6 Şubat 2021

Blind Date Awakening Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter in the story of Charles and Karen, a brother and sister who were unknowingly set up on a blind date, starting a relationship that went beyond that of a normal brother and sister. I would suggest you read the first three chapters in order to understand completely what is taking place in this chapter.

I know there will be at least one more chapter. After that, I don’t know – it may be time to let Charles and Karen live their lives without our intrusion. But never say never, so I will leave it open for now.

Your comments inspire me to continue. Thank you so much for your suggestions and your kind words. Please share your ideas with me! I enjoy writing these stories as much as I enjoy reading others. I hope you enjoy this one!


Before he opened his eyes, Charles could already tell that his usual morning wake-up routine was different. First, he felt the cold chill of the room on his naked skin, which means at some point he had lost the bed covers normally protecting him at night. Secondly, in that coolness, he could feel a warm presence next to him, close to his left side, and knowing it was his sister Karen, it lead him to discovering the feeling that somebody was playing with his now rapidly growing cock.

Charles opened his eyes to see Karen staring at his genitals as she continued her playful exploits. As if to get her attention away from what she was watching, he softly cleared his throat. It had the effect he was seeking, as Karen looked up at him and smiled.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the morning away!” Karen continued playing as she was now gently stroking him, which was the next logical move as his erection increased.

“Good morning to you,” Charles replied. “To what do I owe this unexpected method of waking me up?”

Karen laughed. “Actually, I was just evening out the score. Remember the morning after our blind date, when you woke me up by telling me you were ogling me? I thought it was high time to return the favor!”

Charles asked, “Did you like what you see?”

“Oh yes – very much! In fact, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take a little closer look!”

As Karen shifted to get up on her knees, Charles thought back to that first morning after the blind date. He had woken up next to his sister after their steamy sex in the dark the night before. As the sun had come up that next morning, he got a chance to look at his sister’s body for the first time, drinking in her beauty as he surveyed her in her glorious nudity. For the first time, he had seen her smooth skin, slightly darker than his, and her dark rosy nipples sitting on top of her medium sized breasts. He had admired her taut stomach, marveling at her navel, before sending his eyes down even lower to the dark triangle of pubic hair above her pussy.

What had followed that visual inspection was a round of sexy fucking as Karen had climbed on top of him and rode him until she had cum twice, before taking him over the top and receiving a load of hot juice deep within her pussy. Charles’ hope was that this morning’s play was going to lead to some kind of repeat performance.

Karen had the same idea as well. She had scooted down between Charles’ legs, and while he was thinking about Saturday night’s session, she began working on Monday morning’s session. She gently licked the head of Charles’ cock, causing it to lurch away from her tongue. Undeterred, her mouth followed it, licking it again and again, and coating it with a thick coating of saliva.

Satisfied that she now had his attention, she looked up into Charles’ eyes as she began a tongue exploration of his cock. She started at the base of the underside and continued until she ended up just under the head, before sliding her tongue back down again to start over. She did this several times, which lubricated his cock so much that it looked like it was glowing in the morning light.

Charles was enjoying this first oral offering from his sister. He wanted to find something for his hands to play with – her body parts immediately came to mind. But since she was down between his legs, she was too far out of his reach, so he threw his arms above his head and prepared to ride out the excitement.

As Karen continued, Charles felt like he was continuing to grow in her mouth, which he didn’t think was possible. She was bobbing up and down now, taking most of his length deep inside. She got a little too far a couple of times and gagged a little bit, before resuming. As she was bobbing, he could also feel that she kept her tongue somehow folded over into a cup shape, and every couple of strokes she would make would be followed with her cupped tongue gliding over his sensitive head, causing him to shudder.

Karen was looking up at Charles as she continued, enjoying watching his facial expressions when she would occasionally alter her technique. She stopped and took his cock out for a few seconds, blowing cold air over it, which literally caused him to shiver. casino şirketleri Then she’d attack it again full force, back to bobbing up and down while cupping his head again with her tongue. Then she’d pull it back out to where only the tip was inside, and while she focused on the most sensitive part of his cock, she would stroke the base of it up and down rapidly with her hand.

Soon she pulled off once again, and looked up at her brother and asked, “How am I doing? Does it feel good?” Loudly Charles replied, “Oh hell yes – please continue!” With a smile and a quick kiss on the head, Karen once again dove down deep on his cock, picking up the pace and eliciting another deep moan from her brother’s mouth.

Charles’ breathing picked up tempo, and he was finding it hard to lie still on the bed. His moans became louder and more frequent. Karen took her mouth off again for just the amount of time she needed to tell Charles, “Tell me when you are about to cum.” Then she continued, with more intensity than before.

Realizing he was close, she got up on her knees, and wrapped both hands around the base of his now purple cock, while concentrating her oral assault on the upper third. With her tongue fluttering on the tip of his cock, and her hands working up and down on the shaft, Charles stammered out “I’m cumming!” Karen took her mouth away just in time to watch his sperm shoot out and fall down all over her hands. Instead of stopping, she used the slickness he expelled to continue stroking his cock, as all while he was yelling out “Oh, fuck – oh fuck – oh FUCK” and thrashing around on the bed.

Finally Karen slowed her stroking as Charles began to settle back down on the sheets. He looked down to see her great big grin, and he wasn’t sure if it was because she knew it felt amazing to him, or because she was so happy in her blow job skills. Either way, he knew it was an amazing way to start the day.

Karen continued staring at him, the grin still on her face. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked at the little puddles of cum that were pooling around the base of his cock. With a deliberate show just for him, she collected some on the end of her tongue, holding it out to make sure he could see it, before drawing it back in and swallowing it down.

Finally, she asked, “Was that good enough? It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that. I hope I remembered what to do!”

Charles saw an opening for a little teasing. “I guess it was pretty good – tell you what, any time you want to practice to try and get better, just let me know, and I’ll let you practice on me!” Then he winked at his sister, whose smile was now transitioning to more of a perturbed look.

“Charles, you ass! You know that was a damn good blow job! She grabbed a handful of his pubic hair and yanked, as if to punish him for his comments

Charles winced, then laughed. “Okay, okay – it was an amazing blow job. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I hope I do whatever it was again, because I know I’m ready do to that again!”

Karen smiled back at Charles. “You do know what you did – you swept me off of my feet and loved me like no one has ever loved before. You rescued me, big brother – you are my knight in shining armor.”

“Wait a minute – I thought it was you who saved me! All those things you just said, I could say about you. Well…maybe not the knight in shining armor part…”

Karen scoffed at him. “If I did do all of those things, then I think perhaps you owe me a reward!

Charles asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“Well,” Karen thought for a moment. “If you enjoyed the oral favor I just bestowed upon you, I think you owe me one back!”

And with that, Karen climbed up on top of Charles, not stopping until her legs were at his side, her ass poised above his chest, and her very wet pussy dropping down into his mouth. Charles lifted up his arms to where his hands were cupping her ass, and he forcefully pulled her down and aligned his tongue with the swollen folds of her pussy.

Karen gasped at his tongue’s first contact. She began to thrust her hips back and forth, as Charles held his tongue out so that it became almost like a little wet cock. Karen was doing all the work, first moving so that his tongue was probing inside her wet vagina, then sliding back so that her clit had its contact time with his tongue. She would make a slow transition at first, but as the tingling in her groin started to increase, her pace of movement on his tongue did as well.

While Charles was enjoying feeling her slide over his tongue, he wanted a little more control, so he grabbed her ass with a firm grip, stopping her movements, as his tongue latched onto her clit. He lightly feathered it with the tip of his tongue using rapid strokes. Then he would tease her by circling his tongue all around the clit without actually touching it. This caused Karen to moan, partly out of the sheer pleasure that was racing through her mid-section, but also out of frustration caused by the casino firmaları teasing Charles was doing.

Karen had been resting her hands on his shoulders, but she wanted her orgasm to hit more quickly, so she sat straight up on Charles’ face and grabbed her own breasts, squeezed her nipples, all of which added more fuel to her swollen pussy. She took control back from Charles and started to seriously grind into his face, focusing on her clit coming in contact with first his chin, then his tongue, and finally his nose before sliding back down and starting its journey again.

Charles was now pretty much relegated to being a device she was using to obtain her pleasure, but he didn’t mind. So far in their incestuous relationship, he had enjoyed watching her orgasms wash over her. Certainly he was going to see this one close up, he thought to himself. Still wanting to find a way to help her, he took his left hand off her ass cheek and brought it up next to his chin, then down under her waist to where her pussy was, and moving it around in just the right way, was able to get two fingers lodged deeply inside her canal, where he fluttered them back and forth deep inside of her.

The added attention was just what Karen needed to get over the top, and with a loud “OH FUCK,” began to feel the familiar electric sparks fire from her center and out to the very tips of her body. She released her breasts and reached down to grab Charles head from behind in order to lift his mouth up tighter to her now throbbing pussy, paying particular attention to her engorged clit.

Karen gradually began to slow down. She breathily called out, “So fucking good, Charles – so fucking good,” as she began to slide her ass back down his body. In the process, she found a roadblock in the form of his once-again erect cock, so she figured ‘what the hell’ and positioned herself to where she was back over the top of it, and using her hand to steer, gently pushed herself back down, a shiver coming over her body as his cock was seated inside her soaking wet pussy.

Gently, Karen began to kiss Charles, tasting the fluids she had deposited on his lips. She then began to clean his face with her tongue, licking his chin, then around his mouth, and finally coming to his nose. Charles realized watching her this morning that she had no aversion to tasting and seemingly enjoying both his and her body fluids, something that other people would find repulsive. It wasn’t something that Jessica was fond of. She preferred not to taste the flavors that Karen seemed to enjoy.

Suddenly a pang of guilt flooded Charles’ mind, and he turned his head away from Karen’s attention. Seeing his reaction change all of a sudden, she raised herself up a little off of his chest and grabbed his chin, turning his head back to where they were eye to eye again.

“What’s the matter, Charles? Am I too heavy on top of you? I have to tell you, I could spend an entire day this way, lying on top of you with your cock in my pussy. Sometimes we don’t have to grind and fuck to feel each other this way. This connection we have right now is about as close as any brother and sister could get.”

Charles laughed, but she could tell something was still troubling him. “God, no, you’re not too heavy. You feel light as a feather right now. It’s just that…well…look, let’s go out on the bedroom balcony and see if you can help me through what’s going on in my head.”

“Okay, Charles. I want to do anything I can to help you. It’s what sisters do for brothers. It’s what one lover does for another. Let me run to the bedroom to get something to slip on.”

“No – don’t,” Charles replied, as he grabbed her arm. “Let’s go out like this.”

“Naked? I mean being in the pool last night naked was one thing, but it was dark, and we were alone. But in the middle of the morning?”

“Relax,” Charles comforted her. “These bedroom balconies were built so that nobody else could see you – especially these upper floors. The only way someone will see us is if a helicopter flies by, or somebody is flying a drone. Come on out and sit with me.”

He slid the sliding door open, and they stepped out into the mid-morning August heat. Charles sat down on the love seat and pulled her into his lap, where she curled up and rested her head on his shoulder. This allowed her to give him little kisses on his cheek and lips, something she loved to do.

Charles collected his thoughts for a moment, then began to speak. “I have some things I need to say to you, and I want you to wait until I’m completely finished before you say anything. I realized something this morning that I had not really thought about before. This weekend has been amazing – one of the most incredible times in my life.” He looked deeply into her eyes as he continued. “I want you to know that I love you. I know that we have been telling each other that these past three days. But I’m not talking about brother/sister love, and I’m not talking about the lust-filled love that comes from fucking our brains out güvenilir casino all weekend.

“I love you deeply, Karen, with all my heart and my soul. This all has come on so fast and sudden, especially considering that up until Friday night, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be capable of ever loving a person like that again.

“But you have proven to me that I can, and I can’t tell you just how liberating it’s been to discover things about me that I didn’t think were possible. You are responsible for that, Karen. You saved my life, and taught me that I was capable of loving again. I love you, my sweet, beautiful sister – more than you can ever know.”

Karen put her hand against his lips. “Charles, I’m going to start crying, because you’ve said some amazing things to me, and I want you to know that I feel exactly the same way that you do. I don’t know what’s still on your mind, but don’t you go screwing this up!”

Charles gently took her hand away from his lips. “Sweetheart, that’s not my intention, but I need to lay out something before you, just because I love you so much that I don’t want these feelings to get in the way of what we have created.

“I realized that this entire weekend has been part of a process for me – a process of letting go some of what Jessica and I were to each other, while discovering what you and I can and hopefully will be. We have already talked before that I can’t just put Jessica away as if our lives never happened. My love for you is different than my love for her, and it will always be that way.

“But I’ve found myself bringing bits and pieces of Jessica into our relationship. Part of that is because before you, she was the only woman I’d ever been with in any way – relationship, sex, family – she is my only reference as to what life is.

“But as we’ve been creating our relationship, I’ve brought some of Jessica into that. Friday night, our first time, I still feel terrible about what I did – calling out Jessica’s name inside – ”

Karen cut him off. “Charles, no – don’t! I told you I knew what you needed! If you think that bothers me, then stop that right now!”

“I know what you said, both during and after, and it’s one of the reasons I love you so much.” Charles’ voice softened a bit as he continued. “It’s when I knew that our first fuck together was more than just the desperate sex of two people who hadn’t had any sex in very long time. I think, looking back on it now, it was when I fell in love with you.

“But the guilt still hangs on a little bit. And that wasn’t the only time. That next morning, ogling you as you like to call it, I compared your body to Jessica’s. It’s the only reference point I have – and I probably shouldn’t need a reference point. Then fucking in the pool last night, picking you up in the deep water like I used to pick up Jessica.

“Even this morning, there were comparisons. Jessica wasn’t into oral like you are. She would give me head every once in a while, but I knew she wasn’t fond of it, so we found other ways to express our love and lust for each other. She did love it when I would go down on her, but she wouldn’t kiss me until my face was clean. It just wasn’t her thing.

“And now, sitting out here, naked, with you cuddled up on my lap. This was something Jessica and I did all the time. We’d play a game, where she would reach under her and play with my cock until I got hard, which would get her wet as well. Then she would stand up and lower herself on me, and we would fuck just like that, out here where no one could see us. The game was that I would try to time it just right so that we would have an orgasm together, her riding on me, and me reaching around and attacking her clit. It was just perfect, the best way to start a morning with the woman I loved.

“So now I bring you out here, and I would love to play that game with you, but that’s where the guilt comes in. I’m afraid I’m trying to bring too much of what Jessica and I did together into my relationship with you. I’m afraid that as these things come up, you’re going to feel like I’m trying to turn you into Jessica.

“I want you to know that I love you, Karen. Jessica will always be in my heart, but I love you. When we were fucking in the pool last night, yes it was a position that Jessica and I loved, but last night I was fucking you, not Jessica. Same thing out here right now. I loved sitting out here with Jessica, and I loved fucking her on this very same loveseat while we played our game. But right now, it is you – Karen – my sister – who I’m out here with, and there’s not one other person alive on this earth right now that I’d rather be with than you.”

Karen looked deeply into Charles’ eyes, and much to his relief, leaned down and gave him a huge kiss, forcing his lips apart with her tongue so it could dance with his. After she broke the kiss, she said, “Ok, my turn, and I want you to listen to me until I’m through.

“First of all, I love you, too, more than I have ever loved any man in my life. I may have had more sexual partners than you have, but I have never felt this kind of love before – not with Roger, not with anybody. I was fooling myself when I thought I loved that asshole. However, each minute I spend with you is another new minute of knowing what love truly is.

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