12 Şubat 2021

Can We Snuggle?


This is my first attempt at a story on Literotica. I’m not very good at writing so this may be my only attempt. Please leave feedback. Thank you, I hope you enjoy.

Copyright – SecretTaboo


‘I couldn’t do it. Could I? No, I really couldn’t. Could I really walk again?’ Those were my thoughts as I laid in my hospital bed. I had been in hospital for the past four weeks, after a hit-and-run driver had mowed me down at 40 mph and sped off. I had received a broken arm, a couple of broken ribs, a fractured sternum and damage to my spinal cord which the Doctor had called ‘complicated’. Basically, although I had feeling below my waist, I couldn’t actually move my legs.


I jumped, my heart pounding. My mother and sister were stood by my bed. I hadn’t heard them come in and the shock sent tingles down my arms.

“Hey” I smiled weakly. I tried to put on a brave face for my Mum, Ria and Millie, my older sister. I was the man of the house after my Dad traded my Mum in for a younger model a few years ago. I didn’t like them knowing I couldn’t cope.

“How are you today squirt?” Millie asked, a smile curling her lip. She persisted in calling me my childhood nickname, even though I was 19 and she 23.

“I’m good thanks, feeling stronger. I’ll be home in no time, just you wait and see.”

Whilst Mum busied herself tidying my bed-tray up, Mille leant down and whispered in my ear, “You don’t have to pretend y’know.”

I smiled at her, squeezed her hand which she had offered. Our relationship had always been close, right from an early age. We did almost everything together until we reached the middle of our teens. She had always looked out for me. Recently, before my accident, I had been developing feelings for her, of a sexual nature. It was wrong of course, but I just couldn’t help it. Standing at 5ft4 in her socks, she had flowing brown hair tied in a ponytail. Her tits stood out on her small frame, maybe 36D’s. They were huge for her size. Her eyes were emerald green, her skin creamy white and her smile was beautiful. She was perfect.

Mum declared she was going to go down to the hospital cafe and have a bit of dinner. My heart fluttered slightly, I realised Millie and myself would be alone in my room. When Mum left, Millie pulled the chair she was sitting on, closer to my bed. Her lips curled into a beautiful smile as she looked into my eyes.

“You ok?” She asked, “You seem a bit nervous…?”

“Oh…I’m okay. Just hoping I can come home soon. The Doctor seems to think ‘I’ll soon be able to manage at home, as long as I have help.”

Millie took hold of my hand and gently replied, “I’ll help you, as long as you need me, I’ll be here for you.”

“Thanks Sis, you’re the best” I replied, instantly feeling like a idiot.

After a few more minutes, I handed Millie the remote control for the TV and we ended up watching it until Mum returned about an hour later.

“Right, time to go I think. We’ve got shopping to do Mill”, Mum said.

“Aw, okay. Time seems to fly in this place” Millie replied.

I snorted. “It sure doesn’t for me!”

The three of us ended up laughing, and they both left. I casino şirketleri closed my eyes and eventually drifted off into a deep sleep.


The phone was ringing. Where was my phone?! The room was pitch black, obviously it was the middle of the night. I found my phone on the table and hit the answer button without looking at the caller’s identity.

“Hello?” I asked groggily.

“Hey little brother, did I wake you?” Millie asked, whispering.

“No,” I lied, “I was awake. Whats up?”

“Nothing, I just thought I’d ring you as I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about you…”

I waited for Millie to reveal why she was thinking about me, but it didn’t come. There was just silence.

“Why are you thinking of me?” I asked, a lump in my throat.

“Well… I’m cold. I wish I could snuggle with you like we did when we were younger.”

That revelation stunned me. I couldn’t believe she brought that back up. We used to cuddle up as kids, if we were cold or havinga bad dream. We used to share a room until I was 9. Then Millie got her own room. We hadn’t cuddled up since.

“Uh…erm.” I stupidly mumbled… “That’d be nice.”

Instantly, I could feel a hardness growing between my thighs. Millie’s sleepy purr did nothing to help stop my erection from growing.

“Mmhmm. I miss it. I liked it when we spooned.”

I smiled into the phone as I too remembered when I use to cuddle into Millie’s back and hold her tight, my hand resting on her cute little belly.

“Yeah, me too.” I replied, “It’d be a bit difficult spooning now.”

Millie giggled softly and answered; “We’d find a way.”

After that, we talked for a few more minutes before we both declared we were getting sleepy. We hung up after both of us told each other that we loved them.

My manhood was still heavily swollen and hard. Luckily, it hadn’t been my right arm that had been broken, so I could possibly masturbate. I was real horny and desperate. I softly tried to, but the pain coming from my back, ribs and other area’s soon put paid to the idea of me possibly gaining some relief from my hard on.


[A week later]

Finally, I was laid in my own bed which was situated in the living room. My Mum had got my Uncle Dave in to dismantle the bed and reassemble it downstairs so it’d be easier on me. I was wearing a heavy back brace, the doctor finally diagnosing a crushed vertebrae. With my other injuries, it made sense to have my bed downstairs. The only downside was the inevitable lack of privacy.

That night we were all watching the TV, Millie had decided to stay with us for a bit so she could give Mum a hand in looking after me whilst she worked at the bank. Millie and Mum were sat on the sofa, fixated on some rubbish reality show that was blaring out. Me, on the otherside of the room, in my bed, tried to get comfy. I closed my eyes and just listened to the inane babble that came from the TV. After a while, I felt pressure on my bed, as in someone was sitting next to me. I snapped my eyes open and saw my sister sat looking at me..

“Hey Squirt. Mum’s gone to bed.”

I was about to reply when she cut me off…

“Do casino firmaları you um… want to cuddle?”

I detected a rare moment of shyness from my sister. Obviously I wanted to be close to her, all of my thoughts had been of her ever since she had first visited me in the hospital.

“Yeah,” I answered, “If you can get in next to me, you’re welcome.”

Instantly, Millie climbed over my prone figure in the bed and slipped in beside me, between the wall and me. Even though she was fully clothed, I still swore I could see a hard nipple jutting out through her shirt. I wasn’t dressed, only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, and instantly felt the warmth of her body close against my skin.

Purring, Millie snuggled up against me and tucked her head against my shoulder where she could speak straight into my ear.

“Mmhmm, this is nice, isn’t it? It has been ages since we’ve done this”

My cock was already at attention and I could feel it straining against my shorts and the sheets. I looked over at my sister, my eyes locked onto her bright blue orbs. Nothing was spoken, nothing happened for a minute… Until we both move our heads an inch closer and our lips touched.

We kissed softly for what felt like eternity. It was the best kiss I had ever received. We finally broke apart and Millie said;

“That was nice Dan. It fe—”

I cut her off with my lips, kissing her with ferocity. After a brief pause, I felt Millie respond, her lips parting so our tongues could lock.

I found it difficult to move due to my back brace and the pain. Millie knelt up on the bed, without our lips ever parting, and straddled my legs. After a few minutes to slow, passionate kissing, we broke apart and I opened my eyes to find Millie grinning down at me.

‘I’ve waited so long to do that.’

I couldn’t help but blush as I replied, ‘That was awesome. I love you Millie..’

“Likewise little bro!” she whispered as she leant down and placed her lips on my bare chest, my nipple stiffening as her breath tickled it.

Without warning, Millie instantly pulled the sheet down the bed and tossed it onto the floor. She dove down, pulling at my shorts. I felt them stop around my knee’s as a small, warm hand held my hot balls in her palm. I found my older sisters eyes; they were already locked onto me. No words were spoken. I just nodded at her and she simply smiled back at me. I used my good arm to cup one of her breasts through her tight t-shirt as she lowered her head and licked the crown of my 7″ cock.

“Mmhmm! You’re a big boy!” Millie giggled, her tongue poking out from between her lips. She resumed her attention upon my hard cock.

I was in absolute heaven. There were no words spoken between us, only moaning and panting. We instinctly knew what the other wanted.

Millie now was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. Her lips were like a vaccum, sucking constantly and creating a tight seal, it was perfect. I tried my best to sit up a little further, but couldn’t, so laid there for a few minutes, my sister tenderly sucking on my dick. After a short time I panted “Mill, I’m gonna…mhm.. come soon. Please…” Millie sat up, pulling off of my cock güvenilir casino with an audible ‘pop’. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, her large, gorgeous tits bouncing free. Her nipples were long and hard, she kept pulling on them as she smiled wickedly at me..

“I’ve been seeing you peek at me… So I decided not to wear a bra. Call it a ‘Get well soon’ present.” she said.

“Come here!” I demanded, and she giggled, leaning over me, so my mouth was in line with her tits. I cupped her breast with my right hand and held it whilst my lips locked round her nipple and my teeth grazed upon it.

“Oh my God!” Millie whispered, her eyes shut and her hands gripping onto the back of my bed. “Mmm! Keep going, its…mmm… fucking amazing…Oh fuck yeah!” I kept at nibbling, sucking and tickling her nipple just like an infant would do. I was in heaven and didn’t want to wake up from what seemed like a dream!

Millie rolled off the bed, pulling her tight Levi’s from her hips. As I expected, she was wearing no panties, and I instantly viewed the most gorgeous pussy I’d ever laid eyes on. It was perfectly bare, trimmed to perfection. The outer lips wore a reddish tinge and glistened with her excitement… I had to taste her!

I beckoned her with my fingers, drawing her closer. I silently cursed myself for not being able to move as she climbed beside me and took my dick back in her mouth. The angle of her hips was perfect for me to slide my hand up her inner thigh, cupping her arse. My probing fingers were soon slick with her juices as she began to moan;

“Mmmmm! God yes Danny. Touch my wet pussy. Do it!”

I didn’t wait any longer and slipped two of my fingers straight inside her.


I let out a contented sigh, realised I’d been holding my breath. Slowly but surely, I worked my hand in and out of her cute little pussy. My wrist jerked every so often, and I slipped a third finger inside her as my thumb found her clit.

“OhmyGodOhMyGodOhGod!! I’m coming!” Mille struggled to keep her voice down. “Keep going!”

Mum was still upstairs in bed and we had to keep quiet.

Millie bucked and thrashed on the bed as her orgasm overtook her and she collapsed on top of me.

“Urgh”, I sighed. It hurt to have my older sister collapse onto me with all her weight.

My protest brought her round. Her eyes unglazed slowly and she slowly smiled up at me.

“Jesus Danny, that was brilliant.”

My cock was still stood erect, proud and throbbing. Millie followed my gaze and instantly re-attacked it, taking it back in her mouth. I was so sensitive, the slightest touch thrust pleasure through every nerve in my body.

“Mmhmmmmm! I’m going to come soon Millie.”

She just winked at me. I thought maybe she’d stop blowing me and just finish me with her hand, but she carried on, her head bobbing swiftly upon my shaft. I felt my come rising, my head pushed back into the pillow and I groaned loudly as I came. Millie’s cheeks instantly blew out, my creamy goodness filling her mouth. She struggled to contain it within her lips but eventually, I stopped coming and she swallowed sexily…

After swallowing and cleaning me gently, Millie crawled up beside me on the bed and purred in my ear, “Just wait until you’re all better and we can… fuck.”

I shuddered in delight and closed my eyes, savouring every word.

I. Couldn’t Wait.

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