7 Şubat 2021

Born To Score


Chapter 1: Taking The Strain

Paul Davis was lucky. He had the looks, he had the body and he had the talent. Six foot tall and built like the proverbial brick-shithouse he was the perfect centre forward. Quick, strong and with silky skills that would make David Beckham look ordinary, Paul was a regular scorer…both on and off the field.

Things were looking good for Paul and his team, Oakdale, who were top of the Premier League and heading for more glory in the FA cup, having reached the final. He was also top goal scorer in the league, with 26 goals already to his credit. It seemed he could do no wrong…or could he?

Two weeks before the FA cup final against feared rivals Manchester United, Oakdale were rocked by the news that Paul had suffered a groin strain in training. Oakdale boss Luca Vieri insisted that Paul rest for seven days in order to alleviate the problem, and then see the club doctor to assess the injury. This would mean Paul missing a vital league game against a much improving Everton side, who had risen from the depths of despair to third place in the table, just two points behind the leaders. Paul certainly wasn’t pleased with the situation, but obeyed his managers’ orders and agreed to rest.

The day of the Everton match arrived. Despite the fact he would take no part in the proceedings, Paul couldn’t stay away from such a crucial game. He took his seat in the VIP box at Stamford Park and prepared to watch the drama unfold. Surprisingly, he was the only person in the box as the kick-off approached. Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Zoe. Zoe was a 19-year-old blonde with the face of an angel and body to match. Although angelic in looks, she was certainly no angel in other ways if the rumours were to be believed! Almost all of the players fancied her, well, the straight ones anyway, and would gladly have slipped her one if it wasn’t for one thing – she was the chairman’s daughter.

Den Tate was Oakdale’s chairman, and certainly wasn’t a man to mess with. He’d once given a free-transfer to a player valued at two million pounds just because he found out he’d had sex the night before a game. He was the man who could make or break you. If he chose to make you, then you’d undoubtedly be a success. If he chose to break you, it was usually in half! There seemed to be only one rule at Oakdale – don’t piss the chairman off – and fucking his daughter probably fell into that category!

“Hi, Paul!” said Zoe in her usual upbeat manner.

“Hiya, Zoe.”

Zoe sat down next to him and as she did so her embarrassingly short skirt rode up to reveal…everything! It was all too clear to Paul that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He tried without success to avoid looking down at her exposed pussy.

“How are you?” she asked, apparently oblivious, or maybe just not caring, about the fact that her crotch was on show.

“Err…Err…Fine. Fine, thank you. And you?” Paul eventually replied, trying desperately to look her in the face.

“I’m fine, thanks,” she replied, again making no attempt to cover her modesty.

“Good. Should be a good game.”

“I’m not really that bothered about the football,” admitted Zoe. “I just come here to watch all those fit, young men running around in tight, little shorts. It gets me so hot.”

Zoe slowly began to rub her hands up and down her exposed thighs, gently stroking them. Paul couldn’t help but look; his eyes were now transfixed on her exposed flesh. After a few moments of gentle stroking, Zoe diverted her attention to her now moist pussy. Slowly she ran a finger across her swollen pussy lips and moaned softly with pleasure.

Paul could feel himself firming up and shuffled uneasily in his seat to try to conceal the fact. The young blonde was now vigorously fingering herself. Three fingers were buried deep inside her warm, wet pussy as her thumb gently beat against her engorged clitoris.

The football couldn’t have been any further from Paul’s mind. His attention was totally focused on this attractive, young goddess, who was putting on a one woman show just for him. She began moaning loudly as she increased casino siteleri the pace at which she pleasured herself. Suddenly she let out a stream of expletives and her whole body appeared to shake as the force of her impending orgasm took hold.

Paul looked on in awe, now fully erect and having a lot of trouble trying to conceal the fact. Zoe’s cries of pleasure soon died down and she slumped back into her chair, still softly caressing the glistening hole between her thighs.

“Oh…Oh, fuck that was good!” she declared after finally regaining her breathe.

“I can see that,” replied Paul sarcastically, indicating to the juices running down her thighs.

“So can I!” she said with glee, looking down at the large bulge that had formed in Paul’s pants. “I take it a groin strain doesn’t stop you from performing off the field?”

“I guess you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?” he replied, more in hope than anything else.

Without warning Zoe was quickly sat on his lap, her legs astride. She firmly pressed her lips against his and eagerly darted her tongue in and out of his willing mouth. All of Paul’s reservations were now thrown aside and he returned the compliment with relish, exploring every inch of her open mouth. He then took hold of the front of her blouse and ripped it open, sending several buttons flying through the air. To his delight, Zoe wasn’t wearing a bra and her ample breasts were on full show. Her nipples were stiff and pointing out like bullets, and the soft, pink flesh that surrounded them quivered with his every touch.

Wasting no time he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth, greedily sucking and licking for all he was worth. With his free hand he roughly squeezed and stroked the other, tweaking the hard nipple forcefully with every moan of delight that came from Zoe’s lips. As he continued to suck, kiss and caress her tits, Zoe lowered her hand and again began fingering her still pleasure soaked pussy. This time though, Paul was having none of it. He stopped her and stood up, lifting her with him. He then gently eased her down to the floor so that she was knelt before him.

He quickly undid his belt and allowed his pants and boxers to drop to the floor. His cock sprang up, pointing straight towards his navel. Zoe gasped in awe at the sight of his 8 inches of thick, throbbing meat.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he demanded to know. “An invitation? Suck it!”

She didn’t need asking twice. She wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and eased back his foreskin to reveal the purple, throbbing helmet. She started off slowly, teasingly flicking her tongue over the swollen head of his cock. As she did this she pumped the shaft of his meat that was gripped firmly in her hand. With each lick and forceful stroke Paul let out moans of delight and words of encouragement.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Lick my cock. Taste it! Oh, fuck…”

After a few minutes or so, Paul had had enough and took hold of Zoe’s head, forcing it down onto his hard cock. She took the hint. In one swift motion she took almost all of his length into her eager mouth. This time she wasted no time and quickly began moving her head up and down, greedily licking and sucking his manhood. Paul found this, along with her previous masturbation show, all too much and let out a loud groan as his cock twitched and pulsed in her mouth. Warm spunk shot from his cock and straight down her eagerly waiting throat. A second jet followed, again shooting straight down her throat. Zoe didn’t even flinch. She continued to suck and wank his cock as more and more of his sticky goo cascaded from his twitching length. She withdrew his cock from her mouth and milked the last few jets of cum onto her tits.

“Fucking hell! You can’t half cum!” she observed, as his spunk dribbled down her cleavage and onto her stomach.

As the jets of cum turned to dribbles she again took him between her lips and sucked the last trickles of his juice from his aching cock. Spunk dribbled down her chin as she continued to lick and suck his quickly shrivelling meat.

Both Zoe slot oyna and Paul were then scared half to death when they heard soft moaning coming from within the room. They looked up and saw that unbeknownst to them Sally, Zoe’s best friend, had at some point entered the VIP box. Sally was also 19-years-old, had long brown hair and tits like watermelons. She was so good looking that she made Zoe look positively ordinary by comparison.

Sally was stood in the corner of the room with her knickers around her ankles and her skirt hitched up around her waist. Her eyes were shut tightly and she was frantically fingering herself. Her hand was moving so fast that it appeared to be nothing more than a blur. She seemed oblivious to the fact that Zoe and Paul had stopped and were now watching her solo show.

“Why don’t you join in, Sal?” asked Zoe, after a moment or two of watching her friend pleasuring herself.

Paul’s face lit up at the prospect of a menage a trois. Sally stopped playing with herself and opened her eyes.

“Oh, I didn’t realise you’d finished,” she said, as if being caught masturbating was an every day occurrence.

“We’re only just starting, babe,” Paul replied confidently, although inside he couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been and certainly wasn’t as confident as his outward behaviour might suggest. He began to play with his now limp cock, trying to restore it to its former glory, before adding, “Now come over here and let’s have some fun.”

She discarded her knickers and quickly removed her top. Paul smiled and stared at her large tanned tits, before removing his pants that were still around his ankles. Sally walked over to Paul and Zoe, as she did so Paul noticed that her own juices were trickling down her thighs from her wet, hairy pussy.

“Clean her up with your tongue, Zoe,” he ordered, again with a lot more confidence than he felt.

He needn’t have worried; Zoe obeyed instantly. She sat Sally down in the chair with her legs spread wide apart and knelt down on all fours. She then buried her head between her friends thighs and began licking and fingering her wet pussy. Paul stood aside and watched the spectacle, still playing with his semi-erect cock. After a few minutes, his cock sprang back to life and hardened to a full-blown erection.

While he looked on and masturbated, Zoe was still feverishly working away on Sally’s cunt. Licking, sucking and fingering her friend like an accomplished porn star. Sally was in total ecstasy. “Yesss…Ohhh, yesss! Lick my cunt, you dirty bitch! Make me cum!” she screamed uncontrollably.

Zoe stopped for a second, turned to Paul and said, “Fuck me, baby. I want to feel your cock.”

“No problem!” he replied, with his usual wry smile.

“Up the arse, Paul. I want you in my arse,” she demanded; wiggling her tight backside in the air before burying her head between Sally’s thighs again and continuing her work on her friends warm, wanton pussy.

Paul’s cock was now bursting for more action and he walked over to her and positioned himself behind her. He knelt down and placed one hand on her hip while guiding his large cock towards her tight little ring. He started slowly, just gently easing the head of his cock into her arse, to which Zoe let out a little scream.

“Oh, yeah! Push it all the way, Paul. I want to feel your balls slapping my pussy.”

With that Paul forced the rest of his shaft into her tight, dark hole and began thrusting slowly. Zoe was now licking and fingering Sally like a woman possessed. Sally threw her head back and began to shake and moan.

“Oh, yes, Zoe! Yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she groaned, as her pussy spasmed and her whole body shook with the intensity of her climax.

Zoe showed no mercy. She continued to lick and finger her, feeling her pussy contract around her fingers as she did so. Paul, too, showed no mercy. He was banging into Zoe’s arse at an ever-increasing pace. Withdrawing almost all of his hard cock before slamming it back into her until his balls slapped against her cunt. Harder and harder, he fucked her arse like it had never been fucked canlı casino siteleri before. He reached out began to play with Sally’s large tits. He squeezed and stroked her huge melons with one hand while tweaking her hard erect nipples with the other, all the while still thrusting his hard length mercilessly into Zoe’s aching arsehole.

Zoe was still in the throes of orgasm, shaking and writhing with every touch, whether it was Zoe between her legs or Paul fondling her tits. Every touch was like electricity surging through her convulsing body.

“Oh, fuck…that felt…so good! You’ve got…one hell of a tongue, Zoe.” she managed to mumble, between long, heavy breaths.

“Why don’t you return the compliment?” asked Paul, still forcing his meat into Zoe’s tight rear.

Sally did as instructed and moved round to the back of Paul and Zoe. Paul continued to thrust his weapon in and out of Zoe’s arse as Sally lay down and moved beneath Zoe’s rocking body. She laid down in the sixty-nine position and started to lick her unoccupied pussy. Zoe was now screaming, but not in pain, in pleasure. She was in heaven. A cock up her arse and a tongue in her pussy. What more could a girl ask for?

“Lick my balls, Sal,” demanded Paul.

Sally obliged. She alternated between licking Zoe’s wet, shaven pussy and licking Paul’s large, heavy balls and, in between thrusts, the shaft of his cock. Again this proved too much for Paul and he pulled his cock out of Zoe’s arse and began to masturbate quickly, tugging on his throbbing cock for all he was worth. Zoe quickly turned round and both herself and Sally were now knelt in front of him. Paul groaned loudly, and with one final tug on his cock a hot jet of cum shot from him and splattered into Zoe’s sweat soaked face. Sally moved into position to receive the second jet of cum. She wasn’t disappointed. A second stream of spunk shot from his twitching cock and landed on her tits. A third and fourth followed, landed on her stomach and pussy. She then lent forward and sucked the remaining cum from his aching balls. Greedily licking up any that escaped down her chin.

When she’d drained his cock completely, she turned to Zoe and they kissed passionately, exchanging cum, both male and female, as their tongues explored every inch of each other’s mouths.

“Fuck that was good!” exclaimed Paul; sweat dripping off him.

Sally and Zoe replied in unison, still in their embrace, “Too fucking right!”

Zoe laid Sally down on the floor and began to lick Paul’s cum off her body. Licking her tits, stomach and pussy. Greedily swallowing every drop. When she’d finished they again kissed passionately before cleaning themselves up and dressing. Both then headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” asked Paul, still naked and wanting more of the same.

Sally stopped and replied, “Sorry, hun, but we’ve got a date with a couple of rugby hunks tonight. You wouldn’t want us to miss out on foursome, would you?”

Both girl’s looked scathingly down at Paul’s now limp and shrivelled cock.

“And besides,” added Zoe, “I don’t think you’re up for any more! Come on, Sal, let’s go.”

They waved and left, leaving him standing there, naked, alone…but thoroughly satisfied! He dressed and was getting ready to sit down and watch the remainder of the match when the door swung open.

“Changed your minds, eh, girl’s?” he said without looking. “Fancy another fu…”

Paul stopped mid-sentence as he looked up and noticed that the person who had walked in was Den Tate, club chairman, and of course, father of Zoe.

“Oh, hello, sir,” Paul greeted him, with as much innocence as he could muster.

“Hiya, Paul,” Den scrunched up his face and added, “Jesus Christ, what’s that smell? It smells like a fuckin’ fish factory in here!”

Paul grinned nervously and retook his seat to watch the remainder of the match before replying, “I don’t know, sir.”

“We could’ve done with you out there today, Paul. Those bunch of idiots couldn’t score in a brothel with fifty quid wrapped around their cocks!”

Paul, unaware that the match had in fact finished, looked out of the window towards the scoreboard. It didn’t make for interesting reading:

Oakdale 0 Everton 0

No goals during the match, but as usual, and without even playing, Paul still managed to score!

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