14 Şubat 2021

Caught by My Daughter


My name is Bill. I am a 52-year old engineer with a great life. My wife Carol and I were both divorced when we met 15 years ago. Carol is a big-time executive who works way too much. But Carol and I have a wonderful life and relationship, so I can live with her overworking herself.

Carol had two daughters from her first marriage, Claire and Emma. The daughters were in elementary school when we met and I pretty much raised them. Claire followed my footsteps and became an engineer while Emma became a doctor. Both the girls now have successful careers on the West Coast, but not in Seattle where Carol and I live.

Now with such a perfect life, what could be wrong? Well Carol lost interest in sex about 5 years ago. No amount of romancing, candlelight dinners, or affection has been able to rekindle the flame in Carol. This has led me to deal with my needs on my own. That usually means masturbating on my one or two days a week when I work at home. With no one around, I can always get comfortable, meaning naked, dial in some porn on my computer, and spend a couple hours slowly stroking my hard-on until I cannot hold back any longer.

I had pretty much settled into that routine for the last couple of years until last month when Claire came to visit. Claire had a weeklong conference in Seattle and she stayed with us while she was in town. Having Claire home was great. She would go to the conference during the day and then have dinner with us in the evening. It felt like the old days.

Wednesday was my day to work at home. I initially worried that Claire’s visit might impact my private activities. But on Monday and Tuesday she went to the conference in the morning and did not get home until evening.

Thus, after sleeping in on Wednesday, which I am prone to do when I do not need to go into the office, I came down the stairs and grabbed a cup of coffee. After reading the newspaper, I wandered into my den for a little relaxation, if you know what I mean.

I carefully positioned a towel on my office chair, proceeded to strip off my clothes, grabbed the bottle of baby oil from my drawer, and then sat down ready for some visual stimulation. After waking up the computer I searched through some of my favorite porn casino şirketleri sites and started watching some clips that caught my interest. My cock responded by slowly stiffening at which point I poured some baby oil on and began stroking.

After about 15 minutes I had a nice hard-on and the area between my thighs was feeling very good. Then I sensed something. I turned around in my chair and saw Claire standing in the doorway to the den in her pajamas with her hand rubbing her breast. She was initially looking at the monitor but then turned her eyes toward me. I could see her eyes travel down my body from my head to my cock, which I was still holding in my hand.

I said Claire, you are supposed to be at your conference. She responded by saying something about the morning sessions seemed boring so she decided to stay home for a while. She then walked over to me and said, don’t worry Dad, I know you masturbate. Hell, we all masturbate. Mom told me she lost interest in sex years ago so I hoped you took care of your needs this way rather than with another woman.

At that point I did not know if I should be relieved or what, but then Claire surprised me again and asked if she could watch with me. She said she was feeling rather horny lately and needed some “relaxation” herself. Before I could respond, Claire pulled up a chair next to mine and proceeded to strip off her pajamas. Standing in front of me naked she said: well Dad, how do you think this little girl you raised turned out?

Looking over her body I could not be more impressed. Claire was a curvy girl, not fat by and means, but proportional in all the right ways. She was sporting what looked like 36D breasts with large nipples and her pussy was shaved and as smooth as the rest of her skin. My eyes wandered up and down this beautiful creature. I then responded by telling Claire she was gorgeous, in fact, she was better looking than most of the girls in the porn films. That made Claire blush. She responded and said that for a 50-year old guy I looked pretty hot myself, especially as I was sitting in my chair stroking my hard cock. That made me even more embarrassed then I already was.

Claire then proceeded to sit down next to me and take control of the casino firmaları mouse so she could find some porn she liked. After finding a clip with a good looking couple she turned toward me, looked down at my crotch and with a sad face noted that I was soft and needed some lubrication. She then took the bottle of baby oil and dribbled some oil on my cock. While I was still in shock over what was happening, my hand unconsciously went to my dick and started stroking it, bringing it back to its previous state. Claire then took the baby oil and squirted some on her pussy and rubbed it around her shaved area.

After a few minutes, my hard cock returned. Looking over at Claire I could see she was also enjoying herself as evidenced by her hard nipples and the way she was working her fingers over her pussy. When the clip on the screen ended, Claire searched for another one she wanted. I was surprised when she started looking through the Dad/Daughter category. Of course, I should not have been too surprised since here was a dad and daughter being very horny and masturbating together. Claire settled on a clip of a girl who looked very similar to Claire being seduced by her 50-year old dad. This seemed rather close to home.

Claire then asked if she could feel my cock. Not being able to refuse my daughter, especially in my current state, I said of course and moved my hand from the hard shaft. Claire then wrapped her fingers around cock and slowly started stroking it up and down. Her other hand moved to my balls and began playing with them.

As she was leaning over my chair with her plump breast against my arm, I could not help myself and moved my hand up to cup her breast. As I held her breast, my fingers began to play with her hard nipple. I squeezed it and heard a little gasp from Claire. I then let my hand slide down her belly wondering if she would protest. Instead, I felt her hand move faster on my cock, so I let my fingers slide through her now very wet pussy. Not wanting to stop I let my index finger slip inside her. She gasped again so I pushed my finger deeper inside her. She was so wet at this point. She seemed more turned on than me and I was very turned on.

Claire then looked at me and said, Dad I am so hot güvenilir casino right now, I need something besides your finger inside me. I decided to play with her and said: what could you possibly mean. Claire did not hesitate and responded: I want your hard cock inside my pussy now. She then got up from her chair, pushed the keyboard out of the way, and leaned over my desk. With her beautiful ass up in the air, I could see her enlarged pussy lips just waiting for me.

I stood up behind Claire and pushed my rock hard cock down so the head was at her opening. I then slowly slid the head of my cock into my daughter. I heard Claire moan as I pushed my cock inside. When I was half way in Claire said that I was too big for her and I should stop. But that just encouraged me and I pushed the rest of my hard shaft deep inside her pussy.

As my cock sunk fully into Claire, her head sprang back and she let out a loud moan followed by an OMG. With my hands on the sides of her great looking ass, I then started to move my hips back and forth, pushing my cock in and out of her pussy. Claire was moaning loudly the entire time and intermittently saying how good it felt. She then moved her hand down to her pussy and started to stimulate her clit. I wrapped my arms around her so I could fondle her large breasts that were hanging down, begging to be played with.

Claire was so hot she did not need to play with herself very long. After just a couple minutes her body started to tense up and she screamed: I’m cumming. As her body tensed up, her pussy tightened around my cock to the point where I could hardly move it inside her. The pressure on my cock pushed me to the point of no return. I felt my enlarged balls force the cum into my cock. Just as Claire’s orgasm ended, I shot streams of cum deep into my daughter.

With my cock spent, I slowly pulled the cum-covered shaft out of Claire. As the head exited Claire’s pussy, I saw my cum dribble out of her. Claire then turned to me and gave me a hug. She said, Dad that was great; you have a great cock. Next time I want to feel it between my lips and have you shoot into my mouth. She then kissed me, grabbed her pajamas from the floor, and ran up the stairs to take a shower.

I stood there with my now limp cock, trying to comprehend what just happened. Figuring it was better not to overanalyze the situation, I grabbed my clothes and started up to my shower, thinking about how it will feel to fuck my daughter’s mouth next time.

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