5 Şubat 2021

Casual Kink – Jennifer Ch. 06


“You mean…he came in your coffee?” Ray is surprised. Don’t know why he is surprised about anything anymore. It’s been less than 24 hours since he came all over my panties that were draped on my face; and this, after the scene he witnessed in the restroom stall before that. It’s why we are even having this dinner. It’s why I have let him have his hand rest on my naked thigh inside my skirt under the table working it’s way up towards my panties. Same panties that my colleague ‘Samantha’ was wearing a few hours back at work. Interesting couple of days I’ve had. Of course I told daddy about the dinner today and what happened yesterday while kissing his shoes before he ruined my makeup and rewarded me with his delicious juice in my coffee mug. Daddy just shrugged his shoulders and reminded me that I’m his property and if Ray wants to use my body to have fun with, he gotta pay like everybody else.

I had almost forgotten about the dinner date with Ray when he buzzed me at work and told me where to meet. A local BJ’s bar and resto; although not the one that we frequent. It was in the next town. 20 minutes drive. He was not there when I arrived so I waited at the bar.

The bartender introduced herself as Valerie as she poured me a tall Guinness and shared some random smiles and small talk. Mostly about the music and how she likes to move to it. I was a regular business woman unwinding after a long day at work with some beer. I thought she was hot. She had a great body and was dressed sharply in a full black shirt and light blue jeans that hugged her round butt. I noticed some tattoos on the side of her neck and guessed there may be more of them on her. Piercings too. A bridge, eyebrows, lower lip and I think I noticed one on the tongue. She was getting a lot of attention from the regulars which kept her busy. She was swaying to the music as she talked to them and I got a craving to see all the tattoos her clothes were hiding.

She asked me if I wanted another beer but before I could answer I felt two hands around my waist and a familiar aroma of whiskey and cologne. I turned around to notice Ray and was taken by surprise as he went for a kiss straight on my mouth. I opened it and let him smother me. His tongue deep inside as we kissed for a few minutes. Valerie muttered something about leaving us love birds alone till we are ready to order. I didn’t get a chance to say bye to her as Ray took me away to one of the booths. I left a good tip for the sexy bartender.

“…and you drink it everyday? This cum cappuccino? What the fuck Jen!” Ray continues to have a shocked look.

“Almost everyday!” I clarify cheekily. “Other days I make do with a plain shitty coffee! Like on weekends!” I blush a bit as I say that.

I told him about daddy. I told him he’s my owner my master and this is how I wanted to live. I’m intoxicated by him. I also told him that he can have his way with me but if he wants to use my pussy, or cunt, as daddy likes to call it, he’s gonna have to pay.

“Oh I’m fine with your ass baby. Your daddy can have your cunt all to himself. I’m gonna destroy that ass tonight.” Ray says those words and I wonder why men are like this. Destroy it? Why? Why can’t you make love to it. Sure it’s my kink to get treated like garbage and to be abused in every way imaginable but even then. Ray makes it sound like a contest. Or a conquest. I’m so glad daddy is not this way.

Ray’s hand is now firmly resting on my panties rubbing them as I try not to show that I want to moan. He holds his drink with his other hand and takes a sip from it. Then he offers the glass to my lips but I refuse as I’m already having my beer. He takes another sip and moves in to kiss my mouth. I open and he kisses me deep as the whiskey transfers from his mouth to mine. It burns my throat on the way down as our tongues entangle. I like this feeling. I wanna be fed the entire dinner this way. Dinner. I’m hungry. I wanna eat.

“Ray! I’m hungry I wanna eat something. Can we order now please?” I manage to say but he kisses me again in response. It’s a sensual kiss. One that always manages to sweep me off my feet. I fall casino şirketleri for it kissing him back passionately. Our tongues doing a dance as we exchange saliva. His fingers manage to pull aside the crotch of my panties and enter my pussy. His finger slides in easy as I’m wet already and it encourages him to go deep and do the in-out motion. He bends his finger and oooh that works for me. One, then two fingers manage to hit me in all the right spots. I don’t squirt too often but I’m getting that feelin’ as his fingers expertly make my pussy, my cunt, melt around them. I squeeze them tight with my cunt muscles resisting the urge to gush out. All the while we are lip locked. His tongue feels natural living deep in my mouth. I want him to take me right there. I’m powerless to stop anything he wants. He moves my hand to his crotch and I find him eager and hard. I squeeze him a few times signalling him to take me. He notices as his kissing becomes urgent and he brings me to the brink of orgasm. We continue to kiss as I notice someone around us. I open my eyes and I realize someone is standing at our table. I manage to break the kiss as Ray opens his eyes and we both stop our frisking and sit straight as two teenagers caught in the act. It’s Kevin, our waiter standing there along with Valerie, the sexy bartender.

“Oh good you are here!” I manage to say as I break from the spell and realise I’m still hungry. For food.

“Yes…we are ready to order!”

It’s Valerie who responds. Kevin is staring at us with his mouth open.

“We’ll be happy to take your order now. However, I wanted to let you know that the restaurant has a policy regarding pda and we would like you to take it outside please.” She says that in a way that she can’t believe what a stupid policy it is but she wants us to adhere to it anyway.

“That’s fine!” I say looking at Ray. “There’s not gonna be anymore of that. We will have dinner now.” Ray is disappointed.

“Thank you! Just so you know, if we see you at it again we are gonna have to ask you to leave.” She says sternly and we nod.

I order some food and Ray orders another whiskey. Then another and then some more. Finally he is slurring and a droopy eyed drunk.

“Ray! Honey, you’ve had enough. C’mon lemme take you home and show you a nice time. I’ll stay with you if you want.” I offer as I wipe something off his face.

“Arrren’t you a lovely whorrr! I’m fucggin gonna take ya fuggin home bitch and I’m gonna fucgg you…ass fuggg you.. I jus…i thinks I need, I fucgin need one more… wer’s Kev…KEV!” He shouts to call our waiter. This was a surprise to me to be frank. I’ve never seen Ray in such a state before. I mean I’ve seen him drunk but never this drunk. He reminds me so much of JJ right now, my husband. He has a drinking problem. There’s been way too many nights that Ray has got JJ home knocked out and then either crashed on our couch or drove back to his place. No wonder they are good mates. Well, at least that’s what JJ thinks. He doesn’t know that Ray just wants to fuck his wife. To destroy her ass. To his credit, Ray has kept his hands to himself and continued to have mundane conversations as I ate dinner. His drinking speed increased per minute as we talked though.

Kevin approached our booth. With Valerie. I can’t help but once again revel at her hotness. Is she getting hotter as the night goes on? Or is it the 3 beers in me. Do I have a lady crush?

“I’m sorry I don’t think we can serve you any more alcohol tonight. Do you want to order more food?” Valerie says what Kevin was hesitant to say. Ray looks as her as though he wants to jump her and wring her neck and she actually looks at him like she can take him and break his arm. I wanna get out of here but also I would love to see this action.

“I think we’re good. Can we get the check please?” I say finally when I realise he’s realised he cannot win this. I pay the check and we stumble out of the booth. Or well.. Ray stumbles almost falling on me. I hold him. I’m gonna have to drive him home today and tuck him in by the look of things. Fucggin can wait until fucggin next time casino firmaları I guess. He looks no shape to walk as he puts his arm on my shoulder. I half support him outside and start to guide him towards my car. He stops me and points me to his truck. I try to protest but he’s too strong for me and makes me take him towards his truck. He stumbles some more as he opens the back door. Is he crazy? He wants to have sex in the back seat? In this condition? I can run away leaving him there. He’s not gonna chase. But then, isn’t this the reason we are here in the first place? He climbs in and lies flat on his back on the spacious back seat of his truck. He tells me to climb in and take offff my pammffies which I assume can only mean panties. I’m standing outside looking at him. His legs are hanging from the seat. I reach out and grab his belt and undo it. I unzip his jeans before I half climb in and hear a loud snore. He’s snoring. He’s gone off to sleep. It doesn’t surprise me. He looked in no condition. I’m actually glad he did. This would have been one lousy fuck. I climb out again. I need to get his feet in so I can close the door. I struggle with them. I manage to take off his shoes and place them on the truck’s floor. His snoring increases. He’s passed out drunk.

“Do you need help?” I hear a familiar voice. A female voice. Valerie. I turn around and nod. We both manage to lift his legs and push them in enough for the door to close. I take the windows down a bit and leave him there with the keys in his pocket and cover him with a blanket I find in the trunk.

“Thanks Valerie!” I say as I light a smoke and offer her one. She takes it. We start walking away from Ray’s truck across the parking lot towards my car.

“That’s a sweet ride.” She says as we approach my Audi.

“Thank you!” I say. I want to say more but I can’t think of anything. Long seconds even minutes pass as we finish the smokes. None of us saying anything till she breaks the silence. “You wanna smoke some weed?”

I try to look surprised but chilled out at the same time and say yes. Rather I nod my head. She asks for my car keys and I hand them to her and get in from the passenger side. The ride to her place is smooth. I’m mostly looking at her enjoying driving my car. She is speeding and I couldn’t care less. I stare at her till she turns to look at me at which point I look outside and see the lines of houses whiz past.

Her apartment is a tiny box in a run down complex. A small kitchen and an even smaller bathroom. The whole place is smaller than my bedroom and yet, it looks like I can live here. It’s the sort of place I always wanted to have, for myself. A secret from the world. There’s a twin mattress in one corner. Next to it is a sort of study table with piles of books and flyers and tiny indoor potted plants. She moves some clothes to reveal a foldable chair and sits on it while motioning me to get comfortable on the mattress. She rolls a joint and lights it up and turns the chair so she faces me sitting resting my back on the wall. She passes me the joint and I take a drag and exhale.

“So you got a name beautiful?” She asks and I realise I never told her.

“Jennifer” I say passing back the joint.

“That skirt looks uncomfortable Jennifer! Get rid of it!” That was pretty direct, I thought. I like how my name sounded when she said it. I moved forward and stood up in front of her, in between the mattress and her feet. She leaned forward and took her right hand behind my waist deftly opening the hook and pulling down the zipper of my skirt. I let it drop down. She bent and collected it as I stepped out of it. I stepped out of my heels as well. She motioned me to sit back to how I was before. I sat leaning back on the wall. My legs close together. She looked at me looking at her.

“Your jeans!” I say… “They look kinda uncomfortable as well.” I manage to match her style but cannot. She made it sound sensual. Mine sounds awkward.

“They’re not!” She tells me with a smirk. “I kinda like wearing them. Sometimes I even sleep in them.” Fuck! Does that mean she’s not taking them off?

She güvenilir casino puts off the joint, gets up and goes to the kitchen to come back with a bottle of wine. She fills 2 paper cups, hands me one and sits back down. Only now, she’s spread her legs wide slowly as she watches me stare at her crotch.

“This work shirt is quite uncomfortable though!” She says as she pulls it off over her head without unbuttoning it. She proceeds to unfasten her bra and pull it off neatly. Her breasts are gorgeous like I imagined them to be. Same size as me perhaps. Beautiful pale brownish nipples that point straight ahead. Not too dark not too pink. Mine I feel are a bit flat as compared.

“I hate bras. I don’t wear them but the restaurant has rules. They got a dress code and it includes bras. No rule for underwear though so works for me. I don’t like wearing them either.” She says as she opens the button on the jeans and pull down a tiny zipper. From where I sit I can see. No panties. I can see her hair. Beautiful thick black pubes.

“Open your legs! Lemme see those girlie girl panties.” I do as she asks.

We sit like that for a while. Sipping wine. It feels strangely liberating. She puts her hand inside her pants and rubs herself. I can see her close her eyes as she likes her own touch. She licks her lips. Did I mention the tattos? They are all over. Her neck her collar bone shoulders arms full of them. Ribs. Belly button piercing. Lower back wings. I’m attracted to each and every one of them. As I sit there with my legs spread open drinking some red, I feel a strong urge to reach out. To help her cum.

“Touch yourself Jennifer! I wanna see you do it.” Oops! There’s a dilemma. I think it over. I’m dying to touch myself right now…resisting the urge. I want to touch myself watching her pleasure herself. I want to cum with her. I want to give myself to her. I want to do as she says. But not that. No matter how lost I am, I cannot forget daddy’s rule.

“Can I kiss you?” I ask being coy. She’s looking at me. She leans forward and comes close and moves in to sit next to me. Her right hand still in her pants. Still playing with herself. She takes it out as my eyes are fixated on it. Her fingers are glistening and sticky. She turns my head towards her and puts her fingers on my lips. She coats my lips with her juices. Then she goes back in her pants again and gets more; coating me again all over and around my lips. I’m intoxicated by the aroma. I open my mouth and she shoves 3 fingers inside catching my tongue and coating it. I clean them as best as I could looking into her eyes. Her deep hazel eyes.

She brings her lips close and opens her mouth. Her tongue licks her juice off my lips as I open my mouth to let our tongues meet. For a while our tongues strike up a conversation. We are not kissing yet. She unbuttons my blouse and takes it off my shoulders. It’s tight on my arms so she can’t pull it off completely in one motion. She kisses my neck, licks and sucks on it giving me a hickey. This gets me going. I’m gushing now. My panties are soaking wet. Her arms go behind me as she uses my blouse stuck on my arms to tie them behind. She does it expertly and I have them both secured behind me. Unable to move them. She pulls up my bra over my breasts. Good thing I managed to somewhat clean up what was in them this afternoon before the dinner date. I was supposed to do this with Ray tonight…and yet, here I am, with Valerie, the bartender…the sexy stranger I know almost nothing about. She’s tied my arms behind my back with my blouse and is now playing with my breasts. Squeezing them hard and pinching and twisting my nipples. She’s being rough on them as we finally kiss. Kiss passionately, sensually, like long lost lovers.

Suddenly, she stops and looks at me after what feels like hours of kissing. I have my eyes shut. I open them slowly.

“Jennifer…you’re beautiful” she says seductively and I melt. “I wanna know everything about you.”

“Valerie…I wish I was as beautiful as you. Ask me anything. Anything you wanna know?” I say panting. I’m still coming down from a mini orgasm she managed to give me without even touching my pussy. Just by her wet passionate kisses and fondling and playing with my nipples. Also, I think my hands being restrained had already brought me to the brink.

“What’s his name? Your pimp?” She asks…

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