13 Şubat 2021

Cathy Gets a Surprise


All day long Cathy was out of sorts. Just yesterday she had been caught masturbating by her son and they had ended up fucking. She couldn’t believe it had happened. How could she have allowed it. Sure, when she saw him watching her is was exciting and she did enjoy the moment, but it was so wrong! Yet, she could think of nothing else all day. As she did the laundry she kept thinking of him stripping and getting on the bed with her and sinking his cock deep inside her. She tried to think of something else but it was no use. She did enjoy it. She couldn’t deny that.

After dinner, she sat down in her living room to watch some TV. She had barely gotten comfortable when she heard a car in the driveway. She got up to look and saw it was her son, John and his wife, Nancy. She started out to the front porch to greet them and stopped when she realized they didn’t bring their kids with them. “That is odd,” she thought, “I wonder why they didn’t bring their boys?”

Cathy opened the door to let them in and they went to the kitchen table and all sat down for a cup of coffee. After Cathy poured the coffee and sat down next to Nancy she asked, “So what are you two doing tonight?”

Nancy spoke, “Well Cathy, I think we should talk about what happened yesterday.”

Cathy’s heart sank. “Oh Shit!!!! He told her what happened and now she is pissed,” Cathy thought to herself.

Nancy continued, “John told me what happened yesterday when he stopped by.”

Cathy interupted, “It was nothing I planned, Nancy, I assure you. I would never have done it on purpose.”

Nancy put her hand on Cathy’s arm and said, “Shh, Cathy. It’s OK, really. I understand about how things can happen.”

Cathy’s heart was pounding so hard she thought it would burst out of her chest. “Oh I am afraid this is going to get ugly,” she thought to herself. She looked at her son casino şirketleri who sat quietly then back to Nancy who was smiling at her and rubbing her arm as she continued.

“I can’t say that I blame him actually. You know Cathy, I have always thought you were a sexy woman.” Nancy moved her hand up and down Cathy’s forearm and leaned forward, looking deep into Cathy’s eyes.

Cathy looked back at her and couldn’t believe what was happening. Her daughter-in-law was putting a move on her, and her son was watching it unfold. “Thanks, Nancy. It is nice to know you feel that way. So you aren’t mad at me or John?”

Nancy put her hand on Cathy’s shoulder, then slipped it around her neck. “Oh not at all. In fact, I think it is hotter than hell that a guy watched his mom masturbate then fuck her.” With that, Nancy moved forward and softly kissed Cathy.

Cathy was startled at first. It wasn’t the first time a woman had kissed her but it was the first time Nancy had. There was an electricity in her lips and Cathy kissed her back. Moving her tongue out and pushing it into Nancy’s mouth. Nancy returned and soon they were pushing their tongues together. Cathy felt Nancy’s hand moving over her breast and give it a squeeze. “Ooo, that feels good,” Cathy thought.

Nancy broke the kiss and leaned back but she didn’t take her hand off Cathy’s tit nor did she stop squeezing it. “Cathy I want to ask you something.”

Cathy looked at her then to her son and said, “What is it?”

“Can I join you and John the next time you two fuck?”

Cathy couldn’t believe her ears. All day long she had worried about what Nancy would think if she ever found out and now here Nancy was fondling her tit and asking for a threesome with her husband and his mom. Cathy leaned forward and kissed Nancy again, this time reaching for Nancy’s tit as well. “I would casino firmaları love to have you both in bed,” Cathy said. They sat there for a few more kisses, all the while John is sitting there watching his mom and wife swap spit and grope one another.

“Why don’t we go to the other room where it is more comfortable,” Cathy said, and she got up and went to the living room.

John spoke up finally, “wouldn’t your bed be even more comfortable?” Cathy could see his bulge straining at his pants and grinned at him.

They went to the bed room and Nancy and Cathy hugged and kissed at the foot of the bed as John sat in a chair by the bed.

Nancy was about 5’5″ and maybe 140 pounds. Having two children had put some pounds on her and she was what is called pleasingly plump. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Cathy’s 42D’s but were holding up well after childbirth. She was wearing a summer dress and Cathy reached under it to squeeze her ass as they hugged and kissed.

Nancy broke their hug and reached behind her to unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor. Cathy slipped out of her dress also and soon they were taking off their bras and Nancy slipped off her panties. “Next time I will do like you Cathy and not wear any panties.”

Cathy laid back on the bed and Nancy laid next to her, letting her hands roam over Cathy’s tits and stomach. Soon, her hands made their way between Cathy’s legs and rubbed her pussy. “I can’t believe you shave your pussy, Cathy. You are even sexier than I thought. I just have to have a taste.” With that, she crawled between her mother-in-law’s legs and started licking. Cathy closed her eyes and moaned as Nancy licked her lips and clit.

While this was going on, John had undressed and was slowly stroking his hard cock. He had known that Nancy had fooled around with her room mate in college but never güvenilir casino thought he would get so lucky to ever see her perform with another woman, let alone his mom. He got up and moved to the bed and knelt next to Cathy’s head. She looked up at him stroking his cock just inches from her mouth. She smiled at him and opened her mouth letting him put his cock in her mouth. It felt so good as the smooth head pushed deep into her mouth. She loved to suck cock while someone was attending to her slutty pussy.

Nancy licked her pussy and she sucked her son’s cock. Soon, Nancy pushed her over the edge and she had an orgasm. As she calmed down from her climax she rolled over and put Nancy on her back and got between her legs and started licking her. Cathy was on her hands and knees eating Nancy. She felt the bed shake behind her and knew what was coming next. John was behind her and was ready to fuck her doggy-style. Soon he was pushing his cock deep into her for the second time in two days. With each thrust he forced her face harder into his wife’s hot pussy. Cathy licked and nibbled and sucked as her son fucked her harder and harder from behind.

It wasn’t long until Nancy was also having an orgasm. Her pussy gushed all over Cathy’s face and Cathy lapped at it lovingly. Nancy pulled her up on top of her and they kissed. John was still fucking his mom as the two women kissed and squeezed each other’s tits. Nancy looked at her husband and asked, “Are you going to cum soon, honey?”

He looked down and winked at her and continued thrusting his cock in and out of his mother. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his hard cock and announced, “I am gonna cum.” He pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her ass. Nancy got out from under Cathy and started sucking her husband’s last bit of cum from his cock. Cathy laid on her stomach with her son’s cum on her ass. Cathy looked back at them and said, “And to think I was worried all day that you would be upset with me.”

Nancy laid next to her and kissed her mother-in-law/lover. “How could I be upset with someone as hot as you, Mom?”

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