13 Şubat 2021

Camping Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Interlude

I heard them enter the house and begin moving around down stairs. My brother as usual pounded his way up the stairs and I heard him enter his room. I was glad; I didn’t feel like doing anything with him at the moment. Mom and Dad were very busy down stairs I heard them come in and go out several times over the few minutes it took me to rinse off and begin drying myself. I was sensitive; the smooth fabric of the towel sliding over my skin soaking up the excess water felt rough, as I passed the towel over my breast it was like sandpaper sparking both pain and pleasure that shot up my chest and down into my crotch. It was worse when I passed the towel between my thighs, like cold fire rising up to spark micro-orgasms in my belly, breasts, and head.

I heard mom on the stairs, she was carrying something I could tell from the sound of her on the stairs. I stood in the bathroom; naked in front of the mirror my belly still flat, as it had always been I knew that would change. My breasts obviously swollen, the nipples dark strangely erect and oddly textured, as if they weren’t even part of my body but some strange form of makeup. Mom was outside my door now I heard it open and her steps as she entered my room and set something on the bed. I ran my hands over my flat belly, tracing the flare of my hips the swell of my buttocks the firm flesh of my thighs the swollen blood red sensitivity of my pussy. She knocked twice and then because the door had no lock she opened it. It wasn’t exactly unusual for her to do this and this time was no different except for what she held in her hand. I felt self-conscious with her standing there looking at my nakedness. The box she had in her hand was a Technicolor silver-blue and pink, the kind designed to psychologically reassure the person who saw it that its contents were harmless and useful. It almost made me want to throw up again.

“That’s going to have to wait until tomorrow, mom.” I said, indicating the box. She smiled and set it on the sink.

“That’s what I figured dear. Use it whenever you get the chance but do it soon. You have a doctor’s appointment next week so it casino şirketleri almost doesn’t matter but please use it anyway.” I just smiled as she took a step closer. “Don’t worry dear,” she said as she ran her hand up my arm. “We won’t be having any more sessions like last night, or I should say they wont happen like that again or very often.” Something on my face must have showed the abject relief that I felt at her words because she laughed and hugged me. She left me then but I knew she was waiting for me in the next room.

Emerging from the bathroom a few minutes later I found her setting on my bed next to a pile of department store bags. She patted the bed indicating that I should sit down. I did letting the sheets and mattress form to my naked buttocks. Reaching over the pile she pulled out a selection of bra and panty sets, each set subtly different from the others.

“These my dear, as is everything else here, is for you.” She said placing the underwear in my lap. “These I got from the same store I used when I was expecting you. Each one of these is exactly a size larger than the previous one. I bought one of each starting a size larger than you were when we left on the trip. Everything is elastic and should fit you as you are and as you will be.” I could feel my cheeks burning, I couldn’t believe that she had done this, and if the underwear was an indication as to what the bags held I was truly in for some surprises.

“Put these on first.” She said handing over the top pair of underwear. I did, surprised at how well everything fit. The bra seemed to mold its self to my aching breasts. The panties were smooth and cool forming themselves to my body. I turned to mom and found her looking at me with an appraising gaze. I felt only slightly embarrassed at her examination. I moved over to the bed again and was not really surprised when she handed me a light colored pair of pants and a matching blouse which fit equally as well.

The rest of the day was spent in trying on clothes and being advised of the changes that were being worked upon on my body. As the sun sank towards the horizon and the supply of new things to try on ran casino firmaları out I found myself lying on my bed partially undressed. Mom was sitting next to me leaning up against the headboard, running her fingers lightly through my hair. I barely noticed when she switched from my hair to my shoulder, lightly stroking back my hair.

She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. The touch of her skin against mine was almost magical. It lit a fire in my belly that warmed me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I didn’t want it to stop so I put my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. Her hands wandered down to my breasts, lightly kneading the sensitive flesh. I let my tongue curl around hers as my leg rubbed up against her crotch.

We stayed that way for several minutes. Then her hand left my breast and wandered down between my legs, her fingers slipped beneath the silky material of my panties. “MMMMM OH MOMMY!!!.”

I could feel my juices starting to flow; it was driving me crazy how fast I was coming to orgasm. Her lips trailed down my neck, her crotch pressed harder against my leg as she reached my breasts.

She broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes and smiled. “Feeling those hormones, dear?”

I nodded “Yes mom, just your touch is more than enough to send my heart racing.” She nodded again then let her head dip down, adjusting her position to get a better grip on my breast. “Oh—AH-Ahh, MOM, how could you… AAAAAAHHHHHH. MOM that that’s…”

I couldn’t get the sentence out the feel of her sucking on my breast gave me an instant orgasm. It must have scared her because even before I began to come down she had stopped and was holding me much as she had when I was younger.

Laying me back down she stood up. I wanted to cry, I didn’t want her to stop. But she only stood up long enough to get undressed. Her glowing skin looked so smooth, her swollen breasts invited my touch. She lay back down with my leg between her thighs, one hand exploring between my legs, her mouth latched back onto my breast.

Later as I lay in an orgasmic coma she puttered around the room putting my new clothes güvenilir casino away. I couldn’t move; my body felt like it was made of lead. But my mind was sharp analyzing everything, from mom folding my new pants to the woodpecker hunting food in the tree outside my window, to the increased flow of blood in my body my heart racing faster than normal.

It was all crystal clear in my mind each sound a self-contained sensual experience. As she finished putting everything away she moved over to me and covered me with a blanket. As the world faded away I thought I could hear a heartbeat other than my own, faster and fainter but coming from within me.

Weeks passed, mom and dad took care of everything, my mind turned inward as the baby made its self more and more known. My brother, my lover, my worst enemy, and best friend paid less and less attention to me. This was really not surprising as we began to host a foreign exchange student at that time. Mom and dad had planed it that way, making it clear to me that they fully intended that I should not have to suffer his attentions in my condition.

Me’ liana was 20 making her one year older than me and two years older than my brother. She claimed to come from one of the more civilized Amazon regions but I suspected that she came from the Mediterranean and had only been born in the Amazon. Her dark completed skin was smooth, her teeth white and even, her cat green eyes always sparkled with suppressed laughter, and her thin lithe body was perfectly formed. From her high full breasts to her shapely hips and gently rounded buttocks she was everything a boy could want in a woman and more. My brother took to her like a lost puppy; he followed her everywhere and did everything she asked. It didn’t take me long to find out why.

Our parents had obviously chosen well because it was not more than a week after she arrived that on my way to bed one night I walked passed her room and was drawn to the door by sounds coming from within.

I knew she had a computer and a TV but these sounds didn’t sound artificial. Slowly opening the door I looked in and watched as Liana, as she preferred to be called, rode my brothers cock to what apparently was only the latest of many orgasms. Smiling to myself I closed the door and went up to my room and my own pleasure.

As always please let me know what you think of my story.

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