1 Şubat 2021

Bathing with My Stepmom


The day after my 18th birthday was a Friday. After basketball practice, I was exhausted. I went home, and ran myself a warm bath to soothe my sore legs. My Stepmom was the only one home besides myself. My dad had left for India on a business trip earlier in the week. He had just gotten married to my new Stepmom, but this trip was important for his business. He felt it was necessary to leave the two of us alone.

After letting the water run for a few minutes, I turned it off and sat in the bath slowly, trying not to groan from my aching limbs. The water was warm, and I closed my eyes in peace. I must have fallen asleep and several minutes later my Stepmom came in with a towel wrapped tightly around her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were in here. I’ll get out of here.” She said sympathetically.

“No don’t worry about it I was about to get out anyway.” I replied, even though I had no intention of leaving the tub for quite a while.

I began to slowly lift myself up out of the water as my Stepmom watched. I thought that she would look away, but she kept watching.

“You know what? You casino şirketleri stay in there.” She said after a long silence.

I sighed in relief, “Okay, thanks.”

Next thing I knew, her towel was a pile at her feet. She was completely naked in front of me. She walked towards me and I was unsure how to react. She lifted up her leg and placed it in the tub, opposite from where I was sitting. Soon, she sat down across from me, her legs overlapping mine. I was taking a bath with my Stepmom.

She began bathing herself with a bar of soap, pressing her breasts together and stroking them as she cleaned her chest. Her breasts were actually a beautiful sight, especially for a 45-year-old woman. They were large and perky, making me think that she may have had some cosmetic surgery through the years. Her nipples were small and perfectly round. I noticed that they were currently hard as diamonds. Her hair was a pretty blonde color (probably dyed) and reached a few inches below her shoulders. She had eyes the color of the ocean and a perfect smile that was contagious.

I tried very hard not to focus on her casino firmaları beauty, almost certain that I would have an erection soon. As she washed, we looked at one another, groping each other’s bodies with our eyes. I was soon erect. I attempted to cover it up with my hands, although I was sure that she already noticed.

She stopped washing herself and extended the bar of soap to me. I shook my head, “That’s okay, I think I’m clean.”

She wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Slide over here honey, I’ll wash you.” She said in a sweet, motherly tone that was hard to resist. I slid forward slightly but still wasn’t within arm’s reach of her. She lifted herself up and slid on top of my thighs, her legs extending behind my back. Our chests were within inches of each other. It was an even greater challenge now not to stare at her bosom.

She began washing my chest, again surveying my body with her eyes. She worked her way down to my thighs, my erection was painfully obvious. Afterwards, she began rubbing the bar between her fingers, lathering the soap around her hands. Without warning, she reached down güvenilir casino and grabbed hold of my penis, stroking it firmly with both hands. It took all of my effort not to react.

She smiled at me, still seated on my lap. We were now both clean and washed. She grabbed my hands and placed them on each of her breasts. I went along with it without showing signs of pleasure. I started caressing her bosom, pressing her breasts in different directions, squeezing them together. I decided to quit my act, and now I was obviously interested.

We began to kiss, our tongues connecting. I pulled her ass closer to my hips and soon my penis was rubbing the edges of her vagina. She reached down and put me inside of her, the soapy residue serving as lubricant. She shifted her hips back and forth smoothly. I had never felt such pleasure in my entire life.

Soon, she slid backwards off of my penis and got on her knees. She submerged her face into the bath water and took my penis in her mouth. She sucked it thoroughly, her luscious lips twisting and turning as she bobbed her head.

I quickly finished into the bath water, barely missing her mouth. Without saying a word, she smiled and got out of the bath. She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself once again. My Stepmom left the room, shutting the door behind her. What a great night that was.

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