5 Şubat 2021

Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 06


You mooed with excitement when you realised Keira was pulling up to the familiar front gate of the farm. Your farmer was already waiting.

He seemed to be in some kind of rush but you had no idea what for. He opened the passenger door and unbuckled your seatbelt. He took hold of your arms to guide them to the coarse, sandy ground as you hobbled out of the car.

You were so glad to be on all fours again. You had been made to sit all the way here and it had made you feel deeply wrong – cows shouldn’t sit up, it was unnatural. It was only made worse by the fact you were sitting on top of some of your udder, which was uncomfortable to say the least.

Your udder was now properly below you instead of in your lap, but it was still trapped, squashed painfully in these jeans. You bleated a moo to your farmer for help, but he had already begun speaking to Keira after helping you out.

“Found her chewing grass on campus. What the hell did you do to her Aaron?”

Hmm. Grass, yum! Grass did sound good right now… The patch just in front of you looked lush and inviting…

Mindlessly, you trotted off a short distance to your green prize.

“We’d only done one session. The suggestion wore off and I certainly didn’t set any triggers for it to happen at her college.”

You saw a dandelion at the crest of the hill. Wiggling your hips in a stealthy approach you playfully ambled up to it before lopping off the top in one quick bite.

It tasted wonderful. As you chewed you looked over the wonderful valley field. It was filled with verdant green grass, the clear steam, tree circle and of course, the barn.

Somehow you had left your farmer and friend behind, their voices still raised, but now distant.

At some point they realised you had wandered casino şirketleri off. Together they crested the small hill to arrive by your side. “Cat! There you are!” Keira said.

Keira’s tone now sounded more worried than irritable.

“Aaron, please fix her.” She said with a slight tremble in her voice. You gave a consoling moo, to which she responded by stroking your hair.

He too sounded softer. “This isn’t a suggestion in the normal sense. No one made her go into a hypnotic state. I think the combination of an autopilot-like routine with her powerful desire to be a cow has overpowered her human mind.”

“I’m sorry girl” he said, crouching down and reaching out to sweep your rich auburn hair out from your eyes. “I didn’t realise how badly you wanted this.”

“What do we do?” Keira pleaded.

“First, we take care of her needs. See how she’s fidgeting? We need to get her out of those clothes.”

You perked up with a joyous moo. These things on you were so uncomfortable. You wanted the sun and breeze on your skin!

You also couldn’t stand one more moment with your udder cooped up uncomfortably.

The two of them helped you shed the things on your feet, and they unbuckled and shimmied down the annoying blue things – pants, that’s what they were called!

Your simple, white tank top came off easily in Aaron’s hands. It brushed your ear, reminding you that you didn’t have your tag on. You mooed forlornly at this, and your farmer seemed to understand.

You lifted each foot as together they pulled off your jeans. Keira then proceeded to remove your pink, lacy-topped panties as Aaron unclasped your bra.

“MoooOooo!” You bounced up and down with the sudden freedom. Your bright pink udder spilled out from its cage with unimaginable casino firmaları relief.

Your farmer reached down to give it a quick massage.

“What are you doing?” Keira asked quizzically.

“When I hypnotized Cat I gave her an udder. Her mind interprets sensations on the skin here below her navel as sensations on her udder. It also fills with milk like an udder should. It seems like the suggestion has persisted.”

He idly stroked your udder, tweaking your teats as he did so. This made you close your eyes and low.

“How can it fill with milk, it’s not real!”

“It’s real to her. It gets fuller, larger and heavier if she doesn’t get milked and it feels even more intense than her breasts do when it’s drained.”

“See her stance?” he continued. “Her legs set wide like that?”

“Yes,” replied Kiera. “What does that mean?”

“It means her udder is somewhat full and its back portion is spilling out between her legs. If you ever see a heifer with her legs out near forty five degrees it probably means her udder is near engorged.”

Keira bit her tongue at the inappropriateness of him calling her friend a heifer, given the situation.

“How does this help get her mind back?” Keira asked.

“I believe that if we can satisfy Cow Cat’s needs I can re-hypnotize her. Your friend is in there. She might even be fighting it, but the Cow is in the driver’s seat at the moment, so to speak. Once she’s under again I can introduce the normal safeguards I’d’ve given Cat at a normal second session. The only catch is I think this will only work if Cow Cat is under no mental stress.”

“Cat believes she’s a cow. She seems like she might have the simple mind of one but she only has an udder, a bell, and an ear tag. She still has many human güvenilir casino features – hands instead of hooves, for one. To bring her back we’re first going to have to turn her completely into a cow.”

He crouched down to look in your eyes. “Cat,” he said quietly.

Your mind had wandered to thoughts of grass and milking while he had been talking and his call to you startled you a bit.

“Cat, while we’re out here is there anything you need to do?”

It had been a while since you’d been in that other place with the nice grass and lots of people. You did feel the need to pee quite badly. The voice of Cat the girl protested. “No, I can’t!”

“Once you’re done I can clean you up and get to milking your udder and breasts. You’d like that wouldn’t you Cat? I need to keep my barn sanitary though, so you need to do your business out here. Do you understand?”

You did. The girl inside protested bitterly at having her friend see this act. The promise of a good milking drowned out that voice.

“Is this necessary?” Keira asked incredulously.

“We have to make her a cow, Keira. This is a integral to that process.”

You wanted to be a good cow.

You couldn’t be milked until you relieved yourself. In your head your cow mantra repeated and the protests of the girl faded away. Hot liquid built inside you and flowed. Clear pee arced outward powerfully as you expressed your bladder. Gradually the flow subsided, The stream moving closer to your body and thinning out. You felt the last of it trickle over the back of your udder.

“Good cow!” your farmer praised. Now lets get you cleaned up for a milking. I have a few things for you first though.


Riding the high of making your farmer happy you didn’t really think much about what he had just said. You just hoped you had plenty of milk for him.

In your mind even Cat the girl had to admit that she was excited for milking time. For the moment, she’d settle.

“Are you ready to be milked Cat?”

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