11 Şubat 2021

Carnal Secrets Ch. 02


I wasn’t expecting company so when the doorbell rang I assumed it would be a salesman or someone from a church trying too save my soul, but damn, did they have too come this late at night? I almost fell over when I found Wendy standing there. I had never told anyone where I was after leaving Betty. I had avoided the family, knowing how nosey they could be, and now, two years later, my favorite niece shows up out of the blue. I was thrilled too see her, but something was wrong. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Hi Uncle Jim, she managed a trace of a smile before breaking into tears. Recovering from the surprise of finding the woeful seraph at the door, I gave her a hug, and placing my arm around her tiny waist guided her into the house. A thousand questions raced through my mind as we entered the living room and I started questioning her. Wendy what’s wrong? How did you find me? Are you in trouble?

N…no… J…Jim, she sobbed, as tears ran down her delicate cheeks. Obviously, She wasn’t in any condition for an interrogation so I wrapped my arms around her slender body to comfort her and it felt as if she would melt right into me. It’s going to be ok, I assured her. I could tell she was exhausted from the long trip and I knew she needed rest. You know Wendy it’s kind of late. Why don’t you go on into the spare bedroom, it’s all made up. Get a good nights rest and we’ll talk tomorrow. Wendy consented with a sniffling nod and was soon fast asleep. I decided too turn in myself but my mind was racing with so many questions I couldn’t doze off, and wound up tossing and turning for hours. Finally sometime close to dawn I drifted into dreamland, and didn’t wake until Wendy’s gentle nudging and melodic voice brought me back to life.

Good morning Uncle Jim! I looked up and found the small angel smiling over me. You seem in better spirits this morning Princess, I yawned. Yea, she beamed, a good nights rest made me feel a lot better. It made you look a lot better too, I complimented, noticing she had already showered and was dressed in a form fitting white cotton dress. It stopped four inches above the knee and displayed every graceful curve of her agile form.

Thanks Unc, Wendy grinned. I’m excited to be in New York, it’s such a big town. I put this little thing on hoping too talk you into showing me the sights today? Well maybe, I shrugged, if you’ll get out of here and let me get dressed. Oh! Oops! Wendy giggled, her face turning red as she hurried out of the bedroom.

Even though she was twenty-three, Wendy was like an awe struck child. She had never been to New York and its magnificence amazed her. As we rode around the city viewing the sights she verbally marveled at the splendor of casino şirketleri it all. As the day went on, Wendy slowly started revealing what had happened. It seemed that even though she felt bad about leaving Bill, she didn’t have a choice. Wendy said it was like he just stopped caring about her. He never paid any attention to her and they rarely made love.

She innocently admitted Bill was the only man she had been with. Until then she didn’t know what sex was all about and confessed he had never satisfied her sexually. Wendy put it politely saying Bill was underprivileged in certain areas. I knew what she meant and didn’t pursue the matter further. She said the last straw was the day she arrived home from work, and Bill was setting there with a group of guys and girls watching a porn movie and drinking. After kicking them out of the house, Wendy packed her suitcase and flew here. Since my phone number was listed it had been easy to find me on the Internet, so poof, here she was.

We saw all the sights you can squeeze in, and then had a delightful dinner. By the time we got home we were both exhausted and went straight too bed. In the middle of a passionate dream I suddenly awoke with a raging hard on, and needed to relieve myself. I was use to walking down the dark hallway to the bathroom if needed and found myself doing just that. It was pitch black so I didn’t bother putting on a robe. A few steps from the bathroom I bumped into warm flesh instantly realizing it was Wendy coming out of the lavatory. Neither one of us spoke. It was as if we sensed the clumsiness of the situation, and I turned sideways to let her pass. Wendy let out a muffled gasp as her feminine hand brushed against my swollen organ.

For long awkward moments we stood like statues, our eyes peering into the blackness, seeing nothing. I wanted desperately to reach for her and pull her against me, but I resisted. I knew it might scare her off, so I waited, hoping she would make the first move. My sinewy member strained toward her agile body in suspenseful desire. I began to think she was going too silently turn away when I felt the air move, near my taught flesh, then a light feathery touch and Wendy’s delicate fingers timidly quivered as she cautiously embraced my thick organ. I could tell she was shaking with immoral excitement. Her breathing grew rapid as she involuntarily began to explore the rigid shaft. In a very quiet licentious voice she whispered, we can’t do this, it’s a wicked sin, and all the while her fondling grew bolder, captivating her, leaving her reeling with a deviant lust she had never known before.

She began to think about Bill and how small his penis was. She could only get three fingers on his, and he casino firmaları barely got hard. This one was huge in comparison, and like hot steel, unbending, pulsing with thick veins. Her slender fingers couldn’t reach all the way around the circumference, and even if she had three hands they wouldn’t cover the entire length. Wendy’s knees nearly buckled as she squeezed the inflexible beast imagining what it would feel like inside her. I reached toward her, touching her small breasts and Wendy moaned in carnal decadence as her hesitation dissolved.

My niece began to carefully walk backwards, her hands securely embracing my throbbing organ, urging me to follow her. She led me into the guest room and sat down on the edge of the bed, her face inches from my purple knob. The next instant I felt her velvet mouth engulf the head of my engorged cock, causing me to twitch in pleasure. The incestuous pixie began working attentively on my pulsating instrument. Both her hands caressed the massive base while her angelic visage flooded my man-root with sultry softness. Finally I couldn’t stand anymore. I wanted her. I had to fuck her. I had to feel my engorged pole in her hot tight abyss, and I pushed her backwards forcing her off my cock with a wet pop!

Wendy was eager too, and spread her lean legs to accept my impressive gift. In the dense blackness I found her slender ankles and raised them until they touched the pillow above her head. Her shaved mound was aimed straight into the air. The daughter of my apostolic sister readily accepted the position and without sight I mounted her from above, driving ferociously into her torrid crevice. Wendy’s head flung violently side-to-side as my worthy piston tore through her quivering canal. Still we remained quiet, afraid words would break the burning passion that spellbound us.

I continued to plunge savagely in and out of her luxurious nest until my legs ached from the arduous squat thrusts. As I released her ankles Wendy promptly wrapped her legs over my ass, bucking viscously against the raging intruder. I crashed down onto her nubile form rocking my hips back and forth like a jackhammer. Her nymph like flesh smelled like a warm musky summer rain. The sensuality of the fragrance gratifying my senses, spurring me to even greater heights of corrupt obsession.

Reaching pinnacles of ecstasy she had never experienced Wendy crashed through the barrier of moral silence and started moaning in fervent iniquity. Fuck my hot pussy Uncle! Fuck meeee harrrrrrderrrrr! God damn you! Fuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeee! Ooooooh! Make me cummmmmmmmm! Undulating her demoralized body like an unholy waif, Wendy writhed in total abandonment on the impaling juggernaut. The fury of my vigorous thrusts güvenilir casino caused her ankles to come loose, and she instantly positioned her feet on the mattress, arching her back upward, meeting each stroke in midair. The force and speed of her desperate enthusiasm became so violent I lost my balance and fell over. Wendy cried out NOOOOO! Instantaneously jumping on top of me as I rolled onto my back.

I reached up and began fondling her small firm breasts as the licentious goddess gyrated wantonly on my root of incestuous evil. My testicals began to ache, and my cock throbbed as the unrelenting adulteress continued her fervent assault. At that moment Wendy started to tremble uncontrollably and squealed in abandoned delight, cummmmmmmminnnggg!

Obliterating the last obstacle of the uncle- niece relationship, she flung her upper body forward, and wrapping her arms tightly around my neck instantly found my mouth sticking her tongue deep into my throat. Rockets of demotic indulgence exploded deep within her depths emanating outward in crashing waves of glorious climax. Simultaneously, my steel cock erupted, vaulting liquid fire deep into her quivering tunnel. As load after load of scalding white cum blasted into her, Wendy’s sensitive tissue spas med. Our tongues still entwined, she moaned in blissful release, filling my lungs with her heated breath. Twitching against each other until we were completely spent, Wendy collapsed on top of me.

I woke lying on my side, Wendy’s perfect body pressed tightly against me. The warmth of her tender flesh keeping my rigid cock snuggled comfortably between her sweet ass cheeks. Wendy sensed I was awake and raising her right leg inserted my stiff organ into her already hot sheath from behind. She must have been waiting, her fragrant pussy was hot and wet when I slid into her. We made love without inhibition, reveling in our newfound freedom. The feelings of guilt were gone, now unrestrained, we easily verbalized the darker side of our lusts for each other while we coupled in irreverent passion. Eventually we fell back to sleep, totally satiated in our newborn consummation of seditious indulgence.

Later that afternoon we got up, showered and sat down to discuss our situation. Wendy wanted to stay, and that was what I wanted too. We decided she wouldn’t call me uncle anymore, and that as far as anyone here was concerned we were a couple. No one from our past was near, and Wendy could make up a story to keep anyone from getting suspicious.

After a few weeks we started getting into a routine and life was great. We had fallen deeply in love. The sex never stopped being fantastic and every night we had to have each other. I hoped it would never end, that we could just live in peace and not be bothered, but somewhere in the back of mind I knew that wouldn’t happen. I knew God would be seeking revenge. It never occurred to me however, that it would be so cruel when it arrived.

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