bum was facing him and he was looking at my pussy from behind. I looked down and could see his fingers curling around my leg and disappearing under my pussy, then I felt a pull on my left pussy lip and it was him opening me up. He was rubbing underneath and spreading me open with his hand then his other hand joined in and within seconds he was rubbing me harder and harder. My knees started to weaken and he knew what this was doing to me. I was holding back a moan because I didn’t want him to think I could be made to cum so easy, but the fact was my pussy was raging and I couldn’t hold it any more. I was coming so hard if felt like I was going gush, then I felt his rough tongue bury itself inside my little hole and his lips sucking on my tiny little pea like clit. I couldn’t stand it any more it was time to just let it happen. I felt a pulse in my pussy like never before from him biting my clit, this sent waves up though my stomach and into my tits. I was holding my boobs and my stomach was shaking. My legs lost all power and I managed to say just one thing:

“Oh fuck!”

My pussy pulsated and contracted at the same time and I felt my pussy suddenly get really hot and sticky, my knees gave way and he held me back up to his face pushing me into his mouth, he yanked at me to pull me closer in.

“CUM!!,” he demanded.

I heard him say, and at that point my orgasm took over my pussy was contracting over and over. I couldn’t stop it sending ripples up my stomach. He let me go and I stumbled forward slightly then hit the floor on my knees with my pussy up in the air still squirming in and out as the pulses shot to my boobs and around my body. I was shaking slightly, I could see him looking at my pussy as it was still contracting in and out as I lay on the floor. While there I looked at him and his dick was out and now fully pumped with blood…To be continued….

This is my first ever story so please give feedback and if you want me to finish I will do ASAP.

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