5 Şubat 2021

Can You Feel That?


“Can you feel that?”

He growled in my ear, His voice low and sinister, and I shivered in response. He had me pinned face down on the bed, holding me by the back of the neck, His very hard and aroused cock pressed against my ass. There was this primal heat coming off of His body and soaking into mine where we touched…. this palpable energy tinged with lust and need and it was intertwining with my own need, my own lust. I moaned loudly into the mattress, aroused beyond belief by Him, by His dominance, by the unleashed quality of His actions. It was overwhelming me, filling me, fueling my own lust until it became this palpable, powerful thing between us, building and building to a point of no return.

His other hand gripped the waistband of my skirt and yanked it roughly down my legs, exposing me to Him. “Spread your legs,” He ordered and I did as instructed, spreading my legs, exposing my already dripping wet pussy to His eyes. “Wider,” He growled at me as His hand came down on my ass, hard enough to make me yelp as I spread my legs as wide as I could, lifting my hips, exposing myself to Him as much as possible in that position. He thrust His hand in between my legs hard, His fingers sliding in the wetness that was dripping between the swollen lips of my sex. casino şirketleri I could hear Him breathing. I could smell my arousal filling the room as He touched me, His hand on my neck still pressing me into the mattress. Taking His fingers, He spread the lips of my pussy open roughly and I yelped a little as I felt myself being stretched wide. I knew He was looking at me. I could almost feel His eyes on my pussy, looking at how red and swollen I was; noticing how the wetness of my arousal was slowly sliding down my thighs. Watching my clit as it became engorged, begging for attention. I wanted Him. I wanted Him so badly in that moment. I wanted to feel Him inside of me. I wanted Him to fuck me.

“You were a very naughty little slut today,” He whispered as His fingers began stroking my clit. I moved my hips, trying to rub myself against His fingers harder but He pulled His hand away and smacked my ass, telling me to be still. I tried to remain still, really I did. But He was stroking my clit with His fingers, leaning over me so that I could feel the weight of Him on my back, and whispering in my ear, telling me what happened to naughty little sluts who were bad, and I couldn’t keep my hips from moving against His hand. I was moaning and moving my hips against His hand and casino firmaları asking to cum, no pleading to cum. But He was having none of that.

I felt Him stand up, but He kept the hand on the back of my neck, holding me firmly in place. And then, with His other hand, He began to spank me. Each blow landed in the same spot, right on the most sensitive spot on my body and soon I was moaning with each strike. My ass was stinging and red hot, but He hadn’t stopped. He kept spanking me and spanking me and spanking me until I was screaming and moaning at the same time, the pain overtaking my body and pushing me up and up and up into that primal part of me. When He finally stopped, tears were running down my cheeks, my breath was coming in ragged gasps, and my whole body was shaking.

“Tell me what you need slut,” He growled at me as I felt Him pressing His hard, hot cock against my pussy. I tried to move back into Him, but He pulled away and I knew if I wanted to be fucked, I’d have to be still. He moved His hand up into my hair and pulled my head off of the bed and told me again, to tell Him what I needed. I caught our reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room and gasped at the eroticism of it. I looked wild, hair messed up, and eyes wide and wet with the güvenilir casino tears that were still streaming down my face, my lips puffy and swollen with desire; and Him standing behind me, looking fierce and primal Himself. “I need you to fuck me, please” I sobbed and He smirked at me in the mirror. I honestly believe He would have teased me if He hadn’t already reached that point Himself; that point where want becomes need and all you can think about is that release.

He thrust into me forcefully, spreading me open and filling me in an instant. I moaned His name as I watched Him in the mirror. He moved His hands so that they were gripping my hips bruisingly, His fingernails digging into my skin. I braced myself up on my hands so that I could keep watching Him as He fucked me furiously, moving in and out, slamming into me so hard that the mattress beneath me was moving with the force of each thrust. And then, He looked at me in the mirror and our eyes locked. A jolt of energy ripped through me when He whispered “Cum for me,” and my body exploded.

This primal growling sound ripped from my throat as I felt Him cumming inside of me, His hips pumping furiously, the sound of His body slamming into mine was drowned out by my screams as I felt myself cumming and cumming and cumming so powerfully that for a minute I could not longer see. My arms collapsed and I fell onto the bed as He pulled out of me slowly and lifted my legs onto the bed before lying next to me and wrapping me in His arms.

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