9 Şubat 2021

Brigitte Ch. 2


Both Jeff and his niece couldn’t wait to get home. They were unable to really do much in terms of sexual activity on the beach, and now, in the car, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Jeff found it hard to concentrate on the road as Brigitte took his hand and placed it on her naked thigh. It felt warm and smooth to the touch. He looked at her for assurance, and when she said, “Touch me, Uncle Jeff” (“Now she says ‘Uncle'”, he thought), he started sliding his hand up. When he moved his fingers under her skirt, he began to stroke her upper thigh, lighting squeezing the soft flesh. He was surprised when she once again took his hand and pressed it against her bikini bottom-covered pussy. “Horny little thing..”, he thought, and decided to go further by sliding two fingers under the fabric and in between her folds.

“Oooh!” she gasped as her uncle’s fingers pressed against her clit. She spread her thighs and closed her eyes, enjoying herself thoroughly.

Jeff swirled a finger in her hole, coating it with slippery juices, and proceeded to rub slow circles around his niece’s little clit.

“Do you like that, baby?” he asked.

“Mmm..oh yess..I like that..”she purred.

He continued rubbing her pink button until she started panting. Jeff knew that she was close to cumming, but he didn’t want her to orgasm so quickly. He wanted to show her a REAL orgasm(s), and he wanted to do that in the privacy of his home. So he reluctantly withdrew his hand from between her warm thighs.

“Oh..no don’t..” she whined.

“Aww sweetie, wait until we get home..and then I’ll give you more pleasure than you can handle..” he said.

When she heard that, her nipples stiffened, and a pleasant chill went down her spine.

“That sounds good…”Brigitte whispered, and rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her thinking about how wrong, and yet deliciously sweet, all this was. Brigitte was staying with him for two months, and he was going to take advantage of every day of those two months. Alone with a sexy girl..oh the possibilities…

Once they parked next to the apartment casino şirketleri complex, they didn’t bother unpacking the car. They left all of the beach things in there and practically ran to the building. The sexual tension and energy was definitely there.

When Brigitte bent down to wipe some sand off her feet and ankles before the elevator came down, Jeff couldn’t resist the sight of her buttocks peeking out from under the skirt, and ran his hand over her sweet ass, fondling the soft cheeks.

Brigitte looked up at him from between her legs and saw a bulge beginning to form in his shorts.

She wanted to be in that apartment right now, instead of waiting for the damn elevator.

“oh god…” she moaned when he slid his fingers under the bikini and moved them lower, almost touching her labia.

He could feel all the heat and moisture down there, without directly touching her cunt.

With a ‘ding’ the elevator suddenly opened. Thankfully, nobody was inside to see them. He let go of her ass and Brigitte straightened up.

Once in the elevator, she leaned back against the wall, and made a ‘come hither’ motion with her finger. In a split second, he was in front of her. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. And then they kissed, small smooches at first, growing into hotter, sloppier kisses. He sucked on her bottom lip, gently biting and pulling at it with his teeth. Meanwhile, he moved his hand up from her hip to her waist, and slid it under her halter top. He slid his hand up until he reached her left breast, and then he pushed up the bikini top and cupped the plump tit, feeling the nipple harden under his touch.

Her breasts were large, but firm, and definitely not sagging.

As the nipple hardened, he grabbed it between his thumb and index finger, and began rolling and occasionally squeezing it.

The elevator slowly came to a stop and opened with a ‘ding’. They were still going at it, and failed to notice an older man waiting to get into the elevator, until he cleared his throat.

“Oh shit,” said Brigitte, stopping the action. Jeff turned around and saw casino firmaları the old guy standing there, so he grabbed Brigitte’s hand and quickly walked out of the elevator. On the way out, as she walked past the man, he looked her up and down and gave a low whistle, winking afterwards. The elevator closed.

“Oh my god…” said Brigitte. “What?” asked Jeff, as they came to a stop in front of his door, and he began searching for the keys. “That old guy whistled and winked at me”, she said. Jeff chuckled. “Even old guys still see well enough to know a hot piece of ass when it walks by them.” he said, finally opening the door. “Ladies first”, he said, letting his niece go inside. He followed, and kicked the door closed behind him.

They walked into the living room, and Jeff lied down on a sofa. “Come here…” he said and licked his lips.

“Uh-uh…not yet, baby…” she said. “I want to take a shower before we do anything else…I feel all icky…” Jeff laughed when she said ‘icky’. How cute. “Well then let me accompany you in the shower” he said. “Of course…that’s the whole point of it…you’re gonna wash me” she said and ran to the bathroom giggling. “Teenage girls…” , he thought. Jeff got up from the sofa and ran after her to the bathroom.

When he got there, she was already naked. His cock immediately sprang to attention when he saw her luscious body. His gaze traveled from her slim ankles, to her sexy thighs, lingered on the almost completely shaven mound (she left a thin strip of hair…everything else was hairless), and then traveled up her smooth flat stomach, lingered for a few seconds on the large globes topped with dark areolas and thick nipples (just right for sucking and biting), and then moved up to her sexy collarbone, and finally to her beautiful face with those amazing lips (Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out). His niece was a knockout. She was standing next to the shower, with a mischievous grin on her face.

“You like what you see?” she asked in a sweet voice. “Do you have to ask?” he said, looking down at his tented shorts. “Mmm…” she let out at moan as she focused on the large güvenilir casino bulge. “So, sexy boy, let me see that gorgeous body of yours…” she said. He laughed at the phrase ‘sexy boy’. Boy was he no longer, but it made him feel so much younger when she said that.

He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head, his muscular torso coming into view. And then he slipped his fingers under the waistband of his shorts and slid them down, until they fell to his feet.

“Oh my…” she whispered, staring at his cock. It was, in two words, ‘beautifully intimidating’. Long and thick, with a large bulbous head and massive balls hanging underneath. It was fully erect. She licked her lips.

“Eight and a half inches, if you’re wondering…” he said.

“I love it…now come into the shower with me…” she said, sliding open the shower door and getting inside. He followed, and slid the door closed behind him.

He turned on the water. The cool water felt heavenly on their overheated bodies. Brigitte grabbed a sponge and some body wash, and turned to face him. “Wash me, Uncle Jeff”, she said.

He wanted to do something else first. She watched, surprised, as Jeff knelt down in front of her, his face inches away from her wet sex. He looked up at her face. “I want to taste you first”, he said, and put his hands on her thighs.

Brigitte was a little apprehensive about it at first because she knew she was all salty and sweaty from the beach, but she changed her mind when Jeff pushed her thighs apart and gave her slit a long lick.

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned, dropping the sponge and body wash, and propping her hands up against the walls of the shower.

Jeff moved her labia apart with his fingers, and began licking the pink slippery flesh. He licked up all the juices, relishing in their taste. Salty, tangy, and sweet. Her young pussy was delicious.

Her moans increased when he focused on her clit, lapping at the sensitive organ mercilessly.

Occasionally he would pull at it with his teeth, gently, making her mewl and scream with pleasure.

Her voice reverberated off the walls of the shower and filled the bathroom.

“Ohhhh… mmmmm… oh god… oh yesss… ooooohhhh!” she moaned over and over as he ate her sweet cunt.

Jeff was enjoying himself almost as much as she was. Her pussy tasted so good.

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