8 Şubat 2021

Basketball Diaries Ch. 06


Part VI: At the Buzzer

Things were going great between Joey and Kevin. It had been just under a week since their first encounter in the backyard. Their relationship was blossoming, and they had never been happier than when they were with each other. Kevin was ecstatic about not having been cut from the team, and Joey was equally delirious that Kevin was blissfully ignorant of the role which she had played in making up Coach’s mind.

The remainder of the school week had passed quickly. Joey and Kevin were eagerly looking forward to the weekend, when they would have their first “date”, even though they had already had sex twice, and voyeuristic sex on a nightly basis. They were young, in love, and full of sexual energy. They had a lot to learn about love, and each other, and they were willing students.

When Friday night finally arrived, Kevin rushed home from school to get ready. The boys basketball team had a “bye” week, and didn’t play that weekend. As a result, the girls team was playing Joey’s team at the school gym. The plan was that Kevin would meet Joey after the game at the gym, and they would go out for a late meal.

But Kevin wasn’t the only one in a hurry that afternoon. Now knowing about her brother’s plans, Kaci rushed home on her bicycle, eager to get ready for that night’s game. After her tryst on Wednesday with the salesgirl at the adult book shop, Kaci had given in to her growing desire for her brother’s girlfriend. There’s just something about her, Kaci obsessed.

Kaci wasn’t sure if Joey was bisexual or not, and was a little worried that she might be rejected. But, from the way that Joey looked at her unashamedly that first night as she watched Joey and Kevin making love in the backyard, Kaci knew that even if she was rejected, she wouldn’t need to feel embarrassed around Joey. Besides, she thought, how could someone who would fuck the boy’s basketball coach on the gym floor, then fuck a whole basketball team in the school locker room, and then go home and fuck her own brother while her boyfriend watched from his bedroom window, not be willing to try sex with another woman?

Kaci stood in front of her full-length mirror, turning this way and that, admiring her reflection. She had chosen a matching pair of delicate white lacy undergarments. The high cut sides perfectly complimented her long shapely legs. Even though she wasn’t bold enough to wear a thong, the deep French cut in front and back of her panties nicely accentuated her firm asscheeks. Her bra was strapless, and helped to push up her firm breasts. She wanted to look as sexy as possible.

She let her long brown hair flow evenly down her shoulders, brushing it over and over again, until it was silky smooth. She watched herself in the mirror as she playfully tossed her long locks over her shoulder with a swish of her head. Perfect.

Next, Kaci put on a short pink mini-skirt, which ended tightly around her mid-thighs. She put on a white tight-fitting crop-top t-shirt which ended just above her belly button, and again brushed her hair, admiring her look in the mirror. Drop dead gorgeous, she thought.

She turned to the side, and smiled. In profile, the short tight skirt was very slimming on her flat stomach and finely tuned ass, while her tight shirt and push-up bra accentuated her curves up top. Dressed as she was, she knew that no one could refuse her. Not even her brother’s girlfriend.

She turned to face the mirror again. Putting herself through her paces, Kaci pretended to seduce Joey, practicing on herself, to see what it would look like. She spread her legs shoulder width apart, and then slowly hiked up the hem of her mini-skirt by pulling on the stretchy fabric which clung to her hips. She stared seductively at her own image in the mirror as the crotch of her white lace panties slowly crept into view. She kept tugging higher and higher, until the ornate patterns of the lace could be fully appreciated.

Reversing course, Kaci put her thumbs into her waistband, and slowly slipped her bunched up skirt over her hips, and then down her long legs, making sure to bend at the waist, keeping one long leg locked and the other bent slightly forward at the knee. She practiced this move over and over in the mirror, trying to decide which angle looked best.

She finally settled on the side view, with her head tilted to the side, facing her prey head on. With her skirt down around her ankles, Kaci snapped back up at the waist, and tossed her hair behind her. She perfected the move of stepping out of her skirt as she stepped forward towards her imaginary lover.

Then, stepping to the side, she spread her long legs again, shoulder length apart, as she seductively, but more swiftly, crossed her arms in front of her chest, grabbing the hem of her crop top, and then struggling to take it off of her head in one fluid motion.

She stood there, looking at herself in the mirror, watching as she seductively dropped her white shirt on the ground to the side. She debated what to do next. Remove her bra or her panties? Opting for her bra, Kaci pouted out her casino şirketleri lower lip slightly, as she reached behind her back to unsnap the hook. She laughed at herself, at the difficulty she was having at removing her bra in a sexy manner. It always appeared too fake. It was too “Cinemax After Dark”.

She practiced some more, but each time seemed more corny than the last. Oh well, she thought, it can’t be helped now. She didn’t have time to perfect it. Instead, she plowed ahead. She eased her hands down the sides of her nearly naked body, until they contacted the high straps on her hips. Hooking her thumbs into the straps, she pulled the straps outward, stretching them as far as they would go, and then slowly lowered the straps down her hips.

She was embarrassed to note that the crotch of her panties had already begun to stick between her legs. She knew she was getting damp just imagining herself stripping for Joey, enticing her into bed…or into the car….or into the shower.

Kaci wasn’t sure when she was going to spring her trap. After the game in the girls locker room? After the game in the school parking lot? In some dark hallway? After the game at home after inviting her over on the pretense of meeting Kevin at the house?

She would have to wing that part of the plan. Kaci tugged at her panties, and took note of the amount of force it would take to free her panties from her damp pussy. It was actually quite sexy, since it signaled her own level of excitement.

Once free of the last of her clothes, Kaci couldn’t stop herself from reaching down between her legs and stroking her pussy. She was so wet, just thinking about trying to seduce Joey. Deep down, she wondered if she would have the guts when push came to shove.

But right now, it didn’t matter. Right now, in her mind, she had successfully seduced her brother’s lover. She closed her eyes and imagined the soft, sensuous feel of Joey’s hot skin on hers. They wrapped their arms around each other as they pressed their mouths together, falling against each other’s naked flesh. She imagined Joey’s hot breath and warm kisses moving down her neck and nuzzling between her breasts.

Kaci slipped a finger into her warm, wet snatch, and was surprised at how wet she truly was. Her finger sank in deeply between her puffy labia. She moaned with pleasure as she dug deeper and deeper. She pulled on her nipples with her left hand as she strummed on her clit with her right thumb. Oh gawd…, her mind screamed, I need to cum…I need to cum right now.

She opened her eyes and looked at the bed. She wanted to fall on her bed, spread her legs, and use one of her new toys, bringing herself to orgasm before redressing and going off to the game. But she knew there wasn’t time. She was already running a little late. She had spent a little too much time getting her hair and make up right. Damn! she scolded herself.

Well, she sighed, resigning herself to a state of sexual frustration until she could get some release with Joey, which would not be until at least two hours later, If I have to wait, then I’ll just have to wait. But just then, her mind flashed to the tiny beads that Candy had given to her as a present. Should I? she thought, even though she knew there was no way she wasn’t going to do it, as she pulled open her dresser drawer and reached into the back of her underwear drawer.

Grabbing hold of the strand of tiny silver beads, Kaci smiled nervously at her reflection in the mirror as she slipped ball after ball inside her well-lubricated pussy. She was amazed at how easily they all fit inside her channel. She reasoned that by now, her cunt muscles must have been relaxed open since she was already so horny. When the last of the balls had been lovingly secreted inside of her, Kaci beamed nervously at the black string that once again hung out of her pussy lips and between her thighs.

I’ll take them out in the bathroom after I get to school, she reasoned. Nobody will know. Kaci quickly got dressed, a little gingerly, however, as any sudden movement caused the silver balls to shift position, stimulating her pink walls and causing her cunt to spasm and contract. Oh fuck, she giggled nervously. This is going to be good…

Kaci sat on the edge of her bed and put on her shoes, a pair of white sandals with a one-inch heel; just high enough to give her fine legs some muscle tone, without being too difficult to walk on or to draw attention. As she raised her foot to the edge of the bed to strap on her shoe, Kaci glanced out the window and saw Joey rushing about her own room.

In passing, Joey glanced out her window and saw Kaci looking at her. Joey gave her a friendly wave, which Kaci returned, then rushed out the door, carrying a large duffel bag which held her change of clothes. Kaci hurried to put on her shoes, grabbed her backpack, and then scampered downstairs, hoping to catch a ride to the game with Joey.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t move around as quickly as she wanted to, because her pussy was stuffed full of the silver ben-wa balls, which made rushing around in heels casino firmaları difficult, but definitely pleasurable. She had just managed to open and step out of the front door, when Joey’s red Mustang convertible passed in front of the house.

“Hey Kaci,” Joey called out enthusiastically, “You look really hot!” slowing her car to a crawl. “Who’s the lucky guy?!” she exclaimed, tapping the accelerator and pulling away without waiting for an answer.

Kaci stood on the landing, her mixed emotions etched onto her face. On one hand, she was disappointed to have missed catching a ride with Joey. But on the other hand, she was ecstatic that Joey had taken notice and had complimented her appearance.

Wait until she finds out that she’s the one who’s gonna get lucky! Kaci thought to herself. But in the same instant, she had a twinge of self-doubt. Why hadn’t she stopped? Why hadn’t she offered me a ride? Why did she assume I was dressed for a boy?

Of course she assumed I was going out with a boy, she instantly acknowledged, trying to clear her head by shaking it from side-to-side. Why would she think otherwise? After all, I do like boys. We both do. Just because she assumed I was going out on a date with a boy, she convinced herself, doesn’t mean that she won’t want to make out with me.

She inhaled deeply to calm her nerves, and started walking towards the garage to get her bicycle. But as she did, she saw Brian coming out of his house next door.

“Hi, Brian,” she called out cheerfully. She enjoyed the subtle double-take that he did, as he re-focused on how good she looked in her outfit.

“Hi, Kaci!” he said a little too eagerly. “Where you headed?”

“I thought I’d go watch the basketball game,” she said, pausing in profile to show herself off even more.

“You mean Joey’s team?”

“Well, our team, but Joey, too.”

“You want a lift?” he asked beaming at the thought of being next to those long shapely legs. “That’s where I was going, too.”

“Sure!” Kaci yelled excitedly. She hadn’t been looking forward to riding her bike, dressed up as she was.

“Great!” he replied, feeding on her natural enthusiasm. “Come on, hop in!”

Kaci crossed between a space in the hedges separating the two driveways. She blushed and looked down embarrassedly at the ground, as she saw Brian’s hungry eyes devour her young body as she came closer.

Brian held the door open for her. Not so much to be a gentleman, but more because he knew that it was a great way to stare at her long legs and creamy thighs as she sat down in the car’s low bench seat, and swung her legs around into the foot well.

Of course, Kaci knew what he was doing. To give him an extra thrill, she let her legs spread apart as she maneuvered herself into the seat, giving him a good long look between her upper thighs. When he paused a little too long, Kaci looked up at him and smiled, laughing playfully, breaking the spell that her long legs and creamy thighs had put on him.

“Well, are you going to close the door?” she asked, still laughing.

“Uh, yeah,” he said nervously. As he closed the door of his classic late-model black Mustang, Kaci couldn’t help but notice the slight bulge in the front of his jeans. She giggled to herself as he hurriedly crossed in front of the car, their eyes locked on one another through the car’s large windshield.

Brian tried to open the driver’s side door, but soon discovered that the door was locked. Even though the window was rolled down, Brian fumbled nervously, trying to fish the keys out of his pocket. Kaci laughed and leaned over, pulling on the knob and unlocking the door from the inside. As she did, her legs spread apart as her body tried to find a center of balance.

“It’s open you know,” she laughed.

Brian just stood there, staring down at Kaci’s beautiful body, nearly stretched out on his front seat, her legs apart with one leg raised up in the air. It took a while for the meaning of her words to register. He stood there gawking at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

“The window,” she reproached him playfully, knowing full-well what he was thinking, but intentionally keeping her legs spread for him. “The window is open.” She sat back up slowly, watching as Brian nervously sat himself down in the car. He put the key in the ignition, and started up the engine. The deep roar of the beefy engine gave him a sense of control, and he regained some composure.

He reversed out of the driveway and onto the main thoroughfare. Kaci had to admit to herself that it felt good to have Brian’s arm around her back, if only to aid in reversing the car. She had to fight off the urge to snuggle in against him. It would be so easy! her body screamed, as her mind struggled for control.

Kaci looked at her watch. 5:30 p.m. They had nearly a half-hour to get to the gym before the game started. She searched for something to talk about.

“Do you go to all your sister’s games?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Brian replied calmly, “Y’know, give her some moral support. She’s actually pretty good.”

“Gee, güvenilir casino you must really like watching her in action,” she said amusedly. She was glad for the fact that he still hadn’t removed his arm from the back of the seat. “You and your sister must be really . . . close.”

Kaci nearly choked on her own words. Of course, she knew how close Brian and his sister really were…after all, she had already watched them fuck. Who knew how many other times that they had been intimate with each other.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Brian answered. “She can be a real pain sometimes,” he added, trying to change the direction of the conversation, “but we mostly get along okay.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you two together. You both seem very…comfortable with each other.”

Brian’s mind was racing. What does she mean? Does she know? Has she seen us together? He thought back to the last time he had run into Kaci at the school; when she had told him to go looking for Joey in the boys locker room, and how to get in through the back entrance.

Why had she done that? Brian tried to analyze the situation. He needed more information. “You’re not close to your brother, Kevin?” he asked, testing the water to see just how much she knew.

“Not that close,” she said a bit too enthusiastically, tipping her hand a little.

Kaci thought about her answer. She didn’t want to come off as though she were judging him. “It’s just the way that you two seem to interact with each other,” she corrected herself. “You’re very good to her.”

She looked at Brian out of the corner of her eye. Her mind was still struggling for control of her body, which if given the chance, probably would have leaned over into his lap and given him a blow job on the way to the game.

“Thanks,” he said, still unsure of how much she knew, but having a pretty good idea that she was talking about the other night. “She’s pretty good to me, too.”

“Yeah,” Kaci replied, thinking back to how sexually uninhibited Joey was, and in the process reminding herself of her mission to seduce Joey, and not her brother.

As Kaci reflected to herself, Brian pulled the car into the school parking lot. He drove to the back, pulling the car into a stall near the entrance to the gym. Kaci and Brian gathered themselves together, and exited the car, falling into step with each other. It felt comfortable and natural.

Brian paid for Kaci’s ticket and the two of them took their places, choosing a wooden bleacher just off to the side of center. Even though there usually wasn’t a lot of people who attended these games, it sometimes got too crowded in the middle sections.

“Are you okay?” Brian asked, taking Kaci by the forearm to help her walk up the bleachers. “You seem a little unsteady.”

As she stepped sideways over the high bleacher steps, Kaci was instantly reminded of the strand of silver ben-wa balls that she still had pressed inside her pussy. The sensations were so intense that she wanted to stop and pull out the string, but she knew that she couldn’t.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’ll be better when we sit down.”

Brian stopped in his tracks, and then stopped Kaci in hers. “Kaci,” he said, looking straight into her eyes, “you are more than fine, believe me.” He gently squeezed her forearm.

Kaci thought that she was going to melt. The genuine look of mutual adoration that they shared in that instant may have entered between her eyes, but it was soon felt all over her body as she involuntarily blushed, followed an instant later by a torrent of warm fluid flooding down her cunt channel. The added lubrication washing over the silver balls allowed her to take her seat without too much difficulty.

It was now about 15 minutes to game time, and the smallish crown had begun to file in after them. Kaci and Brian fell into an easy conversation while they waited for the game to start. The players for both teams were on the court, running drills and taking a few shots at the baskets.

At ten minutes before the opening buzzer, the respective coaches called their teams to the bench for the pre-game huddle and last-minute instructions. As Joey jogged over to the huddle, she took notice of Brian and Joey sitting in the stands. She waved at them, but they didn’t see her. They were too caught up in their own conversation, laughing and leaning into each other.

Joey felt a twinge of jealousy, but at the same time, she was confused. From the different way that they were dressed, Joey could tell that her brother and Kaci weren’t on a “date”. They hadn’t planned on coming to the game together, they looked like they had just run into each other. But if she’s not on a date, why is she all dressed up? Joey asked herself.

As her mind wandered, Joey blocked out the Coach’s final instructions. But it didn’t really matter, since she had been benched for the entire game, having missed a practice earlier that week. The team huddle broke with a loud yell, and Joey took her place on the bench. She was dressed in the team uniform, except for the fact that she was wearing a white cotton top underneath her sleeveless jersey. Her long hair was tightly pulled back and tied in a pretty pony tail. She watched jealously as Kaci and Brian flirted openly with each other as the game began its opening paces.

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