10 Şubat 2021

Bringing Home Leroy


“Lacey!!!! I’m home!” shouted Lacey’s older sister Misty.

It was about seven-‘O’ clock in the evening when Misty finally returned home from a long day of work at the Homeless Shelter.

Lacey ran downstairs; bouncing her extremely oversized endows under her long plain white tee and greeted her sister.

“Lacey! Be careful. You might poke someone’s eye out with those things,” Misty joked.

Misty was 23, while Lacey just turned 18. Their parents died when they we’re younger and Misty has been supporting both her and her sister since. Misty had long blond hair, green eyes, and slightly large nose, pale white face covered with little freckles and a very slim body. Her tits were about a C cup and her ass barely existed. Lacey on the other hand had long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, same skin color as Misty with no freckles and a slim body, which made her large chest seem freakish. Lacey had EE cup titties. She has been blessed with breasts since the age of 12. She hopes that her enormous breasts will quit growing at her current age of 18.

“I’ve brought home a guest Lacey,” Misty said.

Lacey looked towards the door and a tall, white bearded black man in beat up clothing, walked into the house.

“Who’s he Misty?” Lacey asked.

“His name is Leroy and he had no place to go tonight sis. So I invited him to stay with us until I could find him a home,” Misty replied.

Misty and Lacey looked at Leroy as his eyed were feasted upon Lacey’s giant knockers, as they swayed and bobbed lightly with each movement she made. He could tell Lacey wasn’t wearing a bra. Her massive tits hung down nicely and bulged out the front of her shirt like bowling balls. Her large nipples poked through the fabric of her shirt.

“I think he likes you,” Misty joked and giggled.

Lacey’s face turned red and she rushed off into the kitchen.

Misty took the Leroy into the living room. He sat down on the couch as Misty went into the kitchen to join Lacey.

“Sister? I don’t like the way he looked at me,” Lacey said frighten.

“Awww! What’s wrong? Never had a black guy size you up before?” Misty replied.

“It’s not that Misty. Guys stare at my chest anyways.”

“I know. Those things are humongous. I’m so jealous,” Misty said, as she reached out and squeezed her sister’s big tits.

“HEY! Cut it out Misty. You know I hate that shit. I don’t let anyone touch my tits but me,” Lacey exclaimed.

“So you’re still a virgin sis?” Misty asked curiously.

“Kind of…” Lacey responded. “I’ve given head twice and let a few dudes finger me. I’ve never let them touch the tits.”

“Perhaps you should let Leroy be the first to suck and fondle those fun bags,” Misty joked.

“NO WAY!!!” Lacey protected loudly.

“Ok ok! Come down. Gees! Look, make a little something for Leroy to eat. I’m going to take him upstairs and give him a bath,” Misty said.

“You’re going to give him a….bath?” Lacey questioned.

“Well…I’m going to make his water and then he can take the bath himself.”


Misty took Leroy upstairs and into the bathroom.

“All right Leroy, you can take a bath here and there’s your towel,” Misty said, as she turned on the bathtub.

Without warning, Leroy dropped his filthy old jeans and boxers. Misty’s eyes lit up as she saw a huge black man’s cock for the first time. His balls were humongous as well.

“Wow Leroy! I bet you scored with a lot of ladies in your time,” Misty complimented.

Misty just watched as Leroy’s massive cock bobbed in front his legs and his massive black saggy balls, sway back and forth. His dick and balls memorized Misty. She dropped to her knees in front of Leroy and grabbed his dirty huge cock in both hands.

“So beautiful,” Misty commented, as she stroked the hard, crusty cock and watched as the giant mushroom cockhead throbbed in front of her face.

Misty’s lips formed an O and she engulfed Leroy’s casino şirketleri cockhead between her lips. Misty slowly sucked on his cockhead. She probed his pee hole with the tip of her long tongue. Leroy stood there with no expression on his face as Misty sucked his cockhead. Slowly, Misty moved her mouth further down Leroy’s thick shaft. His shaft was as thick as a sausage. His pubic hair patch was like an Afro as Misty’s pale face brushed up against it.

Misty started bobbing her head slowly, sucking more and more of Leroy’s dick in her mouth. She let go of his cock and grabbed his dark ass cheeks. She squeezed and parted his ass cheeks while bobbing faster and faster on his dick.

“Mmmmm. Taste so delicious,” Misty moaned, in between sucking and slurping his dick.

Saliva poured out of Misty’s mouth and down her chin to the floor. She deep throated as much of Leroy’s huge 13-inch cock as possible.

The water in the bathtub started spilling out as Misty sucked furiously on Leroy’s cock. She scratched and clawed Leroy’s ass cheeks, while she pushed his cock further down her throat.

Lacey had finished making Leroy a small dinner. Water started dripping down from the kitchen ceiling. She looked up and saw a huge wet spot above the kitchen.

“Don’t tell me she let Leroy run the water,” Lacey said to herself.

Lacey walked upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. The water poured out from under the door and soaked her bare feet.

“Misty!! Leroy!! The water is overflowing the bathtub!” Lacey shouted.

Lacey peeked through the keyhole and saw her sister’s hands, clawing away at Leroy’s ass while she was kneeled down in front of him.

“WHAT THE!?” Lacey said shocked.

Lacey went through Misty’s bedroom to get to the bathroom, where the door was wide open.

“MISTY!” Lacey shouted, horrified at what she saw.

Misty licked and sucked away at Leroy’s giant balls, as he dunked them into her mouth one at a time. He held his giant cock above her head, slowly jerking himself off.

“OH MY GOD!” said Lacey stunned.

Misty stopped licking and sucking Leroy’s balls and looked at her sister. Leroy looked at her too.

“Come join the fun Lacey,” Misty said.

Lacey couldn’t take her eyes off Leroy’s enormous snake, as he dropped it out of his hands and let it slap against Misty’s pale forehead and it left a deep red mark imprinted on her forehead.

Lacey was memorized by Leroy’s monstrous dong, as it flopped up and down on Misty’s forehead. Her nipples became extremely hard and her panties were soaked with her pussy juices.

Misty got up off her knees and pulled Leroy into the bedroom by his oversized cock. She sat on the bed and resumed sucking his cock for all she’s worth.

Lacey got down between Leroy and parted his ass cheeks. She slowly kissed and licked at Leroy’s anus. Leroy closed his eyes as the two sisters sucked and licked his private areas.

Leroy’s cock got harder, as he felt Lacey’s gigantic breasts squished up against the back of his legs. He reached around with his hands and squeezed her huge tits hard. The fabric of her shirt pressed hard against her skin as Leroy squeezed her giant jugs for dear life. His large fingertips searched out for Lacey’s huge nipples. He rubbed, pinched, and pulled her nipples through her shirt. The tit playing caused Lacey to lick and suck away at Leroy’s asshole harder and faster.

Misty swallowed as much of Leroy’s cock as possible. She cupped his giant balls in her hands and bounced them around.

After a few minutes, Leroy turned sideways so that Lacey could also get a taste of his cock. Misty sucked on one side, while Lacey sucked and licked the other side. Leroy’s entire throbbing cock was covered in both girls’ saliva. Lacey even dragged her tongue up and down his ball sack. She suckled one big testicle and then the other. She left both of his testicles covered in saliva.

Misty casino firmaları started to undress, first taking off her shirt and tank top. She then kicked off her shoes and pulled her blue jeans down off her feet. Misty stood in front of Leroy wearing only her bra, panties, and socks. Leroy threw off his wore out old shirt and stood almost completely naked except for his dirty boots.

Lacey lifted up her large shirt and freed for the first time in a male’s eyes, her monstrous flesh orbs. Her areolas were large, puffy, and dark. Her big nipples stood elected from the center of both areolas. Her giant tits hung a few inches to her ribcages and sloped out like bowling balls. Her tits jiggled and bounced against each other after freeing them.

Leroy’s cock was extremely throbbing and pulsing for Lacey’s large boobs. Misty took off her bra and freed her C cup tits. They stretched out long wards, toppled with medium sized pink areolas and small pink nipples. They flopped around a bit after she freed them.

Leroy immediately buried his face between Lacey’s ample jugs. He kissed, licked, and sucked every area between and around her luscious breasts before finally attacking them with his tongue and teeth. He sucked around her areolas and nipples. Tasting the sweetness of her breast flesh. He traced his tongue around each full tit from top to bottom. He squeezed and mauled her huge tits together as he sucked on both fat nipples at the same time. He scooped up her puffy areolas and some breast flesh between his lips while sucking hard on her nipples. He jiggled and wobbled her mammoth cannons while he feasted on them. Lacey came in her panties just by Leroy sucking and fondling her tits.

While Leroy devoured Lacey’s big EE breasts, Misty devoured his cock and balls once again. She wrapped her floppy tits around his hard cock as best as she could. A lot of his cock was still showing and half his staff sticked out from the top of her cleavage.

“Damn I wish I had Lacey’s huge knockers,” Misty said to herself, as she slowly titfucked Leroy.

Leroy moaned with a mouthful of Lacey’s breasts. He tried to swallow a tit whole and only got half of it between his lips. He used his hands to roll the other fat tit around on her chest.

Misty became sweaty and flushes as she fucked his cock hard with her pale tits. She stopped and rubbed her rubbery nipples up and down his shaft. She even poked and probed his large balls with her nipples. Misty swung her chest and slapped Leroy’s cock with her tits a few times.

Leroy held one of Lacey’s huge tits in his hand and sucked on it vulgarly, while he moved his other hand inside her wet panties. His fingers probed her drenched pussy from the inside out. His long fingers felt like thick cocks, as they plowed in and out of her cunt. Lacey moaned heavily as she held Leroy’s face, squished against her giant boobs.

Misty pulled down her soak panties and spread her legs apart on the bed. Leroy removed his face from Lacey’s chest pillows and crawled onto the bed between Misty’s legs. He took his monstrous cock in one hand and rubbed the huge cockhead against Misty’s hairy pussy lips and clitoris.

“OHHHH GOD!” Misty moaned.

Lacey got behind Leroy and rubbed her huge saliva-soaked EE cups up and down against his bony back. Leroy, with one push, rammed most of his huge cock up Misty’s pussy. Misty groaned and grunted as Leroy stuffed her furry cunt. Her juices were already pouring down Leroy’s dick.

“Ahhhhhh FUCK! Such a big dick! Fuck me Leroy! FUCK ME!!” exclaimed Misty.

Misty’s pale legs were on Leroy’s sides as he plunged his dark meat in and out of her tight cunt. Lacey leaned over Leroy’s shoulder to watch him fuck her sister. One of her enormous tits hung down Leroy’s chest and he sucked and licked the sides.

Lacey moaned and grabbed both her large soft breasts and rubbed them against the sides of Leroy’s head. Both her tits were nearly the size of güvenilir casino Leroy’s head. She cradled Leroy’s head between her massive mammaries and played ping-pong with his head.

Leroy loved it as he thrusted hard and faster between Misty’s pale thighs. Her thighs jiggled and her C cup tits flopped around her chest. Leroy reached over and grabbed them roughly as he pounded her tight pussy.

“AHhhhhh! YEEEAH! FUCK ME LEROY! OHHHH SHIT!” Misty howled, as she gripped her bed sheets and kept her legs apart.

Leroy bended downs and sucked on Misty’s nipples and areolas. He stuffed his mouthful with one of Misty’s whole tits and sucked on it while he fucked her harder and harder. His enormous cock plunged deeper and harder between her stretched out cunt walls.

Lacey got down on her knees and watched Leroy’s balls bounced on Misty’s asshole. Lacey reached out and grabbed Leroy’s huge cum-filled balls and fondled them. The pressure in his balls was building up as he thrusted furiously in Misty.

Misty couldn’t take anymore of the huge dick that pounded her wooly wet pussy. She had multiple orgasms and squirted her cum all over Leroy’s thrusting member.

Leroy bended Misty’s legs all the way to her chest and fucked her fast and hard until she came again. He pulled his pussy-juice dripped cock from Misty’s cunt and signaled for Lacey to lay down next.

Lacey crawled in front of Leroy, with her massive tits dragging on the sheets. She lied down in front of Leroy and pulled her cotton-wet panties off her feet. Her pussy was bald.

Leroy stuck his face between Lacey’s legs. He buried his thick tongue deep in her soak womb. He sucked and nibbled deep inside her cunt. Lacey jiggled and wiggled on the bed. She thrusted her shaved pussy against Leroy’s face as he ate her out. Her massive breasts flatten out across her chest like pancakes. Leroy’s hands reached up and grabbed her tits. He wobbled them and smashed them together, making her tit flesh ripple.

Leroy sucked her pussy harder and faster. Lacey started to cum all over Leroy’s face. Her white beard was soaked in pussy cum. Leroy licked and sucked Lacey’s clitoris again, bringing her to another orgasm.

“OHHHHH LEROY!!!!!” Lacey shouted as she came again.

Leroy lifted himself up and rubbed his juicy cock again Lacey’s virgin cunt. He slowly pulled his cock between her tiny pussy lips. Leroy thrusted and shoved his cock in Lacey’s cunt.

Lacey’s legs rested on Leroy’s shoulders. Her feet dangled off his shoulders as he started to pound her pussy hard.

Misty lied on the floor, rubbing her stretched out beaten pussy.

Leroy repositioned Lacey on all fours and fucked her pussy from behind. He squeezed on her hips hard while thrusting up in her. Lacey felt her juices pouring down Leroy’s thrusting dick. Her mammoth jugs swayed back and forth against the bed sheets. Leroy reached under and squeezed her huge tits from the base. He pressed his hairy chest against her sweaty back, lifting himself up more to thrust faster and harder in her pussy.

Lacey’s body was sweaty and tingling as her first dick was fuck her. Her pussy leaked out blood, mixed with cum as Leroy fucked Lacey to an orgasm. Her pulled and stretched on her fat nipples as he continued to bounce her pussy.

“OH GOD JESUS here I cum,” cried Leroy.

He pulled his dick from her pussy and turned her around. Lacey held up her sweaty gargantuan titties and watched as Leroy jerked off his gigantic tool. Misty crawled back into bed and held up her medium sized titties. Suddenly, Leroy’s cock gushed and poured out his thick, white gooey cum, all over both girls’ breasts. He tried to get more on Lacey since her tits were bigger.

After Leroy finished oozing the cum from his cock, each girl took turns and sucking his gooey cock.

“Must we find Leroy a home so soon?” asked Lacey, as her tongue slithered up and down Leroy’s cum-covered shaft.

“No. I think he can stay a little bit longer,” Misty replied, as she cupped his wet balls and sucked on them.

Since then, Leroy stayed with the girls and they fucked all day and night. The girls decided to officially take Leroy into their care.

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